Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 317

Sitting on the rocky ground outside Baldigo, Dorag was telling the details of the operation.

Because the revolutionary army's actions are very concealed, they have not alarmed the navy so far, but Dorag is not sure whether there is an undercover agent sent by the navy like Luo Yi in the revolutionary army.

No one can tell this kind of thing. After all, their revolutionary army still has undercover agents in the navy.

As for why he didn't talk about things in Dorag's office, it was mainly because Morrie was too big to get in.

"Now, revolutionary soldiers from all over the world are mixing in Luoyi’s Chamber of Commerce ship to the Chambord Islands, and some have already followed the four commanders to Bardigo. Within a month, everyone will be assembled. At that time, you can launch a general attack."

Dorag summarized the current situation and Luo nodded.

"The Four Emperors, I will contact you. I have already negotiated with Hongfa. They will also participate in the war, although they seem reluctant."

"It doesn't matter, the redheads are not weak, but there should be enough manpower on your side."

Dorag waved his hand, indicating that these were not problems.

Although Luo Yi didn't have dozens of heroes participating in this battle, the number had reached more than 20, and the total attack period was about one month away. Whether it will increase the number of people at that time has not been completely determined.

In short, with the current strength of the Revolutionary Army, just attacking Mary Gioia, the strength is still not enough, even if they already have the battleship of Hades.

No one knows the strength of the Navy better than Dorag.

"How many people do we have in total?"

Luo Yi asked a more important question.

"There are so many people!"

515. If...

Marin Vando.

Warring States realized that if he didn't want to retire anymore, his explosive head might be bald.

Karp was sitting in his office eating senbei. Sengoku felt his beard in annoyance and decided to grab senbei with Karp.


"What's the matter, click, click, click, and the Warring States, click, click, click"

Warring States Period: ○Д′○

"You still have the mind to sit here and eat, what is my task for you?"

"Ah, you said something about the Revolutionary Army. I asked the kid Dorag, and he said nothing major happened."

At this moment, the Warring States period wanted to tear Karp.

"Beginning last month, the Revolutionary Army seems to have had strange movements. In the past two years, the Revolutionary Army has overthrown more than a dozen countries. Even if some of them are not members of the government, it can be seen that the Revolutionary Army is in force. Constantly expanding, I asked you to investigate the recent strange actions of the Revolutionary Army. You actually asked Dorag directly?"

Warring States felt that he was really crazy, and he believed that Karp would complete this task seriously.

Obviously one is the navy and the other is the leader of the revolutionary army, but there is simply a problem with the father and son's mind, and they are still in private contact.

You ask Dorag directly, this is not equivalent to asking where the other party is when the navy wants to catch a pirate. Does it mean that I am here to catch you?


The Warring States snatched the Senbei in Karp's hand.

"You go to investigate now. I think the revolutionary army has taken a big move this time. The revolutionary army from all over the world seems to have stopped their movements. Some of the revolutionary army that we had discovered suddenly disappeared."

Sengoku said to Karp very seriously.

"Hi, I'm going to work now, but can you give me the senbei first."


Warring States directly raised his head, and the whole package of senbei was poured into his mouth.



In Karp's curse, the Warring States period drove him out of the Marshal's office, and he couldn't help but feel a little more relieved. He picked up the phone bug and called Crane over.

The two began to discuss this matter seriously.

"Why don't you ask Luo Yi about the movements of the revolutionary army?"

Crane asked first.

Luo Yi, as a world government, was placed in the undercover of the Revolutionary Army. He was directly responsible for the Warring States Period. Any information was passed to him first.

"I have already contacted. He said that the Revolutionary Army seems to have moved recently, but he has not been notified. However, he already has some status in the Revolutionary Army. It is said that he will go to the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army in a while. Can tell us where Dorag is."

The Warring States period told Crane what he had received.

Overall, this is good news, but there is no practical good news.

Strictly speaking, the navy has not gained much now, and they don’t know what the revolutionary army is going to do. The reason why Karp is asked to investigate is because Karp is really idle, and the other is Karp and Dorag’s. The relationship is there, and the Warring States period is also considering Karp.

"Since this is the case, it is better to refer to other information."

Crane thought about it for a moment, and proposed this way.

"Other information?"

"Well, about the Four Emperors Pirate Group."

"what do you mean"

The IQ of the Warring States period was not low, otherwise he would not be called a wise general. He just mentioned the possibility of development.

"If that's the case, then things would be terrible."

The Warring States suddenly realized the seriousness of the matter.

"Yes, it is not impossible that the Revolutionary Army and the Four Emperors will join forces."

Crane doesn't think there is anything wrong with planning for the worst.

"Our control of the new world is still too weak."

The Warring States period recalled information about the new world in his mind.

Due to the existence of the four emperors and the much worse weather in the new world than in the first half, the navy can only rely on the CP organization and the navy dispatched by the navy in addition to the several islands it has already controlled. Personnel obtain intelligence.

Therefore, they can get very little information, especially about the senior officials of the Four Emperors. Unless it is a big move, they will not know what happened.

