Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 293

"There are five years left."

"Yeah, there are obviously five years left."

"But why is Kaido already dead?"

"Even the big snake is dead."

"Kaido is dead, the serpent will definitely be torn to pieces by the samurai."

"That's right, he admitted in person that he wanted revenge against the entire Wano country."

Cat Viper and Inu Lan sigh with emotion.

Fifteen years ago, Mitsuki Mida survived the punishment of cooking alone and rescued the nine of them, with the goal of establishing Wano country five years later.

But now, they did not wait until that time.

Cat Viper and Inuarashi, together with the Ashura boy and Denjiro at the time, stayed behind and blocked the chase. Although they escaped smoothly, they did not see Kinemon and they could only return to Zau.

As for Mita's death, the relationship between the two who had always been noisy broke to the extreme.

If it hadn't been for the news that Kaido was cold, how could they have settled their suspicions.

It's just that, until now, they don't know who the rape is, but all this will be revealed in 5 years.

"Luo Yi said he wants to come to Zuow?"


"Then did he say what he wanted to do?"

"He didn't say this."

Pedro discovered that he had forgotten to ask such an important thing.

"Forget it, after all, they killed Kaido, so please agree to his request, but he can only come alone."

The fur tribe hates humans. Let Luo come alone. They should be able to suppress it. If there are more people, the hatred of these people will not be so easy to eliminate.

Everyone in the fur clan is a warrior. Even babies have basic self-defense skills. There is no weak person in the entire country, just like Amazon Lily, a full-fledged warrior.

After getting the consent of the cat Viper, and Inu Ran did not object, Pedro rested on Zou for a few days, and then set sail again with Jebo, the target is the Chambord Islands.

When they arrived in the Chambord Islands, after seeing Luo Yi, Pedro asked by the way.

"What do you want to do in Zou?"

"Doing business, sell you something, and buy something to go back."

"That's it?"

"That's it!"

476. Don't want to go

History is positive.

It was Luo Yi's purpose.

After letting Pedro and the others leave IWC that day, Luo found an opportunity and sneaked into the cake castle.

Two pieces of history are positive, one is ordinary history, and the other is road sign history.

Luo Yi directly picked up the camera and "clicked" to record the history, then left there without knowing it.

He didn't understand why it had to be rubbed out if something could be solved by taking a photo.

The photos that were washed out were sent by Luo Yi to Baldi and handed over to Robin.

Although she has not experienced the original "Judicial Island Incident", she is still more wary of people's minds, but for the historical research, no one forced her to tell her the content, but will give her all the collected history. .

Relatively speaking, it is much safer than Robin himself running around the world, and there is no need to worry about the cost of food and clothing.

As for the histories she has gotten over the years, there are already five copies, all of which were given to her by Luo Yi. It’s incredible. For now, the histories that Robin has seen himself can only be seen in O’Hara. The piece, and the piece she saw when she was on the run.

As for Luo Yi, it seemed that he had collected the historical positives easily, especially in the two historical positives that were later given to her, and another signposted historical positives appeared.

Robin, who had already known what "Lafdrew" was from Luoyi, discovered that as long as Luo repeatedly found the other two signs of history, he would know the location of "Lafdrew" and become the One Piece.

Looking at the history on his desk, Robin copied them one by one in his notebook.

Except for the information about Pluto and Neptune, other content was translated by Robin. She doesn't care about others seeing it. After all, her purpose is to know the truth of history. Now that she knows it, she doesn't care about making it public, or say , I'm afraid other people don't know.

But Pluto and Neptune are too heavy.

Robin didn't expect to send her Luo Yi, who was just a few days old in history, and he actually came again and brought another piece of history.

Go back in time.

Luo Yi and Pedro talked in the tavern for nearly an hour, and expressed enough kindness.

Afterwards, with a large amount of supplies, he followed Pedro's ship to Zou.

"In other words, does this life card belong to Zou, or someone on the island?"

Luo Yi felt a little curious.

It’s actually not difficult to make life cards. You can do them with a little nail. Every island in the New World has people who make life cards. Even in Zuowu, there are people who make life cards.

Luo Yi has also done life cards, not only his, but also Lilai and everyone else, as long as they can cut their nails.

Therefore, Luo Yi seriously doubted that if it was Zuow’s life card, then who cut Zuow’s nails.

"No, this is the life card of the cat viper boss, but we have more than this life card, as well as the life card of the members of the knight group on the island, so that we can be sure to return to Zowu."

Pedro explained.

As for Zou’s life card, Pedro couldn’t think of anyone who could get Zou’s nails.

This is a giant elephant, do you know what it means?It means that its feet are stepped in the sea.

Who is full and has nothing to do, dives to the bottom of the sea to cut the nails of an elephant?

They are fur tribe, not murloc tribe.

