Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 330

Bassoromi bear.

As a Qiwuhai, everyone knows the name of Xiong Xiong. After all, his nickname is "Tyrant", he is a cruel and domineering pirate.

After becoming Qiwuhai, he will converge a bit.

The Navy did not know why after Xiong joined the Qiwu Sea, he would be completely obedient to the world government, perhaps because of what was caught, but it didn't matter.

As long as he can provide them with combat power, there will be no problem.

Just like now, no matter why he can "bibibi" the laser, but his attack really fell among the ranks of the revolutionary army, this is enough.

"Px1, be careful not to hit your own person."


Everyone noticed that there was another person here, but the height was less than half that of a bear, no wonder he didn't see him at first glance.

This man looks like a wrestler. His hairstyle is similar to that of a girl. He has a stitched scar on his face. He wears a red belly, bare feet and a big axe on his back.

Hearing the man talking, everyone suddenly felt puzzled.

px1?what is that?Bear's new nickname?

But soon, they understood.

When every pacifist appeared on the stage, and they all looked exactly like bears, anyone with a little brain knew that things were not normal.

Is that really a bear?How many brothers does he have?How his mother will give birth?

The most important thing is that these guys who look exactly like bears either opened their mouths or raised their hands, and then shot the laser.

One after another golden light fell into the crowd, sending out a violent explosion.

It was a disaster.

Even though he was wearing various equipment provided by Luo Yi, in front of the laser, he was still as fragile as paper.

The energy density emitted is extremely high, although it is only a directional beam, it is not easy to dodge.

Speed ​​is quality, Huang Yuan said nothing nonsense.

The pacifist's laser was made by Begapunk's research on the shining fruit ability of the yellow ape. Even if it did not catch up with the power of the yellow ape, its power was much stronger than ordinary lasers.

With the power of an explosion, those lasers emitted extremely hot temperatures. At the moment of the explosion, even the steel could melt.

Suddenly, there were heavy casualties.

No matter what equipment these revolutionary soldiers and pirates wear, their strength is not very strong.

Pacifists, that is a tool created to deal with pirates who offer a reward of over 100 million.

The reward is over 100 million. If it is expressed by attributes, there are basically more than 150 attribute points.

And there are more than 80% of people in this world, with no more than 50 attribute points, and no more than 10 ordinary people.

To put it simply, a Level 1 Liushen outfit can't beat a full-level Liushen outfit.

And these people don't even have a god outfit, just some ordinary small pieces of equipment.

Being able to survive the bombardment of the laser is already a blessing.

As a result, the battle was reversed in an instant.

The captain of the White Beard Pirate Group wanted to get away to solve the pacifists, but was blocked by the lieutenant general.

Their strength can overwhelm the lieutenant, but they can't stabilize the pressure. If they dare to be distracted, it is a dead end.

But here comes the question, who can stop the losses caused by these pacifists.

Inside Mary Joa.

With Morrie's fruitful ability, the revolutionary army successfully came inside.

However, due to the attack from the outside, the dragons took the lead in taking refuge, and after they emerged from the ground, they also encountered the holy guards who were still protecting the dragons inside, and the remaining cp0.

Saab's strength is the fastest improvement among the three brothers.

Maybe it's because of the teaching of famous teachers since childhood.

Therefore, although there is no fruit ability, but with a water pipe in his hand, relying on extremely skilled domineering, he actually blocked the siege of five cp0s alone.

You know, the basic of joining cp0 is two-color domineering.

In other words, every cp0 level has at least reached the strength of a general.

In recent years, Sabo has rarely gone out to perform tasks. Instead, he has tried his best to improve himself. Although it is a bit difficult, there is no way.

Although there are many people in this group of people who invaded the interior, there are not many high-end combat power. Almost all of them are attracting attention outside, and their goal is to capture all the Tianlong people.

The team of tens of thousands of people is quite impressive.

Although Mary Joa cannot be filled up, as long as it spreads, the Dragonites will have nowhere to escape.

The original plan was like this.

But not long after the battle began, the navy's support force arrived.

The revolutionary army is not without other combat capabilities, there are many people of the level of Haku, but one person can resist a cp0 member and it will be the sky.

Practicing this kind of thing sometimes depends not only on hard work, but also on talent.

When the navy team showed up, Sabo knew it was bad.

Originally, they had not caught the Tianlongren. Because they were blocked by the holy land guards and cp0, and they discovered that the red dog and the blue pheasant rushed past from the sky, Morrie went directly out to support the battle outside, causing the revolutionary army to lose ground. It is not possible to leave the underground all at once, which has caused the navy's support to become timely.

