Plague Doctor

Chapter 1: The Peak of the Seabed

How important is money when people live in the world?

Every time I mentioned this issue before, Gu Jun would say it was important.

“I can tell you that there is only one disease in the world: poverty. ”

Gu Jun still remembers that three years ago, when he was just 18 years old, he received the eight-year Master's Degree in Clinical Medicine from the top five medical schools in the country. At the graduation festival with his high school classmates, what did he say about this classic film line?

It's not the cold, it's the wind, the winner of life is going to dominate the world.

A stubborn disguise… and unknown sour hearts.

Yes, it is.

For orphans who received the nightmare of their parents' death as young as 10 years old, the combined compensation of five million is the only economic source, the only spiritual support, in Gu Jun's life more than 10 years later.

The money was first administered by a trust fund and he was free to dispose of all his inheritance upon reaching the age of 18.

He doesn't have any family, but he still has money!

Of course, there's only money left.

“Tu Haojun," a nickname that college students have secretly given him, through love, and obsession.

Big hands, all kinds of eating, drinking and entertaining treats, trenches. These are his only strengths in school.

Probably the college entrance exam consumed his whole life of reading, and he felt like he had a will for his mother. "I have to be a doctor when I grow up!” It didn't make sense, and when he got into college, he lost all his energy.

He changed from a schoolmaster to a scum. Homework either hung up or just passed the pass line. In addition to playing, he played on weekdays, day and night upside down, chasing girls in clubs, spending time in drunken dreams...

After a long time, the professors threw away all their expectations of him, and the counselor gave up, and a lot of the students saw him and walked around. Everyone said that people like Gu Jun, apart from humiliating Dongdae's doomsday, there is no play, mixing with him will only be abolished together.

Gu Jun had no objection, because he knew from the bottom of his heart that everyone was right, that he was a jerk and was going to keep hanging out.

Until six months ago.

Gu Jun received the second nightmare in his life.

He, the brain stem tumor.

And it's myeloblastoma, one of the most malignant brain stem tumors, and his condition is that he has no chance of surgery.

Even with an opportunity for surgery, postoperative release, chemotherapy, the patient's mean survival was 0.9 years, less than one year.

At that moment, Gu Jun, who had been dead for two and a half years, seemed to have been completely awakened by a basin of cold water.

Tu Haojun is dead, Gu Jun is back.

He started cheering up and actively healing. However, the brain stem is the nerve center of the human body, traditionally referred to as the "no-surgery zone”, and Huatao sees the kind of humiliation. He had fled many cities and countries at the time, and had not found any hospital to dare open his knife.

After three months of searching for medical results and examining the latest medical information on brain stem tumors in the world, Gu Jun accepted the fact that he was hopeless, rich and untreatable.

Subsequently, he took two decisions.

First, buy a luxury cruise ship ticket from Dongzhou City through Malacca to the Indian Ocean. Hurry up and complete this little wish on this hot summer vacation, where your parents worked before. If you're not dead, go on touring the world.

Secondly, only tens of thousands of dollars were left behind and the remaining one million dollars were donated to the Swan Child Hope Fund for orphan education.

If there is a newborn, do something good and hope to have a good baby.

“Hello, Mr. Gu, we have arrived at the Loncan Underwater Volcanic Zone and your reserved deep dive project is ready, please go diving in the ladder within half an hour. ”

A waitress's sweet voice pulled Gu Jun, who was sitting on the top deck in an open-air café, out of his mind.

“Okay.” he nodded, “I can go now.” She was tipped.

The waitress took the tip and the smile became brighter. Mr. Gu was handsome, handsome and cheerful, so he would always be happy to serve. "Mr. Gu, please follow me. ”

At this time, Gu Jun followed the waitress to the lower level of the boat, looking at the surrounding sea surface, some hundreds of senses.

Is this where Mom and Dad happened?

Gu Jun didn't like the sea when he was a kid. Because he never understood why the father of the Captain and the mother of the Doctor accompanying him, who was the scientific research captain of the Seabird, stayed at sea for years, but left him in custody?

What are they studying? Is it really more important than your own child?

The bloody Sanno Research Company, except for the phrase, "Seabird sank in a storm and was found dead” and threw down five million dollars, no more, no more, no more bodies! Soon the company was closed.

What exactly happened back then?

The deep blue surface of the sea is strange, and the waves are constantly flickering, covering up the past.

Sometimes Gu Jun even wonders, are the parents really dead? Maybe they didn't die in a shipwreck, but they drowned on a deserted island waiting for help?

Or... just sunk under the sea around here?

