Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 301

"Goo la la la"

White beard seemed very happy, and this happy atmosphere made him feel like a family.

After some tossing, Sabo told Ace of this decision.

Ace patted his chest again to ensure the completion of the task.

This time, it is to help the revolutionary army attract attention so that they can find the troubles of the Tianlongren and the world government. This is what Ace wants to do.

He wanted to surpass his father, Gore D Roger, and the situation of surpassing One Piece would naturally subvert the world, overthrow the government of the world, and bring down all the aloof Heavenly Dragons from the altar.

In this regard, Ace is absolutely serious.

"By the way, Ace, if you have time, you can go to the Chambord Islands. Iska often comes to the tavern."

After the matter was settled, Luo looked at Ace with a smirk on his face.

Ace, who had always been careless, made a big red face under the gaze of everyone around him.

Alas, as long as Luffy has half of Ace's brain, in the two years of training, it is estimated that the second child of the Empress will be born.

After the matter was handled, Luo Yi took Sabo around and ran to the territory of the other Four Emperors.

Charlotte Lingling, also known as BIG MOM, after communicating with Sabo, also agreed to their plan.

Although the pirates are not as interested in attacking naval bases as the revolutionary army, they are still quite interested in attacking the navy and the world government.

Isn't it just trouble with the navy? During the World Conference, they will definitely go to the red earth continent from time to time to sway around, and experiment with newly invented shells, which is reasonable.

After eating a lot of sweets on Cake Island, Luo Yi spent a long time exercising on the boat while heading to the site of the Flying Pirate Group, consuming those calories.

The Flying Pirate Group is the territory of Golden Lion Shiji.

As a legendary pirate, after the Golden Lion returned again, it quickly swallowed Kaido's previous sphere of influence in the new world and swept many pirates who came to take refuge.

And with his skill, these pirate groups after undergoing a cleansing, all that remained were loyal elites.

Shi Ji welcomed Luo Yi's arrival very much.

Needless to say, those magical equipment and medicines, just the spring water that allowed him to regain his youth a little bit and heal the hidden wounds in his body was enough for Shiji to give him the highest standard hospitality.

After understanding Luo Yi's purpose of coming this time, Shi Ji was the one who showed the most excitement.

"So, I didn't expect you to be a member of the Revolutionary Army."

"So what do you think."

"Count me, and then go to the top of Mary Joa to throw a ball in the sky."


This is a cruel man.

Shiji, who is a superman with the ability of floating fruit, can free himself or objects to float in the air. Now Shiji's core power islands are more than a dozen islands floating.

At that time, there will be a high-altitude throwing object. Who knows if he will throw an island directly to Mariejoa. It is estimated that even the general will have a headache by then.

In the end, Shi Ji was very happy to send the two off the island, and even once regarded Luo Yi and Sabo as confidants, and was extremely satisfied with their daring behavior to fight against the world government.

If it weren't for Luo Yi to know Shiji's personality, he would want to persuade him to join the revolutionary army and directly take up the world government.

This guy is not a rebellious person, he just wants to dominate the world and bring pain to the world.

Finally, when Luo Yi found Shanks, he was unexpectedly refused cooperation.

Shanks declined very tactfully, but did not say why, Luo Yi did not ask much.

Just like that, some people say that Shanks is a dragon, otherwise it would be impossible to talk to the five old stars directly.

Luo Yi didn't know what the specific internal situation was, but it didn't matter if Shanks didn't want it. With the cooperation of the other three and four emperors, the pressure on the revolutionary army would inevitably be much less this time, and the sacrifices would be much less.

They only left part of the conditions that are unfavorable to the world government this time, and they are not trying to overthrow the world government directly. In Dorrag's words, it is not yet time.

In this way, after the preparatory work was complete, Luo Yi also received an invitation from the world government again, and once again came to the Holy Land Maria Gioria.

This time, he didn't encounter the Tianlongren coming to the square to show his presence, and he suddenly felt a little regretful.

However, seeing the five people walking in outside the gate of the square, Luo Yi suddenly became interested again.

Derma 66, did not expect that they would really come to the World Conference this year.

488. I want manufacturing method

Derma 66.

In many people's perceptions, it is a fictional "evil army", but it does exist, and the Vinsmok family is the top of this organization.

Aliases: "War Expert", "War House", and "Evil Army". It is a powerful military organization in the North Sea and a scientific combat force. It is commanded by the Vinsmok family and is also a representative of the Kingdom of Djerma.

The Vinsmoke family once controlled the entire North Sea by force. They had no territory but could participate in the World Conference.

As the most timid family in the North Sea, the Navy and the world government are afraid of them.

But the Navy did not allow this situation to continue.

The Vinsmok family did control the entire North Sea, but only once.

After their rule disappeared, the Navy published a comic strip story based on the true deeds of naval heroes in the World Economic News.

Narrated the naval hero "Sora" who can walk on the sea, leading his friends to fight against the evil organization that wants to push himself into desperation several times, such a marine hero legend.

And this evil organization is "Derma 66". Through the continuous failure of Derma 66, it has shaped the image of the navy's powerful and justice, and has also become a good brainwashing footstep for children.

Therefore, in ordinary people's thinking, this should be a term in fantasy, but in reality it is a real organization.

Just like now, appearing in front of the world.

"Why are they here?"

"Obviously, I haven't participated in many conferences. I came here suddenly this time.

