Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 286

The five players cooperated and attacked from the five positions of Lashic at the same time. It seemed that he had already practiced countless times. Under normal circumstances, unless the strength is strong enough, he can resist these attacks or counterattack.

Opel is full of confidence in the cooperation between the five.

Then I saw that Lasik's body suddenly began to shine, and a strong impact fell from the sky, impacting their souls every second, and the five people didn't even know where this force appeared.

"Pulse Nova"

"Lightning Storm"

And Lasik also made a single move with both hands, and a bolt of lightning struck Gala’s head directly out of thin air. The spinning Gala fell almost instantly, just blocking Lasik’s front, and his huge body would rush towards Laxi. Gram's cream tentacles are all blocked.

After the lightning struck Gala, he began to jump.

Conte, Kadanza, and Cavalette were recruited one after another. With the power of Pulse Nova, the four who wanted to attack Laschick were vomiting blood on the ground. Only Opela seemed to be affected by the fruit ability. The injury is not that serious.

"Tear the Earth"

Lasik lifted his front leg and stomped hard on the ground.

With Laschick as the center of the circle, the ground around it was suddenly torn apart, and a large number of spikes protruded from below, lifting all four of them.

That power, if the physique is not strong enough, the body will be directly penetrated.

"Devil's Pardon"

The ancient energy was directly pulled back from another plane by Lasik.

This time the attack came from underfoot.

The four people lying next to Laschick will receive an impact from the sky once every second, and now, everyone's feet will appear twice every second.

Although I don't know what kind of ability the opponent is, it can be known that the flanking tactics they have always been good at, the opponent seems to use more slippery than themselves.

Moreover, these impact forces can't find the source at all, and don't know where. Although the upper and lower ends are attacked at the same time, they can only be resisted with armed domineering and the effect is not very obvious.

Opel seems to have discovered something wrong, because of the distance, he was not attacked by the demon's pardon, but Pulse Nova never let him go.

Carrying Laschik's attack forcibly, the cream monster turned into by Opel quickly approached, ready to quickly take Laschick and stop his ability.

After the sudden attack, the other four also barely adapted to the shock. They also knew how to stop each other, fighting for the worsening of their injuries. They also held up their bodies hard, their fists and arms hardened. Attacked towards Lasik again.

"Lightning Storm"

Laschick raised his hands again, and another bolt of lightning struck him, jumping back and forth on the five people, and spit out blood again.

Without any hesitation, taking advantage of the time when the enemy was paralyzed and slowed down by lightning, Lasik moved his four legs directly, ran at extreme speed, and easily left the enemy's encirclement.

Laschick was nicknamed Lao Lu, and naturally he had four legs.

Even if he is a mage, he really runs, so many agile heroes can only watch.

So Laschick started his own position.

Pulse Nova will cause a lot of damage to the surrounding enemies every second. Coupled with the continuous release of other abilities, the Opela five-man team struggled for their lives, and there was no way to cause him any damage.

"Tsk, the power is too weak, damn world rules."

Laschick is actually a little uncomfortable.

This damn world rule allows him to only play a little bit of power.

But if all his power is released, let alone these five people, this plane can tear him apart.

In desperation, I can only play with these people slowly within the limited rules.

Originally, Laschick thought so.

But Opela directly changed their tactics.

The few people who were still being beaten directly changed their tactics.

Opela frantically squeezed the cream from his body and wrapped up his four younger brothers.

Originally wanted to take the damage for the four younger brothers in order to get close to Laschick and let his younger brother beat him to death, but unexpectedly discovered that when he hid the four people, they actually escaped the Pulse Nova and the demon pardon order. s attack.

The price is that Opela has endured all the power alone.

Lashic didn't expect that Opela's fruit ability would actually have this effect.

Although his Pulsar Nova mobilized the power of time and space, after Opela wrapped the four people, he turned five people into one person in disguise.

A large amount of cream tentacles kept rushing towards Lashic. Opela kept vomiting blood in his mouth under all the pressure. The pure white cream had turned red, but he did not stop.

Although in the eyes of Laschick, his attack was meaningless, but Laschick couldn't help but remember a word Luo Yi once said to him.

"Don't underestimate anyone's blood volume."

A bolt of lightning struck Opela, and Laschick had only one thought in his mind.

Really underestimated.

465. This blood bar is too thick, right?

Luo Yi didn't expect that he was so worthy of him.

His opponent is Snug.

That is, it was mentioned in the comics, and then he asked Dessert 4 to change the star to Dessert 3 to star Snug.

Yes, he is the one who was delisted.

The appearance is very large. Luo Yi feels that he is at least five meters tall. He has a long nose and black hair tied in a bun with a hairpin. He wore a woolen jacket and a red and white striped scarf. His arms were armored, compared with his body. , His head is small.

However, Luo Yi didn't mean to underestimate him.

Over the years, Luo Yi has never stopped practicing. Now his attributes have already broken through the 300 mark and reached the critical point of 349. This is why he dares to say that he can play against Doflamingo in his heyday.

Of course, this matter can only be talked about.

Now Doflamingo is still locked in Push City, anyone can say that he has no less courage than Doflamingo.

And Luo Yi clearly felt the aura radiating from Snug's body, and it was no worse than Doflamingo.

Judging from his past record, sending such an opponent to himself is already a shame.

