Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 342

On the battlefield.

Everyone was in full swing.

Originally, the navy side finally took advantage of some advantages, but because of the arrival of the BIG MOM Pirate Group and the Flying Pirate Group, there have been changes.

Lingling is constantly attacking Villanica, but because of her fruiting ability, she has not hit directly.

But even so, the aftermath of the battle made Veranika a little uncomfortable. If no one came to help, she felt that she would soon die on the battlefield.

The Golden Lion also led his subordinates directly into the navy team.

He is not a good thing, he does not have the dignity of the strong, even in the face of the weak, the golden lion can wield his butcher knife without hesitation.

The slaughter has been going on, the morale of the navy has been declining continuously, facing the strong enemy, even if their troops seem to be more than the enemy, the front has been retreating continuously.

The navy was worried, worried that they could not withstand this attack.

If they lose here, wouldn't the justice they have been upholding in their hearts just collapse like this.

Take a look at their combat power. The high-end combat power is basically held back by the opponent, and there are even a few faintly showing signs of decline. I don't know how long it will last.

So far, the Navy has been able to support it, perhaps just because of their beliefs.

Dorag in the air also noticed the situation here, but in his heart, there was no joy of victory.

Regardless of the situation this time, the unlucky ones are still ordinary civilians, and Dorag doesn't want the Navy to suffer heavy losses here.

This time, whether it is the fall of the world government or the failure of their revolutionary army, the overall strength of the navy will be greatly reduced, and this will inevitably lead to a rise in the power of pirates.

This is not a second.

Just when Dorag was worried, a huge figure began to appear in the air.

It was a black shadow, and as it approached, the shadow became larger and clearer.

Huge bat-like wings, strong limbs, some horse-like heads, long and winding tails with thorns at the ends, and huge claws at the ends of each leg, with two fangs exposed on the head. It looks extremely powerful.


That is the dragon!

At this moment, even the people who were fighting stopped unanimously.

Dragons are legendary creatures.

Why did you fly over from the sky today.

It's scary.

But what was even more frightening was that when the dragon got closer and closer, everyone vaguely saw that there were people on the dragon's back.

What a handsome boy that is.

Standing on the back of the dragon, the boy looked like a warrior who defeated the dragon in the novel, brave and invincible.

Wearing a royal robe, fluttering with the wind, a bunch of handsome.

"Is that a god?"

On the court, someone suddenly said such a sentence, and it immediately resonated with everyone.


Compared with the so-called Heavenly Dragon Man, this man in the sky looks more like a god.

Take a dragon as a mount, descend into the world in a peerless posture, holding a gift for everyone

Wait, it doesn't seem to be a gift, it seems to be a person.

The white clothes are loose like space suits, and they look like Denon.

The dragon slowly descended from the sky, and the strong wind pressure from its wings made many people unable to stand up straight.

Until the dragon slowly fell on the tall earth wall, the person standing on the dragon's back jumped from above, and the dragon slowly turned into a man wearing a red armor and holding a sword and shield. .

At this moment, everyone could see very clearly that it was the Tianlongren who was really holding on to that person.

"Stop it."

Luo Yi threw the Tianlongren aside, took out a phone worm from his pocket, and directly grabbed Mai and said, and the loudspeaker hung on the phone worm also spread the voice throughout the battlefield.

The first to stop is those CP0 people.

They are the people who have been serving by the Tianlong people, and naturally know that they were caught by Luo Yi, and they were indeed the Tianlong people.

In other words, the Tianlongren was caught.

So what's the point of fighting here?

On the field, the teams on both sides are slowly retreating.

In the middle of the battlefield, a piece of pure land was gradually vacated.

The purpose of the revolutionary army's invasion was naturally to capture the Tianlong people.

But now that the Tianlongren have caught them, their battle can already be stopped.

The same goes for the navy.

Although seeing that Tianlongren seemed to be seriously injured, he seemed very happy, but it also meant that their battle this time had failed.

Originally it was fighting to protect the world government. Now that even the Tianlongren have been arrested, they are still guarding the ass.

"It's been a long time, Master Yim."

Shanks greeted him as if he had seen an old friend.

"It's been a long time, Shanks."

On the Void Throne, Eim raised his head slightly, his scarlet eyes seemed to reflect light.

And her voice is actually a female.

Shanks smiled, but placed his left hand on the handle of his Sabre Griffin.

"Give me a face, can I get down from there?"


Im did not answer, she showed her attitude with actions.

The stool of the Void Throne was very soft, and Eam moved his hips and adjusted a comfortable posture, placing both hands on the armrest of the lion head of the Void Throne.

When Shanks saw this, he also slowly pulled Griffin out of the scabbard.

