Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 349

"Dragon Slash"

Pushing forward with both hands, the fireball condensed into a huge flame, transformed into a dragon, and rushed towards Yim.

That flame, like the breath of a dragon, was completely formed by fire.

Even if it hit Yim's slash without any damage, it rushed directly to Yim's face.


Emm was enveloped in flames, and stopped his slashing, constantly controlling the beating of his heart, healing his body.

The cells were dying out one by one, and one by one was reborn. The pain and itching appeared on her at the same time.

However, this process did not last long, and Yim quickly offset the damage caused by Dragon Slash.

When he was preparing to replay the old tricks, adding the long-range finger gun he developed by the way, a terrifying breath came from Lena below.


"God Killing"


Released from Lena's hands, it instantly smashed onto Yim's body.

Eim, who was flying in the air with moon steps, felt that his body was hit hard in an instant, even the beating of his heart slowed by half a beat, and for a moment he lost consciousness.

If it were not for the strong vitality contained in the heart, and the heart was repaired in the first time, Yim felt that he might die.

Even so, Yim found that he could not control his body at all.

This time, not only the skin but also the inside of the body suffered intense burning.

The uncontrollable body slowly fell from the air.

By the side of Lena, the air became extremely hot, white-hot lightning and some swirling around her body, melting all the surrounding ice.

Lilai drifted away very disgustedly, and came to Luo Yi's side, erecting a small ice wall to resist the heat.

Dorag and Shanks glanced at Lena in surprise.

The power of the trick just now is simply amazing.

Condensing the extreme heat to form a white-hot lightning, which is fast and powerful.

If it weren't for Yim's recovery ability, he wouldn't be able to live long even if he didn't die.

566. Ma Susu

Take advantage of the victory and pursue it.

After being surprised by Lena's moves, they immediately acted.

Yim's recovery ability is very strong.

Just now Lena's Divine Killer did not kill Yim.

Even though she is falling from the air now, she can feel her sudden weak breath, which is rising quickly.

Dorag and Shanks even suspected that even if Eam's head were cut off, she might have another one.

With such a guess in his heart, Dorag rushed up first, and Shanks followed closely.

Sven had always been brave, jumping with a flashing sword, appeared directly beside Eam, and swung the blade of abandonment vigorously.

For the first time, Sven felt that the blade of the abandoned oath, which had entered and exited in and out of the night watch as if entering the land of no one, felt that its power was not strong enough. In the column, there is indeed a holy sword.

Because of Eim's injury and lack of flexibility in the sky, Sven's attack was not avoided by Eim.

Although Yim had regained control of her body after a brief recovery, in the face of Sven's attack, she had only time to forcibly turn away the key points and mobilize armed domineering defense.


This is the second time Eim was hit by Sven in this round of battle.

This time, she felt a strange phenomenon.

Sven's attack seemed to be accompanied by some kind of power, capable of breaking through his own armed domineering. Although it was only part of it, it also weakened a little bit of dominance, making his attack more effective.

However, Yim once again used Sven's attack to distance himself from Dorag and Shanks.

Seeing and hearing the domineering sense, the two people are quickly approaching.

With the slashing of the blade of abandoning oath, Yim tried to add another scar on his body, and would not give up this opportunity.

In fact, no matter who attacked her first, Eam would choose to take advantage of it, but Sven's attack was easier.

Sven's attack was a horizontal slash. With this force, Yim instantly smashed the walls and thick ice walls of Pangu City and came to the outside field.

Regardless of how many buildings he smashed, Eim didn't push away the crushed rocks on his body, and just lay there and recovered.

A lot of skin fell off, and filthy blood was vomited out by Im.

Whether it is skin, muscles, internal organs, or bones, they have all suffered different degrees of damage.

Lena's Divine Slash was indeed a powerful attack. Yim knew that if the power were more powerful, it might instantly burn his brain and heart, leaving him without any resistance.

Too big.

If there are only three or four people, he still has the possibility to win, but now the number of opponents has increased to five, and the two sisters are capable people again, and the ability can be said to be developed to the extreme.

After thinking about it, Yim's body probably recovered seven or eighty-eight.

