Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 340

The Golden Lion is using its own abilities to control the ships of the Flying Pirate Group and the BIG MOM Pirate Group, and kill them directly from the sky.

When one ship after another stopped on the red soil continent and the densely packed pirates jumped off the pirate ship, the morale of the navy soldiers who had just risen instantly shrank again.


According to the trend just now, they might be able to win.

But they didn't know that three of the four emperors of the new world had joined forces!

The Warring States Period naturally had speculations, but I dared not say clearly.

If this is said, isn't it a direct blow to the morale of the navy to the greatest extent?

Before the war started, some navy soldiers were too afraid.

Perrospero, Kata Kuri, Daifuku, Ou

The people of the BIG MOM Pirate Group appeared one after another, and the momentum can be said to be unmatched.

The flying pirate group was not to be outdone, and those pirate groups that had made a certain reputation in the new world also appeared on this battlefield one by one.

The captains and cadres of the pirate regiment who offered a reward of more than 100 million yuan, without taking a step forward, can make the Navy feel tremendous pressure.

552. Collision

The three sea emperors were originally members of the Rocks Pirate Group.

There was another one, but it was hacked to death.

But this is not a problem. The relationship between them is not good. One less person can save snacks.

But even if there were only three people, it was still menacing.

Even if they still have some disagreements now, for Luo Yi's face, let's work together first.

"White Beard, it seems that you are really old, and such an old woman can't handle it."

Before the fight started, Lingling laughed directly.

Baibeard was not angry, just smiled.

proceed if you can.

It could also be that she received the white beard's signal. As soon as Lingling raised her right hand, Napoleon jumped into her hand, turned into a long knife, and rushed up aggressively.

It's not that she insists on mocking.

Mainly, she also saw that Villanica's ability was not simple.

The moment they came into contact with the mermaid Veranika from the BIG MOM Pirate Group and the Flying Pirate Group, they suffered.

They came from the sky, they hadn't seen Villanica's ability to use it originally, they were just on guard, but when something really happened, it was not that simple.

With a look, the subordinates who fell down a large area, the fruit ability is just like when they released the domineering domineering, but it is more hidden than the domineering domineering.

If it's a domineering look, you can still feel the fluctuations, but Velanika's ability can't find a trace at all. Even their strength has been slightly affected.

Lingling immediately realized that the situation was wrong.

If Villanica's ability is allowed to continue to be released, her pirate group will suffer heavy losses.

Lingling's strength was extremely high, and under her full burst, she never left any hands.

The whole person is like a bulldozer, even in places like the Red Earth Continent, Lingling is taking a step by step.

Everyone could feel that when Lingling charged up, the earth was shaking.

"This kind of woman has a bunch of husbands. Are they blind?"

At this moment, this idea lingered in everyone's mind.

Nothing else, as far as tonnage is concerned, which man can stand it.

Subconsciously, everyone gave way to Lingling.

Of course, the Navy did not do this.

They do not retreat but advance.

Even if the enemy in front of you is one of the Four Emperors.

Even if the opponent is extremely powerful.

Even if this woman seems to be uninteresting.

But they are still facing difficulties.

As far as the current situation is concerned, once Villanica is approached, especially Lingling, it is estimated that it will be stepped into meatloaf in minutes.

Lingling's height is 8.8 meters, and Villanica can't hold up to one meter six, which is just a kick in the eyes of the aunt.

This old grandmother has a very strong fruit ability, especially when placed on the battlefield, she can't let her have an accident.

But Veranika may be very fragile, but these naval soldiers do not mean they are strong enough.

Facing Lingling, they were also as fragile as paper. Prometheus and Zeus surrounded by Lingling were struck by fire and thunder, causing countless deaths and injuries, and the blocking effect was almost nothing.

But even so, they still did not flinch.

The navy moved forward, using their flesh and blood to block this huge bulldozer.

They knew that if Lingling succeeded, their hope of victory now might be completely lost.

They don't know what Villanica's ability is. The only thing that is certain is that they will be able to win with Villanica.

Therefore, even if it is dead, they still have it.

It's just a mere four emperors. No matter how you say it, it's not a living person. Look at the battlefield on the other side, it's a group of skeleton soldiers, but there are psychological obstacles in the fight.

