Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 311

But it didn't matter, they weren't going to look at Titch.

Baibeard even felt that when he saw Tic's eyes, he could not help but kill him.

"Have you forgotten the rules on the boat?"

Staring at Titch's Tianling Gai, White Beard couldn't help but think of his own experience in the Rocks Pirates.

The experience was really tragic.

Although the experience is not long, everyone who can survive on the Rocks Pirates is a monster. The crew kills each other for profit, which is completely contrary to the idea of ​​white beard going to sea.

This is also the first of all the rules that he will not be able to attack his companions after forming his own pirate group.


Titch still did not respond.

He understands that his ambition ends here.

Obviously the fruit that can be obtained only by opening his mouth, why Titch wants to kill Saatchi, it is because Titch understands that once the dark fruit is eaten, the entire Whitebeard Pirate group will become the enemy of the One Piece Road.

In the face of the enemy, it is not natural to give priority to solving the enemy’s general.

But he didn't expect that he was actually stopped by Ace.

If he hadn't appeared in time, it is estimated that Saqi would not survive at all, and he would be able to eat the fruit and steal a small boat and leave quietly.

So, the culprit of all this is because Ace

Thinking of this, Titch raised his head and looked at Ace, who was standing beside Saatchi with a worried look.


Titch spoke.

He has a problem now.

"Why are you at the door? Ace"

Tic's voice was a little hoarse, and his tone was different from the past, which was directly exposed by the villain's plan.

And Titch's doubts are actually the doubts of others.

Just like now, Ace only wears a pair of pants he usually wears, not even shoes, it looks like he is going out in a hurry.

Why was it just outside Saatchi's room when he went out in such a hurry, Ace rushed in when Titch started his hand against Saatchi.

All this is a little too coincidental. After all, the people on the ship didn't know that Titch had slipped to find Saatchi in the middle of the night, and even the white beard was asleep.

"Because of the look in your eyes during the day"

There was not much hatred in Ace's eyes, and there was a lot of rejoicing on his face, with a trace of regret.

Fortunately, I kept a mindful eye. At that time, I started to feel domineering, sensed Titch's movement, and secretly followed.

Regrettably, he actually put down his guard during the conversation between the two, and didn't react until Saqi was stabbed.

Had it not been for Luo Yi once sold them a large amount of healing ointment, and the tenacity ball that he had always carried around his neck, he would not even be able to guarantee that he could save Saqi's life.

As for now, the seven or eight bottles of healing ointment have barely stopped Saqi's injury, but Saqi is still weak.

Following Ace's explanation, everyone also understood.

Tic also sighed.

Did you expose yourself so early?

After seeing the dark fruit during the day, although he had tried his best to hide himself, he was still discovered by Ace.

As for Luo Yi, why would he tell Ace to be careful of himself in advance?

Titch believed that his disguise over the years was perfect. Before the dark fruit appeared, he completely regarded himself as a member of the White Beard Pirates, without the slightest thought of betrayal, and no such behavior was exposed.

"Mr. Luo Yi, has the ability to see through people's hearts."

Ace said this sentence very proudly, which resolved everyone's doubts and completely made Tic die clearly.

Seeing through people's hearts, there is actually this ability.

All of a sudden, everyone in the White Beard Pirates group started talking.

After all, this ability sounds a bit scary, who knows if he has any little secrets that Luo Yi has seen.

"It should be able to see the evil in people's hearts."

Baibeard explained a sentence in a timely manner, which can be regarded as comforting everyone.

After all, as far as Baibeard knows, his good friend Neptune and his wife, Princess Yi Ji, are born with a sense of domineering and can perceive each other's emotions. It is estimated that Luo Yi is the same.

Hearing Baibeard's words, Ace didn't explain too much, just nodded and stepped aside.

Standing up, the white beard's tall figure gave people an irresistible pressure.

Titch also took a deep breath. He understood that this was probably the last breath he breathed.

The salty and wet sea breeze is still blowing, and everything that happens on board seems to have nothing to do with it.

"It has violated the rules of the ship and also violated my bottom line by attacking my companion, Titch, my child, now you will be sentenced"

Holding his large naginata with both hands, white beard's eyes flashed with sadness, and then he was replaced by anger.

"death penalty."

The hand raised the knife and fell, and an indescribable picture appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Even though they are used to seeing killings, the hearts of everyone in the White Beard Pirates Group are still unhappy.

After all, this is the first companion to be executed for so many years.

Everyone kept in mind the rule that was not allowed to attack their companions. Since the existence of the White Beard Pirates, no one has ever violated this rule.

But now, it was an old man on the ship who made the mistake. His target was a squad captain, and the purpose was just for a devil fruit.

Everything that happened here made everyone feel extremely heavy.

"Change route, I want to go to Chambord Islands."

The white beard's voice also seemed to be several years old, even no matter it was late at night, he directly gave the order to sail.

505. The Crystal Maiden?I think it is

The White Beard Pirates are the Four Emperors, and their movements are naturally subject to constant surveillance.

