Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 314

The big "bowl" in the sky is still tilting and tilting, but it doesn't seem to fall down.

"Look, something has fallen off!"

The island is now very chaotic, everyone is worried about being killed by the fallen island.

However, to their surprise, it was not the island that fell, but some small shadows.

The reason why it looks small is because the distance is too far.

When the things on the sky fell, everyone suddenly felt that it might as well have fallen off the entire island.

A huge crocodile with a length of at least 10 meters.

Obviously it is an octopus, but it has countless tentacles, and the tentacles are several times larger than the crocodile. Needless to say, the size is not to mention, just a little movement will cause huge damage to the entire city. The wide roads are not enough. It crawls.

She was covered in green and stood up with a mantis four or five meters high. With two sickles slashed with his forefoot, a house was directly cut open. The cut plane even reflected light under the sun and looked extremely smooth.

The skin was black and white like a zebra. A bear who looked demented and demented directly picked up a carriage on the side of the road and fell on a German-style arch bridge. His arms were as long as a gibbon and dragged to the ground. Even the running posture is similar to that of apes.

In addition to these, there are various creatures with huge size, fierce appearance and extremely powerful destructive power, one by one falling from the sky.

Falling from a height of thousands of meters did not let these monsters fall to death, and basically all survived.

There are about dozens of flying in the sky, running on the ground, and swimming in the water.

A huge, scarlet carp, after fluttering in place for a few times, nothing happened.

The island was in chaos at this time.

A large number of creatures were destroying the island, and people fleeing desperately, but the speed of ordinary people could not match those of powerful creatures, and countless people fell every second.

In the kingdom, a large number of soldiers were sent out.

Although the number of soldiers is only three thousand, facing only dozens of monsters, even with a crowd of people, it can be defeated.

At first they thought they could win, but everyone found that they could only fight the carp, and they were desperate.

The spear that can easily pierce through the wooden board pierced those monsters, as if stabbing the steel plate, and the soldiers' hands were numb.

The steel armor that can withstand bullets was simply crushed to pieces by monsters, including the soldiers in the armor.

"Quickly, ask the Navy for help!"

In the first battle when the commander came into contact with the monster, he realized that things were not good.

The so-called soldiers in their country can only fight a dozen ordinary pirates, and when there is a pirate with good combat effectiveness, they can only obediently let the other party rob.

Fortunately, there is a naval branch base on an island near their country. I believe they can get assistance soon.

"We have already seen it, please hold on again, we will be there in ten minutes!"

Hearing the news from the navy, the commander could only grit his teeth.

Persistence must be persisted.

The navy was already on its way, and even before they asked for help, the navy came over consciously.

After all, there is such a big island flying in the sky that even the blind can see it.

The soldiers, as a pair of 50 men, dispersed to prevent these monsters from destroying their homes.

They knew that although it was only 10 minutes and looked very short, the number of these monsters was huge and the destructive power was strong. If left alone, it is estimated that the entire country would be demolished.

Even if the country is very weak and the people's lives are not rich, at least everyone has enough food and clothes. If it weren't for the damn heavenly gold, their country's life could be very good.

However, even such a country is worthy of their protection, just like now, it is the only two sons of His Majesty that are fighting at the forefront.

Being beaten by these monsters time and time again, spitting out blood, but it could not stop the prince's determination to protect the country.

The companions around him fell one by one, but the effect was very obvious, and they blocked it.

The attack methods of these monsters are very monotonous, and they seem to rely entirely on wild instincts. As long as you pay attention to observation, it is not a problem to dodge, but it is not enough to dodge, and the best end is serious injury.

In ten minutes, one thing that was very fast in the past can be done three times.

But at this moment, these ten minutes seem very long, and everyone is looking forward to the appearance of the Navy.

All they can do is drag these monsters to prevent them from increasing the area where they talk, so that the family behind them can safely evacuate.