Just because he was looking for answers, he booked this deep dive project at a high price: visitors entered a boat-shaped submersible 2,000 metres into the deep sea and watched the volcanic zone of the seabed through windows. This is not a standard item with a ticket, but a special gift for the rich. Because of the high cost of a dive.

When he arrived more than a dozen steps away from the stairs, Gu Jun saw three young tourists, two men and one woman, in addition to the captain and several other crew members.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the legendary Loncan Underwater Volcanic Zone!” One of the young men in his early twenties was holding his cell phone and seemed to be on the air, wearing his fancy clothes and a flashy head of explosion, seemingly reggae style.

Gu Jun heard him mysteriously introduce to his cell phone: “Local indigenous tribes call this‘ Ham Kanaba ’, meaning‘ Devil's Abyss’...”

Another man, just a few years old, a tall muscle man, with a pink vest on his upper body, revealing two thigh-like arms, is impatiently asking the captain: “How long will you wait? ”

And the woman looked youngest, sixteen or seven years old, tall, with a beautiful face. She was wearing a fashionable coat and shorts, all in military green, a pair of chopsticks with long legs that were very eye-catching, a large tattoo on her left calf, and she didn't know if it was real or sticky.

She was the first to notice that Gu Jun had arrived, but her eyes were cold and arrogant. She put a knife in her hand and kept her life away.

“Well, this dive was originally ordered by another guest.” The old captain was embarrassed to explain, suddenly joyful: “Ah, Mr. Gu is here so soon! ”

The waitress left on the instructions of the captain, and Gu Jun continued to walk in the eyes of everyone.

The old captain started introducing. The Reggae man's name is Lee Laurie, the muscle man's name is Wu Dong, and the military uniform woman's name is Lin Xiaotang. They are the "noble guests” of the cruise ship - the kind the captain suggests with his eyes that the powerful son of the family should never be offended.

The three men, who had intended to rent a speedboat to play in the nearby waters, saw the submersible and asked to participate in the deep dive. The submersible has a total of seven seats, two operators plus one safety officer occupy three seats, leaving four tourist seats, which have already been wrapped by Gu Jun.

This is the only chance to dive this month according to the cruise ship's itinerary, as divers undergo various safety tests after each dive. And the three grandfathers were so excited, the captain had to negotiate with Gu Jun, and the four of them split the cost and seat of this dive, okay? Solo is not as fun as everyone else.

“Sure.” Gu Jun shrugged, "It doesn't matter if there's a vacancy.

“But...” Wu Dong, a muscular man, was still somewhat unhappy, drumming the bull's eye what else was he trying to say.

And Lee Laurie, the reggae man, was there all along. He was busy broadcasting live and didn't participate.

Gu Jun looked at the girl in military uniform and suddenly felt a little confused. I felt like I had seen her somewhere... Are you on a cruise ship these days?

“What are you looking at?” Lin Xiaotang was so beaten up by him, he glanced back unhappily at him. That expression was terrible.

“Look at you.” Gu Jun said.

He was so direct, Lin Xiaotang was a little choked, “You...”

“It's your choice, I don't mind if you're all on the same boat.” Gu Jun looked at the next three people with a smile and walked down the ladder first, regardless of all that. One good thing about life soon is that he's a lot calmer about people and things now.

“Hey, kid, stop!” Wu Dong jumped and yelled, "Come back, come back!” But Gu Jun never stopped.

Whereas Li Lorraine had slipped off the ladder to chase him sometime. One hand was still holding his cell phone and the other held Gu Jun's shoulder. He smiled softly: “Tie, don't mind me. Wu Dong is a sand sculpture, coarse man. Look at my live broadcast room. Every time Wu Dong shows up, the audience brushes' Tiehuang '. ”

“Ironclad.” Lin Xiaotang walked beside Wu Dong angrily.

Wu Dong was really depressed and scratched his head, "You obviously said you were going to act in secret! ”

Well, aren't you guys on the air? What kind of secret act? Don't you get it, Gu Jun?

After a while, everyone wore protective gear under the guidance of the operator and sat down in the submersible. Two rows and four rows in front and back of the tourist seats, Gu Jun sits in seat 1, number 2 on the right is Li Larry, number 3 on the back is Lin Xiaotang, and number 4 is Wu Dong.

Soon, the cabin door of the submersible was closed and dived, wrapped around them by blue turning black sea water, 200 meters, 500 meters, 1000 meters...

At this time, I kept staring out the window at Gu Jun to hear what the three men were talking about.

“Aren't you sure this is the area?” Wu Dong asked.