When the Moby Dick sailed out of Whitebeard's territory, the whole new world knew about it, including the navy.

It is no joke that Baibeard is hailed as "the strongest man in the world," he made it out with one punch.

As the pirate group closest to "ONE PIECE", every move can even change the direction of the world.

"Which direction is the white beard pirates sailing towards the red earth continent? No, is it going to the Murloc Island? Or the Chambordian Islands?"

Warring States looked at the report sent below, and felt that he should think more about retirement.

Judging from the direction of the white beard and their sailing now, to exclude the option of directly attacking Mary Gioia, it may be to find his old friend Neptune.

And if this selection is not correct, then in the first half of the great route, who can attract Baibeard to come in person, there is naturally only one answer.

The Warring States even wanted to contact Luo Yi directly, asking him if he did something again.

But when he saw another report, he suddenly felt that Luo Yi's business should be nothing this time. After all, he himself seemed to be in trouble.

"Arrange manpower to keep an eye on the White Beard Pirates, so that there is no conflict for the time being. The White Beard is on the ship. It is not the time to fight the White Beard Pirates."

The Warring States immediately arranged the work.

Now is certainly not a good time.

It’s only been a long time since the World Conference. The pig brains of Mary Joa still clearly remember that there were two huge islands on top of her head. Although she didn’t suffer any damage, her psychological shadow was not small, and Xiao Ming couldn’t figure it out. Kind.

Therefore, during this period of time, in order to appease the group of Tianlong people, the Warring States side can be said to be under a lot of pressure. After all, the world government directly dumped the pot to them, saying that it was ineffective in protection.

The Warring States Period was published at that time and directly submitted a report on the application for military expenses, stating that due to the ineffective protection this time, they were prepared to study new weapons and were prepared to raise the protection strength to high altitude.

And now, there is a dispute above.

Tianlong people think this idea is very good. To protect them, they should be protected in all directions by sea, land and air.

However, Wu Lao Xing suppressed this proposal and did not want the navy to reach out to the sky.

As a person of the older generation, the Warring States Period naturally knew just why, so his report was also a way to divert the flames of war and ease his pressure.

As for now, after dealing with the white beard, the Warring States directly handed the piece of intelligence to the goat aside, watching it eat up the intelligence, and then proceeded with the rest of the work.

Chambord Islands.

When the huge Moby Dick came out of the seabed and the ship docked directly on the shore, even though the naval base had been greeted long ago, everyone still took a breath of air-conditioning sauce.

Whitebeard's pressure is still great, even in the new world, not to mention the first half of the great route called Paradise.

When White Beard, who was 666 tall, walked down from the Mobile and followed their first team captain Marco, the newly appointed second team captain, Firefist Ace, the pressure increased sharply.

Logically speaking, when the Navy encounters pirates, it should directly arrest them, but the problem depends on the target.

Even though Major General Kadaru has a faint tendency to be promoted to Lieutenant General recently, he is definitely not the opponent of Whitebeard.

If you want to arrest someone, at least you have to call the admiral.

As a result, a large number of people gathered around the white beard and countless flashing lights. The noses of these reporters were as sensitive as dogs. When the white beards acted, some reporters used their intuition to lock the white beards. Destination.

And now, even outside the Dota Tavern, many reporters have gathered, lurking in every corner of this street, just waiting for the fish to catch the big news.

"That's the white beard. This is the first time I have seen a real person."

"Huh? Didn't you see Baibeard when he came here a few years ago?"

"I squatted in the latrine all day that day"


The already lively Chambord Islands became more lively.

The location where the white beards stopped was originally outside the hotel street, not far from Luo Yi's tavern, even if it was just walking, it would be more than half an hour away.

Close to the tavern, the three-person tavern felt something was wrong.

Not because of the reporters outside the pub, but inside the pub.

"It seems that we are not here at the right time."

Ace scratched his head and said with some annoyance.

In the current tavern, just looking from the outside, you can see a fire that soars to the sky, and the coldness opposite to the fire.

It can be seen that in the yard of the tavern, fighting seems to be taking place, especially the two voices, which show the fierce fighting.

"Lina! You beach playing with fire!"

"Sister, it's all my fire at home."

"You don't need you now, get out!"

"Why should I be so anxious, I have worked so hard to find you."


"Sister, you should melt."

Quite sound, it's two little girls.

Ace had already heard that one of them was the little girl named Lilai who had been with Luo.

So this Lena is her sister?

Also, what's the matter with this soaring pillar of fire?

Why is it that everyone can set fire? What is the use of this fruit?

For the first time, Ace had this idea.

No wonder Ace thought so.

When a flame that looks like a fire dragon rushes into the sky, and a huge pillar of fire seems to fall from the sun and explode, even a person with the ability to burn fruits can feel the heat revealed in the flame. The temperature might actually burn him.

As for the chill that came out, Ace looked a little trembling, it could definitely freeze the ice.

Thinking of this, Ace couldn't help turning his head and glanced at Marco, but got a relieved smile on his face.