He didn't know if Whitebeard knew about Eim's existence, but he did.

Wanting to overthrow the world government is not just as simple as arresting all Tianlong people.

Externally, everyone knows that the pinnacle of the world's full power is held at the same time by the highest position of the Tianlong people, the "five old stars". There is no unique "king" in this world.

But they didn't know that above the "Five Old Stars", there really was such a "king", and it was this Yim in front of them.

If you want to truly overthrow the world government, it is useless to catch those Tianlong people.

Shanks clenched Griffin with his right hand, his eyes widened, and the domineering color was released with full force.

And Yimu, who was sitting on the Void Throne, didn't wait silly to be beaten, but also narrowed his eyes, and the overlord's look broke out.

The power collision between the two is even more terrible than the power collision between Lingling and Villanica.

The 20 weapons inserted in front of the Void Throne are like bubbles, directly crushed into powder by the powerful force.

Inside the castle, cracks also began to appear.

Whether it was the ground, the walls, or the ceiling, it began to crack continuously.

The only thing that didn't change was the Void Throne under Yim's ass.

556. The Wandering Swordsman Here

Domineering and domineering, the most important thing is to determine a person's momentum.

Red hair is famous for its domineering in this sea.

The four sea emperors, red-haired domineering and domineering, are the most powerful of all, the kind that can cause substantial damage.

But Yim's domineering, but not weaker than him, even stronger.

Shanks's complexion, from the solemnity at the beginning to the cautiousness now.

He knows Yim, but he doesn't know what Yim's strength is.

At this moment, in the collision between domineering, Shanks discovered that things were not as simple as he thought.

The strength of this Yim is the most powerful existence he has ever seen in his life.

It was just the domineering look of the overlord, not long after the two sides collided, they were completely crushed by Yim's domineering.

This is the first time that Shanks has fallen under the wind in the overlord collision.

Griffin in his hand was immediately wrapped up with armed domineering, Shanks directly chose to do it.

He is not a devil fruit capable person, or that the people on Roger's ship, there are only a few capable persons, and all of them rely on their physical skills to become famous and powerful.

Even the Douglas Barrett, who was defeated by Captain Roger, was not just because of the powerful fruit.

With a secret snort, Shanks rushed directly towards Yim.

Facing Shanks who was swinging his sword, Yim didn't panic, still sitting on the Void Throne, just raised her right hand.

Armed color domineering, hardened.

Facing Shanks' slash, Yim directly blocked it with his arm.

All the power seemed to have been penetrated from Yim. The wall behind the Void Throne was cut out by the invisible sword aura. The sunlight came in from the outside, bringing a little light to the dilapidated interior.

The powerful reaction force directly shook Shanks back by two steps, but Yim still sat there steadily, without wavering, even the Void Throne under her body was not affected.

Shanks' right hand was shaking.


This is too strong.

I just shot with all my strength, even if the left-handed relationship caused the strength to drop after the arm was broken, the power of the right hand, after several years of exercise, is no different from before.

But Yim can take the attack unscathed, and even the throne can protect him. This strength is really incredible.

"You are not my opponent." Eim shook his head: "If you all leave now, I can assume that this has never happened."

Im referring to the revolutionary army and pirates outside.

But Shanks found it impossible.

If you say leave and leave, isn't my red hair very shameless.

"Since I'm not your opponent," Shanks didn't leave immediately, but just stood in front of Eim and said.

And Yim also looked at him with interest, and Yim, who had absolute confidence in his own strength, wanted to know what Shanks wanted to do.

"Then two people will deal with you!"

As Shanks' voice fell, Eam saw a hammer with golden light flying towards him.

The hammer not only flew fast, even Eim found that there was a person hanging behind the hammer.

For the glory of the northern god

Although he didn't yell this sentence, he didn't know why, but a voice rang out in the dark.

Yim still didn't dodge this time, isn't it just a hammer?

She just sat there, running her own armed color domineering, looking at the hammer flying towards her brain, still raised her right hand, ready to harden it.

But this hammer is not as simple as she thought.

When she raised her right hand flat and the palm of her hand touched the hammer, the glowing hammer suddenly exploded.

In an instant, Yimu just mobilized the armed color domineering to protect her body, but the strong impact of the explosion still made her feel dizzy, and her eyes suddenly turned black.

However, the armed color domineering has already been used, and it hasn't even disappeared because of his dizziness, but more stares, as if subconsciously protecting himself.

So that the person who flew with the hammer did not cut Yim in two when he wielded the huge two-handed sword in his hand. The huge force just chopped out sparks from her body, knocked her out, and smashed her into pieces. The side wall.

Everything happens between the electric light and flint.