Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 346

The injury on his body was smashed by a fist. Even if he only looked at the outside, he could know that his body was still in a mess. The Griffin in his hand was also broken in two, leaving only a broken blade to hold. Hands.

Luo Yi immediately turned on the system and directly called up Sven’s inventory, threw a Terror Ao Heart on it, and directly took out another Terror Ao Heart, stuffed it into Shanks’s hand, and removed it from the Armory , Directly swapped out a pair of Guardian Greaves and directly chose to activate it.

Heart of Terror: A well-preserved heart, from a long-extinct monster, can improve the durability of the carrier.

Guardian's Greaves: One of many sacred artifacts made in homage to the Almighty God.

Guardian Greaves, not only can passively provide the aura of life recovery, but when activated, it can restore the life and magic of allies at once.

The Heart of Terror can increase the life limit and strength of the carrier, as well as the life recovery speed. The life recovery of 5 per second is simply too strong and abnormal.

Under the double action, the injuries of Sven and Shanks were also stabilized, and they stood up from the ground panting.

Sven was okay, but Shanks had a face full of weirdness.

The red heart he held in his right hand was still beating, and the majestic vitality exuding from it was quickly repairing the injury in his body.

At this speed, as long as 20 seconds, he can return to his peak state, in addition to physical strength and domineering.

But this is too abnormal.

"Don't be surprised, I think what is even more surprised is that you two were defeated together."

Now their position is on the square outside Pangu City. It can be seen that Sven and Shanks were beaten out. Once Luo knew about the special action of the two men, he did not expect that they actually lost.

This is not right.

Doesn't it mean that no one can stop the two generals from joining forces?

Luo Yi's current strength has improved a lot, but even in the Six Gods outfit, he dare not say that he can beat Svenjashanks.

But Yim did it, and even severely injured the two.

Sven's god power didn't hack him to death?

"Eim's strength is very strong. Whether it is speed, strength, or domineering, they are far better than me. Even with Sven, they just barely suppressed her."

Shanks rubbed his chest and found that even the bones were healing quickly.

"However, Yim's resilience is too strong. The damage we caused to her can only be recovered in an instant. When she recklessly attacks, we lose."

Although Shanks didn't explain the whole process, Luo Yi probably understood what happened.

This is simply a hang up.

When the Heart of Terror Ao enters the battle, it will lose the healing effect of 5 per second. This Yim is directly in the battle with permanent healing.

As long as you can't kill me in seconds, can't you beat me?

Where does this come from?

Although Luo Yi complained like this, his thoughts began to turn.

Two people can't kill you, a group of people will do it.

Luo Yi directly opened the system panel and started calling people.

Your blood regains fast, so there must be a rebirth process.

As long as we can guarantee the output, we can kill you in minutes.

As for why Sven couldn't beat her after turning on the power of the gods, as long as I ran fast enough, your attack would not catch me.

What about the power of God, what about the power of Juli, it's no use not to hit people.

"I have mango and purification potion here, you quickly regain your strength, let's go in and fuck her again."

There are four people here, and on the Pluto ship, there is also a group of people gearing up, waiting to show their fists, all about to move, killing Yim in minutes.

Sven didn't speak, just ate the mango bit by bit and drank the potion, quickly regaining his strength.

Shanks was not polite, so he slipped the Heart of Terror Ao into his pocket, took the mango and ate it.

Mango can restore magic instantly, and when he arrives in this world, he restores his strength and domineering, and the speed is not slow.

After eating hundreds of mangoes, although his physical strength and domineering did recover quickly, Shanks felt that his tongue was numb.

In the future, if you don't have to be forced, you will never eat mangoes again.

"Your knife is broken, use this first."

With that, Luo Yi suddenly changed into a big sword.

The platinum and gold long sword looked extremely powerful. After Shanks took it, he waved it a few times, and his eyes suddenly showed surprise.

"This quality is at least the supreme sharp knife, just give it to me?"

Shanks was a little embarrassed now.

"That's it? You want a few, I have them all."

With that, Luo Yi took out two holy swords from the system, one in one hand and one handle.

Shanks took a closer look, and the holy sword in Luo's hand looked exactly the same as his own.

But in this world, how can there be two identical swords.

Even if the same craftsman uses the same material to make, the swords they make will be different.

After all, no craftsman can guarantee that every time he forges, every time he forges, he can guarantee that his strength is exactly the same.

Not those industrial mass production

This is mass production?

Shanks suddenly realized this.

