Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 343

Even Shanks did not expect that Sven would appear in this way.

It's too showy.

"so hard."

After he finished cutting, Sven wearing a helmet only looked at the direction in which Eam was shot and said.

And Eim has also jumped out of the abandoned wall.

The long robe was already torn, and Yim pulled it off, revealing his exquisite figure wearing tights.

Young, too young.

This thought came to Shanks when he saw Eam's face completely.

It seems that she is only about 20 years old, but she has become the core of power in this world. How did she do it?

"Your abilities are a bit strange, but your strength is much worse."

After Eam threw the robe away, he watched Swain's comment.

Facing her evaluation, Swain didn't make any answer or expression.

It might be, but the mask covers the whole face and is invisible.

Sven didn't answer, just raised the two-handed sword in his hand, and Shanks was also ready to fight.

The two are ready to join forces.


A roar came from Sven's mouth, and at the same time a ray of light shone on Sven's body, covering Shanks.

There was a faint light on the bodies of the two of them.

At this moment, Shanks clearly felt that his own strength seemed to have increased a little.

There is actually this ability!

Before he could think about it, Sven rushed forward.

His speed was very fast, Shanks followed closely, but he was still a step slower.

The two-handed sword in his hand was slashed towards Yim's head. The force was so great that just the wind pressure generated was enough to suffocate.

But Yim was only a little serious, his arms hardened in his arms and domineering, and he stood in front of him, abruptly caught Sven's attack, but the ground under his feet, centered on Yim, appeared cracks.

At this time, Shanks' attack also arrived.

Griffin pierced Sven's side from a tricky angle, and pierced Eim's waist.


With a crisp sound, Griffin stopped on Eam's skin.

There, there was a layer of domineering protecting her body, making Griffin unable to penetrate.

I have to say that Yim's armed color domineering has been cultivated to an unbelievable level, but relying on domineering, he wrapped a hard layer of film on his body.

At this time, Yim also made a counterattack.

With a twist of his waist, the two-handed sword held by his arm was directly pressed on Griffin by Yim. Yim's hands were supported on Sven's sword, and his two legs kicked into the chest of the two.

"Bang" "bang"

With two muffled noises, Sven and Shanks were kicked, but they were not seriously injured.

And Sven also found that his own strength was indeed not enough.


There was another roar, and light appeared on his body, but the blue armor on Sven's body turned red at this moment.

The wandering swordsman is now NB.

557. Envy?

Sven became red and stronger.

Even Yim couldn't help but his expression became serious.

She could clearly feel that Sven's breath rose nearly twice.

If his attack power was one hundred before, then he is about to reach three hundred now.

how did you do that?

But Sven didn't give Eam time to think. Even Shanks was just surprised and immediately cooperated with Sven's actions.

However, Shanks also cursed inwardly.

MMP didn't use this trick when we discussed with him before.

No, even that hammer and battle cry did not use any countries, just conducted physical exercises with him.

Unexpectedly, Swain actually hid such a method.

Sven, who had activated the power of the gods, rushed towards Yim again without hesitation.

This time, Eam didn't dare to accept it.

Even before Sven's attack came, he perceives the attack route through his domineering look and hearing, and evades in advance.

But even so, Eam found that he still hadn't escaped Sven's attack.

Sven’s weapon seemed to contain a peculiar force. Even if it was not hit by the front, when Sven’s two-handed sword slashed at the position where Eam was standing, the slashing force actually penetrated the ground. , Directly passed to Yim's body.

Yim could feel this power and immediately used the armed color domineering defense.

The powerful force was completely incomparable to Sven's attack just now.

With almost twice the strength, it fell on Yim like an impact.

Without a little defense, Yim was knocked into the air by this force again.

Sven did not stop, and after a slash, he immediately raised his two-handed sword and rushed up.

He swings his great sword very fast, and Shanks once felt troublesome because of it, and this is also true of Yim now.

After forcibly adjusting his figure in the air, he immediately dodged.

I have to say that Eam's speed is so fast that Sven seems to be unable to keep up with her at all.

But the attack just now caused Yim to be injured a bit, with blood flowing down the corner of his mouth.

But now, Eam didn't dare to take Sven's attack.

