Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 296

Therefore, it is necessary to find a person who has sufficient conditions to purchase a large number of weapons.

Such people are not difficult to find.

Cook used the phone worm to dial the opposite number directly.

"Don't "

After waiting for a while, the phone worm was picked up.



"Papa Papa"

"If there is no reasonable reason, I will definitely blow your head!"

The voice on the other side was very chaotic, but Luo Yi could hear that there seemed to be a war there.

"Look at what you said, I know you have had a bad experience recently, isn't this here to help."

Cook was very calm, and just smiled at the threat that the other party made to himself.

"Fire! Where did the logistics team and the medical team die? Come and treat the wounded!"

"If you want to provide some medicines and weapons for free, all future purchases in our country will look for you!"

The other party seemed to be a commander, but listening to his words seemed to make decisions for the entire country.

"As expected of my old friend, I knew what I was going to do with you at once, but don't forget your promise, I will look for you now."


After Cook finished speaking, the other side hung up the phone, obviously there was no time to talk to him.

Luo drank black tea and waited for Cook's explanation.

"This is a friend I knew before. Now he is the regent of their country. His power is not small. Their country had a war with the neighboring country a month ago. There is not much difference between the strengths of the two sides. It is estimated that it will be a protracted battle. No one chooses to invest when they get involved."

Cook explained it this way.

Luo immediately understood what he meant.

This world does not lack war, nor does it lack the reasons for war.

But no matter where it is, whether a war can be won or not depends on financial resources.

The battle between two countries is sometimes not controlled by a chamber of commerce. After all, no matter how rich a chamber of commerce is, how much the balance of the battle can be controlled. After all, it has not reached the level of a wealthy country.

And what Cook meant was to sponsor the war supplies of this country, such as buying weapons, and after the war was over, these weapons were accidentally taken away. It is also forgivable.

481. Holiday

The problem of collecting weapons was simply solved. As for the problem of quantity, Luo Yi also threw them all to Cook.

There is still less than a year before the World Conference is held. It is not long or short.

In view of the performance of the past three years, Luo Yi feels that he will still get a place in the World Conference.

I just don’t know if the Djerma Kingdom will participate in this meeting. Luo Yi still wants to meet with the Vinsmok family. If possible, it would be better to get the technology of blood factor from them. .

Vegapunk used the blood factor to invent the pacifist and two inventions in which the devil fruit ability was applied to objects.

Caesar used the blood factor to invent the raw material sad of the artificial fruit sile.

Djerma 66 clones and transforms soldiers with descent factors, turning soldiers into dead soldiers with absolute obedience and superior quality, and can train cloned soldiers in just 5 years.

Even the five brothers and sisters of Sanji were born after being transformed by the descent factor. They have exoskeletons since they were young, and their strength is comparable to the superhuman body such as adults.

Only Sanji, because his mother took drugs, caused his physical fitness to be inferior to that of other brothers, but he had feelings that other brothers did not have.

And their sister Lei Jiu has superhuman physique and emotion.

Speaking of which, Lei Jiu is the best choice for his wife regardless of her character, figure, and family.

After this thought flashed through Luo Yi's mind, he immediately suppressed it.

No, I have talked with Lilai before, how can I be so bothered.

Luo Yi believes that he is a dedicated person, as long as the relationship is confirmed, he will treat a person exclusively, and if he is single, he dares to flirt casually.

But now...

After returning to the tavern, Luo Yi once again led a daily life.

Occasionally look at the system, plus daily exercises, and run a tavern. The rest of the time is to take Lilai to play around. After the two exchanged, Luo Yi temporarily let go of his grievances, and their feelings slowly warmed up.

However, Lilai's age is really still young, Luo Yi really can't do it. After all, Lilai is only 13 years old this year, really young, in various senses.

But this is also something that can't be helped, no matter how to develop, it also takes time.

Luo Yi could only continue to wait.

"Brother Luo Yi, I want to eat this!"

"Eat, eat more!"

With the expansion of the Chamber of Commerce, in addition to the New World, it now includes the first half of the Great Sea Route and the islands in the four seas. At least one third of the islands of the Dota Chamber of Commerce have their Chamber of Commerce branch.

And now, the two are playing on a resort island in the West Sea.

Like the small break, the climate and seasons here are also clearly divided.

The four seas beyond the great sea route, due to latitude and longitude issues, also present different climates.

The current season in Xihai is a hot summer.

Luo Yi was wearing beach pants and a short-sleeved shirt showing six pack abs. He stepped on a pair of flip-flops, carried the small backpack he carried every day, and carried a small travel bag in his hand, followed by Lilai's side.

Dressed in dark blue dead reservoir water, with her name written on her chest, her blond hair was tied into a pair of ponytails, and she stepped on a pair of crystal-like ice slippers, running happily on the beach.

After being stepped on by Lilai's footsteps, a passing passenger stepped barefoot, and couldn't help but shiver.

There are many people who come to vacation on the beach. Most of them are a man and a woman. There are also family trips, but the number is not large.

The beach is so large that it can accommodate tens of thousands of people to come out to play, but only a small number of tourists can cross out, after all, it is a double consumption of time and money, and many families cannot afford the cost of travel.

But that's okay, Luo Yi took Lilai all the way and stopped, eating all the way along the hawkers on the edge of the beach.

Takoyaki, grilled sausages, ice cream, grilled scallops...

