Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 345

Dorag also noticed the situation in the sky, stopped his words, and looked up at the sky.

At this moment, whether it was the revolutionary army, the pirates, or the navy, they all looked up at the sky, the moon was smiling.

No, just laugh!

Why is the moon so close?

At this moment, this sentence is the voice of everyone.

Before looking up, the moon, which was only the size of a dinner plate, seemed to be the size of a casserole at this moment. Even if they lifted their palms, they couldn't stop the moon.

What is the impact of the approach of the moon? With the level of popularity of this world, they don't know, but what is certain is that the sky has changed.

In the sky, more and more dark clouds began to gather, and soon blocked the huge moon.

Dorag frowned.

This change is very unusual, everyone can see it.

Is it a capable person?

But what kind of fruit is capable of creating such a scene?

Dorag's ability is not bad, but at the height he is standing now, the sky visible to the naked eye is wrapped by these dark clouds, not only the sky, even the sea he can see now, it is already rough.

There was still some calm sea, but my mood changed because of the changing sky.

The waves are constantly surging, and even if they are far apart, everyone can still feel that the sea is now making emotions, just like diarrhea.

The people standing on the edge of the Red Earth Continent saw it really.

The sea below is constantly beating the red earth continent. The high waves are wave after wave. The ships docking under the red earth continent are still alive.

In the air, the clouds rubbed against each other, and the thunder kept surging.

This scene is like the world is about to be destroyed.

What is even more frightening is that the same thing happened all over the world!

560. King of Heaven

The sky of the world has changed.

And it's not just the sky that changes.

Those ships still sailing at sea have encountered extremely serious problems.

"Captain, oh, the record pointer is broken!"

The navigator raised the pointer in his hand and found his captain.

And hearing the words of the navigator, the captain was also shocked.

"Broken? Where's the spare record pointer?"

"It's also broken, even the permanent pointer is broken!"

The navigator was almost crying.

The captain didn't believe it. He pushed the navigator away and headed to the cockpit. The record pointer placed in the cockpit was spinning continuously, as if it had encountered a huge magnetic field interference.

The same is true for a permanent pointer that keeps pointing to a place that does not move.

This is pretty good.

Under normal circumstances, even if the record pointer is broken, they can rely on the permanent pointer to go to an island to avoid losing their way in the vast ocean.

But now, the pointer is useless, so how do they navigate?

This is a great route. Lost in the sea is more terrifying than getting lost in the four seas.

Because they are at sea, they don't know what happened to Mary Gioia now, and they just feel surprised by the unpredictable weather on the great route.

But even so, they felt terrified, especially now that the pointer is invalid, the dark clouds in the sky are still tossing, it seems that there will be a lightning strike at any time.

No, it has been split.

That flash of lightning pierced the sky and fell directly on the surface of the sea, not only blowing up a lot of water, but you could even see a lot of fish corpses coming to the surface.

The first time I saw this violent thunder, everyone was shocked and wanted to drive the boat out of this terrible sea.

It doesn't matter if you can't find the direction, don't be struck by lightning now.

But here is the problem.

What should I do if thunder is falling before and after, waiting online, urgent

The same situation can almost be said to happen all over the world.

They found that the magnetic field at sea was in chaos, and the weather was also deviated.

There was a strong wind in some places, heavy rain in some places, and hail in some places

All kinds of weather are staged around the world.

Just like the end of the world, the whole world has become a purgatory on earth.

This is not the most terrible.

The most frightening thing is that no one knows what happened.

They only saw Mary Joa change, and then they changed here too.

There are doubts, of course.

But they don't know how to answer their own questions.

They only know that the sky of this world has changed.

On the island of Hydra.

Others also knew about Hancock's coming to fight this time.

When news came from the world government that the Nine Snakes Pirates sent her to the Red Earth Continent, under the absolute order of Hancock, they returned to Nine Snakes Island and took out what the Revolutionary Army had given them. Image phone worm.

They are waiting, waiting for the moment when the video phone worm casts the video.

It can be said that every minute of waiting is suffering.

