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New book "My Xianxian Unlimited Simulation"

The author is coming back! The new book has been released.

"My Xianxian Unlimited Simulation"

Lu Qiqi with a grayish slate to fall to the fairy road, there is no shortage of flying vessels in hundreds of millions of years.

The gray-white slate can simulate life after land check.

Don't you do it? In a short period of increased potential but the patient is serious, and it can restart it, and it can also leave cultivation experience.

Is there not enough resources? Sims to explore the world in life, find Dong Tianfu, Tianwei Dibao in a dangerous big waste.

Can the surgery? Inheriting the secret exploration, countless times, there is always a road to get the biggest benefit.


Do not stop the simulation, keep trying, when Lu Qi returned to God, found that he has set off the curtain of the new era of Xian Dao, standing in front of the broken fairy door ...

Like a small friend can go see ~~