"Isn't that of course, look at that Vince Mokjaj, there is no such thing as a king, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is a butcher.

"Say it down, I don't want to go back to the country and find that there are all Djerma 66 soldiers."

"Yes, yes, don't let them hear."

Jiazhi did not hear that Luo Yi didn't know, but he stood in the crowd and had already heard them all.

The surrounding kings are discussing things about the Vinsmok family, and even their counterparts are disgusted with the "country" that relies on war to form a country.

After all, there is no such powerful military force.

It can be said that it is a typical performance of not eating grapes.

Luo Yi can be sure that there are more than half of the countries here, as long as the armaments are as high as Djerma 66, they will inevitably launch aggression against neighboring countries.

The most important thing is that if they start a war, the navy will not be able to control it, and the world government will not participate. At most, they will be scolded.

Jiazhi, who had just walked in, looked at everyone present with a stinky face.

Kage wears a metal helmet on his head, and has long golden hair. He is tall, with a pointed black beard oriented diagonally upward, and a small beard on the protruding lower jaw.

Inside the golden cloak, she was wearing a gray robe with two numbers printed on it, "6" and "6".

Behind Kage was his four children.

The eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke Patriarch, Vinsmoke Leijiu, is the princess of the Kingdom of Germa. She has long pink hair covering her right eye, and her left eyebrow is a counterclockwise circle eyebrow, and her eyes are purple. Wearing light pink lipstick, wearing earmuffs, blue scarf, pink combat uniform with cloak in the shape of butterfly wings, two long legs with "6" tattoos, wearing white and pink boots .

Lei Jiu's appearance naturally attracted the attention of many men, and the other three beside him were sour and handsome.

On the right side, there is a long, fiery red hair covering the right eye, the left eyebrow is turned to the left, and the right arm has a "1" tattoo. The combat uniform on the body is a special shape memory armor made by Derma Technology, and the flame cannot burn it. .

Wearing sunglasses, earphones, red combat tights with a white cloak, the Peugeot's cloak is "1", special white gloves and belts, the clothes have the Peugeot of Derma "66", and the feet have explosive bounce and jet jet functions Technology shoes.

Vinsmok Eji, the eldest son of the Vinsmok family.

Vince Moknitch had a smooth blue wavy hair, counterclockwise curled eyebrows, a black cloak with the number "2", and a blue combat uniform.

Vince Mok Yuji, eyebrows turned to the left, green pointed hairstyle, black cloak with the number "4" written on it, and wearing a green combat uniform.

The triplet’s aura is very strong, with bad smiles on their faces, making many women present scream. In contrast, most of the princes of other countries are the appearance of wine and rice bags. The Vinsmoke family is simply not too pretty.

However, compared to the children who were beckoning to the surrounding crowd, Kage ignored these kings.

The only thing that made him attractive was Neptune from the Dragon Palace Kingdom, and Luo Yi next to Neptune.

Luo Yi found that when Jia Zhi saw himself, he seemed to have a bright feeling in his eyes.

"What does he want to do? Does he start to like men after his wife died?"

Luo Yi felt a little flustered at the look in his eyes.

And Lei Jiu behind Jiazhi seemed to have noticed Luo Yi, with an expression of interest on his face.


Lilai also noticed Lei Jiu, and immediately hugged Luo Yi's arm tightly, as if swearing sovereignty.

After all, as far as the women present, Lei Jiu can be said to be the most beautiful boy in the audience.

"You are Luo Yi."

Jiazhi went straight to Luo Yi, and what he said was affirmative.

"I am."

Luo nodded.

Their Chamber of Commerce also has a branch in Beihai, but has no connection with the Kingdom of Djerma.

The Kingdom of Djerma does not have a fixed territory. It is usually operated separately by dozens of ships and combined together to form the territory.

Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce directly does not consider the idea of ​​trading with them. At most, when the kingdom is purchasing on the island, it will buy something from their Chamber of Commerce, and that's it.

Then why would Kage find himself?

"Is this thing made by your chamber of commerce?"

He took out a necklace from his pocket, and Kagi's tone was somewhat high.

Luo could not help but raise his eyebrows as soon as he looked at the thing Jiazhi was holding.

Ethereal pendant?

This thing would actually appear in Kage's hands.

According to the information Luo Yi knows, the navy does not seem to have the authority to exchange such equipment among the branches of the Four Seas. The only ones who can hold the equipment produced by their Chamber of Commerce are the navy of the Great Sea Route and the Four Emperors Pirates of the New World.

"Indeed, do you want to buy?"

Luo Yi nodded directly and admitted.

"No, I want to make a method."

Kage said unceremoniously.

Luo Yi suddenly reacted, this guy seemed to be a scientist before he became the king and commander-in-chief of the army, and he was also a scientist doing research with Begapunk.

489. Funny man

Gachi is worthy of being a military strategist.

In the face of what I wanted, I didn't have any intention to buy, nor did I have any negotiating tone.

What he said to Luo Yi was like the king said to his servants.

"Hey, your bird is good, I like it."

Then the subordinates will answer with trepidation.

"This is just a bird that I raised in my spare time. Since your majesty likes it, it will be given to your majesty."

But Luo Yi was not a subject of Gaj. Their Djerma Kingdom has always ruled the country with violence, and they are not good people.

It's normal for Kage to want to make a method.

Which one of you doesn't want to get the manufacturing method of those system props from his own hands, but can you get it?Do you have a system?



Luo nodded.