"Okay, go and kill people."

Luo Yi's holy sword in his right hand was directly against his shoulder, and the holy sword in his left hand was pointed directly inside.

There, there was a very strange breath.

Suddenly strong and weak.

562. Cost

"Are you sure this is fine?"

Swain looked at what Luo Yi gave him, half of his face exposed, full of distrust.

"Why can't you? You can't catch up with her, you can't catch up with her, you can't cut it. This kind of equipment is the most effective."

Luo patted Sven on the shoulder and gave a thumbs up, confident.

However, no matter how you look at it, it looks unreliable.

Shanks on the side felt strange.

He didn't see Luo Yi taking something to Sven, what are they talking about?

But it doesn't matter, just two people, now four people, definitely can hack Yim to death.

Moreover, this holy sword is not weak in power compared to the supreme sword, and even Shanks still has a faint feeling. This sword seems to have a little bit of his own consciousness. He is holding it in his hand. Too satisfied.

Not satisfied?

so what!

Under the dual effects of armed and domineering and domineering, Shanks instantly tame the holy sword, making it obediently obedient.

Luo swung his sword and unfolded the ruins, Dorag controlled the wind direction, and the four of them walked inside.

On the Void Throne.

The clothes on Yim's body have also turned into umbilical heating pants. The other parts are all soaked in blood, and they are really uncomfortable to wear.

She looked down at the bottom, seeing Sven and Shanks who had been beaten to death by herself, and actually stood here again, but did not show the slightest surprise.

She has lived for 800 years, and she knows everything in this world, but as far as the power of the Devil Fruit is concerned, there are indeed many unclear places.

Just like the Devil Fruit Illustrated Book, it has never fully recorded all the fruits.

Im's eyes did not fall on Sven and Shanks, but on Luo Yi.

Regarding Luo Yi's information, Yim naturally knew.

When he was selected and entered the Revolutionary Army as a so-called undercover agent, Yim just nodded.

There are some shining characters in every era, which is not surprising.

But the problem is, this Luo Yi is a bit too shiny.

The navy, the pirates, and the revolutionary army were all involved, and even they already knew that what happened today was actually Luo Yi building a bridge in the middle, and only then did the Four Emperors of the New World and the Revolutionary Army join hands.

And now it seems that this guy named Luo Yi is just a little devil in his twenties, and he has such a large amount of energy, it is incredible.

According to intelligence, Luo Yi has medicines that can treat injuries in his hands.

"Come on, second round!"

Sven's sword of oath was directed at Eim.

At this moment, he was full of confidence.

Shanks is also full of confidence.

"A trivial defeat."

The corners of Eim's mouth turned up and he sneered directly.

Sven was too lazy to talk, and he roared directly, the power of the gods turned on, and instantly disappeared in place.

Yim's pupils became larger in an instant, and his armed color was domineering covering his whole body, and his arms were raised to block his neck.



With a crisp sound, Yim was directly knocked out and knocked down several pillars before stopping.

Shanks opened his mouth wide.

What just happened?

Why did Sven disappear from front of him suddenly, appearing beside Eam?

And this Yim's reaction speed is too fast, this can make a defense in time.

"Your power has become stronger again?"

Eim walked out from where he was shot.

She didn't panic at all, but her arms were almost cut off.

Anyway, the head is still there.

In the eyes of the four, Yim's two arms were repairing quickly, and the speed was not worse than that of the Heart of Terror.

This is a bit scary.

Although Luo Yi had heard the two talk about it before, watching the scene was disgusting.

How to fight this resilience?

Sven was able to appear by Eim's side instantly, naturally because of the merits of the flashing dagger.

But the flashing dagger has a 15-second cooldown, flashing past and cutting a knife, the opponent was seriously injured, but it didn't take 5 seconds to fully recover. Is this really a human?

"Have you undergone an ageless operation?"

A holy sword appeared in Luo Yi's hand in the pencil novel.qbxs.vip, looked at Yim warily and asked.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to even know that you are not old surgery. Have you come into contact with the current surgery fruit ability?"

Eim was slightly surprised at first, and then he looked interested.

"Eternal life, no wonder there is such a huge vitality and resilience." Luo Yi said with emotion: "Then if you guessed correctly, the Void Throne is the initiator of the king."

"Unexpectedly, you even know the king of heaven, is it possible that you have read the historical text?"

Eim was even more curious this time.

This kid seems to know a lot of things.

"You did the weather outside, can you trouble you and shut down the king?"