Pirate's Rescue

Chapter 1 Growing up is getting beaten

"Logan, you have been hit by your elder brother for the fortieth time today. You will die if you continue to fight."

Xia Lipu said to Logan.

"Don't worry, I can't die, I can't die whoever dies, bastard Karp, let's continue."

"Asshole Logan, I told you to call me big brother, look at my beloved iron fist."


Well, I'm flying again, ah, the sky is so blue, I really want to sleep.

That's right, Logan came to the world of One Piece. Logan used to be a dead otaku on Earth. Apart from going to work, he stayed at home watching anime and watching TV.

It was a sunny day. Logan just received a card from Naruto bought from the Internet. The one on his computer was One Piece. When Logan unpacked the package, he accidentally knocked over the water glass on the table. Logan When I was busy wiping the keyboard, I accidentally got an electric shock. Then I looked at the screen getting closer and closer. When I opened my eyes, I found that I was in the world of One Piece with the Naruto system and became a naval hero. The younger brother of Qi D. Karp, Logan changed the world of One Piece. Ah, what an honor.

Karp is quite young at this time, probably twenty years old. Logan is only ten years old. Logan is not clear about the timeline of Karp when he was young. Now this time is a crazy era. He is not strong enough and he wants to live. It's difficult, so it must be stronger.

Fortunately, Logan has a Naruto system, which can cheat, but this broken system is also a pit, either krypton gold or krypton life, which Logan can not afford.

Well, fortunately, there is a strong elder brother, others fight father, Logan fights brother, first lay the foundation.

To put it simply, this Naruto system is so good. You can buy bloodstain boundaries, immortal human bodies, ninjutsu, and artifacts, but the premise is that there is money and no humanity. Now even crossing is the world of rich people, let Logan's gang of traversing little dicks, why are they so emotional?

You can buy prestige in the system and use prestige to buy what you want, or you can get corresponding prestige by defeating opponents. Of course, the more famous and evil opponents, the more prestige you will get. After checking the system, the highest prestige is Tu Falling out of the dragon, looking at the string of zeros that rewarded him, Logan was jealous and was about to breathe fire. It was a pity that he could not bring a nuclear bomb when crossing, otherwise he would directly level Maria Joa and stand directly on the pinnacle of life. quack.

Looking at the reincarnation eye, reincarnation eye, eternal kaleidoscope writing round eye, the immortal human body between the thousand hands column, the wood escape, all kinds of ninjutsu, the greedy Logan is a stream of saliva, but looking at the corresponding reputation, cry Rogan was in tears.

But fortunately, there is a bit of prestige to compete with the strong, so Logan took the cheap brother to the knife, anyway, he will not kill Logan, taking advantage of his return from vacation, fighting desperately, watching slowly rise At last, his reputation was not beaten in vain.

"Kapu, I'm here again, Master, haven't you eaten enough?"

After half a month of being beaten, Logan didn't know how much his strength had increased, but he did resist a lot of beatings. Logan mills of the same level could kill them.

"Asshole Logan, let you taste my iron fist of justice."

"Boom, bang, bang, bang bang bang..."

The beautiful movement played again.

"Now, Logan, you didn't like to exercise since you were young, why are you so crazy now?"

Karp pressed his nose and asked Logan.

"Kapu, in this world, can you live without being strong? There will be major chaos in the near future."

"Huh? What did you say?"

"Idiot, forget it, now, Karp, are you armed?"

"Of course it will. When I was in the navy, the instructor taught, Logan, you should join the navy too, so that our brothers can catch the pirates together."

"Is it the navy? It's okay, but I can't do it now. I am too weak. I was killed by the pirate before I caught it."

"rest assured,

"You? Pull it down, I'm afraid I didn't die in the hands of the pirate, I will die in your hands first."

"Asshole boy, did you say that to your big brother? Look at my iron fist!"


Oh, what a blue sky.

Hey, according to time speculation, Dorag should be born soon, this 38 question needs to be asked.

"Cap, did you find me a sister-in-law?"

"Sister-in-law? Where's your sister-in-law."

Ok?Don't you have a wife yet?Karp is now 20 years old. According to the data, Dorag was born at the age of 21, which is the year 1463 of the Haiyuan calendar, and now it is the year 1462 of the Haiyuan calendar. Did my appearance change even this?No, I have to find a way. If my eldest nephew is gone, won’t my grandson of One Piece be gone?Logan YY.

"Kapu, hurry up and find a wife, you are so dangerous to be a navy, if one day you get slaughtered, you are going to die!"

