Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 316

Marco wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and was surprised by the way Luo Yi suddenly appeared behind him. He didn't see when Luo Yi appeared.

Obviously he was in front of Ace just now, and disappeared in an instant.

"What a strong force."

Also flying, there was Joz who rushed up while Marco was attacked.

As the captain of the third division of the White Beard Pirate Group, Joz himself is a superhuman diamond fruit capable person, possessing the strongest physical defense body in the world.

And Joz's own strength is extremely powerful. In terms of strength, no one in the entire Pirate Group is stronger than him except White Beard.

But when he just fisted with Luo, Joz was shocked by Luo Yi. Every punch of Luo Yi penetrated his body with strong force, even if the entire arm became Diamonds couldn't resist, only after Joz turned the inside of his body into diamonds, he felt more comfortable.

As for Ace

Marko and Joz glanced at him, probably knowing why Ace, a newcomer, a newcomer less than half their age, would actually have such strength.

This is all forced out.

"Can't underestimate the enemy."

Marco transformed directly, his whole person turned into a big blue bird, with two black circles on the bird's eyes, like glasses.

Half of Joz's body also turned into a diamond directly, rushing straight towards Luo Yi like an assault car.

Flames spurted out from Ace's feet, and he stepped on the air to rise to the sky. The speed was several times faster than that of Moonwalk, just like shaving in the air. This was his newly developed technique.

The three of them attacked Luo Yi from three directions. At the beginning, the three of them were fighting on their own. Later, the three of them cooperated more and more closely. If it weren't for Luo Yi's domineering and perverted behavior, It is estimated to have been defeated long ago.

However, this is what Luo Yi wants.

He needs pressure, just as Ace and the others need to improve. Finding them is the best choice, and the strength of the three captains may not be opponents to Shangluo alone, but it is terrible to play the three together.

The white beard watching the battle, drinking fine wine, with a smile on his face.

I hope I can see it often in the future.

513. Two years

"Yangyan Reform"

Ace's attack is always the first to be reached, and it has a wide range of effects.

The modified sun flame was wrapped around the armed color domineering, and the flame temperature exceeded thousands of degrees. It was an extremely terrifying attack.

Moreover, Yang Yan can not only attack as a single body, but can also turn Yang Yan into a ranged flame when it comes into contact with opponents, or still maintain the attack form of the fire pillar.

At an extremely fast speed, with impact and destructive power, he directly attacked Luo Yi.

There was Purifying Qi attached to his hand, Luo stood his palm in front of him, directly blocking Ace’s attack, Purifying True Qi purifies the flames completely, and the domineering armed color attached to it also dissipated because of the absence of attachments. .

Of course, the strength caused by Ace's attack was completely transmitted to Luo Yi's hands, and the hot temperature could not be dissipated in an instant.

Luo realized that if it weren't for his true energy and domineering body protection, coupled with high strength attributes, and rapid body recovery, now his hands would be scorched.

As soon as Ace's attack was blocked, Marco kicked from the side.

Marco, who has turned into a phoenix, is better at kicking skills because his hands are turned into wings and there are not many methods that can be used to attack.

But it doesn't matter, as long as the power is strong enough to kick people, this is the perfect offensive method. Half of Luo's body is directly attached to the armed domineering, and he resists Marco's attack.


A muffled sound was emitted at the place where the two collided, and Luo Yi and Marco couldn't help shaking their bodies.

Even if you just look at it from a distance, you can feel that powerful force.

But it's not over yet, Luo Yi, who had just resisted Marco's attack, turned around and was an iron mountain with a giant diamond man on his shoulder.

Joz, with only half of his face in his normal form, felt like he had really met his opponent.

Luo Yi's strength is very strong, it is hard to imagine that this person who is not as tall as his has such a powerful force in his body.

With the strength of his collision, if it was Marco, he would have never known where he flew. However, Luo Yi was able to mobilize enough power again to counter him when the collision with Marco ended. attack.

The blow was unsuccessful, and Joz did not stop, waving his fists incessantly, reflecting the dazzling light under the sunlight.


It was a ray of wealth and billions of dollars, and it dazzled blind people's eyes.

Luo Yi closed his eyes directly to protect his eyes from harm. Under the domineering perception of seeing and hearing, he avoided the harassment of Ace and Marko's attacks while fighting hard against Joz.

