Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 341

Pushing the bottom of the city, such a person is locked.

The Red Earl, Barloric Lederfield.

Without any fruit ability, just by relying on physical skills, he can sit on an equal footing with Roger Pirates and White Beard Pirates, truly practicing physical skills to the extreme.

But even so, it cannot withstand the erosion of time.

Now he, because of his physical aging, has drastically reduced his strength. Otherwise, he would be able to lock him in a mere advancing city, and Hailou stone handcuffs would not work.

Veranika's physical skills continued to decline with age.

In order to ensure that her strength does not decline, she has developed her fruiting ability to the extreme.

This fruit has good ability and can prevent Alzheimer's. As the age increases, the older the older the stronger the mental power.

Although there is no overlord look in itself, Veranika's fruiting ability is not weaker than Lingling's domineering.

The two continued to display their abilities, and their forces continued to collide with each other in the air. Pieces of people fell, and it was ordinary people who were unlucky.

But this way, it instantly reduced the casualties on the court.

Although the spirit of the fallen person was shocked, they were not dead, and in the end they were just dizzy and dreaming by the way.

However, the duel between Lingling and Villanica did not end.

Lingling discovered that her domineering look was actually pushed back.

Villanica's mental power is almost unfathomable.

In Lingling's life, apart from encountering Shanks, even with characters like White Beard, Kaido, and Golden Lion, she has never had a domineering failure.

But now, her domineering has been steadily pushed back.

It's not the kind of back and forth situation, but it's more like encountering a moving wall, and the overlord's domineering can't shake this wall at all.

But Lingling didn't feel strange either.

Since this old woman dared to stand on the battlefield, there must be her uniqueness.


Lingling shouted. Under her control, the dark clouds that Zeus turned into became more and more pitch black in the sky, and the power of thunder kept surging in the air, seeming to be accumulating power.

Villanica naturally felt the situation in the air.

He removed the eyes that were facing Lingling and looked up directly.

Zeus had just gathered a stout lightning bolt, his eyes fixed on his target, and when he was about to hack down, he saw Veranika's eyes.

At that moment, Zeus felt a little trance in front of him, without any hesitation, directly controlling the lightning strike.

However, this lightning did not strike Veranika.


Lingling called out the name of Zeus again.

This time, the voice, with endless anger, made Zeus shiver from the bottom of his heart.

Although he was a thundercloud, he still felt a bitter cold.

This is not a joke.

Even though Lingling had lost the Devil Fruit ability now, the fear of Lingling in Hormitz's heart had not disappeared.

That is the psychological shadow accumulated over the years.

And Zeus also saw that Lingling was still jumping with thunder, her dress was damaged, her hair turned into an explosive head, and even the navy soldiers who fell on the ground beside her were involved.

But Villanica on the opposite side had no problems.

Although Zeus was not very good at his brain, he also found the problem.

He... struck Lingling.

It's okay. What if she complains to Carmelo when she goes back and asks her to pull herself out directly.

These Hormiz of them were originally made with the fruits of soul and soul, and it was only a matter of thought to be eliminated.

Zeus knew that he had to do something right now.

So Zeus condensed his own lightning once again.

He knew that he must have been affected by Veranika's ability just now.

This time, Zeus stopped looking at Villanica.

He already knew where his goal was, and he closed his eyes directly without looking at Veranika. In his own imagination, Zeus aimed the lightning at that location.

But Zeus did not feel that his body was moving

In his imagery, he was constantly gathering lightning and was about to slash towards Veranika.

Unbeknownst to him, he has gradually turned his goal to Lingling.

This time, Lingling couldn't stand it anymore.

Holding Napoleon with her right hand, Lingling suddenly rose with a powerful aura.

Unlike the overlord look before, this time the momentum is almost suffocating.

Even if you can see it with the naked eye, Napoleon's knife began to have a strong energy, which made the space appear distorted.

"Albaff's Gun·Weiguo"

This was the move of the giants. The giant sword energy was cut out from Lingling's hands, directly cutting Zeus in half in half.

After being chopped off, Zeus suddenly woke up from his own thoughts, looking at the object he was aiming at, his face was dark and ugly, even darker than when he was about to protect himself from lightning.

554. The Boss

The gun of Elbaff is a stunt of the giants.

Performing a blow that surpasses the limit and sacrifices life, the destructive power is even comparable to the new world's king's fist. It is a trick that only the giants can use. It is so powerful that only the powerful of the four emperors can dare to be tough. Pick up.

However, this trick has a strong reactionary force, which will cause the user himself to face life danger.

But this kind of thing depends mainly on the user.

People like Lingling who are born with a special system can not only use Albuff's gun, but can even use it continuously.

But even Lingling couldn't use this skill as a small skill.

With the huge slash catalyzed by the spear of Elbaff, Zeus awakened with a single sword, and everyone saw Lingling's decisiveness.

Those who turned back in the battle, even their own partners, will deal with them mercilessly.

Zeus woke up after being split in half.

Only then did it react, and it had been controlled before.