"Asshole boy, what nonsense! I owe it, look at my righteous fist."

Ok?Is this bastard blushing?It's tricky, tut, it turns out that Karp isn't that elusive, since that's the case, Logan decided not to interfere.

Time passed after I was beaten and beaten again. One and a half months after Karp returned to Windmill Village, Logan finally accumulated enough prestige to start the system, and he couldn't wait to start the system.

Summon the system interface and choose to activate the system.

"Ding, the system is activating, please wait a moment."

"Countdown 3, 2, 1, 0, congratulations to the host, the system is activated successfully."

"Hello host, this system is a Naruto system. You need to gain prestige in exchange for everything the host needs. After the host successfully activates the system, the system will give away 10,000 prestige for free, and you can get a free lottery."

Nonsense, why don’t you give away 10,000 prestige for free? That’s enough for Xiaoye after a month’s beating. If you take it away and return it, it will become a free gift. Sure enough, the ancients don’t deceive me. The game system is just a pit, Luo The root is full of resentment.

"Does the host draw a lottery now?"

"The system, I ask you, what are the prizes."

"There are ninjutsu, bloody boundaries, artifacts, weapons and supplies."

"Then open the lottery interface."

"Actually, the host can meditate silently in his heart without having to speak."

I didn’t say it earlier on Sunday, but I also specially found a place where no one was there. I was afraid that when I was talking to myself, I would be considered neurotic, so Logan complained.

"The system opens the lottery!" I said in my heart.

"The lottery interface is open, whether to start the lottery."

Looking at the prizes on the lottery interface, Logan drooled again, writing round eyes, wood escape, grass pheasant sword, flying thunder god, eh?What the hell, why are there detonating charms, shurikens, and bingliang pills? I'll go. Why do you see that the tattered ones account for most of them? Alas, it won't let you rise to the sky in one step. It's time to look at your face, close your eyes. Right.


"The countdown to the lottery starts, 3, 2, 1, start."

Logan closed his eyes nervously and kept talking.

"Amitabha, write me round eyes, give me wood escape, give me flying thunder god..."

"Ding, congratulations to the host for getting Shao Lun Yan, please choose the source of Sha Lun Yan!"

"Yo Xi, Xiao Bailian today, what's the source of writing round eyes?"

"It is to choose whose writing wheel is used."

"Choose which ones."

"All the writing wheels in Hokage are fine."

"Yosei, it's great, I chose Uchiha to bring the soil."

"After the selection, may I ask the host, do you change now?"

"Change, change quickly, but the system, how many gouyu write round eyes?"

"Back to the host, it is a gouyu, but because the host has just turned on the system, the system decided to give the host a discount, and 10,000 prestige will open two gouyu."

"Then how much prestige should I usually open the two gouyu?"

"Usually one hundred thousand prestige is needed."

I'll go, open a big bargain, tears and a big sale.

"Open, open, quickly change it for me."

"Okay, now we will start to replace the writing wheel eyes for the host, please close the eyes and replace it in ten seconds."

"Okay, okay, hurry up."

"The writing wheel eye is being replaced. The countdown is 3, 2, and 1. After the replacement, the host can open its eyes."

Feeling a slight pain in his eyes, Logan opened his eyes and clearly felt that his eyesight had improved a lot. The bugs on the trees in the distance could be seen clearly on several legs, and the flying birds he saw were slower, which was not bad. Time to adapt and adapt, the survivability is much stronger, but unfortunately, there is no way to copy ninjutsu with the writing round eyes, but you can also copy the body art. Maybe you can try to see if you can copy the armed color domineering, um, this can be, etc. Wait for Karp to try.

"System, I have something to ask you."

"Host, please, I can answer all within the authority."

Permissions?Damn, permission dog.

"System, can my writing wheel evolve on its own? Can I also perform illusion?"

"The host can evolve on its own, or it can be exchanged from the system; as long as it is a writing wheel, it can cast illusion, but according to the talent of illusion, the strength of the illusion is different."

"The system, can I evolve into a kaleidoscope of writing round eyes?"

"Able host."

"Will I become blind if I overuse the kaleidoscope writing wheel?"

"Yes, the kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes evolve into the eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes, so that they will not be blinded because of excessive use, or the host has the fairy human body of the first generation of Naruto Qianshouzhu, which can also avoid blindness."

Damn, I knew it would be like this.

"Then how much prestige does it cost to redeem the eternal kaleidoscope?"

"It takes a billion prestige to redeem the eternal kaleidoscope of writing round eyes."

"How much prestige does the immortal human body between Qianshouzhu want?"