It was just the aftermath, which hurt her. If she was hit from the front, she would probably be seriously injured.

Because of this, Yim kept dodge and widened the range, and quickly calculated the range that Sven's powerful swing could attack.

Sven's attack frequency is very fast. The moment he rushes up, he can cut four or five knives, but it is useless to see no one.

This kind of directly out of the attack range can't even be handled by the Golden Cudgel.

However, Shanks discovered the problem.

Why does this Yim keep fighting in the room?

Obviously the outside field is wider and it is easy to dodge Sven's attack. When the two of them join hands, they can also make better use of the environment to make the attack of the two of them invisible, but Yim has been reluctant to leave this room.

What is even more strange is that as Sven turned on the power of the gods, the fighting here became extremely fierce. If the roof was not high enough and the house was strong enough, it is estimated that the entire castle has been demolished.

But even if the entire room is destroyed beyond recognition, there is a special case.

Throne of the Void!

Even the high platform under the throne remained intact.

The only thing that was damaged was that the railings on the high platform were damaged, and the entire high platform was not damaged at all.

This is weird.

Could this high platform be built with Hailou Stone?

Otherwise, how could it be so strong.

But even Hailou Stone is not completely indestructible.

For example, in the country of Wano, it can be forged with Hailou stone, and even nails can be made.

But with Sven's current strength, cutting off the sea floor stone should be easy.

Eim, who was dodging, also saw the direction in which Shanks' eyes were aimed, and the corners of his mouth slightly curled up without the two of them paying attention.

Shanks did not reveal his discovery, but in cooperation with Sven, slowly forced Eim towards the Void Throne.

His swordsmanship is also very powerful. Even if Eim is confident that he can beat Shanks, he can't always resist with armed domineering, this thing will be exhausted, and he needs a rest to recover.

When two fists are hard to beat four hands, it is natural to use the most energy-saving way to win.

While dodge the attack of the two, Yim also counterattacked, but both were blocked by Sven and Shanks.

In general, the battle between them is not the same.

You come and go between the two sides, and you have suffered some injuries.

And Sven seemed to be the skill CD, and suddenly grabbed a hammer and flew toward Eim.

Im's pupils dilated instantly.

She had already suffered a loss just now, this time she was not stupid.

But even if she chose to retreat and dodge, Sven's hammer still made a straight turn in the air, and continued to chase Yim.

In desperation, Yim could only attach the armed color domineering to his body, raised his hands to block him, and chose to connect.

Still the familiar feeling of dizziness, this time, Eam did not escape Sven's attack.

Under the power of the gods, Sven's power was quite strong, even Eim's armed look domineering, Sven was abruptly broken.

With blood splashing, Yim's arm was left with two deep bone scars, and because of the tremendous force, Yim was knocked back into the air again, causing her to land on the high platform of the Void Throne.

The pain made Yim's dizziness shorter, and the moment the armed color was cut through, she woke up.

Frowning, Yim didn't show what he should have been when he was injured. Instead, he looked at his own hands. He jumped and landed directly on the Void Throne. The blood-stained hands supported the two of the Throne. Lion handrail.

"No, her injury is recovering quickly."

Shanks immediately found out what was wrong.

Logically speaking, if the bleeding is not stopped in time for such a deep wound, it should be bleeding all the time.

But Yim just jumped onto the throne, and the speed of his arm bleeding dropped a lot, and even after a few breaths, he was completely healed.

At this moment, the red color on Sven's body disappeared, and he returned to his normal state again.

"Sure enough, you have time for this transformation."

Eim looked like a bamboo in his chest.

He stretched out his hand to tear off his sleeve, and wiped his arm with a clean place.

After Eim threw away his sleeves, only two pure white hands were left.

There is no injury on it, it seems that the injury just now is just an illusion.

"What a huge vitality."

Unlike Shanks and the others, Sven followed the wandering law in his heart, and because the world was different, Sven could not see different things.

Shanks and the others saw the huge aura in Yim's body, while Sven saw the huge vitality.

"Yeah, endless vitality, envy?"

Eim reached out and stroked the place where his arm had just been cut, and said triumphantly.


Inside Pangu City.

Shanks and Sven vomit blood one after another.

When the two and Yim really fought, they realized that this was a very difficult enemy.