Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 1 Should I Eat Turning Around?

In a dimly lit room, Lu Ze sat somewhat confused on the bed and looked straight ahead, seemingly a slight red light flashing on a display.

He crossed.

After spending half an hour, Lu Ze finally sorted out the memory fragments that had been left in his mind and understood the status quo.

He travels not through ancient times, not through different worlds, but through the future.

The future in 2,000 years.

Humans have been able to navigate the curvature, with their footprints all over the Milky Way, even with teams of adventurers outside the Milky Way, and have discovered countless cosmic races, diplomatic alliances with friendly races, and interstellar wars between violent races.

The same diplomacy as Luther was in the age of the planet, except for a greater focus on violence and nakedness.

After all, the opponent is no longer human.

In warfare with different races, humans find that, in addition to science and technology, the stronger the civilization itself, and the human body is in front of them as if it were a baby.

The backwardness is beaten, and humanity is even destroyed in war if it is not dependent on the more friendly Elves of the same race.

After painful meditation, humans finally understood the potential of the creature itself. The spiritual energy in the universe is everywhere, invisible and untouchable, but it can be sensed with body and spirit, called dark energy in the age of the Earth.

The evolution of life by assimilating spirituality and strengthening oneself has been described as the most important project of the Federation of Humanity and is enshrined in the Education Act.

As a result, martial arts prevailed, and none of the gifted young people wanted to be called martial arts, to gain greater strength, greater freedom, and ultimately even eternal life.

Lu Ze's predecessor was one of them.

His death was entirely due to his own impatience. He was about to take the college exam. The martial arts rank has been called an important indicator of the college exam. His predecessor died in order to get to the best federal university. He did not practise day and night, leading to errors in his breath during the exercise, and he was annoyed by demons.

There is no waste wood, my girlfriend broke up strongly, after all, her predecessor was a martial arts nut, although with a handsome appearance, a good home, and a fairly moderate martial arts talent, but there were many girls who secretly gave him Autumn Bo.

Unfortunately, his wife had martial arts and was single by strength, not just talking.

There's nothing wrong with you, boss. You've been shaded. After all, your predecessor had self-knowledge. And in this era, security in the city is much better than in the earthly era of ancient times. Why would any boss bother to get a normal kid?

There is no such thing as a bitter and deeply avenged family. It has to be rebellious or something.

All in all, the predecessor was just a member of the artistic community, just an ordinary person, affectionate parents, eating and drinking family, and a lovely sister...

Tsk... go now, your parents and sister will take good care of me.

Cough, not everyone can be a powerful warrior, although the predecessor had an unusual mood, unfortunately there is no amazing talent to match.

Reality tends to punch you in the face all the time.

If hard work helps, why talent?

Lu Ze is not dissatisfied with this status. He looks handsome, has a full family, and gives away a lovely sister. Isn't that right?

If you were to die accidentally, now you can live again. You've already earned it. What else is there to be unhappy about?

As for whether or not to become a powerful martial artist… Luckily for me, I lost my life, Lu Ze did not ask for it.

After all, the Lanjiang Star, where he is located, is located within the Federation of Humanity and is safe. Even if he cannot become a powerful warrior in the horizontal and horizontal stars, there will be no danger.

That's good enough, Luther said he was quite satisfied with God's arrangement to cross.

When he dies, let's see if we can give him a five-star review. It's a conscience!

“Sleep, sleep. ”

After sorting out all the information, Lu Ze couldn't help but beat up a debt.

The sudden crossing made him quite frustrated. After digesting his memory, his spirit was already a little tired. He slept this morning and slept this morning. Something should be thought of tomorrow.

As such, Lu Ze closed his eyes and his gaze quickly fell into the darkness as his consciousness floated.


When Lu Ze opened his eyes again, the sky was cloudless, blue as a wash, the sun gently lit on his face, very warm, he couldn't help but squint his eyes comfortably.

The breeze blew through and the scent of green grass blended with a hint of earth into his nostrils, shocking his spirit.

Sure, the fresh air makes people feel good. Lu Ze's face showed a faint smile and sighed like this.

Then the smile on his face stifled:

Wait, something's wrong?

He lay on his back, the sky was cloudless, blue as a wash... my ass!!

Didn't I fucking fall asleep in the den?

Lu Ze brushed and sat up. Some of them turned around and looked around. His mind was full of question marks.

He was lying on a grassland with morning dew and a breeze, and the grassland swayed like a wave.

The view is good, but the question is, why did he come here?

Lu Ze was a bit obsessed. Did he just cross it and then the horse kept crossing again?

It's really hard to cross the gods. For all his hard work, give him a zero rating.

Is it a distortion of humanity or a moral loss that the fantasy of having a sister in a house turns into a wild search for survival?

So, here's the problem. Want some grass in the morning?

Lu Ze looked at the delicate little grass, some silent thought.

I'm not hungry right now, but I need to think about three steps, at least three meals in the morning and three in the evening.

Wait a minute!

Lu Ze's eyes suddenly lit, revealing a bamboo smile on his chest.

It must be a dream!

He smiled confidently, reaching his hands on his thighs and twisting them.

“ …… ”

So, the smile on Lu Ze's face instantly became shaped, and the sharp pain caused his mouth to twitch unconsciously, and his heart secretly hated itself ten seconds ago.

Too hard to screw!!

Nobody, pretending to show the air?

The most embarrassing thing is to pretend to fail, but just to show the air.

Did it cross again? Zero score is not going to run.

At this point, Lu Ze suddenly heard a loud noise from behind him. The noise grew louder and louder. Lu Ze's cold hair exploded behind him and looked back.

“Grass grip!” Lu Ze accidentally exclaimed impolitely, bending over and holding a handful of grass.

Look what he found.

A little white rabbit!

However, this little white rabbit is a little strange because it's not exactly the size of a ‘little’ white rabbit anymore.

Has anyone ever seen a 1-meter tall rabbit?

Big white rabbit isn't that big. Hello?!

Looking at this super white rabbit, Lu Ze couldn't help but think, this, should I be able to eat it?

No, no, no, no. How could you think that?

As soon as this cruel idea emerged, Lu Ze decisively strangled it.

The rabbit head is delicious! Absolutely not!


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