Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 312

Sure enough, he deserves to be the old man on the white beard boat, the captain of the first team, at this time, he is calm, and he still needs to work hard to improve.

Ace didn't know, Marco was also murmured directly in his heart, if his fruits were not for the powerful self-healing ability, he would probably be killed by these two energies.

The only calm person present was the white beard.

The three stopped and watched for a while, and when they realized that the battle hadn't stopped so quickly, they walked directly towards the entrance of the tavern.

Ace went up and knocked on the door very consciously. He didn't expect to open the door as soon as he finished knocking.

"Welcome, but it's not business hours yet."

What you see in front of you is a very beautiful woman. Her sky-blue eyes are blinking, she looks full of vitality, but her head has two horns, her ears are big and pointed, her feet are not right, her waist seems to be Deer's body.

What race is this?

This question flashed in the hearts of the three Ace, but they were immediately attracted by the quarrel.

"Enough, you showy magician!"

"Crystal Maid? I think it's a dysmenorrhea Maid!"

506. What if it is too popular?

In the yard.

Lilai, dressed in an ice blue dress, stood opposite another girl with a red body, and you came and went, playing happily.

Of course, there was no shortage of fighting, but the level of the two was too low to even enter Zuan Kindergarten.

Whitebeard, Ace, and Marco were brought into the tavern by the enchantress. Although the three of them were powerful, they did not interrupt the fight between the two sisters Lilai.

It can be seen that this is cultivating younger generations, and the few strong men sitting next to them are controlling the aftermath of the battle, so that the two can let go and fight without worrying about destroying the building or the environment.

The fighting between the two continued into the evening, until the two were exhausted and there was no magic on their bodies. Finally, they even moved their hands and feet. Lina pressed Lilai under her body and exercised her sister's privileges. Rubbing Lilai's indescribable parts and ending.

"Luo Yi, she bullied me, oooooo"

Hanging on Luo Yi's body, Lilai kept twisting her body to act like a baby.

In the past, Lilai knew that she couldn't control the power of Frost. In addition, the two sisters often wreaked havoc, causing their parents to dislike them, otherwise they would not be sent away.

Therefore, there was no choice before, and now someone treats herself well, Lilai will naturally not let go of the opportunity to act like a baby.

"Hey, I'll give it to you later"

However, as soon as Luo could not comfort Lilai, Lena squeezed up and hung up from behind Luo Yi.

"I didn't bully my sister, she did it first."

Lena's head was pressed against Luo Yi's ear, and she gently exhaled inward, causing Luo Yi to get goose bumps all over her body.

Feeling the softness behind, there was at least one or two more cellulite than Lilai, Luo Yi nodded thoughtfully.

Indeed, it was Lilai who took the initiative to fight with Lena, but the key was not enough.

"You go down to me."

Lilai directly put a hand on Lena's head, trying to push her off Luo Yi.

But Lena's strength was not small, and the two directly fought on Luo Yi's body.

In desperation, Luo Yi could only lift the two "face cleansers" from his body with his hands, put them on the seat, and comforted the two little guys helplessly, which made them quiet down obediently.

Luo Yi understood that Lilai took the initiative most of the time, probably because he had never beaten Lena before. Now that he met suddenly and practiced for so many years, he naturally wanted to be ashamed.

But I didn't expect that Lena's improvement in recent years was not small. The power of the flame that could be controlled originally, in the burning desert of the country of strife, Lena's patient aunt taught her very well.

The strength of the two little girls is very strong, and they really fought, not to mention the entire Chambord Islands, at least 10 streets will be destroyed.

Had it not been for the two of Auros and the Lich to jointly plant a frost barrier and control the battle in the yard, the Chambordian Islands would have sunk after the two "compared" several times this day.

What Luo never expected was that when Lena saw that Lilai was a little close to herself, she actually took the initiative to come up.

15 years old is a flowery age.

Girls at this age, those who develop early, are already very plump, and those who are stunted also gather in small groups, unless they are born with scarce resources.

As a result, the fight between the two women took another step up.

It was originally Lilai who wanted to turn over and sing, press Lena under her body, and let her sing loudly to conquer, but found that she was still slightly inferior.

Later, I wanted to show off that I was loved by someone, but I didn't expect that Lena would step in without shame. This move made Lilai go crazy.

The battle between the two sisters, from the daily battle, added the snatch of Luo Yi.

In this regard, Luo Yi has only one idea.

What if it’s too popular?

"This time, I made a special trip to thank you."

In the pub, Baibeard sat in front of the bar. After receiving the drink from Luo Yi, he put his hands on his knees, bowed his head slightly, and said sincerely.

Marco: "Daddy!"

Ace: "Daddy!"

The two did not expect that Baibeard came here to thank him.

There was also the movement of the white beard bowing his head, which surprised the two of them even more.

Who is this, this is white beard, how can there be anyone in this world who makes him bow his head.

"Did something big happen?"

Luo Yi asked strangely.

When I gave you and the spring water back then, I didn't see you thank you so sincerely, and I didn't pay the bill that day.

"It's like this"

Ace spoke and explained everything.

Luo Yi listened carefully, and poured a full barrel of wine for Baibeard.

It can be seen that although Titch betrayed them, Baibeard seemed to be unwilling to accept this matter, and the sadness in his heart could only rely on alcohol to numb it.

