Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 350

Although Zeus hasn't recovered all his powers yet, he still has his vision.

One of the reasons for accepting the contract was that it stated that he could find the Thunder God Helm that was lost by his wife, and the other was to take a look at another world.

What's more interesting is that he was in this world and saw his unconvincing rise, Mars.

This kid is not authentic, he won't take your father when he runs out to play.

Closer to home.

After getting the Thunder God Helmet from Luo, Zeus became more domineering, from the insignificant old man at the beginning to the insignificant old man with ancient aura.

Stepping on a thundercloud under his feet, holding a lightning bolt in his left hand and a thunderball in his right hand, facing the enemy in front of him, he released a terrifying punishment.

Zeus's fighting power is even more terrifying than Lilai and Lina.

Im also deeply felt it.

If it was someone else's attack, she could still dodge, and she could at least feel the domineering look and feel.

However, after Zeus appeared, a thundercloud appeared in the sky.

Every two seconds, there will be a lightning strike in the sky.

This lightning strike is not only powerful, even the powerful lightning force will penetrate into her body, causing her body to stagnate.

The most important thing is that the damage caused by these lightning strikes is really too great.

Eim can be sure that with every lightning strike, his body is damaged at least more than 10.

If it weren't for the vitality to quickly recover the injuries in the body, wouldn't it be that ten times he would be gone.

But Yim didn't know that this so-called injury was based on her current life situation.

If she is willing to fight with a wound, the damage might not be that high. Now, it is equivalent to suppressing her life recovery.

The three of Dorag discovered this, and the four of them besieged, without considering their own physical strength, as long as they can solve Yim with the fastest speed.

As a result, the wind blades all over the sky, like raindrops, are lasing towards Im. Each wind blade is Dorag’s strongest attack, as if to cut through this space, even if it is not close, it is just far away. Looking at it, I can feel my skin has been cut open.

Im embarrassed and dodged the attack.

She had discovered that although the range of the thundercloud was very large, there seemed to be something hidden in the thundercloud, and the lightning was launched from that thing.

But as he moved, that thing didn't follow it, that is to say, Thunder Cloud has a certain range of attack.

With Dorag's full attack, Yim was not easy to defend.

Her strength has indeed reached the ceiling of this world, but Dorag and the others are not weak.

If you really want to count it, Eim’s power and speed are only about 10% to 20% better than Dorag and the others. If you are singled out, it is indeed extremely powerful, but group fights.

Yim didn't have the superb position of the star to dodge the raindrops. Even if there is, even one person can't pass through the gap between these wind blades.

A large number of wind blades fell on her body, making clanking noises.

The devil fruit developed to the limit is not much weaker than the domineering, but there are very few people who can develop it to the limit.

And Dorag's wind blade is not just as simple as compressed air, it also has armed domineering attached to it, colliding with Yim's domineering, quickly consuming her physical strength.

Under the sky full of wind blades, there was still a lightning strike, and Yim spent a lot of effort and finally rushed out of the range of Thundercloud's attack.

However, Thunder Cloud is just a small skill of Zeus.

Lifting his left hand upwards, a lightning strike fell from the sky again and draped Yim's body, and his right hand was not idle. After releasing the lightning strike, pushing forward, a lightning bolt also jumped from Zeus's hand to Yim's body.

Adding the two together, Yim was also very uncomfortable, and instantly felt that his body was greatly damaged.

While carrying Dorag's wind blade with domineering force, he rushed towards Zeus.

The other three people's fighting moves, Yim knew about it, it was this man who appeared suddenly, able to control thunder and lightning, it was an accident.

Under the lightning, Zeus did not fear Eim's attack on him.

His body may not be that strong, but his mental power did accurately capture Yim's movement path.

Just when Eim was about to approach, Zeus stretched out his hand and Eim realized that he could not move.

Under the feet, I don't know when vines grew, which bound Yim's lower body.

On the side, a golden hammer was flying towards him.

Zeus also held his hands high, and a thunder gathered with his hands.

Shanks' slash was also released from the holy sword, slashing toward Yim aggressively.




"Ka Ka Ka"

All kinds of voices radiated with Eim as the center of the circle.

With a wave of Dorag's hand, a gust of wind directly dissipated the smoke and dust in the sky.

Im was badly injured and knelt on one knee.

There were three deep bone wounds on her body. It could be seen that they were wounded by the blade of abandoned oath and Shanks' sword aura.

All blood was flowing out of his body, and he looked embarrassed.

As for Sven, who had just approached her, he seemed to be beaten out again.

Eam knew Sven's power was strong, and how dare he let him output close to his body when he couldn't move, so naturally he wanted to fight his injuries to knock him back.