After all, in the intelligence of the big o pirate group, the reason why Doflamingo would lose was because he was handcuffed to the sea floor stone handcuffs, so he did not exert his full strength.

"What did you do to mom?"

Snug did not attack immediately. Unlike the task of destroying the opponent, the order he received was to learn from Luo Yi what happened to Lingling.

"Um... this story is a bit long, do you want to hear it?"

Although Luo Yi said so, he still remained vigilant.

"Then make a long story short."

Snug held a large samurai sword in his hand, and when facing Luo Yi, he dared not relax at all.

He told himself in his subconscious that this person is very strong, not much weaker than himself.

"Then... 57 years ago, Carmelo was eaten by the aunt, and the soul was integrated into the aunt's body, giving the aunt the power of soul and soul fruit, which just extracted Carmelo's soul."

Luo Yi briefly explained it, as to believe it or not, it doesn't matter to him.

"Carmelite... wait, you said it was Carmelite!"

Snug was stunned.

He knew Carmelo.

Before every tea party, Lingling would put a photo on the opposite side of the table.

Isn't that photo Carmelite?

No wonder there was something missing at this tea party. It turned out that Carmelite's photos were not displayed.

As for why they didn't recognize that the soul was Carmelite, this is not nonsense.

Except for the photos at the annual tea party, when did they see Carmelite, and the photos were all facing Lingling. They were children and couldn't see it at all.

Not to mention, Snug is only 25 years old now. Even though he has become one of the four dessert stars, he really doesn't know about Lingling's previous affairs.

"No, I thought you recognized it."

Luo stretched out his hands, looking speechless.


Snug was silent for a moment.

"If that's the case, let's not let you leave."

After speaking, he rushed up with his katana.

Luo grabbed it with his right hand, and the butterfly appeared in his hand, his armed color hardened, and he abruptly accepted Snug's slashing.

The little butterfly is not even as thick and long as Snug's forearm, Luo Yi's height is also very embarrassing, no one has long legs.

But even so, there is still a huge power hidden in his body.

When the two weapons collided, the huge impact lifted all the furniture in the room, and the powerful sword pressure even caused a lot of cracks around.

Luo Yi didn't feel too much pressure. He turned the butterfly in his hand. When he was about to counterattack, he saw the domineering sense of danger and immediately retreated.

Snug was puzzled. He just saw that Luo was about to attack him. Why did he suddenly withdraw?

Just when Snug was about to chase, a piece of glutinous rice pierced the wall, flew between the two "shah", pierced the wall on the other side, not knowing where it flew to.

"Hey! Be serious next door, don't let the attack come!"

Snug was shocked, and quickly retreated, Luo Yi shouted angrily to the side.

"carry on."

After picking the butterfly, Luo Yi gave Snug a look.

Snug shook hands with the katana in both hands, and Snug once again fought Luo together.

The weapons collided again and again, and Snug made a judgment instantly.

I can't win.

Compared to strength, he is not as good as Luo Yi.

Even with both hands holding a knife to chop, it was still blocked by Luo Yi with one hand.

In terms of speed, he has gradually been unable to keep up.

Luo Yi not only moved fast under his feet, but even the speed of his attack made Snug a bit ashamed.

Even if you have a domineering look and feel to predict the opponent's attack in advance, when the speed reaches a certain level, even if you know that the opponent is going to stab you, it will not help.

The battle lasted only a few minutes, and Snager began to have wounds on his body, but Luo Yi seemed calm and relaxed.

Luo Yi probably made a judgment.

Snug's strength is only a little bit less than his, estimated to be 10 attribute points, but his agility is much weaker, the difference between the two is at least 30, which is also one of the reasons why he cannot keep up with his attack speed.

Not to mention, the butterfly in Luo Yi's hand itself has the effect of increasing agility and attack speed, and Luo Yi is much higher than Snug, whether it is armed or seeing and hearing.

Under the hardening of the armed color, Luo Yi was not ready to hide himself, the butterfly pierced Snug's chest at a very fast speed.

Snug, who was too late to dodge, could only hold the samurai sword in front of him. He had already loosened his strength under his feet. He was ready to use Luo Yi's attack to jump backwards. First, he opened the distance between the two to avoid his attack. A little longer, wait for Kata Kuri in the next room to come to support after the fight.

However, things are often not as smooth as thought.

The sword in Luo Yi's hand stabbed the samurai sword, the armed color rushed into the inside of the samurai sword, forcibly pierced the center of the samurai sword, and the butterfly pierced Snug's chest fiercely.

However, the butterfly was too short, and Snug finally withstood the hilt of the butterfly. Luo Yi estimated that it only penetrated by two centimeters at most.

But two centimeters is enough.

Just like Sabo's Breath of Dragon, it combines the advanced use of armed color and domineering into the moves.

Just pierced the point of the butterfly sword of the katana, a force burst out again, and the powerful and domineering armed color directly rushed into Snug's body.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, Luo Yi had already expected that, kicking the samurai sword, the whole person instantly retreated, avoiding the fate of being splashed with blood.

After vomiting blood, Snug didn't immediately fall down. Instead, he stepped forward two steps, raised the samurai sword again, and slashed it towards Luo, but the strength and speed really couldn't bear to look straight.

Luo turned sideways one by one, avoiding easily, and Snug had fallen to the ground and stopped moving.