In fact, the main attack between the three has been exchanging, now it is Joz, and later it may be Marko or Ace.

However, Ace did not act as the main attacker many times. From Marco's point of view, it was a psychological shadow. He didn't dare to get too close to Luo Yi. Therefore, he kept fighting guerrillas around him, constantly attacking Luo Yi with his fruit ability. Harassment.

Fortunately, his offensive power was strong enough, even if it was harassment, Luo Yi didn't dare to despise it. The feeling of being burned by the fire was uncomfortable.

"Why doesn't Mr. Luo Yi use a knife?"

When the three of them became more and more proficient in their cooperation, they immediately felt a lot less pressure, and Marco also took the time to speak.

They knew that Luo Yi was a swordsman, and the famous sword butterfly in his hand was also extremely powerful.

"Since you have asked sincerely"

With one punch, Marko retreated, and with the help of Joz's attack, he quickly retreated. Luo gave his right hand, and the butterfly appeared in his hand.

Ace directly gave Marco a blank eye. Isn't it all right? You can regenerate, and the defense is extremely amazing. Isn't it me who was hacked?

At this moment, Ace came to this conclusion directly.

As expected by Ace, Luo Yi directly raised the butterfly in his hand and slashed.

The huge slash was like a crescent, it easily broke through the ground, cut a crack in the ground, demonstrating its power, and rushed towards Ace at a very fast speed.

Luo knew that he was a good person, and since Ace needed it, then cut him down.

Moreover, after years of training, Luo Yi discovered a very interesting phenomenon.

As long as I don't call out the name of the move, no matter how awesome I am, I will be flat.

Before the slash hit his body, Ace felt the fierce breath, as if his skin had been cut away, and was about to turn his body into a flame to dodge, when he saw a figure rushing in front of him.

Slash and Joz collided together, like a bullet hitting a thick steel plate, and it didn't have much effect.

Joz’s hardness is not blowing, and Luo Yi’s slash, naturally, can’t reach the level of eagle eye. There is nothing between the two of you to push and push, and then push the slash into the sky. Instead, he took it abruptly without any injuries.

With his diamond body, Qiao Zi abruptly blocked this slash, his body still reflected brilliant colorful light, and under the effect of the slash, he became brighter.

Marco realized the crisis for a while.

If Luo Yi just now felt a little pressure on them, then now they really feel the crisis.

That slash was like an appetizer. The butterfly in Luo's hand did not stay, one after another, the same slash as before, rushing out at an extremely fast speed.

Marco directly dodged the sky, but even if his flight speed was not slow, he was still covered by slashing like raindrops, and his body was continuously broken open by slashing and healed again.

The most terrifying slash was cut directly between Marco’s legs and split all the way down from the lower abdomen. The captains watching around couldn’t help clamping their legs. Only the captain of the sixteenth division Yizang , Holding two guns, standing calmly.

Ace curled up on Joz's back to prevent himself from being slashed by these slashes.

He also wanted to run out of the gap to fight back against Luo Yi, if these gaps were found.

Feeling that there was a gaze looking at him, Ace directly raised his head and saw the look Marko gave him.

"Why didn't you say that he was so fierce when he took the knife?"

Ace also gave Marco a look.

"I haven't been hacked either!"

Joz also cut his eye in passing.

"It turned out to be so."

However, such an attack naturally could not last too long, and it consumed too much physical strength. Luo Yi finally restrained a bit and fought with the three again.

For two full years.

Luo Yi often took time to come to the White Beard Pirates to compete with the captains. After returning home, he digested the gains, and occasionally let the heroes be his sparring partners, constantly challenging his limits.

Seeing his own strength keep growing and his attribute points higher and higher, Luo Yi's mood is getting better and better.

But after so long of preparation, Dorrag finally patted the table and decided to give him a shot.

514. How many people do we have in total?

Today's Baldi is very lively.

All five commanders of the Revolutionary Army are here.

The commander of the "Eastern Army", Belo Betty, wears a red high-top hat with long tails behind the hat, short purple hair, and sunglasses.

He wears a red long sleeved waistcoat on his upper body, a tie around his neck, leather gloves, no underwear, a long tail skirt on his lower body, red boots on his legs, a cigarette hanging from his mouth, and a large flag.

The commander of the "West Army", Mori, was a giant shemale.

