Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 288

"Why are you here, sister and others?"

At the forefront of the team is the 25 female Marble of the Charlotte family. She is of the long-handed clan. She is holding two pistols at the Death Prophet. She wants to hear her answer but is a little scared.

"Crypt Swarm"

The answer to her was a large group of cursed creatures that Clobelus had collected while going back and forth in the ghost door.

As the Death Prophet raised his hand, a large number of black flying insects flew out from her body, and flew into the crowd with their calls like bats.

The stairs here are so convenient.

It can only accommodate so many people at a time, but the insect swarm has no such scruples, rushed into the crowd, and began to wreak havoc.


"What is this!!"

"Help, my face, they are biting my face!"

"Shoot, shoot!"

"Help! Mom!"


The moment the gunfire sounded was also the moment when the chaos increased.

There is only one enemy, and the swarm is in the crowd, it is inevitable to hurt your own people.

The Death Prophet doesn't care what they do. Since Luo said to trouble them, those who solve the battle first, to intercept it, then she will do it once.

"Drive evil spirits"

It was another time to raise his hand, but apart from Marble at the front, everyone else had no time to pay attention to the Death Prophet's movements.

In Marble's horrified eyes, one by one, the dark green souls flew out from behind the Death Prophet, leaped at them, and screamed terribly...

The same situation appeared on the stairs on the right.

When a group of people rushed to the top of the stairs, they suddenly found a huge spider web.

"Hey, who is responsible for the sanitation here? With such a large spider web, are you afraid that your mother will exhaust his life?"

"That's not right, knowing that there is a tea party today, how could I forget to clean up, the whole cake island has been cleaned three times!"

"How come... what a big spider~~"

A scream sounded directly from the crowd.

When they looked up to the ceiling, a spider that was several times larger than ordinary people fell from the sky, blocking them in front of them, six red eyes, and the terrifying big mouth, and the upper one. The teeth make everyone who saw the spider get goose bumps all over their bodies.

The spider leaned back and spit out a mouthful of green sputum. Of course, it would be a big mistake to treat that as sputum.

The person who was vomited by the spider suddenly began to grasp his body frantically, his nails pierced into the flesh fiercely, but he didn't seem to feel the pain, his mouth was huge, but he didn't make any sound.

In a blink of an eye, the man's belly, mouth, and back were bitten at the same time, and four small spiders crawled out of his body and kept gnawing at his body.

Watching their companions sacrifice at this moment, let alone goose bumps, they even felt that their scalp was about to fall off.

One person's body was eaten clean within a few seconds, but the four little spiders still looked hungrily at the rest.

Of course, it is said that it is a small spider. It is compared with the broodmother. Each of these "small spiders" grows rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, it is almost like a person.

"It's dinner, children!"

A woman's voice came from the mother's mouth.

Pirate's Tower Tavern

468. Stuffed into the puppet

Inside the cake castle.

There is only one person, idle and panic.

With a butcher knife in his left hand and a meat hook in his right hand, Pudge sat in a sealed and empty room around him, waiting boredly for his opponent.

But he waited, only to wait for a few flies.


"As a result, the only one who came to accompany me was the fly."

Pudge had heard the sound of a fight next door, and it was quite lively.

Originally thought that his opponent would appear soon, but as a result, the next door has gone from fighting to incompetence, and now becoming quieter and quieter, but here he has only a few flies attracted.

For some reason, Pudge was a little unhappy.

He was originally not a combatant, but just a worker who dismembered, opened up, and piled up the limbs and internal organs of the dead, and cleaned the battlefield before dawn.

Pudge is always surrounded by a group of scavenger birds. Pudge cuts up pieces of meat just enough to fit the bird's beak. As time goes by, his technique becomes more and more mature.

At the beginning, Pudge’s interest was just painted, but after a long time, he also became interested in corpses. At first, he only had a small piece of here and a bite of blood there, but he soon began his gluttonous feast. .

What followed was his body shape getting fatter, and his skin decayed.

But for Pudge, this doesn't seem to be a problem, but the question is, why didn't anyone come to him for a fight?Obviously, when eating meat these years, I feel that my strength has increased a lot, and it has become easier to carry corpses.

"Since no one is here, go out and walk by yourself, maybe you can hook a few people."

Shaking the flesh on his hand, Pudge stood up, glanced at the door that was obviously sealed by candy, and walked to the side wall.

The butcher knife in his hand was raised high and slashed against the wall.


The butcher knife created an effect that was not a knife slashing at all, as if a heavy hammer hit the wall, directly smashing the entire wall to pieces, raising a lot of dust.


