Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 329

Marco was too fleshy. Even if the red dog used all the attacking methods, he could not win in a short time. Not to mention wasting his energy, even if Marco was killed in the end, it would not be worth the loss.

But when Ace was not there, the hands of the red dog turned into flowing lava, the bigger the Bigger, the more distressed.

My sword.

Even if the domineering is attached, the magma is magma, and the temperature will not change. Every time the sword in his hand collides with the attack of the red dog, Bista feels distressed.

When the red dog showed the dog biting Guren, his right arm turned into a dog's head again, and when he bit towards the Bista, Bramanc's mallet also came to the red dog's head.

The two armed forces collided aggressively, and the red dog was not shaken at all. Instead, the attacking Bramank was shaken back by the counter-shock for several steps before stopping.

At this time, Lakyo's attack also followed closely, and he threw his meteor hammer directly towards the back of the red dog.

The meteor hammer opened his big mouth and bit towards the red dog's heart, directly biting the red dog's chest through a big hole.

However, seeing that magma was flowing through the big hole, I knew that the red dog had already escaped from elementalization.

After being "pierced" by the meteor hammer, Akagi was naturally not stunned.

The dog's head repulsed Bista and bit towards Marco again. With his left hand, he directly grasped the chain of meteor hammer that passed through his body. With a violent pull and a flick, Racoyo was directly tossed.

Firmly grasping the chain of his meteor hammer, Raqueyo rotated a few times in the air, and was thrown directly at Marco, who was shaking with the dog's head.

Phoenix, the head of a dog, watching him get closer and closer to these two things, Raqueyo wanted to adjust his body in the air to avoid it, but he couldn't do it.

The body rubbed the dog's head and hit Marco's body. The two of them hugged the ground and rolled for tens of meters before stopping.

Bramank, who had just been shaken away, swallowed.

The general is really fierce.

At this time, the Aka dog maintained the form of the dog's head on his right arm, and turned to look at Bramank.

At that moment, the aura of Akagi seemed to rise to its strongest.

The shivering guards of the Holy Land hiding behind the earth wall kept cheering on the red dog in their hearts.

As for shouting, they were a little afraid.

I haven't seen the people from the White Beard Pirates group over there that have not taken any action. If they shout out, maybe they will go crazy.

Don't look at the generals now having the upper hand, but at their level, it can be seen that the red dogs are not as relaxed as they seem, they are more or less injured, and their physical strength is not small.

And they didn't guess wrong, their family knew their affairs.

The red dog is now stable on the surface, but his heart is tumbling like magma about to erupt.

What is going on with the captain of this group of white beard pirates.

Why didn't you see them so fierce before?

After fighting with White Beard for decades, how can these captains behave like knocking medicine today? Every strength has improved so much.

Just when the Aka Dog was puzzled, there were a lot of footsteps on the left and right of the gate of the Holy Land.

Especially the two giants rushing in front were extremely eye-catching.

These navies came around from the outside of the earth wall, wearing uniform navy uniforms, looking extremely mighty.

The support of the naval forces is here.

535. Bear Ears

Lieutenant General of the Navy Headquarters.

With the exception of Karp and Crane, the remaining lieutenants are all very powerful.

The two most burly giant lieutenants, one of them wears a T-shaped metal mask, the giant named Longz, has the ability to be smashed by a white beard, cough

But that is understandable, after all, he is the strongest man in the world.

The strength of the white beard is undoubted, even the red dog must use strategy instead of choosing to win head-on.

As for the other lieutenants, it would be good to be able to fight those squad captains.

"The navy's support is coming, let's go too."

It was the captain of the 16th Division, Izang.


The remaining captains of the other squadrons, as well as the members of the White Beard Pirates Group, also took up their weapons, divided into two groups, and killed them towards the navy team.

And the revolutionary army, which had recovered a lot of physical strength, also picked up knives and guns again, following the footsteps of the White Beard Pirates.

The navy has a large number of troops, and the number of lieutenants alone exceeds ten, but they now have only seven captains.

If it weren't for their current strength soaring, how could they stand it?

However, the number of the White Beard Pirates Group is naturally not so small.

The 43 Pirate Groups under the White Beard's banner have also gathered below the Red Earth Continent.

And they are now working hard to climb into Mary Joa.

Only when they really climbed this red earth continent, they knew how powerful Fisher Tiger was back then.

This thing is also crawled by people?

Even if it's a murloc, it's hard to climb up.

That revolutionary soldier was almost exhausted now, and he had just sent the Whitebeard Pirates up, and it was a wave of consumption.

His consumption is not just the physical energy consumed to move those stairs.

The more people standing on the stairs, the greater his consumption.

