Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 351

That Breaking King, how much life did Eim have to spend to change the weather in the entire world.

How did the science and technology tree reach so high 800 years ago, with such awesome technology, and how did the ancient giant kingdom be destroyed?

Is it because of the protagonist's halo?

Luo Yi was thinking about this issue by the way while making gestures with the holy sword and Im.

Although Yim reacted quickly, Luo Yi's combat effectiveness was not weak. Facing a person controlled by her own fruit ability, accidentally causing several wounds on her body, it was normal.

However, now Yim still has the ability to resist, maybe he can.

Thinking about it, Luo Yi's holy sword didn't show any mercy.

Even after Yim's fierce battle, his clothes were damaged so that only the fig leaf was left. With the help of the power of the world, the river crab was not allowed to come here, but Luo Yi did not get tempted.

Even after Yim's resistance again, the holy sword in his hand thrust into the ground, and he reached out and pointed towards Yim, and a red lightning fell directly on Yim's body.

The supernatural power of Dagendagon is a good thing.

Yim only felt that his injury was getting worse again, but there was no cure.

The suppression of the bat fruit on his body has also become stronger.

After aggravating Yim's injury, Luo Yi directly lifted Yim up and flew to the Void Throne with the wings on his back.

When Yim was picked up, he understood Luo Yi's actions.

He wants to shut down the king.

If it was before, Eim would only smile.

In this world, except for himself, who can completely control the king of heaven.

But now, if Luo Yi uses himself as a medium, it is not impossible.

Damn it!

When Yim realized that the matter was big, it was too late, and she became a tool man when she had to.

When Luo realized that she still had the power to resist, he would make up for an attack, especially the two girls next to him, which caused great harm to his body and mind.

And Luo Yi was sitting on the Void Throne, absorbing his own vitality while transporting this part of life to the Void Throne.

The whole world, the originally violent climate, gradually returned to calm.

569. The means to rule the world

Toolman Yim is under control.

At this moment, she knew that she had lost, she had lost under siege.

But this is also normal.

Humans have limits.

She has reached her limit.

Being able to live to this day, apart from hiding one's own identity and playing with power tactics, there are mainly no people like Luo Yi who can resist the power of the world and the world government.

The reason why the navy has always been the overlord of the sea is because the navy is united and the power of the pirates is loose, and because of the pirates, many people are more willing to join the navy spontaneously, so that the power of the navy can continue to expand and improve.

To put it simply, they are all set off by peers.

But one thing that cannot be denied is that the presence of the navy has indeed reduced the damage caused by the pirates.

Watching Luo Yi taking his own life and controlling the king, Yim could see that the foundation he had accumulated over the years had completely collapsed at this moment.

The whole pirate world.

Luo Yi's control of the operation of the king is not fast.

The first thing he did was to push the nearby moon away.

The Void Throne is the controller of the king of heaven.

The real Uranus is actually installed inside the moon.

Putting the moon back where it should have been, it took a whole 800 years of life span. The absorption of vitality by this king is really terrifying.

Had it not been for the charging treasure of Yimu, who wanted to restore the entire Pirate World to its original state, it is estimated that the two groups fighting outside would have to pull in and sacrifice.

In this kind of thing, it only depends on who lives long, not how strong it is.

If Baibeard sat here, it is estimated that he would be dead in less than 10 years.

And the same is true for the three major navy officers. At most, it will be cold for 3 to 40 years.

But a young navy can use his lifespan in exchange for sunny weather in a small city.

Controlling the king is not easy.

When the moon was pushed back by Luo, the water that had been churning around Marigio calmed down.

With Mary Gioia as the center, the sky gradually cleared.

Luo Yi didn't have time to set the sky from one island to another, but only controlled the chaotic scene all at once.

The dark clouds that had spread all over the world, and the chaotic and bad weather, gradually began to disperse.

The sun shines on the earth and the ocean, and the sunny scenery after rain is like a ray of sunlight projected in the darkness.

Of course, it's not everywhere.

On the other side of the world, the intersection of the great sea route, it is now dark, and the weather such as lightning, hail, snow and so on is still affecting it.

This time, the most severely affected areas were the four seas, southeast, northwest.

Unlike the bad weather on the Great Sea Route, no matter how bad the weather is in the four seas, there is an upper limit.

There is no lower limit for the weather on the great route.

Due to the weather problems on weekdays, the precautions against such emergencies are naturally quite weak.

As long as they are not people who grew up on the great sea route, they simply cannot accept the sudden situation of thunder and lightning roaring and torrential rain in the blink of an eye.

Without a little bit of precaution, there is no trace of worry.

Not to mention, they were still watching the live broadcast of Dorag, the leader of the revolutionary army, and when they turned their heads, they were struck by lightning, smashed by hail, and wrapped in thick fog.

