Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 291

BIG MOM Pirates has no other advantage, but almost everyone is good at eating.

Look at the ministers under her. Chocolate, candy, whipped cream, and biscuits are all eaten.

"OK, everyone, take your seats."

Lingling was talking, but these Hormitz looked at Carmelo and waited for her to speak.

"Listen to Lingling."

Carmelo was actually a bit awkward.

Imagine that after a night of sleep and wake up, you find that the girls you adopted before have become some of the strongest in the world, and have used your own abilities to create a country, and now all these Hormiz listen to them?

But what's the use?

These Hormitz's abilities are not strong, even Zeus and Prometheus, in the hands of Carmelo, they can't exert much combat effectiveness.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that it was caused by different users.

The tea party will start again.

All the guests sat in their seats tremblingly, watching Luo Yi and the others who were sitting around the table with Lingling, wondering if they would suddenly fight again later.

Some guests with a more sensitive sense of smell probably already understood what was going on in the previous conflict, but why did the fight stop in the middle?

As for the personnel who suddenly appeared, they should be summoned by Luo Yi, as the intelligence said.

For now, everyone knows what the devil fruit abilities of all abilities are. Basically, everyone knows very well. Apart from some hidden moves, it can be said that Luo Yi's abilities are still poorly understood.

The known situation is that there will be some people around him from time to time, and he can come up with magical props.

In addition, they only knew that Luo Yi's strength and influence was becoming stronger step by step, and after a part of the underground forces made trouble for them and was completely wiped out, no one would provoke Luo Yi again.

Everyone knows that Luo Yi’s Dota Chamber of Commerce now also has a part of the right to speak in the underground forces, and on the bright side, it is backed by the navy and the world government.

So, looking at Luo Yi's table, everyone moved their stools silently, a few centimeters a little bit, and gave themselves a little bit of comfort.

"Thank you again, Luo Yi."

Under Carmelo's gesture, Lingling came to Luo's side holding a cup like a good boy.

Everyone present stood up slightly, ready to start running at any time.

God knows Lingling's nerves, they don't want to die at the tea party, especially the people from the BIG MOM Pirate Group don't seem to want to protect them.

"No thanks, it's all accidents."

Luo pulled up black tea at one end and twitched the corner of his mouth.

Lingling held her huge black tea cup and clinked it with Luo. If it weren't for her domineering protection, Luo Yi had no doubt that the cup in her hand would be smashed directly.

"Then please enjoy the tea party!"

After thanking her, Lingling spread her arms as if nothing had happened before, and cheered with a group of lively Homitz.

At the tea party, there were singing and dancing, but it could be seen that Lingling was the only person in a good mood, and the others were very complicated in their minds.

Especially the Charlotte family, who doesn't understand the inside story, is even more confused about Lingling's current behavior.

I didn’t say that it was good before. You must capture Luo Yi alive, and then control the outflow of those magical props and equipment, and prevent the other three pirate groups from possessing them, so as to ensure that their BIG MOM pirate group can become the strongest pirate group at sea. , Did you become One Piece in the end?

Are you actually thanking others now?Is it a new plan?

No, my mother is not such a person. If anyone makes her unhappy, just do it, and when did she use a strategy, or how does she know any strategy?

Kata Kuri and the others ate quickly, regaining their strength and domineering. Although they had just failed, they didn't know if they would fight again later.

However, Lingling's performance didn't seem to mean war.

Because of Carmelo's appearance, Lingling is in a very good mood now, and she doesn't even care about losing her soul fruit ability.

Even Lingling called her daughters.

"Luo Yi, these are my young daughters, do you have any fancy, let's get married."


Luo Yi, who had just taken a sip of black tea, was directly shocked by Lingling's words.

In front of him, from the 17th female of the Charlotte family, Mei Lize, until the 36 female Framper, all were called by Lingling. The oldest Melize was 28 years old, and the youngest Fran Pei, only 10 years old this year, this is a crime.

The most important thing is that, in terms of Luo Yi's aesthetics, Garrett and Brin can gain the sight of the people in this group.

Those other people are either people of other races, or they are not good at foreign trade, which is really unacceptable.

"Well, Luo Yi, my daughters are very cute, don't you tell me whichever you like, even if you get married now, I have all the cakes ready!"

Lingling reached out and pointed, and a huge cake had been pushed up.

The cake is huge. Even Lingling, who is close to nine meters tall, is not half the size of the cake. This is the cake that was prepared a few days in advance for the tea party.

It can be said that every tea party is a feast prepared by the entire BIG MOM Pirate Group, and as the final item, it is naturally the most time-consuming and the most delicious dessert.

Lingling couldn't stop her saliva when she saw the cake coming up.

However, as soon as Luo looked at the daughters of the Charlotte family, the whole row stood there waiting for him to choose the appearance, so Luo couldn't help but want to say something.

Change one batch.

473. Want to be beautiful

"Do you not want to pay for things in the future?"

Facing Lingling's proposal of marriage, Luo Yi gave her such a reply.

When Luo said these words, the guests in the audience were blown up. They immediately twisted their bodies, and the corner of their eyes glanced at the escape route that had been optimistic before. If something was wrong, they immediately fled. .

However, Lingling was not angry because of Luo Yi's words.

"It turns out that you don't need to pay after the marriage. If this is the case, you can marry as many of my daughters as you like."

Lingling came in very excitedly as if she had discovered something good.

And Luo Yi's face was full of disgust.

Marrying her daughter is not a matter of self-conceit.

