Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 327

Just like now, he directly elementalized his stomach, leaving two holes, and was directly penetrated by Ace's flame spear, and then turned into a body again.

It seemed that he was unscathed after being attacked by Marco and Ace.

"Domineering? It's a bit dangerous."

Turning around, Akadog looked at Marco, feeling a little happy.

Finally let Lao Tzu pretend to be successful.

The guard of the Holy Land at the rear also let out a sigh of relief.

For them today, it was really exciting.

Seeing that the general's shots have been fruitless, they are even worried about whether the red dog general is too weak, now it seems that there is still a little use.

After all, he was beaten this time without injury.

"It's worthy of being a general."

Marco and Ace sandwiched Aka-inu one after another, and they were not surprised that Aka-inu could dodge his attack.

If this is not possible, the position of the general should be replaced.

While speaking, Marco rushed up again.

His fruit power has no other effect, it is regeneration.

The wound will be surrounded by the "green flame of resurrection" and regenerate. The flame can also be used on others to increase the speed of healing. However, regeneration is also limited, and it is not absolutely impossible to hold it. If it exceeds a certain level, even in Phoenix form Will die too.

Therefore, Marco only has melee skills.

In the Phoenix form, Marco's kicking skills are also effectively used. The red dog is armed with a domineering and domineering left hand, and fights with Marco.

Due to the close combat between the two, the position constantly changes between you and me. In order to prevent accidental injury to his teammates, Ace also directly reduces the frequency of attacks.

However, he and Marco also cooperated for two years, and naturally they would not be unable to attack the enemy because of this trivial matter.

Marco made a side kick and kicked directly towards the arm of Akainu's hand. Akainu's left fist directly greeted him and blocked Marko's side kick. At this moment, Ace appeared to the right of Akainu. On the side, at the moment he blocked Marco, a small fire fist blasted directly at the red dog.

The fire fist has a small range, only three meters in diameter, but it is not a problem to cover the red dog.

The temperature of the flame is still that high, this time the distance is close, and the red dog can feel the temperature emanating from Ace's fist more clearly.

How did his fruit develop?

When the red dog was engulfed by flames, this question popped up in his heart.

The fire fist formed a thick pillar of fire, and while covering the red dog, it also rushed towards the huge earth wall.

The guards of the Holy Land fled in a panic. Fortunately, the area covered by this fiery fist was not large, otherwise they would be dead.

The green pheasant who was held by the two men also saw this scene, but did not get distracted, but continued to fight.

He found something wrong.

The strength of these two men shouldn't be like this. They feel that they have improved a lot from before. At this level, they can be considered as candidates for generals in the Navy.

What happened to the White Beard Pirates in the past few years?

This is what the green pheasant considers.

Until the fire fist dissipated, the red dog's face was revealed.

He folded his hands in front of his head, and his whole body was covered with armed domineering.

This time, he was not seriously injured.

Although the temperature of Ace is higher than his magma, the magma itself gives the red dog fire and high temperature resistance, and the armed color domineering itself can be attached to the body as an invisible armor, making the red dog The attack was barely blocked.

However, he still felt the high temperature that was almost burning to death.

What a terrible temperature.

The pirates of the new world have been silent for two years, and they have turned into such birds. If they are given another two years, they will not go to heaven.

No, this kind of newcomer, with endless potential and a very special identity, must be killed in the cradle.

Akagi directly changed his goals.

Marco would not be killed for a while, and if there was only Ace, he would not believe it.

If the fruit capacity is well developed, there is bound to be a weakness.

Just like Huang Yuan’s physical skills are the worst among the three generals, it’s just that the fruit abilities have been developed too well to be so powerful.

As a result, the red dog directly gave up Marko's harassment, and his body elementalization once again passed Marko's attack, and rushed straight to Ace.

The red dog's speed was very fast. It was obviously lava, but in a blink of an eye he appeared ten meters away and rushed in front of Ace.

"Pluto Dog"

The arm turned into magma again.

But this time, the arm did not thicken, just like Ace’s Yang Yan. It was just as thick as the arm, but the speed was very fast, and the power was extraordinary. The armed color was attached to it. The red dog was confident. This punch can He directly punched Ace in the stomach.

Unexpectedly, Ace's reaction was also very fast.

As soon as the left hand was raised, flames were directly ejected from the palm of the palm. The powerful reaction force pushed Ace's body horizontally for one meter, and directly avoided the attack of the red dog. The right fist was clenched, and the burning fist was shining like a sun. .

"Yang Yan"

As fast and powerful as the Ming dog, the red dog has no time to dodge and can only meet.

Crossed his hands on his chest, his armed color was hardened.


The strong impact pushed Aka Inu out.

Akino never dreamed that he was burned again.

532. Don't paddle!

On his arm was a pitch black that was directly burned out by Yang Yan.