And the five lieutenants who came here directly to support are even more powerful.

Had it not been for the support that fell from the sky, Sabo felt that he would have to organize a retreat.

The appearance of the five lieutenants brought great pressure to the revolutionary army.

Although not many people landed each time because of the bubble pod, it was the navy elite who landed first.

And just as the five lieutenant admirals rushed to deal with the revolutionary army, five black shadows appeared behind them.

That thing is very scary.

No one knows what it is.

The whole body was purple and black, looking like a person, but it was completely different.

He was exuding purple-black weapons, and he seemed to have sharp barbs. On his head, shoulders, arms, and legs, there were sharp things growing out.

The eyes are faint green, and when they move, they bring up green light and shadow fog, which looks very scary.

Holding a circular weapon in his hand, after it appeared, he swung it directly at the lieutenant generals.

The ring was like a sharp blade, directly cutting through the bodies of the lieutenants.

The Lieutenant General's counterattack against them did not have much effect.

Obviously, swords and fists hit the dark shadows, but it did not cause any effect, there was no repulsion, no wounds, and no blood vomiting.

It is simply ghosts.

537. Ghost

There are many ghosts.

The ghost's ability makes the navy feel very strange.

No one knows what happened, what kind of capable person it is?

Without knowing the other's abilities, they can only try their best to resist.

The five lieutenants are five veteran lieutenants who often cooperate.

Daubman, with two x-shaped scars on his face and neck, curly beard and brown flowing hair, hanging down to his shoulder, and no pupil in his left eye.

Holding a katana in his left hand, he fought against the ghost of the ghost.

The katana and the ring weapon collided with each other, and sparks spattered, but Doberman also felt something was wrong.

The strength of this ghost is very strong, this is beyond doubt.

Regardless of speed or strength, they are not much worse than these lieutenant generals, or even worse.

But these ghosts are indeed just like ghosts, lacking the ability to think.

Not only Dauberman, but also the ghost spider on the side.

Wearing an iron helmet on his head, Nishinomiya's expression is very cruel, and he has returned his life to the utmost in his cultivation. The hair can be as flexible as his arms. The ghost spider follows the eight-sword flow route.

He also felt something was wrong during the battle with the ghost.

These shadows that don't know what they are, they only know the attack, and don't have any defensive meaning. Their attack can be easily cut on the opponent's body.

But here is the problem.

They cut it.

The other party didn't seem to have suffered any harm, but a purple light was refracted from the body and fell on the five of them.

Rebound damage?

Everyone realized it immediately.

What is going on.

You hit the opponent and the opponent bounces the damage back.

If you don't hit the opponent, the opponent chases you and chops.

This is not a hooligan.

Even though he thought so, he had to put all his energy to face this difficult opponent.

Mole is also holding a samurai sword, dodging and counterattack ceaselessly.

He tried to use domineering, trying to try to eliminate the opponent's fruit ability, but failed.

They were hit hard again.

The ghost image suffered heavy damage twice as much as the main body, but the effect of refraction did not diminish at all.

In other words, although they can use domineering attacks, not only are they ineffective, but on the contrary, they receive more damage?

Excessive, actually has such a disgusting ability.

There are also two lieutenant generals, named Stoloberg and Huo Shao Shan, both masters of swordsmanship. Facing the ability of Spectre, they really feel a little powerless.

It seems that they have no choice but to defend.

If you hacked it hard, would they have been bounced back to death before they hacked to death?

Even if it's just a guess, it has to be considered.

After all, life is not at stake.

Therefore, the five lieutenants were held back.

The remaining major generals and brigadier generals rushed up with school-level cadres.

The lieutenant general was dragged, not the reason for their collapse.

Besides, before they came here, they were already mentally prepared.

It can even be said that when he joined the navy, he was ready to die in battle.

It is precisely because of this that the navy was able to stop the revolutionary army from attacking.

Inside Mary Joa, immediately after the navy entered the battlefield, it became extremely chaotic.

Guns roared and sword energy flew.

Those tall and gorgeous buildings began to collapse.

The scope of the battle became wider and wider, and the revolutionary army continued to leave the underground until they all appeared, occupying more than a dozen streets.

Among them, Saab's battle is the most destructive.

The five cp0 members, skilled use of the Navy Six Type, and two-color domineering, but still tied with Sabo's Dragon Claw.

His claws are "sharp claws" trained to crush power.

Even if you want to crush a human skull, it is as easy as crushing an egg.