Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 292

474. Come all come

"How could I take you there!"

Pedro roared directly, the cigarette in his mouth flew up, and returned to his mouth after roaring.

"Why not? I saved your lives."

Luo Yi tilted his head and looked at the two fur families in front of him.

"Saved our life? What are you talking nonsense, let's ignore him."

Jebo felt that he didn't need to talk nonsense with this person, and directly pulled Pedro to leave.

They sneaked here, and if they stay in the same place for too long, the chance of being spotted will increase.

Pedro thought so too, and turned around to leave with Jebo.

As for Luo Yi who came to talk to them suddenly, the two of them just felt very familiar, but they couldn't remember who it was for a while.

As for going to Zuow, most people in the New World know that Zuow is the hometown of the fur tribe, which is probably the reason why the other party came up.

"Two idiots, your every move is being watched. Do you think you have successfully dived?"

The two of them who hadn't gone far stopped in an instant when they heard Luo Yi's words, and then turned around and moved closer.

"We were discovered?"

Pedro's face was about to touch Luo Yi's face.

"From the moment you stepped into this sea area, you have been discovered."

Luo Yi shrugged.

"The maritime surveillance of the nations relies on the sea slugs on the bottom of the sea. As long as a ship enters, they will be spotted. Moreover, there is Homitz who is specifically responsible for surveillance on each island. It can be said that the entire nation is under the surveillance of big o. Among them, you see, there is no Homitz watching us now"

Pedro followed Luo Yi's finger and looked at the wall where the two were leaning against. There was a street lamp above the wall. After seeing that he was found, the street lamp looked away from him embarrassingly and whistled. .

Pedro and Jebo were in a cold sweat.

They thought that they were hiding very well along the way, no one saw them at all, and they were not discovered. It turned out that they had been exposed, but they had not yet acted on them.

It's just that the two didn't know that Homitz, like this street lamp, had its own responsibilities and would not leave their posts under normal circumstances.

Otherwise, how many uninvited people in Wanguo every day, if they report one by one, Lingling will be directly annoyed to death.

"Is that what you are?"

Pedro once again raised his vigilance by another level. Although Luo Yi provided them with information, they have not yet chosen to believe Luo Yi.

"I have already introduced myself, I am Luo Yi, the manager of the Dota Tavern, and the president of the Dota Chamber of Commerce."

Luo Yi introduced himself again.

"Wait, you are the Luo Yi of the Dota Chamber of Commerce?"

Jebo raised his volume slightly.

"who is it?"

Pedro hadn't reacted yet, turned his head and looked at Jebo.

"That person, there is a fur clan Luo Yi in that tavern."

Jebo said secretly in Pedro's ear.

"Ah, it's him."

Pedro only then reacted and remembered what he had read in the newspaper before.

Just, why is he here?

"If you want to leave now, you can act with me. If you continue to sneak in, you will only die inside."

Luo Yi once again expressed his sincerity.

"You want to go to Zuow?"

It has not been a year or two for Pedro to go out to sea as a pirate. Naturally, I know that there is no help for no reason. What's more, Luo has stated his purpose from the beginning.

"It's a bit interested. If you don't want it, it's okay. You can bring me a sentence back to Cat Viper or Inu Lan."

Luo nodded.


Pedro directly took Jebo back a few steps, and the two turned around, clinging to their heads, not knowing what to say.

"How does he know the boss of the cat viper and the Duke Inulan?"

"Is it from that Manjix?"

"Impossible. It has been confirmed that Manjikes was not born on Zou, but should be a child born to a fur family outside."

"That might be what Manjix's parents said."

"It's possible."

As an island where no one else has logged in, Pedro and Jiebo first speculated that Luo Yi knew the people on the island and explained Luo Yi’s intelligence sources.

The two kept speculating on Luo Yi's source of intelligence, and overturned the reason Manjikes told him at the beginning.

The fur clan who left Zuow should know the rules and would not talk about the situation on the island, but it cannot be denied whether someone has leaked the secret.

The most important thing is what Luo Yi wants them to bring back.

"I don't know what Luo Yi you want us to bring back for you?"

Pedro stepped forward, looking serious.

"Well, let me write to you."

With that, Luo Yi pulled out a pen and paper from the backpack he was carrying with him, and wrote the content on it.

Pedro took a look, his eyes widened for a moment.

"Guangyue Mitian?"

Pedro was very curious about Luo Yi knowing the name.

"Just help me pass the message. If they want to see me then, I will wait for the two to arrive in Chambord."

Luo Yi didn't explain too much.

The relationship between the Fur Clan and the Guangyue Clan is not shallow. It was a long time ago from the Guangyue Clan, and Pedro naturally knew the name Luo Yi gave them.

Cat Viper and Inu Lan were once the retainers of Guangyue Mitian, one of the nine heroes of the Red Sheath.