“I really don't know how credible this news is...” Lin Xiaotang's tone was full of doubt.

“If you don't believe me, I believe the guy. All I hear is that he's here... but the size of the ocean floor depends on our luck.” Lee Lowrey affirmed that there was no signal at the bottom of the ocean to support live broadcasting, but he continued to film with his phone.

Gu Jun understood, they are here to explore. These days there have always been mysterious rumours on the internet. There have been many sea monster sightings, but there has never been any reliable evidence. Occasionally, several photographs or fuzzy videos have been sent out, which have been proven to be false.

But with the contacts between the three of them, they heard “news”... not those cyber rumors, right?

“Audience.” Lee Lowrey took another video, "look how dark it was out there. We've dived over 1,500 meters, not far from the bottom of the ocean.” For more clarity, he simply unbuckled his seat belt and stood up on the side of the cabin to shoot outside the window.

“Mr. Li, please go back to your seat and sit tight. It's dangerous. There's a lot of dark streams under the sea...” the old captain said powerlessly.

“Soon, soon.” Lee Lowrey made an OK gesture and continued filming: “If it wasn't in a submersible, humans would be crushed by deep sea pressure...”

Gradually, Gu Jun ignored them. Through the light of the searchlight, he looked out the adjacent window at the rough seabed, hidden in his heart in anticipation of seeing an old wreck.

But I'm afraid to see such a scene...

Not knowing if it was a hallucination caused by a brain stem tumor attack, he suddenly noticed that the seabed over there had a half-human high spike, like a rock, but he seemed to see it covered with sculptures, various lines and patterns...

The more he looked, the more he felt the sculptures become creepy, as if they were bleeding out of magma.

Deformity, morbidity, but vitality, even darkness is burned.

Boom!! And suddenly it was as if the lava was spraying up, and he was overwhelmed without any response.

Ah... it hurts!!!

Gu Jun groaned, his hands covered his head dead. It hurts like an explosion. He is instantly sweating cold.

What are these illusions... countless unnameable sights pouring into his head, unspeakable weird, scary, crazy... so painful, so painful! He felt his eyes bleeding and blood red. He saw the storm and saw a huge figure... rising from the sea...

“There's a whirlpool, there's an abnormal whirlpool!” I think I heard the old captain screaming in panic, "float up now!! Return, quickly!!! ”

The submersible suddenly burst sharply, fortunately everyone was fixed to their seats, but...

Looks like Gu Jun heard Lee Laurie screaming again, "Ah!” And Lin Xiaotang and their shouts, "Arry!? ”

Tink, I think I heard a mechanical sound in my head...

“Binding with host… Binding successful… Detecting host condition…”

What... Gu Jun's consciousness is a little blurred, but his mind can clearly “see” a system interface.

“Host medical report is out, please check. ”

[Name: Gu Jun

Category: Humans - Wise Men

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Height: 182cm

Weight: 78kg

Body fat rate: 17%

Heart rate: 81 beats (normal)

Blood pressure: systolic blood pressure 100mmHg, diastolic blood pressure 77mmHg (normal)

Blood glucose: 4.82 mmolL (normal)

Erythrocyte count: 4.9 × 10 × 12L (normal)

White blood cell count: 6.78 × 10 × 9L (normal)


Brain stem: Fatal anomaly, Fatal anomaly, Fatal anomaly!

The host's brain stem mutated and malignancy is growing rapidly at its current rate, with symptoms such as intraocular obliqueness, distortion of mouth, facial muscle twitching and other symptoms expected to occur after 32 days; after 60 days, the host will die suddenly.

What is this...? Looks like I'm really sick...

Ding! Another mechanical sound in my head:

“Owing to the host's brainstem abnormality, the host must complete self-rescue through the mission system within 60 days or he will die. ”

“A new task list has been published, and hosts can get rewards for completing tasks. The higher the task level, the more rewards.

The task level is divided into three levels: ordinary, difficult and abyss. The task list can only be selected three times at a time. Please choose carefully. Currently, each task level can only have one task at a time until the task is completed or beyond its lifespan.

At midnight each day, the task list refreshes. ”

[July 21, 2020

Ordinary tasks: Successfully rescued an emergency patient today. Task Reward: 1 box of human brain stem tumor-targeting drug that extends host life by 5 days

Difficult task: Complete the autopsy of 3 normal human remains within three days. Mission Reward: 1 Karop Anatomy Knife

Abyss Mission: Complete the autopsy of 1 Ghoul within a week. Task Reward: Unknown]

“Claim your beginner gift pack for one chance only, with a huge reward! ”