Huh?Wait, why is Laura here?

Suddenly, Luo Yi saw the two very strange-looking twins.

22 female Charlotte Chiffon, 23 female Charlotte Rolla.

Hasn't Lola left the BIG MOM Pirates group yet?

"Lola, why are you here!"

Following Luo Yi's gaze, Lingling's eyes suddenly became sharp.

"mom, Mom, Mom"

Facing Lingling's gaze, Lola's fear instantly filled her body.

However, Lola remembered the belief in her heart.

She doesn't want to become a tool of marriage by herself, or in other words, she wants to choose someone she wants to marry.

Luo Yi probably still knows the way Lola chooses her husband, basically when he sees a man, he asks him if he wants to marry him.

Of course, with Lola's honor, it is very normal to be rejected, and only Carpenberg will accept the chiffon who looks exactly like Lola.

If possible, Luo Yi really wants to see Becky's life after marrying twins. The twins are definitely not a man's dream, but it should be Becky's dream.

"Hurry down, you are the one who has a marriage contract."

Lingling became more angry when she saw Laura still standing there.

However, Laura is an important part of her expansion of her power after all, and Lingling will naturally not hurt her.

And now, as long as Luo sees her daughter, as long as it is one of them, then, with the power in the hands of Eluo and Lola’s marriage contract, she becomes the One Piece, and seeing her dream of all nations can be said to be within easy reach. .

The scene of the tea party was quiet for an instant, and everyone looked at Laura.

Lola looked at Lingling's eyes, and finally lost.

It is a psychological shadow accumulated since childhood, and it is not that simple to overcome.

Cold sweat broke out on Lola's forehead, and was pulled directly by her compatriot sister Qi Feng, and the two gradually understood the scene of the tea party.

"Sa, then continue with the topic just now, Luo Yi, didn't you look at my daughter?"

Lingling turned her head again, breaking the tranquil atmosphere.

"No, I don't plan to get married."

Luo refused all the time.

"It's a shame to be true, let's talk about it when you want to get married."

Lingling has no idea to give up.

The tea party finally went smoothly, everyone divided the cakes, and Luo Yi also tasted the craftsmanship of the BIG MOM Pirate Group.

It was surprisingly delicious, not much worse than Lisa's craftsmanship.

But Lingling is worthy of being the captain of the Pirate Group, and the amount of cake eaten by one person is enough for everyone at the tea party.

After eating the cake, Lingling was in a very good mood, and with Carmelo on the sidelines, she showed a friendly attitude towards Luo Yi and the others.

Later, Lingling also arranged for Bu Lin to be Luo Yi's guide in Wan Guo. After the tea party, he could be allowed to do any activities in Wan Guo. And the 11-year-old Bu Lin showed sincerity.

Looking at the front, with a smile on his face, he kept introducing everything on Cake Island to Luo Yi, and ordered people to prepare boats and prepare to take Luo Yi for a good stroll in IWC Brin, Luo Yi But I heard a different voice from what she said.

"Why did my mother let me be a guide for these monsters?"

"Brother Kata Kuri, they are all knocked down, in case these people want to kill me."

"And I was only 11 years old, so my mother took it out for marriage? If this man looks at me, he will laugh at my eyes!"


There were so many thoughts in Brin's mind, and Luo Yi could also hear it quite clearly.

It's only now 11 years old. If it weren't for Luo Yi to hear her inner voice, just to see her introducing Wan Guo with a cute smile, he would want to hit a little golden man and give it to her.

Unexpectedly, this guy has been so good at acting since he was a child.

Luo Yi didn't know how to praise, but when they wandered around to the outside of Cake Island and were about to go to the dock to take a boat to other islands, Luo Yi saw two people.

Although they wore cloaks, they were shining like light bulbs under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing.

To be honest, the aura radiating from the two of them is about the same strength as Dafu and the others. Wearing a hood can't hide Kata Kuri. It's not a murder.

After taking a second look, Luo Yi probably remembered some plots.

The face under the hood looks like a leopard, with a brown nose and yellow fur. Although it looks very young, Luo Yi recognizes that it is Pedro from the fur clan, which is in the original book for Help Luffy and the others escape from the nations and ignite the explosives they carry with them. Pedro, whose life or death is uncertain.

And the man next to him, with white skin on his face, black beard, and sunglasses on his eyes, looked a bit like a panda, Luo Yi probably remembered that he was trying to save Pedro And whoever has spent 30 years of life.

For someone who only appeared once and even his name appeared only once, after so many years, Luo had forgotten him early in the morning.

But in this situation, they haven't been caught by Lingling yet.

Thinking of the two people's fate, Luo Yi turned directly.

"Miss Breen, can I trouble you to wait a moment?"

Luo patted her on the shoulder and said as she passed Brin.

"Ah, is there anything Mr. Luo Yi would like to go? I can introduce to you"

"Thank you, I just saw two acquaintances and used to say hello."

Giving Brin a smile, Luo Yi walked towards the two.

Finally, during the tea party, the BIG MOM Pirates were not as alert as usual when they logged on to Cake Island. Pedro and Jiebo were still observing the surrounding situation and saw Luo Yi walking towards them.

"Brother Pedro"

"Well, we seem to have been discovered."

Seeing Luo Yi who came by, the two communicated quietly.

"Introduce myself. I'm Luo Yi, the manager of the Dota Pub. If possible, I would like to visit Zuowu. I wonder if the two can lead me?"

Pedro: "Think beautiful."