But the name Guangyue Mitian and so on. I remember that not long after Kaido died a few years ago, there were no news reports about the person who killed Kaido, and it seemed to be the Dota Tavern.

Afterwards, the cat viper boss and Duke Inulan, who had been fighting each other for a long time, suddenly let go of their suspicions, and the entire furry principality suddenly showed a peaceful atmosphere.

And from that day on, they also found that the hearts of the two bosses seemed to drift away, drifting to the person named Guangyue Mitian.

"Don't worry, we will bring it."

Pedro nodded, he still has some credit.

"If you leave now, there should be no problems. After all, nothing has been caused in the world. If you want to obtain the history book, it is best to practice more practice and improve your strength."

Luo persuaded him.

Pedro also understood Luo Yi's meaning. Since he was discovered, he was not sneaking in. The two had been at sea for many years, and naturally they knew the terrible and vain death of the Four Emperors. They would not do it.

Seeing the two leave, Luo Yi also remembered one thing.

Yes, there are two pieces of history in the hands of the Big O Pirates.

Come here

475. That's it?

Zow Island.

Its true appearance is a giant elephant that has lived for 1,000 years. The fur tribe, who hates humans, has long lived on the back of the elephant.

The elephant master will keep moving, and it is a magical island that is not limited to a certain area.

Because it is not land, it cannot be found by recording pointers.

On the back of the elephant, there is a thriving island, with forests, rivers, and towns. On the back of the elephant, there is Ming.

Since the elephant master is always moving, he can only rely on his life card to get here.

The two people who left the world without incident, Pedro and Jebo paid attention to what Luo Yi said on the way, and found that they had indeed been exposed to the enemy’s eyelids. Only later did I discover that there were so many Hormiz watching them along the way.

The closer they are to the border of the world, the cooler the hearts of the two.

Had Luo Yi stopped them in time and informed them of the surveillance system of the Big O Pirates, both of them would have died here.

Infiltration is called infiltration, at least one of which needs to be completed, and that is that no one knows.

And to achieve this goal, the most important thing is not to be discovered, and if it is discovered, then everyone must be killed, so that the condition of not being discovered can be achieved.

Pedro and Jebo, who did not have this strength, resolutely chose to leave.

The search for history is their purpose, but not the reason for their death.

Therefore, the two chose to return to Zuow first.

Looking at the slowly moving life card in their hands, the two of them were driving the boat and it took three days to reach the feet of the elephant master.

Climbing on the rough elephant leg, the two climbed up slowly.

A moving island is indeed more troublesome, but the two still climbed onto the elephant's back.

Entering the furry Principality from the gate, everyone cheered.

"Pedro is back!"

"Big Brother Jebo!"

"It's been half a year since I came back last time. What adventure story is there this time!"

The two have a good reputation in the furry principality. They just appeared on the street and were surrounded by people living here.

The furry Principality lives in fur people. Many people are of different races. There are buffaloes, chimpanzees, jaguars, white bears, deer, and rabbits.

Everyone here looks like an animal fruit capable person. They obviously look like humans, but they have animal characteristics, and most of their habits are not much different from animals.

The dog fur tribe who likes to eat bones, the rabbit fur tribe who likes to eat carrots, the furry principality is a place where intelligent creatures live.

The fur clan hates humans, just like the murloc clan’s reason. They will be auctioned as commodities when they are outside. In most auction houses, the fur clan is clearly marked.

Of course, this situation seems to have changed in recent years.

Because Luo Yi attacked the holy place of Mary Gioia, took away a large number of slaves, and in a good show performed by the Revolutionary Army and the Navy, rescued most of the world's slaves, resulting in a rapid number of slave transactions during this period decline.

No one knows if they will be visited by the revolutionary army on a dark, black and windy night because of the sale of slaves.

But even if this matter was on the news, it also reached the fur people's ears, and it couldn't change the fact that they hated humans.

Therefore, every time Pedro and the others return from an adventure, they will tell about their experiences at sea.

After hearing that Pedro's Knox Pirates defeated mankind steadily, all fur people would be very happy.

But today, Pedro didn't pull them to say anything more, instead, he said that there is something important to find the boss of the cat viper.

With the paper left by Luo Yi with Guangyue Mitian on it, Pedro understood what Luo Yi meant.

This is a request, a request to come to Zou.

But the people here are hateful of human beings, Pedro can only give the decision to Cat Viper and Inuarashi to make the decision.

In the middle of the city, Cat Viper and Inu Lan were holding their wine glasses and talking about something. When they saw Pedro appear, they both beckoned.

"Come, Pedro, come and have a drink with us."

Cat Viper said, Pedro was originally his subordinate.

"Boss of Cat Viper, I ran into Luo Yi on Cake Island in IWC"

Shaking his head, Pedro took out the paper from his arms and put it on the table, and began to talk about the situation they encountered.

Cat Viper and Inu Lan listened carefully, especially when they saw the paper on the table with Mitsuki Mita's name written on them, their hearts were surging.