The ageless operation is not to prevent her from dying, but to provide extremely huge vitality, which can keep her body young forever.

As for the body's recovery speed, it took Eim over a hundred years to learn to master these vitality, turning himself into a humanoid dragon, and he could exercise regardless of all consequences.

However, people have their limits.

Eim hasn't improved his strength for hundreds of years.

She has touched the top of this world.

She can easily defeat a navy admiral, and can easily solve the so-called killing order of the navy.

But she just couldn't break her shackles.

Perhaps after eating a devil fruit, she will be able to enhance her strength even stronger.

But she did not eat.

Because she doesn't need it.

She has a king.

In this world, she is the only one who can activate the king of heaven.

As long as she is willing, she can even destroy the world.

After they wiped out the huge kingdom that controlled the entire world, the king became her weapon.

Although she was not the original participant, she is the offspring of the participant, one of the 20 generations who created this world, and she was very "lucky" to undergo the surgery for immortality and became the key to using the king of heaven.

Thinking back carefully, I have been a puppet for many years.

Before becoming the master of the heavenly king, before sitting on the throne of supreme power, she was nothing but a little girl at the mercy of others.


"Why rebel against me"

"Isn't it good to accept the rule honestly"


The recovery of her body caused Yim to push away the gravel piles covering her body and stand up from the ground.

At this time, she was again surrounded by the Dorag three.

Sven turned on the power of God and charged up.

Shanks also clenched the holy sword, his eyes sharp and domineering.

Dorag is a long-range attack, using wind blade and wind pressure to create an advantage for the two teammates and restrict Yim's movement.

They know that Yim's recovery ability is very strong, so the attack must not be stagnant.

Now, although Yim's strategic retreat has recovered a lot of her injuries, she is not unscathed.

Victory is approaching them little by little.

The three attacked Eim desperately, and Eim continued to counterattack.

The attacks of Shanks and Dorag were nothing to Eim, as long as he was careful to guard against them.

However, Sven, who had activated the power of the gods, was a big trouble.

But even if it is troublesome, it is just three people.

Sisters Lilai and Lena seemed to be worried about Luo Yi, so they did not chase them out.

Without auxiliary control, Yim once again displayed her strength.

With armed and domineering fists, he told Sven and Shanks fiercely that it was not luck to defeat them before.

Fight you come and go.

From time to time, Yim's body would add a few injuries, but he recovered quickly.

And so did Sven and Shanks.

As long as the wound is not too serious, it will be repaired slowly within a period of time, and the speed is naturally not as fast as Yim, but it is not slow.

Eim also discovered this, and his attack became more and more ruthless, and he moved towards the deadly position.

If it hadn't been for Dorag's wind to always appear suddenly invisibly, helping them block a large number of attacks, the two would have suffered a lot of damage now.

But they were not discouraged.

Compared with before, this time the battle situation is obviously much better than before.

The injuries on Yim are increasing, and their output exceeds Yim's recovery.

But the problem also followed.

They have always responded to the enemy with all their strength. Even if their physical strength is beyond ordinary people, how long can they hold on and can they consume Eim to death?

Yim naturally understood his advantage, every attack he went all out, forcing Sven to consume a lot of system.

Seeing that he slowly mastered the rhythm, under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, he once again added a strong aura.

A figure flew directly out of Pangu City, followed by a thunder falling from the sky.

The thunder and lightning hit the body, numb.

567. A vampire


Not the one caught by Lingling.

It is the king of heaven and the father of the gods.

However, Zeus also has a stinking problem, that is, countless trysts with mortal women and he was arrested.

So, his wife gave him an ultimatum.

"Since you like mortals so much, be a mortal."

"If you can prove your loyalty, come back and be my eternal husband."

"Otherwise, go and die with your creation."

Then Zeus discovered that her logic and her magic were impeccable and could only do what she said.

Since then, Zeus has changed his mind and stopped being passionate in front of mortals, leaving his love to his eternal goddess.

But in order to prove that he is worthy of the eternal beloved wife, he must win the battle on the battlefield.

Then, he was called by the contract.

What about war?

Especially Zeus found that many people on the battlefield seemed to have accepted this contract.