Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 315

I'm looking for you to talk business, can you put your empress on the air?

Damn it, suddenly felt that Hancock was unreliable.

"Anyway, did you hear what I said?"

"Ah! That... that..."

When Luo finished speaking, he made a special confirmation, but saw Hancock point his index fingers at each other, and his head glanced to the side.

"Forget it... I'll say it again." Luo Yi sighed: "You already know that I am actually a member of the Revolutionary Army. Now we are preparing for war. If everything goes well, we will launch a general attack on the world government. , I hope you can help us then."

Luo Yi has been too lazy to explain other detailed content, anyway, as far as Hancock's temperament is concerned, it doesn't matter what the plan is. Men who are close to her will be beaten, so it is better to tell her who to beat directly.

"Attack the world government!"

Hancock showed a surprised expression, and even the loss of Luo Yi not coming to propose was put behind his head.

"Yes, then..."

"The concubine agreed."

Hancock's tone suddenly returned to the state of the empress.

"Thank you, I have to contact other Qiwuhai, I believe they will be happy to help."

After getting Hancock's personal confirmation, Luo Yi nodded and prepared to leave.

He was not going to talk about this in the phone worm, mainly because he felt it was not safe.

Although the white phone worm can avoid being wiretapped, how do you know that you have not been wiretapped?

"Ah~I'm leaving now?"

"if not?"

Luo Yi is not Luffy's stunned head. You can see what happened by looking at Hancock's expression.

But what is going on!

As Luo watched Luo turn his suitcase into a battle armor and flew away, Hancock looked at the sky like this, and he lingered to look away.

"Snake Ji, what's wrong with you?"

Groliosa always felt that something was wrong, but couldn't tell.

"The last time I went to sea to grab supplies, I heard a group of pirates mentioned Luo Yi, saying that he sheltered an area on the Chambord Islands, and even the Celestials could not enter."

Rarely, Hancock explained, and then walked directly back into the palace.

Guroliosa looked at Hancock's back and suddenly realized.


Luo Yi cut through the sky again.

This time his destination is an island where almost no one lives.

Krai Kana Island.

This is a dark island. The sky is often shrouded in dark clouds and occasionally reveals the sun, but the sunshine time does not exceed 8 hours a day.

On the island, there is a ghost castle, the whole castle is gloomy, relying entirely on candle lighting.

There are only two people on the entire island, two people.

The rest are orangutans.

When Luo came, he was still far away, but he could feel the murderous air wafting from the island.

Where, there are two strong men competing.

The sword aura pierced the sky, Luo Yi could clearly feel the power of that sword aura, and he could easily pierce the armor of his body. Only by mobilizing the domineering force could it be blocked.

Look carefully, the location where the sword aura comes from is from the back of the island. Obviously the two fighting against each other don’t want their battle to spread to the entire island, but even so, Luo Yi can see the back of the island. It has been cut out of a clearing. At first glance, the trees can't grow because of frequent fighting.

Approaching cautiously, seeing that the color domineering turned on, avoiding the sword aura that flew into the sky, Luo Yi watched the battle between the two below earnestly.

The strongest swordsman in the world, Hawkeye Jorakl Mihawk.

Naval swordsman instructor, dominates Yunieruo.

In the second year that Yunero became a naval instructor, he saw Hawkeye. After the two discussed once, Yunero's contract was completed, but he did not leave the world, but continued to serve in the navy. , Come to Mihawk from time to time to learn sword skills.

Luo Yi watched from the side, and both of them found him, felt a familiar breath, and saw Luo Yi's face under the mask, so they ignored him.

Watching the battle between two masters of swordsmanship, Luo Yi also felt that he had benefited a lot, especially since one of them was still his own teacher. From Yunieruo, Luo Yi could see the gap between himself and him in swordsmanship, and instantly felt the swordsmanship. Improved a lot.

[Ding, watch top swordsmen fight and gain swordsmanship...]

If his system has this function, it should be reminded like this.

The competition lasted for several hours, and Luo Yi didn't even know how long they played before.

Anyway, when it was getting dark, Luo Yi was called by the two to cook in the castle.

On the table.

Mihawk was carrying red wine and three candles were lit on the candlestick in front of him, making him look like a vampire.

"The taste is average."

Tasting Luo Yi's craftsmanship, Mihawk commented.

"I love to eat or not!"

Luo Yi was not polite, eating Mihawk's inventory.

I didn't expect this food to be enjoyed so much at ordinary times. Not to mention pure natural vegetables, dozens of sea king meats are stored here, and one pattern a day can be used for a month without repetition.

"So, you are here to find me?"

Yunero also grabbed a big stick of meat and said curiously.

"No, I came to Hawkeye to discuss things, but I didn't expect you to be there."

Luo Yi shook his head.

"Find me?"

Mihawk took a sip of red wine, curious.

"We are going to do a big thing..."

