Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 313

Yes, although they wanted to take White Beard to the throne, the truth is that they spent many years fighting for territory, and they didn't get anything.

Baibeard drinks quietly.

It is not that he is unaware of the problem, but he treats everyone as his family and his own children.

Therefore, Baibeard would rather take risks with his own body than hurt his children. This is the reason why the Whitebeard Pirates is so strong, and it is also the reason why it stops moving forward.

It is true that if the white beard trains his subordinates, the captains of the 16 squads, the strength of the squad captains is actually almost the same. If you exercise well, not to mention the generals, there will always be the level of the general candidates.

And the main reason is that White Beard already knows the truth of "ONE PIECE", and whether he has become the One Piece, what is the point? This is also the reason why White Beard lacks the heart to fight.

But now, Luo Yi actually invited him to do this. Baibeard suddenly felt that before the end of his life and the body could not support it, it was time to leave an environment where his children could survive easily.

The cooperation with White Beard is very harmonious, Luo has been sending a Lincoln ball to three people.

Although this thing does not add many attributes, it only has all attributes of 14, and 7 health regeneration, and 5 mana regeneration, but every 12 seconds, it can passively resist a directional spell, at least it can resist many strange and strange abilities. Up.

Seeing that Luo Yi took out something better, the three of them had such expressions on their faces.

This kind of good thing is hidden by themselves, and it is impossible to take it out directly.

When I walked out of the tavern, the door just opened, I saw a group of people outside, looked at the sky, they had been talking for a long time, and it was almost 9 o’clock now, and the white beards didn’t intend to stay overnight, they went directly to them. The ship went.

The crowd immediately gave up a passage, but the surrounding flashing lights turned the night into as bright as day.

These reporters are now full of excitement, and they have begun to draft drafts in their minds.

Don't doubt, what happened tonight is definitely big news.

Luo Yi didn't care about the situation outside the tavern. When people left, he closed the door, took out his phone worm, and dialed a number.

After finishing talking about his own situation, the phone bug with the rudder plugged in his head made the machine happily smiling.

"It's up to you to see what your kid is doing when you play as a child. I agree with this alliance."

508. It's because of drinking Coke!

War requires preparations.

Luo Yi and their development were not intended to prepare for war. Even if the 10 illegal streets of the Chambord Islands were consolidated under their command, they developed in the form of a commercial street.

If there are any strategic preparations, they are the only two towers.

A technology tower headed by tinker and clockwork.

A magic tower specially built for Carl and the others for research.

In the science and technology tower, many science and technology products close to life have been researched and become the main income of that science and technology street, and it is also part of the research funds of tinkers and others.

"Luo Yi, look at this."

When Luo received the message from the tinker, he rushed over.

What appeared in front of him was a battle armor shining with metallic luster.

"This is made of Valbo alloy, combined with the technology of Germa 66, combined with my laser technology, and the latest research result is a wearable armor."

The eyes of the tinker and clockwork flashed a lot of light, and Luo Yi kept introducing the function and manufacturing method of the battle armor to Luo Yi.

Valbo, who was getting thinner and thinner, slumped in a rocking chair beside him with an unlovable appearance, eating hamburgers to replenish his strength.

In order to study this armor, he has been making Valbo metal day and night.

Repeated failures, repeated attempts, and sometimes just after falling asleep in the middle of the night, I was called up by these two dwarfs, using their own fruit power to make them non-stop.

Later, Walbo desperately made a few meals of metal and placed it in the warehouse directly before going to bed, and then fell asleep until dawn exhausted.

It is precisely because of Valbo's conscious hard work that their research progress has improved a lot, and it has also given Valbo the concept of commuting.

"In other words, this armor can now not only fight for a long time, but also has powerful power and laser weapons?"

Luo Yi probably summed up the professional terminology that tinkerers are talking about.

For him, he wasn't interested in how this armor was made. After all, he didn't have the time to learn, as long as he knew how to use it.

"This is a battle armor made of your body. Try it on."

Although it was not the first time, Luo Yi still had some expectations.

After all, which man does not like to transform and shoot lasers.

The newly-developed battle armor still maintained the front door mode. As soon as Luo stood in front of the opened battle armor, the battle armor closed directly.

Almost caught my hair.

When the armor was completely closed, Luo Yi discovered the difference in this armor.

This time, the helmet is like Spider-Man’s equipment. It is completely veneer. I don’t know what material the armor is made of. After being worn on the body, it doesn’t have the same weight as before. The total is estimated to be only about 100 kg, and the metal texture is soft, but it is very resistant to blows.

Luo realized that there was even an Iron Man nano suit, but there was no way to change its shape like the nano suit.

Only nanotechnology tinkers and clockwork said that although they have mastered a lot of black technology, this technology is really not that easy to master.

I tried to move my hands and feet, and the joints are very quiet. I can't hear the sound of metal friction at all, just like cotton.

"This suit of armor completely relies on human activities, but it is equipped with weapons and energy all over the body. The armor can be disassembled into individual parts, or the entire body can be equipped."

The tinker began to explain to Luo Yi how to do it.