Veranika's ability is not just as simple as making people dream.

In other words, when her fruit abilities have been developed to a certain level, other abilities will be derived.

Fruit awakening is like the setting that Oda later added. After the fruit ability of the superhuman system is awakened, it can have an impact on things other than the capable person.

For example, Doflamingo can turn the surrounding environment into a thread, Tezolo can control gold to force electromagnetic force, and Kata Kuri can turn the surrounding environment into glutinous rice, all of which are brought after the fruit awakens.

There is no other special place about Veranika's ability. Although it is still a dream, it can be like a sleepwalking, even without the slightest notice.

This is the most terrifying part of her ability.

If Veranika is willing, he can even directly control enemies within a certain range to kill each other.

Lingling still had a cruel smile on her face.

This woman is not easy, so quickly clean up her, otherwise, her fruiting ability will be a big trouble.

Napoleon in his hand was clasped by Lingling's hands again.

Elbuff’s Spear, she can’t be used as a small skill, but even if it’s a big skill, Lingling can do it in bursts.

This time, her goal is directly Veranika.

Lingling's move made Fitzgerald, who was trembling with Dorag, but had been observing the whole situation nervous again.

Veranika's abilities are powerful, but her current physique is a little better than ordinary people. Fitzgerald doesn't even expect her to avoid Lingling's attack.

On the other side, Evelyn and Mong K. Sun Zheng played incisively and vividly. Evelyn’s face was flushed and her fighting power skyrocketed. Even though she was hung on her body, it did not affect her fighting power. It was a little dazed.

Priestley was trembling with a few hellfires. Although the warlock was standing far away, the hellfires were summoned one by one. Now there are six, which is terrifying, if not ordinary Ristley's own strength is good, and the battle of Hellfire is too monotonous, he can't hold on to it now.

As for the navy, the three generals were all restrained by others, so I didn't expect it too much. As for the combat effectiveness of the two general candidates, the lieutenant general seemed to be a little tougher. If they could, I hope they would restrain Lingling in the past.

But even today, it seems that it cannot be stopped.

There, there are two others who haven't done anything.

A white beard and a golden lion.

No, there seems to be a strong breath.

Damn it!

"Your mind is upset."

The wind sword in Dorag's hand directly broke through Fitzgerald's defense, combined with the fruit ability, a wind blade left a hole on Fitzgerald's shoulder.


Fitzgerald just snorted and took back his mind, no longer worrying about Villanica.

If things really develop to a certain level, that adult will take action, right?

Facing the big sword in Lingling's hand, Veranika did not panic at all on her face.

She just concentrated her mental power and forced it directly towards Lingling who was accumulating strength.

Lingling is confident of her own strength, but she is not completely brainless, and now she is not having an eating disorder, she is in madness.

Seeing that she was domineering and locked on Veranika, Lingling used the "Albuff's Spear Power" directly towards her again, trying to cut Veranika's mental power directly in the air.

But things are often not so smooth.

Without the overlord's domineering resistance, Veranika's mental power fell on Lingling almost without hindrance.

However, Lingling's own mental power is also extremely powerful, and Veranika's ability did not make her fall asleep, only slightly shaken.

But it was this moment that made Lingling's lock-in deviation.

The giant sword energy was cut out from Lingling's hands, and from her feet, a huge crack spread, and it passed directly beside Veranika. It didn't cut her, but cut the dirt wall outside Mariagioa. , Directly cut into two halves, Jian Qi rushed into Mary Gioia, destroying a large number of buildings.

Everyone looked at the earth wall, and people who had not seen the strength of the Four Emperors were terribly scared.

A huge hole appeared on the cut dirt wall. From the side, you can even see the smooth, mirror-like cut surface. On the ground, there is a huge gully that is unfathomable. Inside is a completely destroyed building. Things.

Is this the power of the Four Emperors?

I just saw that she just cut away a dark cloud, and she really didn't feel it, but now it is actually reflected.

Veranika stood calmly in place.

The blow that Lingling just hit didn't hurt her, but it was the limit she could do. After all, she was getting older.

And the slash just now, I don't know how many more dead souls have been hit by the sword, it is impossible to calculate.

Not hitting her own attack, Lingling's heart was a little bit more excited, and she swung Napoleon directly, and Prometheus attached directly to Lingling's head, turning Lingling's hair directly into A huge flame, even with Napoleon's body, also burned.

Since the long-range attack will shift, let's hit close.

Just as the battle inside and outside Marigio was extremely fierce, inside Marigio, a red-haired Shanks with three scars on his face was walking into a castle alone.

This castle, called Pangu City, is just like that. Inside this castle, there is a vacant throne called the Void Throne.

The vacant throne represents an oath to uphold the "equality" of all kings and never grow a dictatorship. When the king of each country comes for the first time, he must take the oath again.

The 20 weapons in front of the throne are the pledge made by the "first 20 people" who created this world 800 years ago.

But when Shanks walked in, he saw a man sitting on the Void Throne.

A black suit completely wraps up the body, looking like a ruffian boss.

555. Void Throne