It's just that when they really faced the Four Emperors, they realized that the psychological barriers over there might be a bit smaller.

Lingling is really terrible.

Perfectly dispelled their fantasy of women.


Why are women's feet so big

Why is a woman's knife so heavy

Why women can be so strong

If you go back alive this time, you will die alone. If you find a woman like this to be your wife, you will die!

Napoleon was obviously a long knife in Lingling's hands, but he swung it like a stick.

In one sweep, all a dozen navies can be swept away.

One slash can make the ground split more than ten meters.

Holding Prometheus in his left hand, and pushing his palm, a sea of ​​fire appeared.

Ace, who saw the scene on the side, was a little ashamed.

What use do I want this fruit for?

On top of Lingling's head, Zeus had also turned into a huge dark cloud, with thunder flashing, and lightning struck down constantly, slicing the navy coming up from the front and back into coke.

Lingling laughed wildly, and the navy in front of her was not her enemy at all.

Even the lieutenant-admiral can only make one or two moves in Lingling's hands before being knocked to the ground.

Lingling and Villanica are getting closer and closer.

Villanica naturally noticed this.

After all, she is only getting older, but her mind is still very clear. This is a side effect of fruiting ability.

Facing the powerful Lingling, Villanica didn't panic at all, but slowly turned around on crutches, and put her eyes on Lingling.

The eyes of the two collided in the air.

One is fierce and evil, and the other is kind.

But the problem is that just eye contact makes the surrounding navy feel creepy.

It's like something terrible is going to happen.

The fact is also true.

Veranika used her fruit ability directly at Lingling.

Unlike before, this time, Veranika concentrated all his power on one person.

Lingling also instantly felt the powerful mental impact, which was very similar to the domineering look of the overlord, but it was different.

However, it is not impossible to defend.

Lingling's eyes shrank, and the overlord's domineering color was released with all her strength, and under her control, she was all concentrated on Veranika alone.

The two forces collided directly in the air.

It is different from the collision of the overlord, but it has caused an impact on the people around.

Obviously it is an invisible force, but it becomes like tangible energy.

That is the shock and the impact of dreams.

Whether it's the navy, the pirates, or the revolutionary army around, they all feel something is wrong.

Their brains become disobedient.

A voice filled their hearts with fear.

Another voice made them give up resistance.

Focusing on Lingling and Villanica, the impact spreads towards the surroundings in an oval shape.

One person after another fell directly, foaming at the mouth and rolling his eyes.

Even those powerhouses at the general level were kneeling on the ground, struggling to support them.

553.Albuff's Gun

Lingling and Villanica are both top powerhouses in the world.

And the overlord's domineering is a kind of king's qualification.

A person with a domineering look can intimidate and deter opponents without taking a shot, and can also stun opponents who are weaker than themselves.

Different from seeing and hearing domineering and armed domineering, domineering domineering is innate and can neither be acquired nor inherited (he~~tui~~), and can only be determined by one's own fate .

In the new world, there are more and more domineering characters than the crucian carp who crosses the river, and the one above all the overlords is the One Piece.

And this power, if put in other words, is spiritual power.

It's actually the same as Veranika's dream fruit ability, but in a different form.

Although Lingling's domineering look was like Shanks, it could even be shaken to the point of breaking the Moby Dick, but it was not much weaker.

After Veranika got older, she also shifted the focus of her practice.

Physical skills, this thing still depends on physical fitness.

No matter how strong a person is, it is still not enough for time.

This is one of the reasons why Doflamingo would go to collect the fruits of the operation.

The ultimate ability of this fruit is to use an ageless operation on a person. If used by a person with sufficient talent, it can give humans "eternal life". Once this operation is performed, the capable person will die.

But the capable person himself is not going to die.

It is indeed very worthwhile to exchange one life of one's own for the "forever" of another life.

But who is willing to give his life?

Even if he is willing, why should he be the person with the fruit of the operation, and why is the object he is willing to give his life to?

Therefore, this probability is very low.

Until now, few people know the truth about the ability of surgery to produce fruit.

And as time goes by, people will slowly get older, even those who used to be strong in physical skills, their combat effectiveness will also decline.