The shattered walls turned into pieces of stones scattered on the walkway, Pudge stepped on his not particularly short legs, stepped on these stones, and randomly picked a direction.

I didn't go far, and I saw a green thing moving on the wall in front of me.


The green thing turned around on the wall, and suddenly a foot kicked out from the wall.

Not only that, but this foot kicked the wall down.

"Can't you just kick the wall to pieces?"

Looking at Luo Yi who came out, Pudge asked puzzledly.

"Isn't that very dusty?"

"...Makes sense."

How can Pudge respond.

I just finished enjoying the dust and feel comfortable?

Forget it, just play stupid.

Thinking about this, Pudge looked at the small map at Luo Yi's suggestion, and the two separated directly and walked towards the stairs.

Pudge thinks this suggestion is very good, he can't wait to show his strength.

Pudge, who was walking to the right, came to the top of the stairs where the Broodmother was. When he came, even Pudge couldn't help but stun the fat.

What kind of scene is this?

The entire space was put there, in addition to the big spider of the broodmother, there were also a lot of small spiders, which could not be counted.

The broodmother opened her mouth wide, biting a person in front of her fiercely... there is still a human-like person.

The little spiders are not to be outdone, just like hungry people who have been hungry for seven days, desperately drawing nourishment from these people.

Pudge saw that the shell of the little spider was very hard, and those ordinary knives had no effect except for a little spark.

What's more disgusting is that people who are bitten by small spiders and those who are bitten by broodmothers will crawl out more small spiders from time to time.

This is probably the reason why the past is full of spiders now.

Taking a look at the terrain, Pudge was very satisfied with the current situation, trot a few steps, kicked his legs hard, Pudge jumped directly from the stairs.



When Pudge's feet stepped heavily on the ground on the next floor, due to his weight, he directly stepped on the ground with a crack, and his legs sank into the ground.

As for Pudge's surroundings, he has not yet climbed the stairs, holding a torch in his hand, ready to take it to his companions to use against the spiders of the Big O Pirate Group.


Paji's low voice rang in their ears.

Toxic gas was released from Paj’s rotting and swollen body, and the smell was disgusting and suffocating.

The pirates near Pudge are going crazy.

This taste is more disgusting than the rotten taste, just like ice cream made by Pai Daxing.

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that this suffocating smell is seriously reducing their health.

The rotten breath drilled through every pore of their bodies. Even though they had closed their breath and blocked their noses and mouths, the companions around them fell one by one.

Pudge pulled his two legs out of the floor and ran to crowded places.

As for the torches, it didn't make any sense to him.

His flesh had rotted, and even if there was a fire on his body, he didn't feel any pain. Instead, he helped him drive away the flies that had been following him. What a good man.

In order to repay his favor, Pudge directly brandished the butcher knife and meat hook, hacking to death those holding torches, lest he be smoked by his own taste.

The people of the big o pirate group are now directly caught in a dilemma.

Upward, it is a spider that eats people without spitting out bones, and downward, is a butcher who can kill people with a taste and is merciless.

There is no choice for Nima.

Just when Pudge and the broodmother showed off their power, Luo came to the other side, Death Prophet.

If the battle on Pudge's side was described as disgusting, then on the Death Prophet's side, it could only be expressed in terror.

In the game, Luo Yi didn't feel this way, but it was different in front of him.

Those green resentful spirits filled the room, flying towards the pirates with terrible trembling laughter. It was useless whether it was shot with a gun or a knife. They could only let the resentful spirits do whatever they wanted. .

Ling Ling grabbed these people with both hands, leaving no scars, but Luo Yi could see that their vitality had been stolen, and of course the parties were the most aware of these.

Everyone's lives are being taken away continuously.

"Who are you guys?"

Seeing Luo appeared, Carmelo, who had been floating beside the Death Prophet, couldn't help asking.

Luo Yi did not answer, but looked at Carmelo very seriously, frowning slightly, as if thinking about something.

"What are you doing?"

Although he only had his soul left, Carmelo still felt a chill.

"I'm thinking, can you stuff your soul into the doll."

Pirate's Tower Tavern

469. Seems to see

"Please don't do this."

Carmelo opposed Luo Yi's proposal.

Had it not been eaten by Lingling, and then taken out by the Death Prophet, she would not have known that the fruit of the soul and soul could still keep her soul immortal after death, and even be integrated into Lingling's soul.

But if it was stuffed into the body of the puppet, would it be the same as those Hormitz, it would be like this for a lifetime.

Soul and soul fruit has been used for a lifetime, and Carmelo has never tried to extract his soul entirely.

"If you don't like puppets, you can use this stair railing or wall stones."