Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 289

Luo saw that Carmelo was unwilling, and he thought about it for a while and said.

"Is this a material problem?"

Carmelo roared.


Luo Yi is perfunctory.

During the dialogue between the two, the battle basically came to an end.

The resentful spirit took away the vitality of these people without mercy, and the pirates fell powerlessly. The scene was spectacular and scary.

Those pirates who had not had time to squeeze up, after halfway through the battle, they found that they couldn't break through at all and fled.

Seeing the domineering feeling, there are pirates climbing on the outer wall of the cake castle, it seems that they did not only choose to attack from one place.

However, Luo Yi is not worried.

"In this state, can you beat it with domineering?"

Continue to look at Carmelo, do research or something, he also likes it sometimes.

Inside the Wraith King's room.

Perrospero, Kata Kuri, and Smoky watched the Wraith Emperor fall, panting, and the shoulder armor, helmet, and the giant sword in his hand fell to the ground, and they breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"So strong, just like my mother."

Perrospero supported the ground with his cane and barely supported himself from falling.

"If he hadn't only been good at physical skills and had no special abilities, we might be dead."

Smoky was also frightened. Although her abilities did not affect the Wraith Emperor, she was fighting with all her strength, and she was sitting weakly on the ground at this time.

The only one standing was Kata Kuri.

His trident was broken in this battle, and the domineering in his body was almost consumed. If it weren't for his fruit awakening ability, coupled with the complete non-stop bombing and support, the three of them would work together, and they would not even be able to Defeat the Wraith King.

"No, run away."

Just as the two sighed, Kata Kuri opened his eyes and pressed his hands on the ground again. The fruit power was madly displayed, countless doughnuts appeared again, and a large number of fists made of rice cakes were directed towards the "corpse" of the Wraith King. attack.


Perrospero was halfway through speaking, almost not biting his tongue that was sticking out.

Smoky's eyes widened too.

What did they see.

The Wraith Emperor, who had been beaten all over his body, recovered from his injuries in the blink of an eye after falling to the ground. He stood up from the ground again, and even the armor that had fallen was restored.

Now, the aura exuding from Wraith Emperor is exactly what it looked like just before the war, which is too ridiculous. They have just gone through a fierce battle, and now they don't even have the strength to lift their legs.

Facing Kata Kuri's last attack with all his strength, Wraith the Great did not even choose to wield the giant sword in his hand. Instead, he raised his left hand, which had been idle, and flicked it towards Kata Kuri.

A black skull wrapped in the power of the wraith hit Kata Kuri in the stunned expressions of the three.

The powerful force directly stunned Kata Kuri, and the attacking Nuomi lost control and all fell to the ground from mid-air.



Seeing the Wraith Emperor slowly walking towards them carrying the giant sword, the three of them had only one thought left in their hearts.

In the corpse king's room, Kelijia collapsed to the ground tiredly.

Unleashing a large number of biscuit soldiers, he is not without any consumption, these are physical losses.

And when facing the corpse king, he didn't dare to slack off, and even gave up the plan to save his energy and go to the next home, ready to fight with all his strength.

But now, he felt that his strength had been drained.

The surrounding little zombies have disappeared, and the tombstone did not last too long, but when the tombstone disappeared, Creeper had also lost the strength to maintain the biscuit soldier, and he was fighting against the corpse king.

But the problem is that in the duration of the battle, the power of the corpse king is getting stronger and stronger, but his power is constantly decreasing.

In fact, three minutes after the battle began, the power of the Crane Frame was crushed by the Zombie King, but because the Zombie King's speed was not fast, the winner was not quickly determined.

However, with the rapid decline in physical fitness and the continuous improvement of the opponent, it was the first time that Crane encountered this situation. He tried it. Even if the domineering covering the whole body, it had no effect, and the strength was still being stolen.

When the Keli frame managed to avoid the gravel that the King of Corpse casually stepped on the ground and splashed up, he could no longer lift any strength.

The cradle collapsed on the ground, tilted his head feebly, watching the corpse king slowly walking towards him, and kept thinking about how to get out.

Aksha looked at the three tied up girls in front of her, and couldn't help licking her lips with the tip of her tongue.

She didn't kill her just now.

What she likes is to cause pain, but not to deprive others of their lives.

For the three women in front of them, apart from the strange look of the Snakehead Clan, the appearance of Garrett was perfect.

