Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 299


"The Whitebeard Pirates has tens of thousands of soldiers, and there are dozens of times as many residents as the corps in his territorial waters. All these people are protected by the Whitebeard flag. What if something happens to the Whitebeard."

Hearing what Dius said, it was unimaginable for Ace who had just managed a ship.

"So? Do you want me to stop having trouble with White Beard?"

"It's up to you to decide."

485. Why are you here too!

After that conversation with Duos, the two chatted a lot.

Ace also gave up the practice of sneak attacks and instead challenged White Beard upright.

But the result is also obvious, until he declared war ninety-nine times, he has never won.

And Ace also changed his attitude and way.

During the exchange with Dius, he learned about the situation of the Whitebeard Pirates and also understood Dius' attitude.


This word is actually a joke among the pirates.

But Ace and the rest of the way, among the crew of the Pirates of Spades, weren't just about "benevolence and justice".

And what Ace did in the past few weeks, there is really no righteousness to talk about.

Eating food from other people's pirate boats and using medical supplies from the pirate group, they kept attacking the captain who wanted to kill them.

After that, Ace chose a relatively "benevolent and righteous" approach.

Wash clothes, mop the floor, watch the night, and follow the pirates to the islands they protect to teach people.

Although it has not been announced, the outside world is already propagating that Firefist Ace has joined the Whitebeard Pirates.

As for this matter, Ace is the most unhappy person.

But at the beginning, afterwards, he himself did not object, but he still did not intend to join the White Beard Pirates.

Even though... he looks like a man on a boat.

And all this, until the end of his hundred declarations of war, is also the end of a hundred losses.

Although his fire fist was able to approach the white beard, it still failed to reach the "peak".

When Ace was picked up from the sea again, and fell wet on the deck, leaning on the ship's rail, it was as if it was the first time he woke up on the Mobile.

Ace didn't expect a miracle to happen in the hundredth round.

This victory or defeat, for Ace, is no longer a question of winning or losing.

Before the battle, he had no idea of ​​taking the white beard head.

If you say you have lost, that's not right.

A great man like White Beard was not the one that Acecai would throw his fist at.

But before losing to him a hundred times, I didn't realize and didn't want to admit it.

Meaningless victory or defeat.

Young people will make a lot of meaningless actions before accepting meaninglessness, and the matter itself is not meaningless.

As long as you can wake up and recognize the facts.

"Why do you call that guy daddy?"

Ace asked.

Dad and son or something, why do you want to be a pirate but play a house?

Captain and subordinates, isn't this enough?

"Because he calls us his sons."

As the captain of the first division of White Beard's right-hand man, Marco replied.

Ace: "..."

"Because we are people hated by the world."

Marco smiled gently.

Because it's a pirate...

Regardless of the residents in the territorial waters, for most people, pirates are synonymous with terror.

They stole, looted, and killed, so they were hated and alienated.

Compared with the pirates who attack like natural disasters, people are more expecting the stable class rule brought by law and power, such as the world government.

"It's very happy, just talking about it is also very happy."

Like family.

"Be my son."

When they first met, the white beard said to Ace.

I thought he was teasing himself, carrying the worst of his father’s sins, and shed the worst and filthy blood. His life and heart were always dominated by hatred. To the jealous son of ghost, Ace became the sea. The thief gained a reputation, and finally it was time to get rid of this nightmare. As a result, this guy planned to dominate me too.

But now as a guest of the White Beard Pirates, he has slightly changed his views on the meaning of the term "son".

"Be my son."

"If you want to make a big fuss, just in this sea, carry the name of my white beard and make a fuss as you like."

Whitebeard said so and stretched out his hand to Ace.

Does this hand mean yielding?

Whitebeard accepted everything, whether it was the Pirates of Spades or the friends, this is the reason for giving everyone food.

Edward Newgate is a man with such an aura.


Because he is a man who can create his own territorial waters.

It is not law and justice, nor is it ignorant of fear and domination, but like this, building a "family" at sea.

Of course, this is also something obtained by snatching from someone, or by someone hitting it.

It is not a question of correctness.

Wherever the "White Beard Pirates" flag flies, there are family members.

Dad, son... this is not just a scream, it's not just a play game.

Even if the same blood is not kept, it is a proof that everyone has built and taken the fetters with blood and sweat.

Ace remembered.

In order to make the name of Portcas d. Ace bestowed by his birth mother.

In order to get rid of the memory of hatred towards Roger.

In order to completely destroy this asshole world that almost made the righteous brother Sabo die for no reason.

Live without regret.

"You finally took your life, don't you want to continue."

Marco advises Ace.

"It's almost time to make a decision. Now you can't move the first level of the old man at all. Are you going to get off the boat and start again, or stay here... bear the white beard sign!"

That night.

Ace and the mates of the Pirates of Spades gathered on the ace of spades.

The ship has been following the White Beard home team since then. Although he was treated well as a cameo, the damage caused by Shiping's attack was still the same, and the mast broke.


"Captain Ace!"

The partners are waiting for their captain to speak.

"I'm sorry!"

Ace lowered his head first.

"I'm so useless, you are also worried about this for a while, but... I have already made a decision!"

Ace looked at his partner, and Deuss nodded and took out something like that.

"That is……"

"Our banner."

It was the flag of the Pirates of Spades that was almost broken, and the flag that Jinping pulled from the flagpole of the ship was picked up during the five-day battle.

"Hear me out."

This is probably the last time, for Ace, as the captain...

"Today, at this moment, the Pirates of Spades disbanded and lowered this flag."

Ace declared with a banner in his hand.

Everyone fell silent.

That night, they said a lot.

Finally, to disembark the ship and order, Ace and his friends, together with Flame, send the ship off.

It's auspicious day.

On the dusty deck of the Moby Dick, the Pirate Flag of the White Beard Pirates was hung.

Yizi wine ceremony.

On the white wooden table, there are wine, jug, wine glass, salt pile, and a pair of sea bream.

The main members of the white beard pirate group below the captain level are arranged on the left and right.

The companions of the Pirates of Spades headed by Dius waited under the deck. Today's protagonist Ace walked into the ceremony venue.

Today, I took off my hat, the metal blade and the beads on the neck were also taken off, and I took part in the bidet.

"This is a gift for the oath. In view of the current situation, it is a bit brief, please bear with me..."

The emcee said.

This is a man dressed in kimono and dressed as a geisha.

The two who have nothing to do with each other want to form a family bond.

Edward Newgate is the father and Portcas d. Ace is the son.

"Here is a wine ceremony for the righteous son. The Tibetans are not talents in the next. Today, the arrogant is the master of ceremonies. At the same time, the mediator is Saqi, the witnesses are Marko and Luo Yi, and the proof is Tiqi..."

The ceremony is simple.

The mediator Saqi took the glass from the father's white beard and gave it to the son's Ace.

Ace drank the wine in one cup, wrapped the glass in paper and put it in her arms.

Then the wine was poured into the other two cups and passed between the captains on the left and right, passing from the upper seat to the lower seat. After drinking, the two wine glasses passed back to the upper seat again.

Hand in the cup.

Finally, stack the cups and give He Cheng a high five together according to the rules.

After a while, Ace uttered the word at the urging of the mediator Saatchi.


"Oh, son."

Ace and Baibeard exchanged brief words.

"Congratulations! Now the two have become father and son!"