Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 290

But under Napoleon's gaze, Lingling saw the three people standing in the corner.

Luo Yi, Death Prophet, and... Carmelo.


Lingling threw away Napoleon in her hand, opened her legs, and leaped hard... the floor stepped on.

The candy ground had become a bit cracked because of the battle, and Lingling's size and strength couldn't be more said. The force that she originally wanted to take off directly acted on the ground, but in the end she could only fall with the collapsed ground.

Lingling, who fell from above, did not hesitate. She stood up and kicked the wall to pieces without any hesitation, she got up and kicked the wall to pieces, passed by the Lich who was studying life, and smashed a wall again, and saw that she was about to be killed. The three daughters who had played badly smashed two walls and found the king of corpses sitting on the cracker and eating cookies.

Between two points, the line segment is the shortest.

Even if you haven't studied mathematics, everyone understands this truth in their hearts.

Lingling directly ignored the terrain, smashed everything in front of her directly, and hurried towards her goal.

The huge body soon came to the stairs.

When I arrived, I just saw a large number of wraiths returning to the body of the Death Prophet.


Lingling yelled at Carmelo with tears in her eyes and swooped directly.

Seeing Lingling's movements, Luo Yi immediately stepped aside, and the Death Prophet immediately floated away.

This body shape acceleration, it feels like being hit but it will be miserable.

Facts have proved the same.

Lingling's pounce didn't have any effect, she passed Carmelite's body directly, smashed the outer wall of the cake castle, and fell outside.

"Mom shows up!"

"Why did it fly out?"

"Is there any strong enemy above?"

Flying out of the cake castle, Lingling smashed two buildings and immediately got up, and ran towards the cake castle again, a jump, a huge body jumped up, and landed beside Carmelo.


Lingling knelt directly in front of Carmelo, a bear hug, but once again passed through Carmelo's body, there was no way to touch Carmelo to make Lingling cry directly.

"Lingling... you've grown up."

Carmelo habitually wanted to light a cigarette for himself, but remembered that he was only a soul body now, and then raised his hand to touch Lingling, but he couldn't do it. It seemed that only that woman could touch him.

In the state of soul, Carmelo saw Lingling crying in front of him again, and his mood was completely different from that of the past.

At that time, she was just a personal trafficker, but now, she is a dead trafficker.

Pirate's Tower Tavern

471. Thank you

Luo Yi was already ready to fight.

But now it seems that Lingling has no hostility.

Before coming here, he naturally knew Lingling's careful thinking.

In this sea, there are countless people who want to become One Piece, but after entering the great route, I don't know how many people's dreams died in the first half of the paradise.

There are very few who can stand out from the paradise and enter the new world of the great route.

But even so, this world is not a pirate that only appeared after Roger's death.

The world government has been established for 800 years, and the navy was also an institution established at that time. There are no pirates, where is the navy.

However, in the new world now, the people who are the kings and hegemons are all those decades ago.

The original Rocks Pirates had already had four quarters before Roger Pirates became famous.

And White Beard Edward Newgate, Golden Lion Shiji, BIG MOM Charlotte Lingling, and Beast Kaido were all crew members on this ship.

It can be said that if it weren't for Roger and the red-haired chaos, the new world had actually been allocated by the crew of the Rocks Pirates.

Their strengths are almost the same. With Luo Yi providing equipment, if you want to become the strongest person on this sea, you definitely need absolute strength so that you can grab those pieces of road signs in the hands of others. .

Although everyone can't understand it, it is only when you get all of them in your own hands to be sure if you are the One Piece.

Therefore, Lingling is planning to do something to herself at the tea party and grab herself, so as to prevent herself from continuing to provide equipment to others.

And Luo Yi didn't bring a gift, but she just found an excuse.

Everyone knows that Lingling’s tea party happens to be her birthday, so it’s okay to receive birthday gifts.

Isn't it just more expensive?

But when Luo didn't send it, Lingling found the reason and got into trouble on the spot.

But they miscalculated Luo Yi's strength and misjudged Luo Yi's influence on Kata Kuri.

At that time, Kata Kuri wanted to predict the future with the domineering sight and color, but did not expect that Luo Yi forced the use of the power of the stars to change his prediction, and even let Kata Kuri see an illusory scene.

These are all things Luo Yi tried. The power of the stars is the basis for seeing the future. Kata Kuri’s domineering experience can be said to be a different way, but the basic way of predicting the future cannot be denied.

After doing the experiment, since the power of the stars can affect the future you see, it can naturally change the future that others see. Only Luo Yi and Kata Kuri can see the future in the world, and there is no third person to do it. try.

As for the people who came this time, Luo Yi talked with these people through the system chat interface when he was going to the world.

As for whether it will be exposed, don't worry at all. The harder he beats the pirates, the more the world government trusts him.

