Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 300

With Izang's declaration, applause was remembered in the hall.

Needless to say, White Beard’s team also has a group of pirates that came from a long distance deliberately. There are more than ten large ships alone.

Among them, there are probably people who want to witness the legendary "Fire Fist" with their own eyes.

This is how Boscars d. Ace’s rite of setting out to wine has attracted the attention of the New World.


"Why are you here too!"

Ace pointed to Luo and shouted loudly.

486. Stupid Odoudou

"Did you not hear what Izang said? I am a witness!"

At the end of the Yizi Wine Ceremony, when the banquet was held, Luo responded to Ace's question with a special orange juice.

Over the years, Luo Yi and the members of the White Beard Pirates have known each other.

Regardless of who the Whitebeard was originally, when he was separated from the Rocks Pirates, what he did, the people who boarded the ships of the Whitebeard Pirates, all followed the principle of "benevolence and justice". Acting on this sea.

As for the bounty, it is completely set by the world government based on their strength and threat level, and has nothing to do with whether or not to kill civilians.

The contact between Luo Yi and the White Beard Pirate Group was also clearly reported.

You see, I am a "revolutionary army" now, so the enemy's enemy is a friend. What's the problem with selling things to pirates?is that OK.

Every time Luo Yi uses "I am a revolutionary army" as an excuse, the people of the world government almost vomit blood, but they can't find a chance to refute. After all, Luo Yi sells things to the pirates and their navy is also buying what.

The result of this is just to make the Dota Chamber of Commerce richer.

It is precisely because of this that the world government has become dissatisfied with the development of the Dota Chamber of Commerce.

This time the righteous son wine ceremony was originally an internal affair of the White Beard Pirates, but as soon as they and Luo bought a batch of goods, they invited Luo to come and be a witness together.

"Is that why you cheated on us?"

Ace said he could not accept it.

"What is cheating to eat and drink? This banquet was sponsored by our Chamber of Commerce."

Luo put a piece of sea beast meat in his mouth and pointed to the side of the Mobile. Ace followed Luo Yi’s finger to the edge of the ship and looked down. He saw a large ship with cargo on it. Keep moving to the ship.


"But you called yourself us as soon as you finished drinking it. You changed your mouth quickly. It seems that you haven't been in vain on the boat in the past few months, and it didn't waste my pains."

Luo patted Ace on the shoulder and gave a thumbs up.

"What, how can it be so exaggerated"

Ace put his hand behind his head with some embarrassment and hit haha.

But Ace suddenly found something wrong.

"Your pains?"

As for Luo Yi's words, Ace raised questions.

What does this have to do with you?

I have never seen you in these days with the White Beard Pirates.

"Stupid Odoudou, why don't you understand?"

Just here, a familiar voice sounded behind Ace.

Turning around "Wh", Ace saw the familiar person.

Familiar hats, familiar clothes, and familiar water pipes are just the scar on his face. Even though I have been watching it for many years, Ace still feels uncomfortable, and there is always a flame of anger in his heart.

"Sabo, you are here too!"

Ace's tone was full of surprises.

Since going to sea, Ace has never seen Sabo again.

In other words, before going to sea, he hadn't seen Sabo for a while.

With the growth of age and strength, Saab needs to go out frequently to perform the tasks of the revolutionary army, and the time for the three brothers to meet is less and less.

It’s just, why did Saab call himself when we first met

"I'm the brother!"

Ace growled.

"Sure enough, it's a stupid Odoudou"

Sabo smiled.

He suddenly understood why Luo Yi asked him to call each other when he met Ace and Lu Fei.

It's really appropriate.

"Damn it, it seems that I haven't seen you during this time, you don't know how strong I have become, come on Sabo, let's play a game."

Ace made a fist with his right hand, his left hand into a palm, his hands hit his chest, flames burst out of his body, and his face was full of fighting spirit.

"That's not okay. Today is the day when you become the son of the white beard. How can you do it casually, and I'm not here to look for you."

Sabo shook his head.

"Huh? Didn't you come to see me?"

When Sabo said so, Ace was also taken aback.

He thought it was because he joined the Whitebeard Pirates, so Sabot came to give himself a blessing, but he didn't expect that Sabo actually said that he didn't come to him, so what would he do.

"I am here this time on behalf of the Revolutionary Army to negotiate with the White Beard Pirates to see if there is any possibility of cooperation, and the recommender is Mr. Luo Yi."

Sabo explained his intentions.