However, under the full siege of the four, Yim was still injured.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind Yim with a hand on her shoulder.

Eim was about to attack, but suddenly stopped.

She felt that her body had become uncontrolled, and her vitality was being lost.

The breath of life in the heart was forcibly extracted. If it hadn't been for the old operation on her body, it would have been sucked up directly.

But even so, Yim's injury stopped recovering at this moment.

Without these vitality, she cannot activate the cells to repair her body.

Turning his head with difficulty, only to see that the young man who had lost a lot of his lives by using the king of heaven just now had once again changed back to his original appearance.

how is this possible?

What is this ability?

After that, Im's eyes widened.

This boy, two sharp teeth grew out of his mouth, his skin became a little pale, and a pair of huge wings suddenly grew out of his back.

Looks like

A vampire.

568. Tool People

Bat fruit.

The most abnormal thing is not the bonus that it can transform into a vampire, but the fruit ability, which has an ability to absorb the life of others.

This alone is an alternative immortality.

As long as there are creatures in this world, those with the ability can put aside the so-called moral bottom line and live to the destruction of the universe is not a problem.

But Yim didn't expect that Luo would ate such a devil fruit just in time.

The reason why the ageless operation is called the ageless operation is because after the operation is completed, the beneficiary's body will have a lot of vitality, which can continuously ensure the vitality of the cells and prevent the cells from aging due to differentiation to achieve the effect of longevity.

As for the effect of injury recovery, it was also forcibly developed by Yim himself.

But now, all these breaths of life were taken away by Luo Yi, causing Yim's injuries to be unable to recover.

This is not his nemesis!

However, Yim won't catch it all.

Armed and domineering hardened, his arm swept away, and he wanted to take Luo Yi's hand off his body.

However, Luo Yi seemed to have anticipated this situation a long time ago.

A holy sword appeared abruptly. Unlike Shanks' holy sword, there was a strange black light on Luo Yi's holy sword.

Black knife?

Seeing that holy sword was blocking the path of his arm, the thickly armed and domineering attached to it was no worse than his own, Yim twisted his waist and deflected his attack route.

She had a hunch that if she really touched the holy sword, even if she was armed and domineering, her arm would probably be cut off.

But what Yim didn't expect was that Luo Yi's reaction speed was simply outrageous.

When she twisted her waist, her body naturally moved. Even though the opponent's devil fruit ability can control her body, her strength is not weak and forced movement is not a problem, but the problem is that Luo Yi actually moved with her. .

Now, his hand is still attached to his body, constantly drawing the breath of life in his body.

This is not a good thing.

If the injury on his body is not treated in time, just let the blood flow, no matter how strong he is, he cannot resist the problem of excessive blood loss.

As a result, Yim began to resist.

It's just that her attacks failed.

For this opponent standing behind him, with every attack, he can accurately place the holy sword on his attack path. Sometimes, his muscles have just contracted, and his holy sword has already come over. .

This is pretty good.

You are an unknown prophet, foresee the future.

After only a few fights, Yim understood.

This is talent.

She was also helpless.

Seeing and hearing the domineering talent is inherent, no matter how much you practice, no talent will not help.

Yim doesn't have this kind of talent. Her domineering look and feel is also the top level in this world, but she doesn't have that special ability.

Peeping into people's hearts, foreseeing the future, and empathizing, these are all gifts.

After several resistances, Yim stopped his movements.

Under the power of Devil Fruit, Yim's own strength has been suppressed a lot, and Luo Yi's strength is not weak at all, and it is also a general level when thrown into the navy.

In this case, Eim was not sure to defeat him.

It's just that, so much life breath has been absorbed by him, why hasn't he blown up yet?

Eim was a little confused.

Luo Yi, who had absorbed Yim's life, was also deeply moved.

It's not an old surgery, this vitality is too strong.

The life absorption capacity of bat fruit is quite abnormal, as long as he is willing, he can absorb all the life span of a person in just a few seconds.

Moreover, the absorption of this lifespan, even if the Hailou stone handcuffs were handcuffed to him, it would not help.

This is a one-way absorption. As long as the life span reaches oneself, it is one's own, unless one voluntarily shares the life span with others.

In other words, he now has the ability to use himself as a medium to control his life.

As long as he is willing, he can even transfer one person's life span to another, so that the people around him can also reach immortality.

This is completely different from the fruit of surgery. The fruit of surgery is to sacrifice oneself to perfect others, and the fruit of bat is to sacrifice others to perfect yourself or others.

And every second of Yimu's vitality, Luo Yi can extract at least ten years of life from her.

Even if Luo Yi let go of his hand now, it is not a problem that he can live in a young posture for five to six hundred years.


No, this is not the time to be happy.

This life span is simply not enough.