Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 348

Before the cold air arrived, Yim could feel the extremely cold feeling rushing over his face.

The world of One Piece is not the world of fantasy novels. The energy in the body cannot make them unclear about the cold and heat. No matter how strong they are, they will be affected by the surrounding environment, and even get sick due to imbalanced nutrition.

The current chill made Yim feel something was wrong.

The bitter cold, it can be said that it penetrated Eim's body all the way.

After the fierce battle, the body was suddenly invaded by cold when the pores were wide open.

The originally fast-flowing blood suddenly slowed down, and the blood vessels contracted extremely rapidly. The heart and lungs could feel a clear sense of pressure, and Yim's breathing immediately became hurried.

As the air was inhaled, the cold air entered the lungs again and spread to her body.

When the inside and the outside were closed, just two or three breaths, ice crystals formed on Yim's body.

The eyebrows, hair, these areas have turned white, and the lips have completely lost their blood.

Yimu's body was covered with armed domineering, and he wanted to resist the power of frost, but it was of no avail.

The ice crystals grew rapidly, and after the temperature of the surrounding environment had dropped, Yim turned into an ice sculpture in the blink of an eye.

Dorag raised his eyebrows, and Shanks also showed an expression of admiration.

The distance between Lilai and Yim was 30 meters, to be less, but the power of frost that spread throughout the room allowed Lilai to control Yim from a distance.

However, it is just control.

The powerful aura from the ice sculpture told everyone that Yim did not suffer any substantial harm.

But Lilai's attack had just begun.

In her hand, the ice-blue staff was gripped tightly. Lilai seemed to wave his hand gently. The force of a large amount of frost formed ice thorns, reflecting the chilling light under the sunlight that penetrated from the broken roof. .

Dense ice thorns instantly covered most of the room. Sven didn't hesitate to jump on the knife and jumped directly to Luo Yi's side.

Dorag and Shanks saw Sven's chicken thieves, and quickly left their positions.

As soon as the three of them drew away, the ice spikes in the air shot out.

Under Lilai's precise control, the ice thorn's attacks are orderly, unlike some range skills, except for the power that attacks people, other powers are used to destroy the environment.

When the ice thorns were like a long dragon made up of fish in the deep sea, they bombarded Eim's body, and Eim was already shocked, shattering the frost on his body, using all his strength to control his own stiffness. The body dodges.

"Boom boom boom boom boom"

A lot of bombing sounded.

In addition, there are also those ice thorns bombarding Yim's "ding and ding" sounds mixed in.

The ice thorn did not break Eim's defense.

Under the protection of the domineering armed color, Eim's defense can be said to be the top level in the world, unless he has the power of God like Sven, can increase his attacking ability by two or three times, or is a high-level armed color Domineering, you can directly destroy the inside, otherwise there is no way to hurt her.

The problem is that the damage caused by these ice spikes is not only physical damage, but also magical damage.

When the ice thorn hit her and shattered, the cold air that was thorough in the heart also merged into her body along her pores.

In addition, the surrounding environment is constantly changing.

After the ice thorns that she dodged fell on the ground, they turned into cold air, causing the temperature of the entire room to drop again.

Eim soon discovered that something was wrong.

Lilai seemed angry, but she was extremely calm when fighting, and even prepared the way to fight at the beginning.

It looks like it is constantly attacking, but it is actually creating an environment.

The room where the Void Throne is placed is very large, with a length, width and height of more than 50 meters, that is, from the gate to the Void Throne, there is a distance of at least 50 meters.

But now, under the influence of the power of Frost, the room that had been dilapidated by the battle had also changed drastically.

The icy ground, the icy walls, and the icy ceiling, the entire room is tightly wrapped.

The completion of these is only the result of the overflowing energy and temperature when fighting her.

Suddenly, Shanks and Swain looked down at their feet.

The soles of their shoes are condensed from tiny ice into nails, allowing them to walk easily on smooth ground.

Eim is different.

She needs to use her own strength to forcibly crush the smooth ice surface so that she can provide enough friction.

But with the attack of the ice thorns, Yim also found that the ice surface under his feet became harder and harder. After each step on it, it was repaired in the blink of an eye and became denser ice.

Dodge becomes difficult.

Im's eyes narrowed slightly.

At this moment, she transferred the target of the number one enemy to Lilai.

The direction of the foot changes.

Even though all of them were standing in front of the Void Throne, Yim did not fear the siege and rushed forward.

She was going to solve Lilai first.

But when Yim approached Lilai's attack, her pupils shrank sharply.

She saw that Luo Yi's body once again lit up with the light of the teleportation array.

This is pretty good.

Lilai just came here and it was enough trouble, now there is another one?

Is this Luo Yi's ability?