All the soldiers clenched the spears in their hands, used milking vigorously, swearing to defend their homeland.

They didn't know that everything that happened in their country was being transmitted into pictures, all being transported to the island above.

"Jiehahahaha, you deserve to be a rare beast, Indiego."

"Kalekal has been studying for almost 20 years after all, and the role of IQ is still very good. If these rare beasts can maintain their sense, so much the better!"

Indiego, with the exaggerated body language of the Golden Lion, said he was very happy. After all, from his escape from prison to the present, the research results have shown very good performance.

Golden Lion can now pat his chest and say.

To destroy the world, we are professional.

510. Is it...

Since breaking out of prison, Golden Lion Shiji has been planning how to destroy the world.

It can be said that his purpose has actually changed completely.

Before being captured by the navy and entering Propulsion City, Skee once found Roger to join forces and want to rule the world with him.

After being rejected, they turned into anger, and the two pirate groups fought. The battle was called the "Attwall Battle", and Shiji also got a new skin rudder.

Ruling the world is actually an unattainable idea. Even though Shi Ji has extreme confidence in his own strength, he also knows that he can't do it just by relying on his own strength.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be arrested for fighting the navy headquarters alone. No, Karp and the Warring States team joined forces, and Shiji said he didn't know how to win.

While in prison, he desperately reflected on the reasons for his failure, and later came to a conclusion.

Why do we have to rule the world? Isn't it bad to destroy the world?

Then, he made a plan in prison, and cut off his feet from the sea floor stone, cut off all below the knees, and from then on both feet have been used as prosthetic limbs.

After leaving Propulsion City, Shiji came to an island called "Vermeyo" and found that there were many violent animals that edible plants with "IQ" ingredients, so he pulled the entire island into the sky with his own ability Move as one's own floating island, from then on it is called the floating island "STRONG WORLD".

Over the years, he concealed his whereabouts, and researched "IQ" with his trusted deputy, Dr. Indiego, and lived on the floating island to plan a comeback. If it weren't for Doflamingo's operation, let the world know. Spring water can restore youth, Shi Ji will not show up easily.

When he had already appeared, and the new world was in chaos just because of Kaido’s death, when everyone was fighting for the turf, Shi Ji felt the power of recovery in his body and directly took over Kaido’s turf and Baibeard. They stood side by side and became one of the four emperors.

This time, in order to show his power of revenge to the world government, Shiji is going to liberate his animals, let them wreak havoc, and let the world government see how hard his muscles are.

"How about the wine extract from Luo Yi?"

Skee asked with a cigar in his mouth.

"It's already in the experimental stage, and it's already effective. After that, just increase the success rate."

Indiego first said this after dancing a dance that was completely invisible.


The smile on Skee's face was happier.

On the screen, the scene of the group of soldiers fighting to resist the attack of the rare beasts, but the number of soldiers has been declining, is played. In the view of the Golden Lion, the ship doctor of his pirate group is more powerful than these people.

Afterwards, the navy's warship arrived, and a man wearing a major general's costume rushed out from the bow, stepped on a moon step, holding a samurai sword in his hand, and rushed directly towards the rare beasts.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the rare beast is so cruel, it is like tofu in the hands of this major general.

The golden lion nodded.

This is the normal combat power of the navy, and here is a great route. The strength of the major general itself is much stronger than the generals of the world. It is normal for a swordsman to be a major general.

As for the combat effectiveness of these rare beasts, Golden Lion is also very satisfied.

He never expected how powerful these rare beasts could be. Moreover, the batch of rare beasts he threw down was not the strongest in his hand. It was just used to test the destructive power and potential of these rare beasts. It's just a test product for control.

Of course, even so, it is already scary.

There are not many admiral-level navies in the navy. It is estimated that there are only about 100,000 in the world, and it is not enough to be distributed on the sea.

These people need to guard the seas they are responsible for, but the golden lion can move freely in the air. Just mastering the air supremacy, first of all, let him take the lead.

