Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 318

This is going to war, you think you are going to travel.

In the past two years, I occasionally took Lilai to travel around during breaks, and Lena kept up by herself, probably because Lilai was not happy.

Luo Yi understood the way the two sisters get along. It was exactly that Lena liked to tease Lilai and would be happy when she saw her angry, so the two people kept fighting.

However, when going out, Lena didn't miss Lilai. It is common to bring gifts, but Lilai has never expressed kindness to Lena.

"How can it work, she must be uneasy following us."

Lilai said that she saw Lena thoroughly.

And Lena just curled her lips.

Do you think anyone likes this little boy as much as you?

Lena didn't mean much to Luo Yi, although the other party had never pursued herself.

Compared to Lilai staying in this world like this, Lena is more willing to return to the original world.

She has been molesting Lilai. It's not because this little girl has been treated as a monster since she was a child. She has closed her heart without irritation. How can she open her heart?

When Lena came here, she found that Lilai was living a completely different life from the past. Seeing this, Lena was satisfied.

Just molesting Lilai has long become a habit.

"We are going to the battlefield this time, it will kill people, the kind of many, many people."

Luo sighed and began to persuade.

"I want to follow you just because I go to the battlefield, and I will protect you."

With that, Lilai raised her small fist, although it didn't seem to be a deterrent.

"Lilai, you still don't go, so as not to delay Luo Yi back."

Standing on the table, an evil force faced Luo Yi, and when he glanced over, he could see a "y".

"Damn it, don't see it."

Lilai directly covered Luo Yi's eyes.

"If we want to see, we can go to your room"

In the latter sentence, Lilai murmured into Luo Yi's ear very quietly, and De Luo Yi felt a bit hot on her face.

"Ahem, definitely next time."

Luo Yi coughed twice to agree.

At this time, Auros came over.

"Let Lilai go."

He looked up at Auroth.

When Luo saw the word "seriously" written on her face, he wanted to come to agree with this matter.

Looking at her, Luo Yi probably understood why.

She has always cultivated Lilai as a hero. Over the years, Lilai has suffered a lot, and Lilai has always insisted on practicing. In addition to controlling the energy in the body, she wants to help more. By yourself.

Thinking of this, Luo Yi agreed to Lilai's request to go with him.

"However, you must follow the instructions."

Luo Yi knew that this matter had to be clarified.

"I'm very obedient!"

Lilai turned into a little pufferfish.

"The rest, who else is sure to go, I will organize it together. Now the team is almost there, and the personnel should be set."

With that, Luo Yi took out a piece of white paper and wrote his name on it.

In the tavern, there are now many new faces, and most of these people will come together this time.

On the list of 20 names, some are people and some are not people, but everyone is very powerful.

Luo Yi didn't believe it anymore. With this team and the power of the Revolutionary Army and the Four Emperors, there was no way to overthrow the world government.

The huge kingdom 800 years ago was overthrown by 20 countries. This time, although they didn't have so many national powers, they were also on the bright side of the world, and all the high-end combat power that could be assembled.

Therefore, Luo Yi is full of confidence in this action.

Three days later.

The red soil continent, soldiers are near the mountain.

517.Total Attack

Marin Vando.

This is the front line of defense not far in front of the Red Earth Continent, defending the Holy Land Mariagioa.

Of course, it doesn't mean that you have to go through here to get to Maria Gioria. After all, the sea is so big and ships going around from other places have nothing to do with Malin Vandor.

However, the Warring States Period, who was sitting in the Marshal's office, was actively giving orders.

Because of the suspicion in my mind before, and the recent trends in the whole world are indeed a bit unnew, the Warring States also foresaw that something major would happen, so navy officials from all over the world, especially the rank of generals, have been given orders. , Go to the navy headquarters to prepare for standby.

Such deployment requires a lot of pressure, because the elite of the navy is transferred from all over the world, which causes the navy's deterrence at sea to also decrease. When encountering some powerful pirates, there is simply not enough power. To defeat the opponent.

Because of this deployment order, the Warring States was even called out to talk, and under the pressure from above, the deployment order was executed.

And the facts proved that his choice was correct.

The revolutionary army is in action, and it is even possible that it has united the Four Emperors Pirates.

According to the information obtained by the navy, the Four Emperors Pirate Group has hardly seen any movement recently, and even the ships they usually are outside have been summoned. It seems like they are going to do something.

There are also revolutionary armies around the world. A month ago, after investigation, it was discovered and confirmed that the four commanders who were scattered around the world suddenly disappeared.

