Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 298

Ace held his breath.

No way.

Duuss and the others finally escaped from under the hands of White Beard, how come back!

"Don't worry, they are not dead, they are on our ship."

Saatchi told him as if soothing.

Are they still alive?

This kind of thing... is it possible?

The sword confrontation between pirates and pirates is a war that neither stresses law nor morality, and loses only a dead end.

And their Pirates of Spades...For Whitebeard, this is not a war.

The opponent is just a mere rookie, and can't fight a real war at all. The level of the pirate group is too different.

Ace stared at his wrist.

He didn't even wear an iron handcuff, not to mention the sea floor stone that sealed the devil fruit ability.

Knowing that if Ace used his abilities on the spot, it was entirely possible to burn the entire ship.

"Don't even wear handcuffs to me, just put me on the boat, is that okay?"

"Huh?" Saqi replied in his unique relaxed tone: "Well...the one who came didn't say to put you in jail, it should be fine!"

"By the way, let's eat first, I will cook myself."

As he said, Saatchi patted his chest.


at night.

On the deck of the Moby Dick, a creepy figure appeared.

The eyes that escaped the guards moved, which was not difficult for Ace, who was used to doing things like stealing and robbery since childhood.


There was a huge snoring sound across the wall, right now...


Ace became a flame.

The disadvantage of this ability is that it cannot hide in the dark, nor can it cover the heat. The opportunity is only a moment, and the first blow... kills him.

"Hey, what are you doing, kid, pay attention, it's so late!"

Whitebeard said this, pushing away Ace, who turned into flames like a mosquito that drove away mortals, and then began to snore again.


It was like joking, Ace was still in the form of flames, and was slapped out of the cabin and collapsed on the corridor.

484. It's up to you to decide

Portcas d. Ace is still aboard the Moby Dick.

He is a loser and a captive.

He was neither handcuffed nor fettered.

But here is the sea, and Ace is a capable person, and cannot float on the water. If you can't get a boat, I'm afraid you can't escape.

Besides, Ace didn't mean to run away.

At that time, the battle with Jinping had exhausted him.

After that, several weeks have passed, and Ace, who has recovered his strength, has to think about the Whitebeard challenge almost every day.

Sometimes sneak attacks while he is asleep, and sometimes cut with an axe from behind.

"Hey! He fell into the sea!"

"Who will save it!"

The fact that Ace kept attacking Whitebeard and being taught miserably had long been a topic in the Whitebeard Pirates.

It has become their daily routine.

"Really, Captain Ace."

Murloc Vores, a member of the Pirates of Spades, as Saatchi said, they are now also on the Mobile.

And every time Ace fell into the water, Vores was also fishing.

"Every day, I don't get tired..."

Saatchi sighed as he came out of the cabin.

Although the capable person could not swim, in fact, Ace had been stunned by the white beard before that.

"Every day, he really has perseverance."

Foil Bista, captain of the fifth division, muttered.

This sentence is half helpless and half praise.

"Hmm! Ha..."

Ace, who was lying down, jumped up, then choked into a cough.

Underneath is the medical bed, which seems to be the infirmary.

"Are you here again?"


The man in white is Deus.

"You haven't suffered enough, this is the dozens of times."

"You guy... I said..."

"Little doctor~"

While Dius was teaching Ace, the nurses appeared.

They are real angels in white clothes. The nurses' uniforms are miniskirts and leopard-print high boots. They are a bit too sexy, and they smell good.

The White Beard Pirates Group alone has several large ships with a crew of 1,600 people. It is a huge organization comparable to a town.

There are also several ship doctors, and the medical system is as sound as a regular hospital.

"You said don't call me a little doctor. I didn't even graduate from medical school."

Dius raised his hands helplessly.

"Our sound is almost the same!"

A nurse is leaning on Duuss coquettishly, and the masked man is matched with the woman in leopard boots.

Dius was a medical student who dropped out of school. Although the Pirates of Spades did not have a special ship doctor, Dius took the place of the ship doctor, so there was no big problem.

Besides, the ship doctor of the Pirate Ship does not need a diploma.

It is sewn wherever it is fancy, and where tissue is necrotic, it is removed, and anyone who suffers from endemic diseases is isolated.

The more a large-scale ship group like the White Beard Pirates group, the more terrifying the consequences of the deterioration of sanitary conditions. In a closed space like a ship, diseases will spread rapidly.

So for the White Beard Pirates, the medical team is the lifeline.

They are recruiting talented people at all times, and Dius is the most suitable talent... it seems like this.

After all, the medicine and equipment bought from Luo Yi can only treat trauma, not disease.

After the nurses had conveyed the ship doctor's words, they looked at Ace again, snickered and left the infirmary.

"Look at you being spoiled by them, and the treatment is so good, Deus."

Ace sat up with an upset expression on his face.

In just a few weeks, Dius completely became a member of the medical team of the White Beard Pirates, and he was also an indispensable physician.

Ace knew that Deuss had turned against his father, who was a famous doctor, and ran away from home after dropping out of medical school. Since meeting on the uninhabited island, although Ace has not been able to explore Deuss' past, he seems Is an excellent doctor embryo.

"..." Duos looked at Ace faintly: "Well, whatever you think will do."

"what does it mean!"

"What about the others? Have you met them?"

"I've seen people on this ship, you, Voles..."

The companions of the Pirates of Spades in the past are now on different ships of the Pirates of Whitebeard.

On the night Ace was defeated by Whitebeard, Duuss and his comrades tried to rescue the captain, but they were defeated in turn, and all were arrested, just like Saatchi described.

But like Ace, none of them were imprisoned, and they also had food. Although they were not staying together, they were scattered on different boats, but everyone was fine.

"I know I didn't practice seeing you, I lost to Baibeard."

The flag was broken.

It wasn't just a loss of a battle, Ace put his companions in danger and failed to protect them.

"You're right!" Deuss nodded affirmatively.

"But that doesn't mean that I will lose to him forever! As long as I can win the head of the white beard..."


Deuss sighed deeply.

He seemed to be hesitating how to speak.

Dius is a good partner who travels with Ace all the way, and because of this, his attitude may hurt Ace a bit.

"The medical team here...very powerful!"

"Do you mean sister nurse?"

"I'm not kidding, you listen carefully." Dius gave Ace a punch: "The equipment here is also of the same level as hospitals in big cities, and maybe even better. Do you know why?"

"It hurts...how do I know!"

Ace pressed his neck.

Being hit by the white beard, although there was a tough ball to recover from the injury, but Lost came again and was involved in the injury again.

"This medical team is specially designed for the white beard."

Diuse said.

"Is White Beard uncomfortable?"

Ace whispered.

How could it be possible that that monster is actually sick.

"When people are old, it is impossible to be healthy all over the body. People will get old and will one day weaken. There is no medicine that can defeat aging in this world, but maybe I am ignorant..."



"Mr. Luo Yi's spring water can be restored to health, and Baibeard can drink it."

Ace remembered a piece of news he had read, the time when White Beard and Golden Lion appeared from Dota Tavern.

As for that matter, Ace asked Luo Yi and got a real answer, and Ace immediately told Duuss about the matter.

"...There is such a magical spring, but even so, the white beard is not the white beard of his heyday, no more than he was when he competed with Roger."

In the medical team, Dius naturally knew more about the situation than Ace.

But now Ace was completely crushed by the white beard, they were not in the same grade, even though Ace could barely fight Qiwu Hai.

"You mean I can't win?"

"At least you can't win now." Diuss concluded: "I went on to say just now, why set up such a large medical team for Baibeard alone. This is because... Baibeard's life does not belong to Baibeard himself. ."