According to intelligence, his ability is to summon some powerful people here, and he should be using his ability now.

However, it seems that there is a limit to his ability, and he cannot continuously summon him. Otherwise, he would directly call a thousand or eight hundred people to besiege him, and then Yim guessed he would be dead.

In order to avoid being besieged by five people, Immo tried his best and used all his strength to "shave", completely ignoring the damage he would receive and preparing to forcibly kill Luo.

However, as Yim got closer and closer to Luo Yi, a red figure appeared beside Luo Yi.

The crimson light was extremely dazzling in this room that was already icy and snowy.

A blazing beam of light fell from the sky, wrapping Eim in it.

At this moment, Yim understood what is meant by the two heavens of ice and fire.

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One ice, one fire.

When the two sisters, Lilai and Lena, floated in front of Luo Yi, even Dorag and Shanks cast envious eyes.

Two sisters!

How many men's dreams.

Compared with Lilai's cold body, Lilai looked like a passionate type.

The key point is that the two sisters are very strong. As a couple, they can stay with them all the time, which can reduce a lot of troubles on safety issues.

As everyone thought about it, the fire around Yimu's body had also dissipated.

However, Yim, who had just been heated, showed signs of freezing again.

The Light Strike Array was the ability Lina used when she first appeared.

That is the energy that hits the sun, causing the air to burn and creating a huge pillar of fire, not only can cause damage, but the impact of the explosion can also stun the enemy.

Flame, heat.

Yim's body was getting used to the effects of the low temperature on herself, but the low temperature still caused frostbite on her body. When she was about to solve the root cause in one fell swoop, she didn't expect fire to appear.

The heat of this flame is simply incomparable to ordinary flames.

The hot flame burned her skin instantly.

Even under the protection of armed color domineering, the temperature of the flame is still a big problem.

No matter how strong the armor is, it can resist part of the temperature, but it cannot resist all the temperature.

After frostbite, the high temperature directly caused Eim's skin to be seriously injured.

The pain has long been felt.

However, the dark skin on her body was falling one by one under the powerful recovery effect of the body, and the new skin began to appear, looking extremely disgusting.

Eim's eyes were full of anger.

However, under this anger, there is calmness.

She hadn't been so embarrassed for hundreds of years.

And if you want to break the current situation, the first thing that needs to be solved is that Luo Yi, who was already going to die.

Ignoring her physical condition, Yim's heart beats rapidly, and a large amount of life breath flows into the limbs of the body with the beating of the heart, repairing her injury.

Just glanced at the five people in front of him, Yim took the lead to attack.

Navy type six.

It has always been extremely powerful, and even a general-level powerhouse is using it.

The most basic six forms can be said to be the basic application of a superhuman body, and according to each person's own talents, the six forms will develop many derivative abilities.

When Eim stepped on it, the huge force not only shattered the thick ice, but even made the whole room tremble a bit.

And she herself rushed into the sky because of the reaction force.

As expected, the temperature above is obviously a few degrees higher than below.

He doesn't care about physical damage, and doesn't care whether the Void Throne will be destroyed.

Eim's right leg made a kick in the air like a sickle, and a huge slash fell from the sky.

Lan feet.

A huge slash fell from the sky and flew directly towards Luo Yi, who seemed untenable.

Everyone was surprised.

Luo Yi's state now didn't seem to be able to dodge.

Dorag took the first step, and appeared on Luo Yi's head in the blink of an eye. With both hands raised, the huge wind blade rose into the sky and collided with Yim's foot.

The strong impact exploded in the air, and it was offset.

But neither of them meant to stop.

Yim found that since he couldn't attack me close, he would use remote means to kill you.

Her physical strength is approaching infinite, and she can continuously release attacks with maximum power.

But Dorag they can't.

When a stray foot disappeared, the sky was like rain.

A large number of slashing attacks rushed toward the ground in a dense manner, and the range of attacks included Luo Yi and them without exception.

When these slashes appeared, Dorrag had a headache.

His fruit ability is not good at defense.

Shanks also joined the battle at this time, and Sven also carried the sword of abandonment.

A large number of slashes were slashed out from the holy sword in Shanks's hands, and Sven also wielded the sword of abandoning oath, his tall body blocked Luo Yi, constantly blocking the missing slashes.

Lilai also created a thick ice wall after another to block the air attack.

Although the ice wall is strong, it is the same wherever it is placed.

The ice wall was breached time and time again, and repaired again and again.


Seeing that the four of them struggled to resist, but Lena had nothing to do, Lilai suddenly screamed in dissatisfaction.

"Okay, leave it to me, and call my sister!"

Lena didn't care about Lilai's tone and answered very easily.

Standing behind the ice wall, Lena raised her hands, and two fire balls floated directly on her hands.