Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 347

Luo smiled, and said politely.

"Want to shut down the heavenly king? The Void Throne is there. Go by yourself."

Im tilted his head, glanced at the Void Throne, and looked at Luo Yi jokingly on his face.

"you sure?"

This time, Luo was surprised.

This is the king of heaven, if you say it is for me, just give it to me?

Luo Yi didn't hesitate at all, stepped up the steps, step by step.

Yim didn't stop it, while Dorag and the others looked at Luo Yi with some worry.

The other party is so generous, and you know there is a pit at a glance.

On the Void Throne, there were still blood stains that were too late to dry up. Luo Yi didn't dislike it at all, and sat down directly, putting his hands on the throne's armrests, and instantly took them back.

Dorag was surprised.

what happened?

"What? Now the key is in your hand, don't you turn off the king soon?"

Eim said with a completely confident expression.

Luo glanced at Yim, his brows furrowed, his fists clenched, as if he was struggling, and then he saw him gritting his teeth fiercely, closing his eyes, and clapping his hands heavily on the armrests.

Seeing this scene, Dorag and Shanks were immediately shocked.

They had never seen Luo Yi's expression before.

This kid is usually very sassy and never does anything that he is not sure about.

Judging from his appearance, it seems that mobilizing the king of heaven requires a huge price.

Soon, they saw the price Luo Yi paid.

A beautiful young man who was originally young and handsome, instantly became old.

The hair began to appear gray and then completely white.

The whole person was tens of years old instantly.

Until Luo Yi raised his hands, supported the holy sword in his hands, and stood tremblingly from the Void Throne, the sky outside was clear.

"It's really a terrible weapon. With a lifespan of 50 years, it can only control the weather over Mary Gioia."

Luo Yi's voice was very hoarse, even a little hard to hear.

And his words directly frightened Dorag and Shanks.

This heavenly king was actually launched at the cost of lifespan?

The price is too great.


Luo Yi's life was lost because of the king of heaven.

And his words also made Dorag feel no confidence in the fight for the king.

Controlling the king of heaven actually needs to consume life force.

Moreover, Luo Yi has used his life span of fifty years, and he only controlled Mary Gioia and the surrounding sky. If he wanted to restore the chaotic weather around the world, how many people would have to sacrifice?

Doragg had also heard of the ageless operation in Luo Yi's words, but he did not expect that this Yim was actually the beneficiary of the ageless operation.

"I can't help myself."

Eim shook his head, with a smirk on his face.

If you want to control the king, it's not something a mere human can do.

This Luo Yi almost exhausted his vitality, only to release the control of the weather here, but what's the use of this.

It just relieved the pressure on the revolutionary army and pirates who were confronting the navy outside.

But in this way, Luo Yi was scrapped.

Dorrag looked at the extremely old Luo Yi, who even needed to be supported by the holy sword, and his anger spontaneously arose.

The whole person turned into a violent wind and rushed towards Yim.

Shanks also clenched the holy sword, and followed Dorag without hesitation.

Swain took a look at Luo, nodded, disappeared into the spot and appeared behind Yim.

The three directly doubled Yim in the middle, and their attacks arrived in turn.

Surrounded by the three, Yim felt the pressure.

The power of God on Sven's body is not over yet, plus the seven divine outfits on him, Sven's current combat power is not comparable to just now.

In his previous words, these are all external forces.

After being defeated by Yim, Swain also added the next sentence, as a last resort, he still has to rely on external forces.

Luo Yi: Haha!

As Sven's strength greatly increased, with the addition of an extra Dorag, Eim's battle became difficult.

When she wanted to attack Sven, Dorrag and Shanks would take the opportunity to find her space.

One is a natural fruit ability, and the other is a great swordsman holding a holy sword. Both attacks are very powerful and effective.

Especially in the use of domineering, Yim is not much better than them.

Everyone has mastered the flow of domineering, so that domineering can be destroyed from the body.

She just has a strong body recovery speed, but it doesn't mean she won't die.

During the battle, Yim will still concentrate on protecting his head, neck, and heart.

And the key attack positions of Dorag, Shanks and Sven are also these parts.

Eim found that the most difficult one among the three was not Shanks or Dorag, but the sudden surge of Sven.

Under the influence of the power of God, Sven's attack power became extremely powerful, making Emm not dare to insist on it.

What is even more bizarre is that he seems to have mastered a certain peculiar movement ability and can appear next to him instantly.

Calculating the time, it is about once every 15 seconds.

As for his perverted power, counting time, it should be over.