The commander of the "Southern Army" Lindbergh looks like a mole with a hat on his head and goggles on his hat, but he also wears goggles on his eyes. He wears a noble-like costume on his back. The backpack contains various machines.

The commander of the "Northern Army" Crow, wearing a black feather coat, bald, looks very strong, with a mask on his face, in fact, it is Lindbergh made for him, mainly because his voice is very loud. Small, no one can hear it without a loudspeaker.

"G Army" Commander Ambrio Ivankov, nicknamed the Shemale King, has a huge face, unusually large dark purple explosive hair, big enough to hide people, long thick eyelashes, light blue eye shadow and Purple lip gloss.

The clothes are also quite weird, socks and cloak, tight-fitting ultra-low-cut jumpsuit, revealing a big skull tattoo on the abdominal muscles. The most important thing is that he is male or female.

Originally, Ivankov was still advancing happy in the city, but after learning that Dorag had changed his plan, Ivankov planned a prison escape plan, and then three months ago, in the Murloc Haku With his help, he escaped successfully and flooded the city by the way. For this reason, he was also published in the World Economic News.

Luo immediately slapped his legs and shouted "Reporter Niubi".

You know, the location of Push City is built in a windless zone. The entire Push City is surrounded by huge sea kings, and the prison is guarded by naval warships.

Moreover, the inside of the prison is even more stringent. Surveillance phone bugs are spread throughout the entire advance city, as well as various prison guards.

But in this case, some reporters actually photographed the leaking place in the city, and the location of the filming was inside the city.

Luo Yi even wondered if the reporter had come to jail with a camera. After all, Haku came to Push City with the help of a hidden knife and a shimmering cloak, and finally made a big hole in the wall of Push City. Let Ivankov and them leave.

As for the equipment for opening the hole, I have to mention the system that was upgraded to level 8 a year ago.

When the system was upgraded to level 8, all the props unlocked the right to purchase, and Luo Yi finally replaced his weapon with a holy sword.

And the setting of the holy sword to drop after death has no effect on him.

The most important thing is that after the system was upgraded to level 8, another function was unlocked.

Melee Barracks: Enter it, you can quickly exercise your melee ability.

Long-range barracks: Entering it, you can quickly exercise long-range combat capabilities.

Although this thing is not of much use to people like Luo Yi and the others, but Luo Yi discovered after experiencing it that this is an extremely effective training camp. Ordinary people can go in and throw it in the Navy for 30 days. Li is basically an excellent naval soldier, the kind that can be thrown into the new world.

If you use attribute points to estimate, basically there are about 30 points of strength and agility.

This is incredible. Even some people with high talents have reached the critical point of 49.

Moreover, the number of people in the barracks at one time has reached 10, and after one year, 120 people have been directly trained, and these people are all elite, and their physical fitness is far beyond ordinary people.

In the melee barracks, you can learn many basic melee combat methods. Although they are not smart, they are also the basics. The long-range barracks will learn how to use various firearms and long-range weapons such as bows and arrows, and how to hit them. aims.

Therefore, Luo Yi not only built a large number of barracks to improve the basic capabilities of his chamber of commerce members, but also built a large number of barracks for the revolutionary army so that the revolutionary soldiers at the bottom could have the most basic combat effectiveness.

At least, it's much better than ordinary naval soldiers, and there is no problem in fighting three.

For this, Dorag expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Luo Yi and urged Luo Yi to quickly develop fruit abilities and strive to develop more and more useful functions.

Luo Yi guessed that if the system was upgraded to level 9, would it directly unlock the ruins of Radiant and Dire.

But that thing doesn't seem to be of much use. What else can it be used for besides being blown up?

However, if it is really upgraded to level 9, then it is very likely that something will appear.

Guardian of Immortality

Of course, all this is just speculation.

Even after two years of arduous struggle, he finally completed 64 contracts before upgrading the system to level 8. Luo Yi didn't know how long it would take to reach the so-called level 9.

Maybe the number of completed contracts reaches 80, or maybe it will only increase after all heroes are summoned. There is no way to estimate this. After all, there is no instruction manual.

But as far as the current situation is concerned, it is enough.

Even though it took many years, unlike the predecessors of the traversers, who were invincible for one year, harem for two years, and full of children and grandchildren for three years, his current strength was unimaginable when he was typing code in his previous life.