Finally, they waited.

Listening to Dorag's speech, as the camera moved, everyone saw Hancock standing below, unscathed, with extraordinary temperament.

However, Hancock they saw did not have the majesty of the past.

Just like a little girl, with admiring eyes, holding both hands on her chest, looking at the direction of the camera, there are stars in her eyes.

However, they did not feel at ease for long.

When the sky darkened, the people of Hydra Island were full of worry.

Because there has never been a windy Hydra Island.

got windy.

Will there be wind on Hydra Island?


There is no wind here.

How can it be windy.

But the fact really happened.

No wind brought the wind, and the wind was not small, and it blew on everyone’s face and body.

For the first time, the thinly-dressed soldiers of Nine Snake Island felt the coolness of summer.

Unlike before, when the weather is hot, you can only go to the pool in the city to soak.

But this wind caused fear in their hearts.

What kind of power can make the windless zone blow the wind?

Among other things, outside of Nine Snake Island, those sea kings who have been surrounding there have also left the bottom of the sea, surfaced, and roared up to the sky, seeming to see the enemy.

Unfortunately, no one in Nine Snake Island can understand the words of the sea kings. They can only judge the mood of these sea kings from the roar of these sea kings.

Everyone on Nine Snake Island covered their ears.

Almost all the sea kings in the windless zone, no matter how big or small, squeezed out. When these sea kings roared, the deafening sound was hardly acceptable to humans.

Mary Joa.

The situation has changed again.

Originally, the revolutionary army had already taken advantage of it, only waiting for Dorag to spread his thoughts throughout the world at once.

After all, when the world government fails, they do have an unparalleled advantage. This is also a golden opportunity.

However, it seems that the sky is not what people want.

In the sky, the thunder rolled and fell directly towards the revolutionary army and the pirate team.

Had it not been for their team, there were many good people, when the thunder and lightning fell one after another, their team would have dispersed.

These thunder and lightning seemed to have eyes, and no one would smash the revolutionary army and the pirates.

A large number of navies were also standing on the field, but they were not affected at all.

It's like, God can't stand it anymore.

Luo Yi's face also deteriorated instantly.

The occurrence of this situation was indeed expected by them, but their plan was based on the premise that this situation did not occur, but what they did not expect was that the plan failed.

When the sky all over the world has changed, and even the weather has begun to change, that is when the king of heaven starts.

According to Robin, the weapon called the King of Heaven has no other function, that is, it can change the weather.

The so-called king of heaven is actually the moon.

Inside the moon, there are powerful weapons that were once studied by the ancient kingdom.

But if you want to use this weapon, you need to pay a huge price, so there is the research of blood factor.

However, from beginning to end, the king has only been used once.

The use of that time directly changed the world.

The great route and the windless zone appeared in this world, together with the red earth continent, dividing the four seas.

This is the power of the king.

But history has not been recorded, who actually used the king of heaven.

The only thing that can be determined is that the last time the king was launched was exactly 800 years ago, the hundred years when history was blank.

561. You want a few

Inside Pangu City.

This is not the place where the Tianlong people live inside Mary Joa.

The position of the Void Throne is also within the area that ordinary kings can enter.

Therefore, here can be said to be a piece of pure land in this battle.

Except for the residential area next to Pangu City, which was a broken house drawn out by the gun of Elbaff, there were no problems in other areas.

But now, even if you are standing outside Pangu City, you can see the broken walls and the crumbling building. It is conceivable what kind of fierce battle has been experienced here.

Seeing and hearing the domineering unfolding, Luo Yi discovered two faint auras, and with his right hand, the butterfly appeared in his hand, directly facing a pile of cobblestones and counting sword auras.

When the cobblestones were accurately cut, Dorag also waved his hand, and a gust of wind swept away the dust and small crushed stones and sawdust, revealing two figures.

Sven and Shanks.

Both of them had extremely serious injuries.

All the armor on Sven's body shattered, leaving only the helmet half-wrapped on his face, and the blade of abandonment that was firmly grasped by his right hand.

Shanks on the side wasn't much better.