Sure enough, under Eim's estimation, the red on Sven's body gradually faded.

"good chance!"

Knowing that Sven would enter a CD next time, Eam decided to defeat Sven first in the same way as before.

As for the other two who can only cause partial damage to themselves, and at most they are only a containment effect, Dorag and Shanks are left to solve later.

The color of the arms hardened on his fist, and at the moment Sven was discouraged, Eam moved directly to Sven's side with a shave, and slammed his fist directly at Sven.

And Sven did not evade this time, he just raised the sword of abandonment to block him, and when Yim's fist was about to fall on him, he activated the equipment.

Blade Armor: Armor covered with a sharp razor, which can be used to perform martyrs regardless of their own safety in battle.

Active: rebound damage

Rebound all damage received.Lasts 4.5 seconds.

This piece of equipment has no other characteristics, it just rebounds damage, but this doesn't mean that you won't take any damage, just that you will rebound as much as you eat.

To put it simply, come, hurt each other!

Yim's attack is a full attack. She doesn't need to consider whether the reaction force will cause harm to her body. She has enough resilience to restore the side effects caused by the reaction force in an instant.

But now comes the problem.

Her attack fell on Sven. Although the sword of abandonment stood in front of Sven, the huge force smashed the sword of abandonment on Sven's body and beat him severely. Fly out.


The force passed back from the fist directly caused Eim to spit blood.

what happened?

Yim could feel that the force returned by this effect was twice the force he had just attacked.

And this force is rapidly destroying her right arm and internal organs, and in the heart, vitality rushes out to repair her body.

The strength of the rebound caused Yim's body to come to a halt, and Shanks and Dorag did not let go of this excellent opportunity.

The holy sword and the wind blade also slashed around Yim's body.

Unfortunately, in an emergency, Yim forcibly twisted his body, avoided the two deadly positions of the heart and head, and was hit in his waist.

Blood spattered.

Due to the blade armour’s counter-injury, Yim’s body was already damaged. In addition, when Sven used the power of the gods and had a powerful swing effect, even if he did not directly hit Yim, it would also cause her. Hurt.

She regains blood quickly, but not so quickly.

Dorag and Shanks succeeded in one blow, and naturally they wanted to take advantage of the victory and pursue it.

But Yim exchanged his injuries with his fists and their weapons collided with each other. With the help of strength, they retreated far away to recover their injuries.

At this time, Sven also ran back from a distance and stood beside Dorag and Shanks.

The three of them didn't speak, but just a look in their eyes understood the other two's intentions.

Shanks stood in place, Sven directly used the jump knife, Dorag transformed into Qingfeng, and the three of them surrounded Yim in a triangle.

Siege, you must besiege.

The previous battle was just a warm-up, and the three of them are now familiar with the other two's styles of play. In front of a strong man of their level, cooperation is not difficult.

Just like their previous judgment, as long as their output is fast enough, or if they cut off Eim's head and penetrate her heart, they can defeat Eim.

At this time, Luo Yi's body lit up with the light of the teleportation array.

Yim's attention was also slightly attracted to the past.

The light of the teleportation array dissipated, and it was a young girl wearing an ice blue robe holding a staff.

As soon as the girl appeared, she immediately pounced on Luo Yi's body. After the two exchanged a few words, the robes on the girl's body suddenly changed, and the whole person seemed to be covered by ice and floated from the ground.

Staring at Im, there seemed to be fire from the blue pupils.

With the girl as the center, the ice began to spread from the ground under her feet, and the entire castle became a world of ice and snow.

The Swain trio couldn't help but shudder.

it's too cold.

The strength of this girl is too strong, with the ability of ice, it is estimated that the green pheasant is not comparable.


564. Ice and Fire Two Heavens

The power of frost.

Lilai's ability is the frozen fruit of the green pheasant, and Monet's snow fruit is completely incomparable.

This is derived from the power in her own body, which has been with her since she was born.

Coupled with the teachings of the Winter Flying Dragon and the Lich, Lilai's frost power is becoming more and more skilled and more powerful.

And seeing Luo Yi become what he is now, Lilai's heart was full of anger.

This anger even surpassed when he saw Lena.

All the power of frost in the body was mobilized.

Over the years, Lilai has completely controlled the power of Frost, and with the help of the Book of Knowledge, her mental power has increased to an extremely powerful level.

Even if angry, her control of the power of frost is extremely subtle.

Frost Avalanche made Lilai float, and the ice began to spread from the ground under her feet, accurately bypassing the three of Luo Yi and Dorag, and rushed towards Yim.