Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 328

After Ace at the right rear drank the blue liquid in the small bottle, there was also light surrounding his body, and his injuries were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

This bastard Luo Yi, sure enough, there are better things that haven't been sold to the navy.

In the first place, which stick-manufacturer had the brains of letting Luo Yi be the revolutionary army, and see for yourself, they are now completely members of the revolutionary army.

The red dog thinks with silica. They all know that the things Marco and Ace use are more effective than those used by the navy. Look at his rejuvenation speed, it must be a quick recovery of physical strength.

At this moment, Aka Inu really felt trouble.

On the battlefield, the enemy is not terrible, but the enemy who cannot be killed is terrible.

And when the number of undead enemies increases, oh roar

At this time, Akino glanced at the green pheasant next to him.

Although I am not willing, it is not the time to fight alone. It is time for everyone to join forces.

But looking at it this time, Akadog felt that he was almost turning into obsidian.

This green pheasant actually held an ice skate and was on the edge of Jozsaki. The two sides are not injured until now. They are basically like a turn-based system. You attack and I defend.

What are you doing?Do you practice swordsmanship?

Don't paddle!

533. If you can survive

Aka Inu fought with three people again.

The green pheasant gave up the plan of paddling.

Although he can't understand the Tianlongren, the situation is different now. If the revolutionary army overthrows the world government, then the whole world will be greatly changed.

As for the prestige of the world government, even if they defeated the revolutionary army today, it is estimated that the reputation accumulated over the past 800 years will basically be destroyed.

The green pheasant knew that the so-called reputation was not destroyed because of this battle. It was because of the various harassment operations carried out by the world government itself over the years that the lives of people in this world became more and more difficult.

The gunpowder was buried, and today the revolutionary army’s action is to ignite the fuse and explode directly.

If the Revolutionary Army succeeds, maybe a brand new world government will be established. The navy will still be the navy at that time, but the immediate boss will be changed. It is uncertain whether the navy will be replaced or not.

And if the revolutionary army fails, it will leave an impression in the hearts of the world.

It turns out that the world government is not unshakable. The revolutionary army failed because the accumulated strength was not enough. At that time, a group of more difficult and larger revolutionary army will be formed all over the world.

But let's talk about it then.

The green pheasant watched the guards of the Holy Land and the revolutionary army who were gradually retreating because of their battles, and then prepared to start fully performing.

The general level of combat effectiveness is very amazing.

If you really do your best, destroy an island.

The green pheasant can easily create a piece of ice and snow, and the red dog can also burn the entire island. This is not only the ability of the natural fruit, but the degree of their development is too deep.

Changing the climate is a breeze for them.

And if it is White Beard, a quake fruit can easily cause an earthquake and a tsunami. Destroying an island is just a punch. If one punch is not enough, then two punches.

This is also the reason why he and Akinu have not exerted their full strength.

There are also Dorag and the others, regardless of how they played back and forth, but the two sides were basically small fights and did not start at all.

This is Mariejoa, not where they fight to death, otherwise even if the revolutionary army is repelled, Mariejoa is empty talk.

And just when the green pheasant was ready to make an all-out effort to take down the captains of the two White Beard Pirates first, Bista appeared.

The red dog fought very fiercely, and the blue pheasant observed a bad situation.

Here comes the white beard.

Although he was standing on the edge of the cliff without stepping forward, the aura radiating from him made the green pheasant notice him for the first time.

The White Beard Pirates.

The group has 1,600 people, headed by White Beard, the remaining 11 captains lined up behind them, and the remaining crew members slowly gathered.

Although the number is not large, it is just the aura that it exudes, which is not comparable to the revolutionary army.

Although these revolutionary forces have all been trained in the barracks and are usually busy with various propaganda and ideological work, their real combat experience is completely incomparable with the pirates who have been fighting and fighting in the new world.

Especially in the past two years, after being awakened by Luo Yi's words, Baibeard also paid more attention to the training of the crew of the house.

Usually bullying and bullying the pirates who have just entered the new world, there is not much improvement at all. After all, their strength is much stronger than those pirates, and they are only strong or not weak compared to the elite navy. After training, it is naturally stronger.

The red dog who had just eaten the tree sacrifice also found the white beard.

To be honest, if he didn’t feel anything before fighting Ace and the others, but now

With a white beard, he and the blue pheasant can only win together, and the remaining 16 captains can not be able to drive straight ahead.

The navy has been held back by the revolutionary army inside Mary Joa. If we let these white beard pirates pass by

The red dog found that Mary Joa should not be able to keep it today. Although the Denonians were a little stupid, they should be able to cooperate obediently if they are asked to evacuate at this time.

It should be.

It was the first time that Akadog was so unassuming.

Baibeard carried a naginata and stepped forward step by step.

The revolutionary army in the rear voluntarily gave way.

They were still recovering their frostbitten bodies, and after eating a few of the tree sacrifices, they have been resting in place.

Now seeing the appearance of the White Beard Pirates, there are expressions of excitement on their faces.

I already knew that the Four Emperors Pirates would come to help, but when I saw a real person, I naturally felt different.

This is the first time they have seen a living white beard.

"Gul la la Ace, it seems that your training is very effective."

Although Baibeard was getting older, his eyes worked very well. At a glance, he saw the burn marks on the red dog.

Being able to fight Aka Inu to this level, it is estimated that Aka Inu also underestimated Ace's strength.