Luo Yi also began to experience it.

The difference between this time's armor and the previous one is that the armor is not equipped with intelligent auxiliary combat at all.

In other words, the function of this armor is somewhat similar to the technology of Derma 66.

After the talks between Oliver and Gage before, they even introduced the scientists of both sides to communicate and discuss with each other, for the ability to enhance their own science and technology, and Valbo alloy also meets their needs.

Otherwise, Valbo wouldn't be so tired.

Wearing the armor and moving to the laboratory, this is the place to test the power of the weapon. There are dozens of metal plates made of Valbo alloy that can detect the strike force and are more than half a meter thick.

Luo Yi first tried the laser cannon function on his palm.

"Biubiubiu" shoots the laser light, it's so refreshing.

Two sturdy lasers shot out from the palm of the hand, with a diameter of at least more than 10 cm. After hitting the metal plate, a strong explosion was emitted.

After waiting for a while, the smoke dissipated, leaving a large hole with a depth of more than 20 cm on the metal plate. This was the power generated by the simultaneous explosion of two lasers.

"That's it?"

Luo Yi looked at his smoking hands, which originally had subtle shiny lines on them, but now they were completely dimmed.

"You just used the full power mode, which directly releases all the remaining energy in your hands, and there is also a low power mode, which can be released separately with your fingers, but the power will drop a lot."

The tinker's voice was played from the horn, and Luo Yi explained the situation just now.

Luo nodded a little and watched the light lines on the two palms slowly lighting up. According to the tinkerer’s previous statement, this is the energy from other parts of the armor moving to the palms, but the laser cannon in the palms cannot be used temporarily. Up.

Knocked on a metal plate for testing, Luo Yi probably knew the power of these two lasers.

If there is no accident, people who can't be armed with domineering will be dead once they are hit.

And even if you have mastered the armed color domineering, if the physical condition is not strong enough, the domineering is not mature enough, at least it will be a serious injury.

Even if Luo Yi wanted to cause this kind of damage, he had to use a bit of strength.

"This Valbo alloy is really good. Even if it's just a close-fitting inner armor, it can withstand the attack of ordinary bullets."

Luo Yi roughly calculated the role of this alloy.

But isn't Crimson Armor fragrant?

After Luo asked himself that, he gave up the idea of ​​letting Valbo work to death.

Waalbo, who was enjoying food to replenish his energy, somehow felt a chill spread from his spine to his whole body. He looked around vigilantly but found nothing, and then lay down on the chair again.

"Punch Aid"

"Flying Jet"

"Energy Shield"

"Quick cooling"

"Air Conditioning System"

"Urinary System"

After Luo tried the abilities of the battle armor one by one, he probably had a bottom line in his heart.

The effect of this armor is good. Although there is no mechanical assistance, it can still consume energy. It uses laser technology to provide power at each joint, so that the wearer can ignore the weight of the armor. Of course, if you can move with physical fitness Battle armor can at least reduce energy consumption.

The combat ability of the battle armor is also very good. It can be said that as long as the battle armor on the ship can have the strength of a navy colonel or even a brigadier general, this is still calculated by ordinary people.


"Even if you count the metal used to make Valbor alloy, the cost of a battle armor requires at least 1 billion Baileys.

This is still a situation where tinker and clockwork try to control costs. Luo Yi probably understands that this thing is indeed a good auxiliary equipment for himself, but if you want to use it in the armed forces, unless he can be like Tony Only if you have money.

Overall, it's not worth it.

Since this is the case, it is better to increase the power of a battle armor alone at any cost.

"No problem, wrap it on us!"

The tinker and clockwork clapped their chests to make sure.

Valbo, who had just taken a sip of ice-cola, felt a chill again.

It's because of drinking Coke!

He comforted himself like this.

509. Destroy the world, we are professional

Here is the first half of the great route.

"The weather on the great route is just like a woman's face, and it changes when it changes."

"Yes, it was a storm just now, but it cleared without any warning."

"It's clear, it's time to go fishing."

"Already ready, Captain!"

"Wait, what's that in the sky?"

"It looks like an island?"

"It's really an island!!"

A group of fishermen who are just waiting for the end of the storm and are preparing to go fishing in an island port with a government-affiliated country are looking at the sky foolishly.

That's an island.

Although they have also heard of the legend of the sky island, they never thought that one day they could really see an island floating in the sky.

Wait, an island floats from the sky?

This situation seems to be very familiar, like Mary Joa from the previous World Conference

In an instant, the eyes of the entire country were almost staring.

The report on that day can be said to be the most direct, effective and shocking proof that the Golden Lion reappeared in the eyes of the world.

After all, an entire island smashed directly on Mary Gioia. Although it did not cause any damage, it also made the world understand what the Four Emperors are.

In everyone's eyes, the original island is like a bowl filled with water, held in one's hands and moved carefully.

Later, when the "bowl" moved to their heads, it suddenly tilted over, as if it was accidentally unsteady.


"To die to die to die!"

"Why? What did we do wrong? Why treat us like this?"

"I don't want to die, help!"

A group of people screamed frantically, but there was no help.