With that, Luo Yi told Hawkeye about his identity and their plans.

"... Therefore, we want to invite you to join us."


Mihawk was silent.

He knew that if what Luo Yi said was true, then he would definitely not be able to stay out of the matter, it was just a matter of choosing the camp.

Is it to help the world government, or to turn directly and join forces with the revolutionary army to kill the world government?

Does this still need to be selected?

Who is he, eagle-eyed Mihawk, King Qiwuhai.

His identity is a pirate.

"You say this in front of me, but it makes me very embarrassed."

Yuneruo didn't know when he ate all the meat in his hand, only the bones were left in his hand, and his mask was still not taken off.

"Does it affect your role as a navy coach?"

512. Discuss

Hawkeye agreed without surprise.

Maybe it is because of Yunieruo's face.

In fact, he learned the number of Allied forces from Luo Yi.

Eagle Eye is a swordsman, with the pride of a swordsman, but he also has a corresponding brain, otherwise he would not choose to become the king of Qiwuhai.

When he knew that so far only the Red-haired Pirates had not been determined, three of the four emperors had reached a consensus with Luo Yi, he couldn't help but be a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, Luo Yi unexpectedly reached such an agreement with the Four Emperors before he knew it.

As for the rest of Qi Wuhai, Luo Yi did not contact him again.

As a result, the bears who have been mixed into the naval scientific force are actually their own, but they don't know what level of pacifist manufacturing has reached.

Second, the fisherman island is now undergoing full-scale transformation, and Jinping is the labor force in it. The war with the world government has actually not small impact on the fisherman island, and Jinping's life will be based on benevolence and justice. How to choose, Jinping naturally has a steelyard in his heart.

And the remaining three are all their own people, and the war really started. It is estimated that they are the first to be guarded.

Basically, we have talked about the alliance.

BIG MOM can do it directly with just a phone call, without even having to say anything from Luo Yidu.

For Charlotte Lingling, after her mother Carmelo came back, she was grateful to Luo Yina, although Carmelo only had his soul left.

And Carmelo in the soul body also found himself hugging a thigh.

Although Lingling’s current identity did not become a leader in CP or a navy as she thought, she also became one of the powerful Four Emperors Pirates, and the soul of herself, besides following Linglingzhi Besides, there is no other choice.

After all, after the experiment, Carmelo discovered that as long as he was able to meet himself as long as he was armed and domineering, it also meant that he was not in absolute safety now.

Therefore, there is only one choice before her, to stay with Lingling.

In this way, Lingling also lived happily every day, and the relationship with Luo Yi returned to good, as if nothing happened on both sides.

The foundation of the alliance has been laid. Before they are fully prepared, all they need to do is practice.

After Luo Yi returned to the tavern, he re-arranged his practice schedule. In the song of ice and fire, Luo Yi also started his own exercise.

Attribute points are the best manifestation of the results of practice.

This is like a proficiency panel, allowing you to see your growth effectively.

And every 50 points, the growth of attribute points will stop once, just like a breakthrough task that needs to be done, it will make Luo Yi encounter a big problem.

But after every breakthrough, I can feel the power in my body, undergoing a qualitative change.

In other words, it is stronger.

Luo Yi's current attribute point is approaching the 400 mark.

Before the attribute point reaches 399, as long as you exercise persistently, you can steadily improve.

Luo Yi now considers how to break through the 400 level.

According to the hero's panel attributes, Luo Yi clearly knows that the strength after 400 will reach the level of the four kings of generals. Even when he first entered the 400, it was only the weakest in this level, but it is estimated that it will be the weakest in this level. The most difficult situation encountered since cultivation.

To break through this bottleneck

"This is not the reason you hit us."

Ai Si righteously said, it would be better if there was no swollen nose on his face.

"You also need to improve."

There was a devilish smile on Luo Yi's face.

At this moment, Ace would think of his fear of being matched by Luo.

Apart from giving them an iron fist of love every time they meet, Karp rarely teaches them.

Ke Luo Yi is different. Compared with Karp's frequency of appearing only once in a few months or even a year, Luo Yi will appear at least once a week, sometimes seven times a day, who can afford it.

The most important thing was that Luo Yi was still one-on-three this time, but Ace discovered that he still couldn't beat Luo Yi and the bastard became stronger again.

"Ace didn't joking with you!"

Until Luo Yi's voice rang in his ears, Marco was about to turn around and kick, but it was too late.

The huge fist, wrapped in armed domineering, directly bombarded Marco's body. The huge power made Marco's body directly dented, and a satisfactory fist print on his back, you can see that Luo Yi's fist was pinched. It is very standard, and it can be seen that the back of a normal person is sunken and the spine has long been broken.

But on Marco's body, a blue flame was burning, and the injuries behind him were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye, it was like going back in time.

Had it not been for the fresh blood that had just been vomited on the corner of his mouth, no one could see that he had just received a serious injury.

"Fast speed."