In fact, the tens of thousands of people in the revolutionary army had already drained him.

After finally regaining some strength, White Beard brought 1,600 people over.

At that time, his face was called white.

And now, he is again facing a dense army of pirates with tens of thousands of people. What can he do? He can only silently eat small yellow fruits and drink small blue medicine bottles to quickly pass the refractory period.

Mary Joa.

The red dog's one against five, is simply the most beautiful boy in the audience.

And their battle gradually began to shift their positions.

The red earth continent is very spacious.

After all, after going around the entire planet, how many years will it take to sell milk tea to turn it into a red belt like the red earth continent.

As for the transfer of positions, it is also to better display their strength.

The three generals of the navy, Aka Inu is the one who despises the Denonians the most, but he will not openly attack Mary Joa.

If a drop of his magma had flowed into Mary Gioia, he would be sure that the group of rods would trouble him.

The green pheasant thought the same way, and he took the four captains directly and fought farther and farther.

The battle on the left and right sides is also on the verge.

The captains of the White Beard Pirates, together with the crew and the revolutionary army, fought directly with the navy.

Then the Navy was a little confused.

What is the revolutionary army holding?

Is it a pistol-type cannon?

Why do their bullets explode?

I didn't say it before!

When the revolutionary army fired the gun, the navy thought it was a bullet that they dodge, but it did not expect that the thing would explode.

This is simply to increase their combat difficulty.

The first to board the red earth continent was naturally the elite of the navy.

Among them, the first to log in has already fought against the Revolutionary Army within Mariejoa. In addition to the Revolutionary Army’s Sabo, there are some people who have never seen it. They actually blocked the Lieutenant General. Some people even need it. Only two or three lieutenants can work together to block.

It's so strange, where did all those people come from.

However, the navy that was later logged in immediately assembled, bypassed Mariagioa, came to the place where the revolutionary army logged in, and participated in the battle here.

After coming here, I discovered that the battle here is the most tragic.

So many general-level combat power is here, even if they didn't use their full strength, they still changed the terrain here.

As a result, bullets and artillery took off. These elite naval forces were quite powerful. Although they were surprised by the more powerful weapons of the Revolutionary Army when they first met, they immediately responded. The navy cut directly into the crowd and fought directly with the pirates and the revolutionary army.

Then they found out that they really saw a ghost today.

Even if the long-range guns of these revolutionary army and pirates are powerful, why are the swords in their hands so powerful?

As far as the sword they took, even if it wasn't a good knife, it was a good knife.

And the armor they wore. When they slashed at the enemy and cut their clothes, but didn't cut their skin, they only saw a burst of cremation, and then exposed the armor they were wearing.

Isn't this Nima's chain mail extremely precious in the elite naval forces?

The navy soldier felt really aggrieved this time.

What's even stranger is that some enemies have strange abilities.

For example, a sudden acceleration, passing directly through their bodies, turning around and giving them a knife.

For example, people disappeared after being hit, and then the navy was hacked to death.

For example, suddenly the eyes are red, and the force is supercharged by the navy.

For example, after swiping a knife, another knife immediately followed it, completely unable to reflect the speed.

For example, a gleam of light directly makes the legs feel heavy and unable to open their legs, even dodge attacks.

Too many weird things happen on the battlefield.

The navy soldiers didn’t know that the previous holy land guards did not encounter the same thing, but their strength was too weak, resulting in the revolutionary army’s hardly using equipment effects several times, and easily broke through the holy land guard’s defenses. .

And now.

Although the number of the navy is larger, the sacrifice is even greater in the real battle.

Only three or four navies can defeat an enemy.

The lieutenants also observed the situation.

Can’t go on like this, the Navy’s losses are too great.

Then, they tried their best to solve the captain of the White Beard Pirate Group first.

It turns out that it seems lucky that it is not resolved by the other party.

What happened to these captains?

It's not like I've never fought before. At that time, they were evenly matched. How can they be like knocking medicine?

If it weren't for the larger number of them, it would really be unclear who will win and lose now.

Damn it, if this goes on, it is estimated that it will not be able to withstand it, and the troops behind it must be supported quickly.

When the two sides were stuck together, a laser suddenly fell into the field, and a huge explosion occurred in the revolutionary army.


A small mushroom cloud rose up, attracting everyone's attention.

Everyone was taken aback.

Could it be that Huang Yuan is back?

However, when they turned their heads to look in the direction of the laser shot, they did not see the yellow ape, only a pair of cute

Bear ears!?

536. Ghosts heavy

Why is there Qiwuhai?

When everyone saw the pair of bear ears clearly, this question suddenly emerged.