Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 294

Although Pedro was still young, what he said should be true.

"Don't look at me, I can't order the Lord Elephant, I just heard it, otherwise Roger had stopped the Lord Elephant long ago."

Luo Yi shrugged and said helplessly.

"Then talk about Lord Goten first."

Cat Viper put his hands on the clothes around his waist and brought up the business.

"Kakutsuki Niwa has already become the name of the country of Wano, don't you plan to go and see it? Now in Wano country, only Kawamatsu and Denjiro are helping her."

"Hi and Lord"

The two directly took Luo Yi and talked about Wano Country.

Although Kaido has been dead for a while, they haven't received any information about the country of Won until now, and really said that they care more about the situation in the country of Won than anyone.

"Current Wano Country"

In the past few years, Luo Yi has also often traveled to the country of Hezhi, but just to send supplies, he definitely does not think that Nihe is good-looking, gentle, kind and versatile.

He is going to deliver supplies. He really likes Rihe.

The three beauties in the world of One Piece, the empress has a stinky and arrogant character, and the white star race has a different body shape. The only ones who really count as human are Rihe.

Think carefully about why he has worked so hard over the years. Isn't it just to marry a wife with a little money and live a stable life?

It’s just that Luffy’s going out to sea is imminent, when the time comes, the secrets of the entire world will be revealed, the world will be in chaos, and a war that will divide the sea into two will sweep the world.

Luo Yi could only continuously improve his strength. If he had the fighting power of the four emperors of generals, let alone save his life, he could also protect the people around him.

However, now Rihe has no intention of marrying. She is working hard to rebuild the country of Hezhi. When Luo Yi comes, she will take a short rest and sit with Luo Yi.

Listening to Luo's explanation of the country of peace, the two of them also increasingly wanted to visit the country of peace and help the country of peace to rebuild.

Perhaps because of thanks, the two agreed to Luo Yi's request to record history.

As for the reason.

"I have Nicole Robin, and now she is the only one in the world who understands history."

For this reason, they really don't know how to refuse. The key point is that Luo Yi is not a pirate, but a revolutionary army, an organization that wants to overthrow the world government.

East China Sea.

Luo Yi sat on the ship of the Revolutionary Army and came to this island.

"Mr. Luo Yi, why are we here?"

The revolutionary soldiers on the ship asked curiously.

In fact, although the revolutionary army has been moving around in recent years, it does not mean that they have visited all over the world.

When they arrive in a country, it may take months or even years for them to overthrow the originally decadent aristocracy. That is to incite people to gain support, and it is not a problem that can be solved by force.

Therefore, Luo Yi got a chart of the East China Sea, worried about the large number of revolutionary troops in the East China Sea, and said that he would take them to a place.

At this time, where they were, it was the "kingdom of the bridge", also called the kingdom of laborers.

A bridge has been built here since 700 years ago to connect the islands to the islands. Even the kingdom is on the bridge.

The people here are the people and criminals of countries that refuse to join the world government. They are enslaved by the franchising countries and forced to work here to build bridges.

And all these are orders from the world's noble Tianlong people.

No one knows why, but if the islands and the islands are connected by bridges, the era of great voyages will end.

Luo looked at the huge bridge and took a deep breath.

"Go free them."


The soldiers of the Revolutionary Army took up their weapons and rushed out without hesitation.

They have learned about the situation here.

Among other things, the existence of this country is simply meaningless. There is no concept of a country here. There are only two types of people, laborers and rulers.

The sound of guns kept ringing on the bridge, Luo Yi also drew out the butterfly and directly joined the battle.

When he came here with the revolutionary army, he would naturally minimize the sacrifices of the revolutionary soldiers. There is no high-end combat power here, after all, it is only a country in the East China Sea.

The battle did not last long. Killing all the way from one end of the bridge, there were only two options of forward and backward. People in the laborer kingdom had no place to escape.

In just a few hours, they occupied the entire laborer and subjugated the country and freed the slaves.

As for why he came here, that was also Luo Yi's guess.

A positive guess about the last piece of road sign history.

478. not found

"There is actually such a country."

"Damn, we should have come earlier!"

"Thanks to Mr. Luo Yi, no soldiers died in this operation, and all the injured have been treated."

"Has the civilians been settled?"

"Hey, due to insufficient preparations this time, there are not many supplies that can be allocated to them, but the nearest companions have been contacted, and food and clothes are expected to be delivered tomorrow."

"Are the supplies taken from the Dota Chamber of Commerce again? Thanks to Mr. Luo Yi."

After the battle, all the surrendered officers and soldiers had their weapons unloaded and detained in the temporary deployment room. Revolutionary guards were dispatched. Although they did not appear to be fighting, they could not relax.

However, Mr. Luo Yi's sword directly slashed the bridge, which would indeed make people lose fighting spirit.

The civilians who were forced to labor were settled. There are not only the people and criminals, but also many children. They were born here and participated in labor after they grew up to a certain age. They have never left this place. island.

After they gathered these people together and informed them that they were safe, when they heard them calling themselves "outsiders", they knew that most of the people here were almost descendants.

Think about it, as a country on the bridge, the kingdom of laborers does not pay attention to the efficiency of bridge building. In 700 years, it completely relied on artificial power to move stones and build bridges. It is not a simple matter, a huge piece. It takes more than a dozen people to move the stone.

Even under unrestricted pressure, these people work day and night, and there is not much time to rest. Moreover, this is also a winter island. It snows all the year round and the weather is so cold that even people over 40 cannot see it. Is it dead in labor?

It's really hateful.

If they knew that the people here were suffering from such things, they should come early.