Finally, when he heard that Titch was cut off by the white beard, and on the way, he randomly found an island to bury Titch's body, Luo Yi didn't know what to say.

"I'm just a reminder, I didn't expect this result."

Luo Yi also shook his head with a wry smile.

He originally thought that he had cut so many pirates at the entrance of the new world, and maybe the pirate group that got the dark fruit would have been wiped out, but he didn't expect that things were still moving towards the plot.

Saatchi gets the secret fruit, and Titch kills Saatchi.

It's just that even though Ace appeared, plus the drugs he sold to the White Beard Pirates, he managed to save Saatchi successfully.

The knife at that time, it is estimated that it directly stabbed the heart, otherwise with Saqi's strength, it would be impossible to directly fall to the ground, and even a counterattack would not be possible.

"In short, that's the way it is. If Luo Yi hadn't reminded me at the time, I wouldn't have followed Tickey secretly in the middle of the night."

When Ace said this, he could even hear a trace of fear.

He and Saatchi have a very good relationship. When he first came to this ship, Saatchi helped many things. After a long time together, the atmosphere on the Whitebeard boat was very good. Ace had long regarded everyone as Own family.

If Saqi was killed by Titch, Ace didn't know how angry he would be.

"Forget it, since nothing major has happened, there is no need to thank me specifically, but now, I happen to have one thing I want to talk to Daddy Whitebeard."

With that said, Luo once pretended to wipe the table. In fact, Ayusa, whose ears were getting closer and closer, gave Ayusa a look. She bounced to close the door of the tavern, and ran back immediately. The speed was so fast that it was so impressive. Speechless.

"It doesn't seem to be a good thing."

White Beard smiled.

"It's really not a good thing, do you know the king?"

507. Playing the ego depends on your talents

The expressions of the three white beards are now solemn.

Even people like Ace, who had inherited the heartlessness traits from the Munch family, knew what a serious matter Luo Yi was talking about.

"I agree to your proposal."

White Beard thought for a long time, then looked at Marco and Ace sitting on his left and right. After a while, he said so.

Luo Yi was actually a little nervous.

He looked for Baibeard, and naturally wanted to join forces.

Although the system can summon a large number of heroes, in terms of the current situation, these heroes are also restricted.

This is a matter of course. Otherwise, the abilities of the two individuals of light technique and chaos would be enough to destroy the world, but when they traveled through the world, their powers were both tied up, causing the horse of chaos to have no light technique. The horse runs fast.

In addition to the two of them, there are also heroes whose strength is also destroying the world, and their strength is also restrained.

Luo Yi estimated that it was because of the rules of this world, after all, it was just a small world, and the power that could be contained was not very strong.

The strength of the white beard and the red hair collided, and the sky could be split. If the stronger strength is here, it is estimated that the world will not be able to bear it.

In addition, these heroes are not available all the time, Luo Yi is not ready to put hope on them.

It is better to ask for yourself than for others.

In his current situation, Luo Yi dare not say that the world is the strongest in two years, but the general level should be no problem.

At that time, this world is bound to usher in a troubled world, with one's own strength, self-protection is absolutely possible.

No way, Luo Yi is just that.

"This matter is a bit difficult, just rely on us"

Ace scratched his messy head and said uncertainly.

"Do you know why this matter is so difficult?"

Luo Yi stretched out his index finger and shook it in front of Ace.


Ace sat up subconsciously, looking like a good student.

"Because the white beard has protected you so well!"

Luo said sharply, with no idea that he could not speak in front of White Beard.

"Let me just say that, the so-called Four Emperors Pirate Group is nothing without the captain."

This can be said to be quite ugly, but the three people present fell silent.

The white beard raised his eyebrows, and his face showed a very disgusting expression.

No way, what he said makes sense.

Just like the Hundred Beasts and Pirates Group, after Kaido died, the Hundred Beasts and Pirates Group was simply a piece of scattered sand, even if they were gathered together, it was just a powerful force, nothing more.

Lack of top combat power, wanting to gain a foothold in the new world, that is simply a dream.

"You have a total of 16 captains. How many years have you followed the white beard, how strong are you now?"

"As far as Marko is concerned, your talent is actually very powerful, and you have the fruit of the phoenix, and you can exercise physical skills at all costs, without injury, but now you are 40 years old, but you can't even beat the generals. ."


Marko felt a little embarrassed when being taught by a junior in his twenties, but the problem was that the opponent did have this ability to teach him.

"Not to mention Ace. When I was with Luffy, my progress was quite fast, but I went to sea for more than a year. Except for that time on the Chambord Islands, I improved a bit in the armed sex. Is it used for exercise?"


"After eating the devil fruit, you can forget about the practice of physical skills, patronize the development of the fruit, enjoy the powerful combat power brought to you by the natural element, but completely forget that your own power is Basically, if you continue to sail at sea with this mentality, you will be dead in two years."

Luo Yi didn't know when a short stick appeared in his hand, and it hit Ace's head directly.

The domineering short stick made Ace's head a big bag, and there was fear in his eyes.

At this moment, Ace remembered the fear of their three brothers being matched by Luo, and also remembered the purpose of his own hard work.

"Even if you want to make Whitebeard the One Piece, what can you do with your current strength?"

Luo Yi clarified the words directly, and Marco and Ace were also directly awakened.