The Wraith Emperor and others also came over.

After Lingling woke up, she appeared directly in front of them, and ran across it, naturally, she couldn't make waves anymore.

"The queen is still playing?"

Seeing that only the queen hadn't come over, Luo Yi didn't bother to explain.

As for the broodmother and Pudge, they are still eating

"Regardless of her, what is this doing?"

Seeing Lingling sitting directly against the wall with his legs spread, Carmelo listened quietly to Lingling's words, smiled and nodded from time to time, and continued to praise Lingling, causing Lingling to laugh with joy.

"I knew that Lingling was a kind child since she was a child."

Carmelo praised it.

"Sure enough, only my mother understands me."

Lingling clapped her hands with excitement.

On the side, including those heroes who only know that they come to the Dota Tavern to play mahjong, there is something in their hearts that they don't know whether to say it properly.

Listen, is this human?

kind person?

No one is a good person to sit in the position of the Four Emperors.

Even the current white beard, back then, was a big naginata from the great route to the new world. The blood flowed into a river is light, and he can completely describe him without blinking.

Later, his strength was so great that he had no choice before, and now he wants to be a good person.

Then, Baibeard planted flags everywhere, collected his sons everywhere, and formed the strongest pirate group on the sea. In terms of overall strength, he even dared to challenge the navy directly.

The result was cold.

Now, three pieces of road signs are in history. One is in Lingling's hands and the other is in Luo's hands. They were finally found on Ghost Island after finishing Kaido.

Kaido is hiding the history very strictly. If it weren't for the people in the country to rebuild the ghost island, otherwise they wouldn't be digging out the history from the ground.

There is also a piece of known history. At this time, I was on Zou’s back, but there was no life card. It was not so easy to find a walking elephant on the sea.

As for the last piece, the official did not give exact information, and Luo Yi didn't know where it was, but there was probably speculation.

Lingling and Carmelite seem to have a long conversation, and a large number of members of the BIG MOM Pirate Group and members of the Charlotte family have gathered below.

All the members who are still alive and capable of fighting gather here.

But everyone is strange.

Who is that person talking to mom?

Why did I hear my mother calling her mother?

Could it be our grandma?

The battle stopped because of Lingling.

She doesn't fight anymore, do you let other people fight to death? Think beautiful.

Besides, someone has sneaked up to the top of the cake castle from behind and saw the downed cadres.

Especially on the Kata Kuri side, that is the three of the highest combat power of the BIG MOM Pirates except Lingling. They have all been defeated, and the two general stars of Klijia and Snug have also been defeated. If you lose, then you'll have a fart.

If it weren't for Lingling's current body without any injuries, they would have thought that the BIG MOM Pirate Group had disbanded.

"It seems that the Hundred Beast Pirate Group was destroyed because of the Blade Tower Tavern."

"Hey, hey, don't say such things at this time."

"What the hell is mom doing, why didn't you defeat the enemy, and who is that person!"

If Lingling knew a little about the emperor's way, she would have discovered that because of her actions, the whole group of pirates had lost their hearts.

However, this pirate group had no popular support. Luo realized that these people just had no chance. Once the conditions were met, there would be no psychological pressure to leave the pirate group.

A kingdom that relies on fear to rule is not a real kingdom.

Just as Luo Yi watched the BIG MOM Pirate Group's people thinking in her heart, Lingling suddenly stood up.

"Be careful."

Everyone entered a state of alert, watching Lingling walking step by step, the great sword in the hands of Wraith Emperor suddenly became hungry and thirsty.

However, everyone did not expect that Lingling who came by did not have the slightest intention to fight, but directly kneeled on her knees and grabbed the ground with her head.

"Thank you! Mr. Luo Yi!"

Luo Yi:


472. Change a batch

"So why did it become like this?"

Luo Yi now feels that there is something wrong with the situation at the scene.

In front of the cake castle, a site was temporarily cleared.

In the venue, a large number of Homitz was actively fiddling with tables and chairs.

Outside the field is divided into three personnel.

A small group of two people mainly composed of Lingling and Carmelo.

One is a member of Luo Yi's side.

One is the members of the Charlotte family and the guests who come.

"Why do you have a tea party again?"

This is the question in everyone's mind.

Kata Kuri and the others are receiving urgent treatment.

A bottle of healing ointment was poured down, and a recovery ring was also worn on his body, and he was slowly recovering from his injury.

As one of the major customers of the Dota Chamber of Commerce, they still have a lot of props in their hands, but things like the recovery ring are relatively rare.

Of course Luo Yi knows the reason that things are rare and expensive. If one were hired by the BIG MOM Pirates, how would he sell them at high prices.

However, Kata Kuri and the others, who have recovered their consciousness, are now full of doubts.

"Mom, the tea party is ready."

With the cooperation of a group of Homitz, the tea party is ready again.