I have to say that Luo Yi's training is indeed very effective.

"Father, just watch it. We can take down the admiral without you today."

Ace directly forgot the fact that he had just been shot flying by the opponent using physical skills.

"Boy, you underestimate me too."

The red dog once again stuffed a tree of sacrifice in his mouth, and slaughtered directly towards Ace.

For this kind of guy who doesn't know the heights of the sky, the red dog has a hundred ways to let him know what surprises are.

At this moment, Ace felt the pressure.

Although after using the bottle, he recovered some injuries and physical strength, but when he was completely targeted by the red dog alone, the ease just disappeared.

The red dog didn’t attack Marco and Bista at all, just slapped Ace alone. All the attacks fell on Ace alone. Even though the armed domineering had been very skilled, he was beaten sore all over. , It didn't take long for it to be scarred, but the red dog was not hurt much.

Just the two of Marco and Bista could not hurt the red dog very effectively.

Naturally, Bai Xiu felt a little worried and kept watching the situation on the court.

The captains under their hands also rushed out of the two and joined Joz and Saatchi, who were also fighting hard on the other side, to help fight the green pheasant.

In this battle, all the improvements of the captains will appear.

The four captains reluctantly drew a tie with the green pheasant under the joint efforts. Although the green pheasant was unable to use the fruit ability on a large scale, even this was enough to see their improvement.

After all, the level of some captains was originally not even up to Qi Wuhai.

"What to do? I feel like the general can't stand it anymore!"

"Don't talk nonsense, that's the admiral, the top combat power in this world."

"But you see, General Red Dog was injured, and General Green Pheasant also fought with the captain of the White Beard Pirate Group. There are not only 9 team leaders in White Beard, but also a White Beard!"

"Yes, that's a white beard!"

At this moment, the guard of the Holy Land fell into deep despair again.

Today is definitely a day of ups and downs in their lives.

If you can survive, go get married and have children.

534. Naval Forces

Ace felt he was going to be killed.

After the red dog attacked him desperately, Ace understood that even if his fruit ability had been trained to the level of restraining the red dog's rockberry fruit, he still could not keep up with physical skills.

This is a matter of course.

Although development fruit and physical skills have points of interconnection, if you want to improve one of them, the other will inevitably fall.

When he himself was targeted, he really felt the strength of the general level.

It turns out that when Old White Beard beat himself up, he didn't give his full strength at all.

It turned out that Luo Yi didn't exert all his strength when fighting them.

When a person of this kind of strength aims at himself with all his strength, there is really no other way except to carry it down with hard power.

The red dog's casserole-big fist, containing extremely thick armed and domineering, slammed Ace's chest fiercely.

The speed is too fast, and Ace has no time to resist, and can only use the same armed color domineering defense.

However, this force penetrated directly into his body and directly attacked his body.


While vomiting blood, Ace flew backwards, smashing an earth wall directly, and was submerged by a large amount of gravel and mud.

Seeing this, Marco and Bista displayed a more violent attack.

And the other captains stopped watching the show.

They already knew that it would be difficult to defeat the generals just by relying on a few of their captains, even if they were the strongest Marko, Ace, and Vista.

Bramank, the captain of the sixth division, had two pockets on the left and right sides of his chin. His left hand went directly into the pocket of the right chin and pulled out a big mallet.

The seventh team captain Lakyo also waved the meteor hammer that floats automatically in his hand, and has a mouth and eyes, and rushed up with Bramanque.

The four teamed up to contain the red dog who wanted to continue attacking Ace.

Ace, who was buried under the mound, did not immediately appear.

He is in a bad situation now.

The concentrated attack of the red dog made him unable to resist. If he hadn't been vigorously trained since he was a child, and had a strong physical fitness, he would have been hammered to death.

Using flames to boil the mud that stuck his body, Ace took out the magic bottle, took another sip, and recovered the injury in his body.

He didn't understand now, why the red dog only chased after him and beat him alone, because he thought he was bullying?

After 3 seconds, Ace took another sip and drank the last stock in the magic bottle, then put the bottle away.

The bottle Luo sold them 650,000 baileys as soon as they were added, and each time they added 10,000 baileys, it was really expensive to die, but the effect was really good. Although the amount of recovery was not large, the speed was faster, compared to the tree. The recovery speed of the sacrifice is much faster.

Then, another bottle of healing ointment and three mangoes knocked down.

At this point, Ace had eaten all the restorative medicines on his body, and touched the blue sphere inlaid on the hat. A cool breath was constantly exuding from it, recovering his strength and injury.

This thing, Luo Yi called him Lincoln's Sphere, every 12 seconds, it can resist some fruit abilities, but it can only resist those fruit abilities that work alone. There is no way for them like the shock fruit or the natural devil fruit. .

In addition, this thing can also make oneself exert a stronger strength, it is indeed a good thing.

Under the treatment of drugs and Lincoln’s Sphere, the blood in Ace’s body gradually calmed down, and the pain in the internal organs slowly disappeared. Ace turned into a flame again, passing through the gap between the soil, Human figures are condensed outside.

At this time, the red dog and the green pheasant were each dealing with the four captains.

The red dog still followed the original method, pressing a captain to attack.

Even if there is one more number, it has no effect on him.

His domineering has long been practiced to the point where he can dodge an attack, and he is directly elementalized to avoid it. If he can't dodge, he will use armed forces to resist.

This time, his main target was Bista.