The information received in the past two years shows that the Four Emperors Pirate Group has been very calm, and basically did not make any major moves. Except that the relationship between the Big MOM Pirate Group and the Giants has become worse, they have all the rest of the time. Honestly developing in their own territory, there are even fewer conflicts.

Think about it carefully, this is by no means that these pirates are at peace, but more like the tranquility before the storm.

These pirates are definitely planning something.

However, what are they planning for the position of One Piece?

Are these pirates moved by the revolutionary army to attack the navy?

The Warring States suddenly stood up.

"Immediately contact the navies of the world, let them pay close attention to the movements of the revolutionary army, and the New World side, and let CP fully cooperate to see if the Four Emperors Pirates has made any major moves recently. Intelligence must be collected immediately."

The Warring States period immediately began to make plans. He did not ask any questions, but only carefully recorded the arrangements of the Warring States period.

"Finally, let all the navy at the general level be prepared to return to the navy headquarters at any time."

Crane's pen nib paused for a while, and then continued to write the content, his face gradually becoming deeper with these layouts.

Something big happened.

If it is said that Crane was just a guess before, now it is basically 70% sure.

The layout of the Warring States Period can be said to be very rigorous. He felt that there was no problem. The biggest problem now is that it is better not to happen.

Otherwise, it is impossible to estimate how many people will die.

But even so, there must be some preparation.

The moment they joined the navy, their hearts were already prepared, and life and death had already been ignored.

"I hope it's just that I think too much."

Watching Crane leave the Marshal's office, the Warring States period rubbed his aching head, praying in his heart.

"Wait, I always feel like I missed something"

The picture behind the Warring States, who had just sat down, suddenly went black, a flash of lightning flashed from left to right, and the eyes of Warring States suddenly widened.

The aura flashed, and this was what he was talking about, but he felt that he didn't seem to grasp the aura.

But Warring States knew that he seemed to have overlooked a very important thing.

Often times like this, the Warring States Period will slowly clear up his mind and make assumptions about the information he has now, just as if he had just made a layout.

What if there is a union between the Revolutionary Army and the Four Emperors?

What would happen if the Navy and the Revolutionary Army went to war?

If the revolutionary army had undercover in the navy, who would it be?

If Luo Yi was originally a member of the Revolutionary Army,

For an instant, the Warring States period felt like he understood something.

516. Soldiers near the mountain

There was nothing wrong with the Sengoku speculation, or basically it was a correct guess.

If Luo Yi knew, maybe he would have a few words of emotion, he deserves to be a wise general.

Over the years, "undercover" the revolutionary army, Luo Yi has transmitted a lot of information to the navy for the revolutionary army, and also let the navy take away many of the revolutionary army's "strongholds", allowing him to gain a lot of trust from the world government.

Under this circumstance, the Warring States Period could still guess that Luo Yi was actually a member of the Revolutionary Army, and he was indeed extremely intelligent.

But Luo Yi did not know this matter.

Before the war, his chamber of commerce was constantly transporting revolutionary soldiers from all over the world to the great route.

Of course, it is impossible for everyone to be on the Chambordian Islands, so that they can't let go. Only some good members with good strength and hidden identities will not be discovered.

This is also the case. The revolutionary army's actions this time are actually not small. It is basically impossible to avoid being discovered at all.

What Dorag means is that the revolutionary army does not need to be concentrated for the time being. Except for most cadres who will go to Baldigo, others are now lurking on other islands. It is the first half of the great route, away from Shamboo. The nearest islands of the land archipelago.

The navy will be wary of whether the revolutionary army's undercover agent is in the navy, and Dorag will naturally consider this question. After all, Luo Yi was arranged by the revolutionary army as an undercover agent.

Sitting in the tavern, Luo Yi didn't need to appear directly for this action, he only had to come directly at the most critical moment.

On the ships of the Revolutionary Army, Luo had already left the altar on it early on, not to mention the Pluto battleship. He also placed eight defensive towers on the front, back, left, and right. If you move the turret, you will be asked if you are afraid, not to mention those above the general level. In the navy, school-level ones are basically not a problem.

The defensive tower can still be hit.

As for the problem to be dealt with now

"You are not allowed to go!"

The relationship between Lilai and Lena seems to have not eased, but it is much better now than before. At least the two of them were struggling without meeting. Now, Lilai is holding Luo Yi’s arm and sticking her tongue out at Lena. .

"This is not something you can decide."

With that said, Lena was about to hug Luo Yi’s other arm, but she hugged an icicle, and then snorted coldly, burning fireworks on her body, directly burning the icicle into water vapor, in the liquid time Not even a second.

"Luo Yi she bullied me"

Lilai dragged Long Yin, holding Luo Yi's body and twisting constantly.

Luo Yi stretched out his left hand and gently pressed Lilai's body.

I don't know what I have eaten in the past two years. Obviously, the nutritional supply is no different from before, but the whole person suddenly begins to develop.

First, the character grew ten centimeters taller, reaching the level of 168. In addition, the body fat was also very obedient, and I went where they should go.

The same is true for Lena.

Regarding Lilai holding his arm, Luo Yi said that he was full of energy and blood. If there is another Lena, the sisters will spend time together.

No, it's too much.

"Actually I hope none of you will go."

Luo Yi said what was in his heart.