"It also needs a billion prestige to exchange for the immortal human body between the Thousand Shouzhu.

"WTF, so high? Then what are the specific ways for me to gain prestige?"

"Host you can choose to defeat different enemies to gain different prestige, you can also choose to buy prestige with money, one Bailey is equal to a little prestige, you can also hunt pirates, the bounty corresponding to pirates is prestige."

"Is defeating and killing the same prestige?"

"Not the same. For example, if the host defeats a pirate with a bounty of 10 million, he will get 10 million reputation. If the host kills a pirate with a bounty of 10 million, the host will gain 12 million reputation. ."

"Tsk tusk, isn't this encouraging me to kill the pirate?"

"Does it have reputation to defeat the navy?"

"Yes, as long as the opponent is defeated, there is a bounty."

"How about the prestige corresponding to the admiral?"

"Under Major, 1 million prestige, Major 2 million prestige, Lieutenant Colonel 5 million prestige, Colonel 10 million prestige, Brigadier General 100 million prestige, Major General 200 million prestige, Lieutenant General 500 million prestige, General 2 billion prestige, The Marshal has five billion prestige."

Calculating this way, it seems that going to the navy is more suitable for me to gain prestige. The bounty of pirates in this era seems to be generally not high. Like the world destroyer Wald that appeared more than ten years later, the bounty seems to be only five Billion, totally inconsistent with his strength, Logan pondered.

It's better to deal with those navy lieutenants, there are too many people, so that you can gain reputation the fastest.

"System, please check for me, Samsara Eye and Mu Dun, and how much prestige is needed for the exchange of Flying Thunder God."

"Ding, the host authority does not meet the requirements and cannot be inquired."

"What? What authority do I have?"

"The host has the lowest authority, then the medium authority, then the high authority, and finally the highest authority. The Eye of Reincarnation, Mu Dun, and Fei Lei Shen belong to the high authority, and the host cannot query it yet."

Logan scolded Gouri's system, permission dog.

"Then how do I turn on permissions?"

"The host needs to use prestige to open the authority, medium authority requires one million prestige, high authority requires 10 million prestige, and highest authority requires 100 million prestige."

Sure enough, there is no game, no gold.

"Then show me what my permissions can redeem!"

"Okay, immediately open the exchange interface for the host."

Once the exchange interface opens, WTF, what the hell are they all!

Bingliang pill: Replenish physical strength, one hundred prestige.(Black shop!)

Detonation Talisman: Can be detonated with Chakra, one hundred prestige.

Shuriken: Necessary for ninjas, one with a hundred prestige.


Why is it all rubbish, continue to look down, hey, there is ninjutsu.

Fire Escape·How Fireball: C-rank Ninjutsu, 10,000 prestige exchange.

Fire escape: Phoenix Fire Art: C-rank ninjutsu, 10,000 prestige exchange.

Water Dun: Water Turbulence: C-level ninjutsu, 10,000 prestige exchange.

Earth Escape·Sneak in the Earth: C-rank ninjutsu, 10,000 prestige exchange.

Wind Dun: Gale Palm: C-level ninjutsu, 10,000 prestige exchange.

Instant Shun Shu: D-level ninjutsu, two thousand prestige.


Gee, nothing can be done without money.

"By the way, since it's the Naruto system, what attributes do I have?"

"What the system gives to the host is that all attributes can be used. This is a benefit for the host."

Yo Xi, this can be, all ninjutsu, I will throw them to death.

"By the way, the system, do I have a chakra now? How to use it?"

"After the system is modified, the host already has chakras. As long as the host tries to sense the flow of chakras, and slowly guides the chakras, the host can seal the seal and use ninjutsu."

"Really? Let me try."

Logan lowered his mind and felt the chakra in his body. He slowly felt an active energy in his body, flowing around the meridians. If I had a writing wheel, you can see it.

Then I opened my eyes and stared at my hand. I could see a blue chakra flowing rapidly in the meridians of the hand, and then slowly guided this chakra to slowly emerge from the palm of the hand, but it quickly dissipated. Now, I still need to train well, just have a shadow clone.

"Oh, yes, system, which authority does the shadow clone belong to?"

"Shadow clone belongs to B-level ninjutsu, and belongs to intermediate authority."

The medium level requires one million prestige to open, and then the exchange is estimated to be one million, then I have to prepare two million prestige, alas, the ten thousand prestige of this open system is only after a month and a half of beating. It took more than two million to get up. No, I have to think of other ways. Logan's head is bigger.