The dagger in the Queen's hand slowly passed over the three of them. Even though the three of them had been beaten to a point where they could not fight back, the Queen's move was very measured and did not attack the deadly parts of their bodies.

Therefore, even if the three of them are now covered with wounds, they will not be fatal at all. They just don't know why, they are a little tranced, and when they look at the queen, their eyes are full of fear.

The queen's dagger also began to wander slowly on the three of them. I don't know when the left hand held a leather whip, and when it was gently shaken, a "pop" could be heard.

Under Akasha's "gentle" movements, the three women tremble with tenderness on their faces and make "Ah", "Oh" and "Um" sounds from time to time. The sound is not loud, so it can be judged that they are still patient.

The roof of the cake castle.

Charlotte Lingling woke up from a coma.

"I just saw my mother!"

Lingling was holding her head, there was still a strong sense of pain, something she had never experienced since she was born.

470. Dead Trafficker

In the Lich's room.

Daifuku and Owen rolled their eyes and lay motionless on the ground.

However, for a lich, he can still easily judge whether these two people are dead.

Although he was a Frost Mage before his death, after becoming a Lich, he would naturally like research. After all, life is endless. It is really boring not to do research and find something to do.

So he squatted down.

These two fell into a coma just because of the powerful frost impact. They were obviously frozen, but they were still able to survive. It was a huge vitality.

"Interestingly, the vitality of this world seems to be also related to willpower, which is a good subject for research."


Laschick felt tired.

Adjusting power from other planes is not easy.

And he really underestimated the "blood volume" of these quintuplets.

After the explosion for so long, the entire room had been exploded in a mess, but the quintuplets were only injured, vomiting blood, and not even broken hands or feet.

Five people suffered a lot of shock.

Although Opela used the fruit ability to protect her four younger brothers, she couldn't resist underground attacks.

Although his butternut can protect his brothers from the outer layer, it cannot protect the underground as well.

After all, his cream cannot be touched.

And when a person resists an attack, the power of the demon pardon alone is not that simple. It should be said that Opel has underestimated the power of Lashic, or overestimated his own blood volume.

Even so, Laschick looked at the five "Xiaoqiang" who fell on the ground and vomited blood, and stopped his output.

This is too fleshy. The destructive power that I caused just now is enough to demolish an island, but I didn't expect it to be endured by five people.

If these attacks hit him, they could knock out the half of his body on the material plane.

"Interesting, maybe I can study it."

Laschick touched his beard and said.


Lingling was still a little confused when she woke up.

I don't know why, she always feels that she is missing something, but she doesn't feel much.

Blinked and looked around.

The original tea party scene is gone. Under her feet, there is a piece of ground made of candies, surrounded by the interior of the building without the roof.

She saw the scene where her sons and daughters were defeated.


Lingling suddenly roared in anger, raised her right hand and shouted directly.


Nothing happens.

what happened?

Lingling was a little surprised.

At this time, shouldn't Napoleon be very obedient to her heart and jump directly into her hand to become a sword?

But when Lingling turned her head to look over, she only saw her hat lying unconscious on the ground.

Lingling's eyes were full of anger, and she stepped on it.

In Lingling's eyes, Hormitz was never a creature to love.

For her, the disobedient Hormitz just tore it to pieces and just turned around and made another one.

Napoleon, who had been stepped on by Lingling, woke up instantly.


The scream came from Napoleon's mouth.

"Napoleon...Are you not listening to my orders?"

Lingling viciously pulled Napoleon out of her feet.

"You...you are not mother...where is mother...where is mother!"

After seeing Lingling's face, Napoleon, who was still confused, screamed in horror.


"Let go of me, mom... mom is there!"

Napoleon kept screaming and twisting his body, but he couldn't get rid of Lingling's terrifying power.

"What are you talking about? Not only don't you listen to me, you don't even recognize me! Then go to hell, Napoleon!"

With that said, Lingling reached out and grabbed...

Catch again...

Another catch...

Looking at her right hand, Lingling had a question in her heart.

Where is my fruit power?

Lingling, who had originally wanted to take out Napoleon's soul directly, discovered something was wrong.

According to the usual method, she should be able to do it, but now, no matter how she tries to use the power of the Devil Fruit, there is no response, as if she has lost the power.

But Napoleon in his hand kept his eyes on the other side.

Lingling was puzzled, and then turned her head, her eyes stared like brass bells.

There, she saw three people.

I did not pay attention just now, seeing my children fall one by one, of course, I immediately thought about destroying the enemy.