At that moment, through the live broadcast, they even thought that the end of the world was coming.

After all, the same is true above Marigio, and as long as they can see, the weather in their field of vision is so strange.

However, the live broadcast did not stop.

Even though Dorag and Luo entered the interior of Mary Joa and fought with Yim, outside, with the strength of the white beard, they were already strong enough to affect the weather.

When White Beard, Golden Lion, and Lingling used their abilities at the same time, those lightning strikes had no effect.

The Dragonites at Sabo's feet also made the navy side afraid to make a mistake.

Then, they also found out the situation inside Mary Joa.

He is another unknown person, but his combat effectiveness is superb.

Under the domineering perception of seeing and hearing, it can be found that this person is ridiculously strong against a group of general-level figures.

Sabo, standing on the earth wall, has a panoramic view of the battle inside.

He really didn’t expect that there is such a powerful figure hidden inside Mary Joa, and even Mr. Dorag and Shanks and Swain could not take it down. In the end, the guy who controlled the Thunder appeared. Then he suppressed people.

Then, I didn't know if I was dazzled.

Sabo always felt that he saw an old Luo Yi, and that Luo Yi suddenly became a vampire.

If it hadn't been for Luo Yi to see and hear the aura under the domineering induction, Sabo would really doubt his eyes.

But now, Sabo has no time to doubt these.

After seeing Em being suppressed by Lilai, Lena, and Zeus, and Shanks and Sven guarding him, he came to the earth wall again.

At this time, information on weather recovery in various places was constantly being passed back.

The navy also received intelligence, and the expressions on the faces of those generals did not know whether it was good or bad.

Maybe it is hope that the world government can win, but hope that the civilians can suffer less.

After all, most of the members of the navy are civilians from all over the world, and even the three navy generals climbed all the way from the navy recruits, not by anything.

Therefore, when they received news from naval newspapers from all over the world that they knew that the weather that was completely unsuitable for human life was gradually disappearing, they felt relieved.

At this time, Dorag, standing on the dirt wall, also spoke.

He understands that this matter will always be announced to the world.

Why the Tianlong people can control the world as a staff, isn't it because of the existence of the heavenly king.

Now, everyone must have seen the power of the king, and it is much easier to explain.

"Sorry, some unexpected situation just happened, I think it is necessary to explain"

"In ancient times, there were three ancient weapons with the title of gods that could destroy the world, namely Pluto, Poseidon, and Uranus."

"Pluto is a criminal warship in the history of shipbuilding. A super warship once built by the City of Seven Waters can destroy an island with one shot."

"Aquaman is the king of the Neptune, who has the ability to talk to the Neptune and command them."

"Heavenly king, you must have seen it just now, as long as the heavenly king is willing, you can even change the world"

Dorag didn't say a word, everyone's nerves jumped one more point.

There is such a thing?

In this world, there are not many people who know ancient weapons, but at this moment, for the first time, they have spied the secrets of this world.

Also understand, the means used by the Tianlong people to rule the world!

570. Nothing

When the matter of ancient weapons was made public.

What followed was endless anger.

At this moment, all people understand that the world government they have always believed in is nothing more than a group of people who use force to control the world.

These ordinary people, from start to finish, are nothing but fish that can be slaughtered.

Some people who were originally disgusted by the revolutionary army also understood this moment.

In addition to the so-called free and independent ideas previously promoted, their revolutionary army did the most, not just on the surface, resisting the rule of the nobles, but also trying to break the government that ruled the world with absolute force. .

As for the so-called absolute force, the whole world has just experienced it.

The king who can master the world’s weather can destroy a country and an island directly from thousands of miles away as long as the world government is willing.

You don't even know what happened, you just think that this country or island was destroyed by natural disasters.

Then the question is coming.

Over the years, many countries have been destroyed by natural disasters. Do you know which one is the real natural disaster and which one disappeared because of the king of heaven?

No one can tell.

But now, whether it is or not, this pot Tianlongren has been ordered, and the One Piece cannot bear it back.

Except for the ordinary people who are watching the live broadcast, most of the navy present are also caught in complicated psychological activities.


What they have been guarding is such a thing!

As an organization of the world government, apart from fighting pirates, the navy is more of a natural defense of the world government and its face.

But now, the so-called face that they have been guarding is actually the most threatening to civilians in this world?

This is too ironic.

As long as the Tianlong people are willing, can they even change the world instantly?

They have just experienced the power of the king of heaven.

Originally, the Revolutionary Army and the Three Great Pirates had suppressed them, and because of the arrest of the Tianlong people, the war was ended.

But afterward, the thunder that was like a punishment from the heavens, some of the navy thought it was because these people invaded the territory of the gods and were punished by the heavens.