Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 297

As for Ace, who was dumbfounded, what he did could not be regarded as a kid's prank.

This means that Ace is an enemy of all the murlocs, and it also means that the four emperors white beard face sweeping.

As the saying goes, there is no one to discipline a bear child at home, except for the society, naturally someone will discipline you.

In Jinping's eyes, Ace is a grown-up bear kid, and he doesn't know that the sky is thick and the white beard flag is also something you can burn?

"Hit the water"

Suddenly there was a ball of water polo on the palm of his hand, and Jin Ping would not blindly defend. If he had the opportunity, he would naturally counterattack.

Obviously it was just a pool of water polo, but in Jinping's hands, it was stronger than a cannonball. Seeing the water polo rushing towards him, Ace had no time to dodge. Seeing that the domineering sense of the water polo attack route, he carried his arms with both hands. The color is domineering, and directly protects him.


The powerful impact shook Ace's hands numb, and the whole person stepped back a few meters, dragging his feet on the ground with two scratches.

Murloc Karate's water hitting is already very powerful, let alone Shiping's display, with a domineering attack attached to it.

Ace did not stop, his hands were not put down, his body immediately retreated, and his right fist was punched forward.

The fist just collided with Jinping's fist. With this force, Ace once again pulled away from Jinping and shook his right hand.



When Luo beat himself back then, he probably had this strength.

However, Jinping is not feeling well now.

The battle between the two has been going on for a long time, and their physical strength has almost reached the limit.

Over the years, although Ace received special training from Luo Yi, he was a bit stronger than in the original book, but so was Shiping.

The reason why people grow is often related to the environment.

After getting to know a character like Luo Yi, Jinping also got a little bit more thoughtful.

Seeing a human being grow up so fast, Chen Ping naturally increased his usual training volume slightly, and his strength has also improved a lot compared to the original.

And the battle between the two people, don't look at it, they still fought back and forth, but the two of them were already exhausted. Every time they made a move, almost all of them gritted their teeth to release the energy in the body.

The battle continued, and the members of the Spades Pirates watching the battle were all worried.

However, the battle between the two monsters is not something they can intervene. The aftermath of the battle will make them retreat further and further.

In fact, everyone has already understood the consequences of Aisner's random actions on Murloc Island.

When Jinping didn't show up, they just took down their Pirate Banner.

It can be said that this is an endless battle.

Until the sun slowly sets and the moon rises, the battle between the two basically consists of melee combat, and occasional use of abilities.

The essence of murloc karate is the control of water, not just a simple blow, even the water in the living body, trees, the ground, and even the water in the air can be penetrated by this shock wave.

As for Ace's burning fruit, it is entirely based on physical strength, and the special nature of the natural system makes Ace's whole person a flame. It can be said that he is made of flame.

The battle between the two continued until the morning of the fifth day.

Ace's flames almost disappeared and fell to the ground dying.

Jinping also fell down, his clothes were scorched, and his ten-foot body was like a fish washed ashore, no longer able to move.

For five days, neither of them had a victory or defeat, it was just a draw.

And just as the members of the Pirates of Spades were about to take Ace away, a huge round black shadow appeared on the coast, like an island whale.

But the whale did not scream, the object about to dock, erected a mast, and sailed high.

It's a boat.

A huge ship.

"Who is the one who wants to take my first rank? As you wish, I will be your opponent!"

Standing on the bow of the beluga whale is the king of the sea in this new world.

483. Gu Ga~~~

Without any suspense, Ace lost so badly.

The sound of the waves came from my ears.

My mouth is dry, and my throat stretches out like a crack.


Ace coughed, highlighting the clots of various body fluids such as blood, saliva, and gastric juice, and jumped up.

"Um... ahem..."

His throat choked and the cough became worse.

Consciousness gradually became clear, and Ace felt physically weak, just like when she had a high fever when she was bedridden when she was a child.

The muscles, joints, and the whole body are uncomfortable...

"Give you."


It is the smell of fresh water.

Ace suddenly felt that he was almost unbearably thirsty. The sea breeze scratched the mucous membrane in his nose. He couldn't help snatching the cup he was handed and drank the water.


After drinking the water, Ace suddenly came back to his senses and looked at the person who offered the water.

Ace found that he seemed to have been lying on the deck for a long time.

Sitting on the side of the boat, the other party always felt... he was looking at himself with a look like a kitten.

Ace did it down on the deck, leaning her back against the ship's edge.

Where is this?

Not the ace of spades, but a much bigger ship.

Ace glanced at it for a while, and immediately judged that, after all, the place visible to the naked eye was bigger than his boat.

"who are you?"

Ace threw the quilt over.

"Don't throw tableware!"

"Leave me alone……"

Ace tried to stand up, but his body didn't listen.

what happened?

Why am I on a strange ship?

There was confusion in Ace's mind.

The man sitting on the side of the boat smiled.

White clothes... is it a chef?

No, a scary chef with scars on his face, God knows what he cuts with a kitchen knife.

Ace kept complaining in his heart.

"Did you sleep in a daze?"

"here is?"

"Our ship, the Moby Dick."


Four Emperors Whitebeard, Edward Newgate's ship.

In other words, Ace was... caught?

"I'm Saatchi, the captain of the fourth division. If you want to be our partner, get along well."

"Get along with it!"

"Hahaha, getting up so angry, by the way, tell you what happened after you passed out."

After building a barrier with "Yan Internet" and letting his companions escape, Ace confronted White Beard alone.

At that time, he had just been fighting with Jinping for five days and five nights. Ace, who was devastated and exhausted, had difficulty even standing.

Even if the tenacity ball given to him by Luo Yi is hanging on his chest, the little recovery does not have much effect in the battle. After all, every move and every style of his is very scary to consume.

As far as Baibeard is concerned, that kind of fire wall is no obstacle at all.

But for Ace's act of protecting his partner with his body as a shield, he felt a certain will from it.

Then, he waited until the Pirates of Spades retreated, and then killed Ace with a single shot.

There is no fighting.


Even so, Ace stood up, and the flames of "Yan Internet" increased again.

In order to keep Dius and the others alive, and to protect the beloved partner of the Pirates of Spades, Ace exhausted his remaining strength.

And he also has dignity. Since the white beard, who is an enemy, is clearly open to his friends, Essing could burn his life and never escape.

Otherwise, even if the blind can escape, Ace will probably be a coward for a lifetime.

In this way, it is impossible to make his reputation stronger than that of One Piece Roger.

"Kura la la la... can he stand up?"

The white beard chuckles.

Seeing this kid who was still able to withstand his own attack, Baibeard liked it more and more, especially his behavior of letting his partner leave despite his own life.

"It's a shame to let you die now, kid!"


Ace didn't understand the meaning of Whitebeard's words.

It's just that after this sentence reached the ear.


He despised himself, only this matter, he understood.

"If you still want to make trouble, let's make a fuss about this sea with my name on your back!"

White beard said, reaching out to the defeated Ace.

"Be my son!"


Qi and blood surged to his head.

No matter how you look at it, it's uncomfortable, this man treats Ace as a child.

"What a joke!"

Following Saatchi's explanation, Ace remembered.

He challenged the white beard and was beaten decently.

Had it not been for the tenacity ball hanging in his chest, he would have fallen because of his injury.

However, Perseverance Ball only recovered his injuries, including the whole day of being in a coma. Ace had not dripped water for six days, and his body was very weak.

Saatchi patted Ace on the shoulder.

"By the way, after you fell, your friends came over to you, and we squeezed you."