Although he has come to the Whitebeard Pirates, it is still time for the banquet. It is estimated that he will have a chance to sit down and talk with Baibeard until the banquet is over.


Ace turned to look at Luo Yi again.

"So in what capacity are you here!"

Looking at Luo Yi, who was eating meat and drinking drinks, Ace felt a little headache.

For some reason, he felt that Luo Yi was better than his brother Lu Fei.

"All said, I'm just here to be a witness. Sabo has Sabo's mission. I will introduce him by the way and bring people secretly."

Ace knew that Luo Yi was a revolutionary army, and it was earlier than when he received the "undercover" mission. At that time, Luo Yi brought Sabo to see him and Luffy, letting them know that Sabo was not dead. fact.

In other words, it was really a coincidence that Luo came over this time, just when Sabo had a mission, he helped?

Shaking his head, Ace threw all these distracting thoughts away.

No matter what Saab is here for, he is his brother.

The two have not seen each other for so long, so naturally there is a lot to say.

And Ace, who basically let go of the hatred in his heart, was obviously more cheerful than before, and brought Sabo to introduce his current "family" like him.

"As expected of you."

Luo Yi didn't bother the two brothers reminiscing about the past. When they were enjoying the food by themselves, a man's voice rang in his ears.

Turning my head, the first thing I saw was the pineapple head.

There was a smile on Marco's face, as if he was happy for Ace to join.

"It should be said that he is indeed an old man."

Luo Yi shrugged.

"When you asked Dad to take care of Ace, we didn't understand what was going on. I didn't expect Ace to come to challenge us and burn the Pirate Flag on Murloc Island."

The expression on Marco's face was happier, and when he talked to Luo, he seemed to be talking about something funny.

In fact, when Luo asked White Beard to take care of Ace casually, they also became interested in this "newcomer".

However, White Beard will also decide whether to take care of Ace based on his personality. If he did not use his life to protect his friends from escaping when he encountered Ace at that time, White Beard would definitely kill him on the spot.

And now.

Baibeard also knew Ace's life experience, and used his unique personality charm to make Ace willingly call him "Daddy".

Marco was sure that this had nothing to do with whether Luo Yi asked Dad or not, it was completely what Dad wanted to do in his heart.

Besides, during the time with Ace, the people on the ship basically had a good impression of Ace.

The two chatted like this, looking at Ace who was introducing his brother to the "family".

What a stupid Odoudou.

487. The World Conference Held Again

"That's how it is."

The end of the banquet is already the next day.

In the face of the person Luo Yi brought, White Beard gave him the treatment he deserved, not to mention that this person was Ace's brother.

The brother of his own son is also his own son. It is not normal to talk to his own son.

After listening to what Sabo said, Baibeard also fell into thought.

The plan of the Revolutionary Army is very simple. It has not been long since the World Conference was held. They have prepared a plan of action, but for the sake of safety, they hope to get some help.

The White Beard Pirates Group is indeed a big help.

In addition, they also want to go to the other four emperors to negotiate and negotiate. As soon as Luo introduced him, they might succeed.

The so-called help is also very simple.

Just ask the navy for trouble.

Isn't this commonplace?

They fight with the navy every day, and this time they will fight a little bit harder and hurt a few more high-end combat power.

It just so happened that Ace officially joined the White Beard Pirates now, so let him go out and do meritorious service as a publicity after joining the Pirates.

"Ah, it's over."

He lowered his head, the blisters on Ace's nose burst instantly, and he woke up from his sleep.

Luo Yi rolled Ace's eyes.

As expected by Karp, Ace and Luffy both fall asleep unless they are serious about it. This habit is also powerful.

Especially Ace, who fell asleep halfway through eating, buried his face in the food, and almost suffocated himself a lot of times.

"Well, that's over, the action plan for this time has been finalized. Next, it's up to you."

Luo patted Ace on the shoulder with a serious look.

"Is that so? Don't worry, leave it to me."

Ace patted his chest to make sure.

"Very good, so please repeat what we just asked you to do."

Ace: ""

"Oh, is it because Saqi's cooking has regressed and I feel a little pain in my stomach? Why don't I remember what you said just now."

Everyone: ""


Sabo hit Ace directly with a punch.

"Ahhhhh, it hurts, Sabo!"

Covering his head and rolling on the ground, Sabo used that punch with domineering, Ace Elementalization did not escape, after a few laps, Ace swooped and scuffled with Sabo.