"However, I still don't quite understand why you do business with our fur clan. You know, although we live in Zuow, self-sufficiency is not a problem."

Pedro was still a little confused.

"Then your life is pretty good?"

Luo Yi asked.

"Not bad."

"There are so many fur races on the island, some of them should be carnivorous, right? Can someone like you eat meat?"


"Fur tribes are all warriors, and they have to conduct combat training every day. If they just eat some vegetables, even fur tribes like rabbits can't bear it."


"Even if you have fur on your fur clan, but in winter, there is no guarantee that everyone will have enough clothes to keep warm. Zou is constantly moving. Presumably the weather on the island is also unpredictable. It is not enough to rely on fur alone. ."


"Even if these are satisfied, sometimes if you want to have a banquet, there is no way. There are other aspects of life, which are basically worlds apart from the outside world. If you don’t grab some resources outside, the island Life in Shanghai should be very hard."


Pedro looked at Luo Yi and didn't know what to say or write. The point was that Luo Yi said it really makes sense.

Just like Nine Snake Island, although they can be self-sufficient, it is not so easy to live comfortably.

Some fur races are vegetarian, but if they need training, they also have to eat meat to supplement their nutrients, and carnivores like Pedro, who eat grass all the time, can kill people.

Although the country on Zuowu's back is not small and there are many edible animals, if the fur clan goes out to sea occasionally, it is really not enough for consumption on the island.

Therefore, when they heard that Luo Yi was willing to provide a large amount of supplies, they brought Luo Yi.

Especially in the tavern I heard Luo Yi mentioned something about Wano Country.

Pedro and Jebo are not weak, they control small boats and easily navigate the sea. Jebo is not young, has a lot of knowledge, and has a good grasp of sailing skills. They have not encountered them along the way. What a big storm.

When Zuo Wu appeared in front of Luo Yi, the first time Luo Yi saw Luo Yi with his own eyes opened his eyes. He silently took out the camera from his bag and snapped a few pictures.

Later, I saw Pedro take the phone bug out of his arms. After talking a few times, I saw a large number of ropes hanging from above, and the fur people slid down the ropes.

After a brief conversation, they first sniffed the goods with their noses, and then happily held a box, pulled the rope, and was dragged up with the rope.

"It's very inconvenient for you."

Luo Yi couldn't help but complain.

"No way, after all, Zou has been moving, we can only do this."

Pedro couldn't help it.

How can they deliver supplies?It's not just that one person can come down and carry the box, and one person can pull on it, otherwise there would be no stairs or something on Zou, so how can they do it?

"In that case, consider using the power of technology. I can introduce some people to you. It is not a problem to install an elevator."

"Moreover, Zou also said that he didn't want to leave."

With that, Luo Yi pointed to the elephant master who was slowly moving forward and said.

477. Guess

The furry principality.

Cat Viper and Inu Lan looked at Luo Yi who was sitting in front of them, with cold sweat on their foreheads unconsciously.

They felt the pressure from Luo Yi.

As the Scarlet Sword Nine Knights, the strength of the two of them naturally has nothing to say.

Regarding their own strength, although they did not have the confidence to beat Kaido, they were still one of the best in this sea.

But Luo Yi gave them a different feeling.

It's as if I have been seen through.

"You said, the Lord wants to listen?"

About Mitian, they didn't ask first, instead they were puzzled by what Luo Yi said before going to the island.

The entire furry Principality knows that the Lord Elephant has been away for 1,000 years, why would he say that he wants to stop?

"He said that he committed a crime a long time ago and was punished so that he could not do anything except walking, and he has always obeyed this order, so"

"and so?"

"So he said he could stop for a while and want a good meal."


Cat Viper: ‵′︵┻━┻

Inu Lan: "Who do you lie to!"

It is normal that the two cannot hear the voice of the Lord Elephant.

Luo Yi knew that in the world of pirates, imagine the giant creatures like the Lord, like large or even giant sea kings, not everyone can hear their voices and conversations.

This thing mainly depends on talent, such as the talent to listen to the sound of everything.

However, Luo Yi's experience is different. He has reached the peak. With the upgrade of the system, there are no additional points. Only the cultivation method of Star Power can help him achieve the ability to predict the future.

As for listening to the heart's voice, this is what Luo Yi has been able to control after a long time of practice.

Under his feelings and feelings, Xiangzhu was indeed talking, but Luo Yi tried it, and the command he said, Xiangzhu would not listen.

It seems that only he can hear the elephant lord, but the elephant lord cannot hear him.

Do you have to wait for Momanosuke to come?

"I heard that Roger and Goten-sama have encountered the same things here."

Just here, Pedro suddenly interjected next to him.

And what he said surprised the two of them.

Although they were also on Roger's ship, they disembarked in Wano Country. Later, when Roger arrived at Zou, they did not follow.