Neither Lilai nor Luo Yi’s stomachs are covered. Over the years, Lilai’s appetite has been ten times greater than when she first came to this world. Because every time a mountain of food was piled up on the table, the people in the pub swallowed it. Go down.

After a long period of cultivation, Luo Yi has already mastered the ability to return his life. As long as he wants to, he can make all the street vendor owners rich.

Come out to play, naturally it is relaxing.

Although Lilai did not come out with other friends, she was able to go out with Luo Yi alone, thanks to the conversation that night.

From that day on, Lilai understood why Luo was very nice to herself, but only purely like a brother. After the knot was opened, Lilai discovered that it was not only because of her two points that were not prominent enough. .

"Brother Luo Yi, here and here..."

Lilai had ran out several tens of meters away, found a beach with no one, waved her right hand happily, and beckoned Luo Yi to go over quickly.

The golden double ponytails swayed constantly as Lilai waved her hands. With her exquisite face, the lovely smiling face instantly conquered all the people on the beach.

"I'm coming!"

After a two-step trot, he came directly to Lilai's side. Luo Yi took out a metal folding parasol from his travel bag and pushed it firmly, firmly.

Then, a 22-size beach cloth threw herself under the parasol, sat down on it with her hands behind her head, and lay down comfortably.

Lilai was a little dissatisfied.

"Brother Luo Yi is really true. When he is not practicing, he is like a salted fish. Come to play in the sea with me."

Kneeling and sitting beside Luo Yi, Lilai pouted her small mouth, pushing Luo Yi's body with both hands.

"You go play, I am here waiting for you."

Luo Yi rolled his eyes. He was a salted fish.

"No, obviously only the two of us will come out. Brother Luo Yi must play with me!"

With that, Lilai straddled Luo Yi, pulling on his shoulders to pull Luo Yi from the ground.

"Little sister, your brother won't accompany you, let us play with you!"

At this moment, a few men who kept killing Matt invented, with a smirk on their faces, and "I am the villain" on their bodies came in.

It's not a good thing at first glance.

Lilai looked up at them, and prepared to do it with a cold snort, Luo Yi held Lilai with his hand.

Just when a few men thought Luo Yi from his heart, four brawny men in suits and sunglasses walked over on the coast, holding a person in each hand, and directly led them away from here.

"Who are you! Do you know who we are?"

"No matter who you are, please don't disturb our president's holiday."

As he said, the man in the suit pointed to a sign on the chest of his suit.

The man looked down and his eyes widened.

"Knife Dao Da... Dota Chamber of Commerce? That person... is the president?"

As they said, several men turned their heads tremblingly and looked at Luo Yi, who was like a salted fish being pulled up from the ground by Lilai, looking helpless, unable to believe it.

482. As you wish

Time always disappears in a blink of an eye, just like the hard-working codeword writer who clearly wrote only seven characters, but six hours passed so quickly.

New world.

As everyone knows, the people gathered here are monsters.

"fire punch"

A huge pillar of fire with a diameter of more than ten meters shot out of Ace's fist and rushed towards the blue murloc in front of him.

The color of the flame is different from before. The ordinary red flame in the past seemed to be a little orange, and the temperature became more terrifying.

"Tang Caowa Zhengquan"

Jinping raised his left hand, his palm upright, and his right hand closed at his waist. Facing the fire fist that rushed towards him, slightly charged, his right fist slammed vigorously, generating a 360° shock wave in front of his body.

The powerful shock wave blocked all the fire fists that rushed towards him, and the fire pillar was split into two in front of Jinping's body and impacted from both sides of Jinping's body.

When the flames were over, the land behind Jinping spread backwards in a fan-shaped appearance, and the scorched land on both sides was wrapped in it.

"Yang Yan"

He swung his right fist forward again, but this time, the entire arm turned into flames, and a pillar of fire with only the thickness of the arm rushed out of Ace’s hand. The entire pillar of fire appeared orange, even okay. See a clear yellow light.

Even standing on the periphery, one could feel the huge heat contained in that pillar of fire, which was simply unbearable.

On the ground, under the scorching temperature of the sun, a darker mark appeared clearly again in the center of the ground that was originally scorched. The temperature of the sun was far beyond the power of the fire fist.

Jinping also discovered this, he didn't mean to underestimate Ace's attack.

"Five Thousand Watts Zhengquan"

The fist containing the armed color and domineering collided with the Yang Yan fired by Ace, forcibly knocking Ace's Yang Yan crooked.

However, Yang Yan still pressed against Jin Ping's side face, and the hot scent produced on it caused Jin Ping's skin to burst, and the hair behind his head was burnt.

"It's terrible temperature."

Jinping couldn't help but praise.

Apart from other things, Ace's strength has been recognized by him.

The battle between the two has lasted for four days and four nights. For a rookie pirate, Ace is definitely the most powerful one among the supernovas in recent years.

However, Ace should not do anything for nothing, and burned the flag of the White Beard Pirates on Fishman Island.

Although he is the identity of Qiwuhai, and basically stays on Murloc Island, he is not there every day.

I remember that last year, Jinping was on the Whitebeard Boat, and after seeing the newspaper that Ace had rejected Qiwuhai's invitation, Jinping just returned to Merman Island from the Whitebeard's boat.

But when he returned to the fisherman island, Ace and the others had already left, and on the fisherman island, only the flag of the white beard pirate group was burned.

King Neptune of the Dragon Palace Kingdom and White Beard are good friends, and that flag protects the murloc from pirates.