He was testing his own experiment over there, and Luo Yi did not take time off.

At Germa 66, although the tinkers and the others had exchanged in the past, they did not get the transformation technology of memory metal. After all, it was a technology based on others, and Luo Yi did not expect it.

However, under Luo Yi's suggestion, the tinker and clockwork modified the armor in Luo Yi's hand, allowing it to change freely in the form of the armor and suitcase.

It is certain that before nanotechnology is manufactured, unless tinkers have developed the technology of memory metal, this is currently the most convenient form.

Wearing a battle armor, Luo Yi took off directly from the Chambord Islands and flew straight into the sky, reaching thousands of meters above the clouds.

Luo Yi did not challenge the height of seven or eight kilometers, who knows whether this armor has solved the icing problem.

The altitude of thousands of meters, coupled with the obscuration of clouds, is basically impossible to be discovered.

The lighting in the Chambord Islands is actually not very good. Because it is a tree, a large number of leaves block the light. Although it is bright during the day, it does not have the leisurely feeling of sunbathing on the beach.

The flying device that fully aroused the battle armor instantly accelerated in the air, directly emitting a sonic boom.

However, Luo Yi couldn't hear it anymore. He was flying at a very fast speed, leaving a gorgeous long line in the air, and the cloud was cut in half from the middle.

Flying at high speed in the air is very comfortable, but there are exceptions.

For example, flying directly into the sky and flying into the sky by plane are completely different feelings.

Except for a little feeling when he first started flying acceleration, Luo Yi suddenly felt calm now.

Because the speed was too fast, the outside sound was basically inaudible inside, and the only thing that sounded in the ear was the air flow inside the armor and the body.

That feeling was very strange, Luo turned his attention to the road.

The location of the Chambordian Islands is quite special, just on the midline of the great route, Luo Yi is currently flying in the windless zone.

Or in other words, it is an island in the windless zone, the island of Hydra.

Amazon Lily, the daughter country on the island of Hydra, Hancock, who had just received a call from Luo, sat in her palace, wondering why she was a little fidgeting.

"What's wrong? Snake Ji?"

Groliosa asked curiously, holding her snake stick, it was the first time she saw Hancock like this.

"He's coming."

Hancock bit his sleeve, his face solemn.

"He? Are you talking about Luo Yi? Come on when he comes. He is kind to your sisters. Didn't you also allow him to go to the island."

Guroliosa said so.

"But he said that he should talk to his concubine alone if he has something to do."

With these two words alone, Hancock especially emphasized his tone.

"That must be a very important thing."

Guroliosa probably understood Hancock's behavior. It must be very important for Luo Yi to talk to Hancock alone.

"Very important?" Hancock increased the volume, took a deep breath, turned his head a little shyly, and muttered, "Is it a marriage proposal?"

"what did you say?"

"It's nothing!"

511. Did you become a navy coach?

Luo Yi is a little strange now.

Why is Hancock so shy when he sees himself.

This is not scientific at all, and I didn't tease her.

They hadn't seen it for a long time since they helped them eliminate the hoof of the Sky Dragon.

Luo Yi knows that the most important thing to get in Hancock is to attack the Tianlongren.

You can ignore her beauty, or don't care about the hoof of the Tianxiang Dragon, but if you want to poke Hancock's peace of mind, you will definitely have to beat the Tianlongren.

In the original book, Luffy's previous performance only made Hancock decide to provide a ship to help him leave.

You know, at that time, Luffy not only ignored Hancock’s charm, but also saw the hoof of the Tianxiang Dragon. In the arena, he defeated Hancock’s two younger sisters, released the domineering domineering, and covered up Tianxiang for them. The secret of Dragon Hoof, he chose to save people without hesitation between leaving the island and saving people... All these just made Hancock feel complicated.

Therefore, Luo Yi was really a little confused.