"System, can you leave me there?" Vulnerabilities, look for vulnerabilities. Without a system, there are no bugs. Find bugs and get some benefits.

"No, I am tied to the host. If the host dies, I will self-destruct."

Quack, great, the bug appears, this is the back door.

"The system, you see, I am a novice, in this perverted place, there must be some life-saving means. You don't want me to hang up before I grow up, you just go with it, so, the system, you see , Within the scope of your authority, give me some benefits, and it is a big deal to pay you twice after the IOU."

"..." He didn't refuse it right away. There was hope, and he had to work harder.

"System, the two of us are one and two lives now. You don't want to die before you get out of the school. People will slay the dragon at the beginning of the pirated game. You are all top-notch. Why don't you have to give something, otherwise? Doesn’t fit your noble status?"

"The host makes sense, but the system cannot give the host anything for nothing. The system can upgrade the host's physique for free to reach the level of supreme tolerance."

Shinobu?Not bad, it must be!

"Quickly, quickly, the system will improve me soon!"

"Host, please be prepared, the physical improvement countdown is 3, 2, 1, and the physical improvement begins."

At this time Logan felt like thousands of ants in his body were biting himself, and it hurts and itches. Damn, it hurts so much. The damn system didn't say a word. He clenched his teeth for ten minutes, and the pain finally disappeared. At this time, I can clearly feel my body is different. I felt the Chakra, and it suddenly increased several dozen times. People in the One Piece world are much more powerful, and Logan should be able to catch up with the average navy colonel.

And the system just said it can't be given away for nothing?Does that mean you can pay on credit?

"Is it okay to owe you? Now that I have a physique and no ninjutsu, I can't beat others."

"If you owe the IOU, you need to pay double the prestige, and if it is not paid off within the time limit, you will need to double the prestige for future system purchases. Has the host considered it?"

What's more, I just sighed that the system is generous, and here is another pit.

"How long is the time limit? You have to double your prestige. The time limit is short, so it must not be enough."

Still more deduction points.

"It depends on how much prestige the host owes."

"How many ninjutsu would be exchanged if the Intermediate level is enabled?"

"If the host owes 10 million prestige, according to the host's current situation, the deadline can be given half a year."

"What if twenty million?"

"The 20 million term is nine months."

I went, I thought it was a year.

"20 million prestige for nine months, that is, 10 million prestige can be used, open the intermediate level of 1 million prestige, the remaining 9 million should at least be able to exchange for what I need, OK, I choose 20 million for the system."

"Understood, the host, please receive 10 million prestige."

"Ding, 10 million prestige has arrived."

"The system opens intermediate permissions."

"Intermediate permissions are being opened, and the intermediate permissions are successfully opened."

"Open the exchange interface."

"The redemption interface opens."

Logan browsed the redemption interface of the intermediate level, looking for what he could use now.

Well, Sangou jade writing round eyes, 1 million prestige, shadow clone technique, 1 million prestige, Thunder Dun·Enhancement technique, 1 million prestige, this can have, change the physique, then it will be broken like the three generations of Raikage. This is necessary, the art of psychic Rashomon, this is not bad, it is a must for defense. You also need to choose a few attack tricks, you can choose the art of phoenix fire, water turbulence, palm of gale, three C Ninjutsu.

Then the B-level chooses water dragon bomb, fire dragon flame bomb, eh?There is a self-made and big toad plane shadow manipulation technique. This is good. It can be a good technique for sneaking into the assassination.Choose these first, leaving some reputation for spare.

"I have selected the system. I choose the three-tick jade writing round eye, shadow avatar technique, thunderbolt strengthening technique, psychic Rashomon, water dragon bomb, fire dragon flame bomb, toad plane shadow manipulation technique, and phoenix fire technique. , Water turbulence, gale palm, avatar technique."

"Okay, as a D-level ninjutsu, the system can give to the host. The others add up to 7.03 million prestige. Can the host confirm the purchase?"


"The purchase is successful. After deducting 7.03 million reputation, the host still has 2.97 million reputation. I hope that the host will repay the 20 million reputation owed within nine months, otherwise he will be severely punished."

After the successful purchase, there were a lot of things in my mind, and it took a long time to recover. I can't buy so many in one go, and I almost crashed.

However, the feeling of becoming stronger is fascinating. I can’t wait to abuse Karp immediately, but I can’t use ninjutsu, first use physical skills to beat him, quack.

"Asshole Cap, the little master is resurrected again, come, see if I can't kill you."

"Asshole boy, your skin is itchy again, look at my righteous iron fist."