Even the matter of advancing the flood into the city sounded the alarm for the Warring States Period.

Doing things is definitely going to do things.

As for returning everyone in a hurry, it was three days ago.

Now some naval officers have come to Marin Vatican and brought some troops. As for the remaining part, they will arrive one after another within today.

"Crack, click, click, click"


In the Marshal's office, the head of the Warring States Period grew bigger and bigger.

Obviously, the entire navy headquarters is preparing for war seriously, preparing for the upcoming war.

This is very likely a war between the revolutionary army and the pirates against the world government and navy.

However, in the entire navy headquarters, there is only Karp, who is leisurely eating senbei and drinking green tea.

Brother, can I call your brother a success?

You haven't retired yet.

Even Zefa, who was in the boot camp, was actively preparing for the challenge. If he hadn't suffered from asthma recently, they wouldn't know any excuses to push him to sit in the navy headquarters.

The Warring States Period knew that if a war of such a scale was true, even if he was a Marine Marshal, he would have to participate in the war.

Among other things, the four sea kings are not joking, and Karp’s good son

No, the more I think about it, the more angry.

The Warring States decided to ignore Karp.

"Don't "

The sound of the phone bug broke the silence in the Marshal's office.

After the Warring States Period Answered the Phone Worm

"Not good! Marshal!" The phone worm turned into a panic-faced image wearing a navy cap and shouted: "We found a large number of ships appearing right in front of Malin Vando in the red earth continent! Visually inspected more than 50 ships!"

"Nani? Why didn't the patrol fleet find it?"

Warring States suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The opponent actually bypassed the navy's patrol fleet on the sea?This is impossible. This is a fleet of more than 50 ships, even the blind have discovered it.

"Does it come from the new world?"

Warring States directly asked.

"Hey, it came from Malin Vando. The patrol encountered a pirate group before, and there was no time to report."

"Immediately mobilize the troops and go to Mary Joa."

The Warring States issued an order directly, and the soldiers of the entire navy headquarters were mobilized.

Everyone took their weapons, boarded the warship that had been kept in a ready state, and headed to the red earth continent.

They understand that things are not simple this time.

The revolutionary army actually came from the New World, and the only thing that stood in front of the red earth continent was the G1 branch of the Navy, and the only navy lieutenant Mole was sitting there.

"Let Huang Yuan rush to Mariejoa first, the green pheasant and the red dog also hurried over, get in touch with Mariejoa immediately, let them prepare the elevator, let the elite combat power take the lead."

The Warring States opened the door of the Marshal's office, holding the senbei that had just been snatched from Karp in his hand, and issued an order to the adjutant at the door, leading Karp to the port.

They are also going to participate in the battle, this time the matter is no small matter.

When a golden lion attacked the navy headquarters, it would take Karp and the Warring States two to catch him, but the revolutionary army dared to launch an attack on Mariejoa, it definitely came prepared.

The pirate group involved in the patrol ship must be a certain pirate group under the Four Emperors.

Warring States instantly understood the key to the problem. He knew that the thing he worried most had happened.

Luo Yi, the revolutionary army is really an undercover agent of the world government.

It's impossible for them to know such a big move by the revolutionary army.

As for how to hide from the navy's sight and send so many revolutionary troops to the new world, it still needs to be said, of course, it was his chamber of commerce.


After venting his emotions in his mind, the Warring States Period directly considered Luo Yi's position and the actions of the revolutionary army over the years.

Yes, a world government is planted in the undercover of the Revolutionary Army. They will naturally not doubt the identity of the undercover. In addition, Luo Yi's information about the Revolutionary Army has gained their trust.

Therefore, the small attack at the World Conference two years ago caused the participating countries to have more serious prejudice against the world government. Luo Yi and the others did it.

I understand, everything is understood.

As for Karp, listening to the analysis given to him by the Warring States period, there was no surprise.

"I actually guessed it."

Karp said so.


The Warring States vowed that if the war was imminent, he would want to dismantle Karp.

When acting on the navy side, the revolutionary army team had already come under Maria.

Although the navy and some guards are also stationed here, they are vulnerable to a large team.

The five commanders of the revolutionary army led the soldiers to defeat the enemy with ease.



Imazuna, a person with fruit ability, can turn any part of the body into scissors, cut anything, including hard objects such as rocks, and use it like paper.

The hands became visible, and they were cut directly on the wall of the red earth continent.

A series of stairs, just appeared out of thin air.

Morrie also used his own abilities, led the soldiers of the Revolutionary Army, and slammed in from the inside.

The total attack is on!