The power of the fire fist is relatively spread, and may have an advantage in cleaning up the minions, but when facing a single enemy, the power is relatively weak.

But Yang Yan is different.

When the energy is concentrated in the case of only one arm, the power of nature will be greatly increased.

Ace remembered what Luo Yi told him.

It is not difficult to hit the enemy, but the important thing is to cause damage to the enemy.

Ace has a deep understanding of this.

In the earliest discussion with Luo Yi, even if Sabo and Luffy were added, he could not defeat Luo Yi. It was not that he dodged all the attacks, but even if they hit, there was no effect.

That was the suppression of strength, and Ace knew it when he was young.

In the days when he wanted to kill White Beard, he knew this truth even more.

His fire fist in front of the white beard was almost paperless, and it had no effect.

Therefore, in the past two years, Ace has not only increased the temperature of the flame, but also tried every means to improve the ability he originally developed.

It's just that, in just two years, their strength has been greatly improved, but it is too crazy to say that they want to defeat the general.

Ace and Marco cooperated with each other, and the two were not afraid of the red dog's fruit ability, which made the red dog play a little restrained.

But the general's strength is not fake.

Even though the right arm has been burned, it is not unusable.

Looking at the scorched black that appeared on his arm, the size of the bowl's mouth appeared on his arm. There was no fluctuation on the red dog's face, and he directly ignored the injury of his arm and rushed towards Ace.

The fruit power is gone.

Does this kid think he can do whatever he wants with a strong flame temperature?

Being a general is not because of fruit ability.

When Akadog's combat power was fully deployed, Ace felt the pressure, a very heavy pressure.

With a heavy punch, after the armed color hardened, Ace didn't even have time to dodge this time, so he was shot directly into the air.


Marco yelled, and directly attacked the red dog.

Unexpectedly, the red dog directly ignored Marko's attack, took it with his body abruptly, grabbed Marko's leg with his right hand, slammed it on the ground, and made a punch.


A mouthful of blue fire came out of his mouth.

He also wants to vomit blood, but conditions do not allow it.

The strength of the red dog was great, although it was not as strong as the white beard opening the fruit, but this was also a solid punch and punch, and Marco was still injured.

Had it not been for the phoenix fruit's ability, he would have all broken his ribs now.

"Rose Flurry"

At this moment, a large number of petals floated in the air, and they moved towards the red dog to attack.

Two twin swords with cold light appeared in the corner of Akagi's eyes.

The White Beard Pirates, the captain of the 5th Division, Foil Vista.

The red dog recognized the person at once.

He was unwilling to resist Bista's attack.

Being able to bear it and wasting physical strength are two different things.

The most important thing is that Ace, who was hit by him over there, jumped back again. Two index fingers crossed to form a cross, and a cross-shaped light beam aimed at him.

The Akagi chose to let go of the hand that grabbed Marco and dodge their attack.

Marco, who was recovering quickly, flew into the air again. The flame light in Ace’s hand fell on the moving red dog again, and flames spurted directly from his index finger, which burned quickly along the light and fell directly. On the red dog's body.

"Cross Fire Reform"

The modified crossfire is faster than before, and its power is naturally improved.

Although the red dog evaded immediately, he also prepared for defense, causing Ace to directly attack his chest and land on the deltoid position of his arm again.

The cross-shaped flame left a burnt mark on it, and the red dog could even feel that this time even the bones were burned.

The attack this time had a serious impact on his right hand, and the red dog took out a small green ball of light from his pocket without hesitation and stuffed it directly into his mouth.

Seeing this scene, Ace stayed, Marco stayed too, and the corners of his mouth twitched even more.

Sacrifice of the tree.

They also know what it is, after all, everyone has eaten it all these years.

"Damn Luo Yi!"

Marco was angry.

After fighting for a long time, the other side actually started taking drugs.

Seeing this scene, Marco also cancelled the shape of the Phoenix fruit, took a mango from his pocket and stuffed it directly into his mouth.

Ace took out a small bottle and directly dried a third.

The scene is a bit weird now.

Halfway through the fight, everyone suddenly stopped taking medicine.

It takes time for the tree's sacrifice to recover slowly. Although the amount of blood recovered is not much, the red dog has long known that this kind of thing is very useful for emergency treatment of injuries.

Just like now, he can feel that the injury of his right arm is recovering, and even the permanent injury left after the burn is directly offset.

It is precisely because of this kind of thing that Luo Yi's position on the side of the world government has been steadily improved.

It was the first time that the red dog used the tree sacrifice. Before that, I had only seen other naval soldiers use it and knew that it could heal injuries, but I didn't expect that the effect would be so good after using it myself.

A tingling sensation is already coming from the right arm. If you eat more, the arm injury is probably going to be straight away.

Akinu estimated that.

Turning his head to look at Marco, he saw a blue light on his body after he ate the mango, his breath suddenly increased, and he seemed to have recovered a lot of energy, and then he took out another mango.