Look at this laborer kingdom, it's a small slave farm for the dragons.

In contrast, the slaves here are less beaten as long as they are obedient, and their defenses are relatively loose, and the slaves suffer less.

But compared to the normal life of the outside world, the people here are really having a hard time.

For 700 years, even the connection between the two islands has not been completed. Although this is really related to the bridge, the length of the bridge that is built every day is not even a meter, but everyone and their descendants, day after day Work here

Sure enough, there is a problem in this world.

All the revolutionary soldiers again agreed with Dorag's theory.

"Mr. Luo Yi, are you looking for something? Do you need our help?"

"I'm looking for history, but I'm not sure if there is any here."

Facing the revolutionary soldiers who came to ask questions, Luo Yi didn't hide it. After all, if he found it, he would take history away.

"In that case, those who are free can help Mr. Luo Yi find it."

Having said that, dozens of people were organized immediately, and the whole country began to search.

Although the kingdom of laborers was built on the bridge, the land area of ​​the entire kingdom is really not small, but there are not many places they need to search.

There are three buildings in the entire labor kingdom, but currently only the buildings near the end of the construction are inhabited, and almost all of the previous ones have been abandoned.

Withholding of the houses that have been occupied by other civilians, only less than 30 houses need to be searched.

A group of three soldiers of the Revolutionary Army immediately searched the house.

Luo Yi was not idle, just picked a house that no one had looked for and walked in.

Perhaps it is mainly for the construction of the bridge, so the construction of houses here is relatively simple. The function is just to keep warm and keep away from the cold, and you can rest. There are no fancy decorations and no messy rooms.

The house has a total of six floors, looking from bottom to top all the way, like a prison, neat and tidy.

There are ten rooms on each floor. There are bunk beds in the rooms. One room can accommodate four people. The number of officers and soldiers under management is not large, but they have guns in their hands. This is one of the reasons why civilians dare not resist.

When sweeping the floor, Luo Yi collected all the weapons here by the way, and threw them into the hands of the revolutionary army. Even if it was of no use, they could be used as materials.

After searching for the six floors, Luo knocked on the ground on the first floor and found that they were all solid. It was normal to think about it. After all, this is a bridge deck, so I shouldn't have enough to dig a basement.

With the help of the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army, they searched for half an hour and found nothing. Instead, a lot of materials were found. Food and clothing were distributed to those in need, and weapons were put away.

"Let's take a look at the two cities I met when I came before."

Luo Yi suggested so.

"Okay, Mr. Luo Yi."

After giving a few instructions, the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army followed Luo Yi to the two previous cities. After the search was completed, the sky was already dark and the wind was gradually getting stronger, whistling with a lot of snowflakes. The slap on the face is still a bit cold.

On the way back to the city where he lived, Luo Yi rubbed his chin and thought about the problem.

The reason why he guessed that there will be history here is because in the original work, Roger once returned to the East China Sea and came to this country after he obtained Guangyue Mitian.

Why did Roger, who was on the Great Sea Route, come back here specially and brought Mi Tian, ​​who understood the history at the time, to come here? Luo Yi guessed that he was referring to the original work, which was originally after the fisherman island. The unaccounted for road signs are in history.

But it turns out that there is no historical positive here.

The houses on the bridge were searched all over, even in the abandoned cities, every house was searched, and nothing was found. Even they tried to find whether there was a basement, but they didn’t find anything.

"Then where is history?"

Luo Yi fell into doubt.

Is it possible to bring out Brook, who has history and is attracting physique?

If it was him, it should be easy to find.

Of course, Luo Yi is naturally not sure that there must be history here, and even the history of the road signs is very likely to be in the new world, maybe in Shanks's hands, but he didn't say it clearly.

Otherwise, Luo realized that Oda would not arrange for Luffy to return to the East China Sea after playing Kaido and Big O.

"If you can't find it, then forget it, thank you for your help."

Luo Yi thanked the revolutionary soldiers who had been busy fighting for a long time.

"Where is it? If it weren't for Mr. Luo Yi these years, many of us have already sacrificed, so we have to thank him."

The revolutionary soldiers waved their hands in a hurry.

After being courteous, Luo realized that he should ask the clockwork and tinker if he could make a historical radar.

After all, this thing means the same thing as the seven beads that can make a wish by gathering the next door.

479. Shrimp and Pig Heart

After handling the laborer kingdom, it will be three days later.

The navy didn't even care about the revolutionary army's attack here.

It was originally a place to deal with the people and criminals of non-government countries. It is not protected by the navy, and it is useless to call the navy, and it takes time to come from the branch to support.

What's more, they have received "news" long ago that the revolutionary army is about to capture here.

That's right, it was the news from the "undercover" Luo Yi, and he made it clear that this time was a sudden attack, and he hoped that the navy would not take action so as not to expose his "undercover" identity.

There is no way, you can't take action as soon as the revolutionary army dispatches the navy. This is not to tell the victim clearly that our navy is undercover in your revolutionary army.

In particular, the navy's attack on the Revolutionary Army was intensified after Luo Yi "joined" the Revolutionary Army, which also made him seem too suspicious.

After handling the matter here, Luo Yi returned to the Chambord Islands and found a tinker and clockwork.

"Making a ladder on a moving island? It's not difficult, but I have to go to the island to look at it before I can draw the design."

When Luo Yi proposed to install an elevator on Zowu, he thought about the clockwork, and after talking to the tinker about his ideas, he agreed.

"One more thing, about history, can you be a detector or something?"

"I think you are thinking about piece!"

The tinker adjusted his goggles and gave Luo a look to let him experience it for himself.