Poison Genius Consort

Chapter 1 Marriage, Distinction of Status

What is this situation?

Han Yunxi woke up confused from the flower sedan, heard a festivities around her, whistled the drums, and soared up. She pulled off the thing that covered her head and sucked in a cold breath. This... isn't Hippa?

The subconscious looked up and lowered her head, and found herself in a phoenix crown, a bride who was getting married... drunk!

The flower sedan was upside down, causing Han Art Xiao's head to ache, and at this time, strange memories poured into my mind.

She is the daughter of the Han family, also known as Han Yunxi, of Tianning Guoma Medicine, because her biological mother was saved by the then queen, that is, the current queen, was fingered to marry the then seven princes, that is, the current Qin Wang Long non-night, at that time was also passed on as a good word, and the Han family also soared.

But no one knew that Han Yunxi had died at birth and had also grown into an ugly woman with no medical skills. Therefore, the marriage was dragged into the taboo of Qin Wang. A few days earlier, Qin Wang annoyed the Emperor. The Emperor ordered him to marry before the end of the month.

Today is the day of the wedding.

Qin Wang Long is not a night teenager Feng Wang, he is the only remaining prince in the battle for the throne, young only in the early twenties, but the discriminating rank is the only emperor today, can be called Tianning statehood high-weighted first person.

Qin Wangfu is in the south of the city, Han family is in the north of the city, the flower sedan has to cross the city from the north to the south, Qin Wang married, even if he did not show up, he led 10,000 people to an empty alley, the whole city was in a sensation.

Just as Han Yunxi sorted out this memory information, Happy Candle stopped, only listening to Xi Wu shouting, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no! ”

On a happy day, as a wedding wife, you can't shout like a street? It was obviously deliberate.

“Oops, no, we went the wrong way, we just took a right at that intersection, we made a left!” With Hippo's tone, I could barely cry.

“I'm gonna make a fuss about something. This road can also reach Qin Wang Palace. ”

“That's right, Grandma, you're so old, aren't you? What kind of bad words did you say on your happy day? ”


Xiaofu, when you said something to me, Wang Xiwei stamped me, “I'm just old fooled! Bad things! It'll take at least an hour for the bride to miss her lucky hour! ”

As soon as it came out, the whole raven was silent.

Not to mention that in ancient times, in modern times, a lot of people talk about this.

Half a mile later, a sedan asked timidly, "So... why don't you go back to the right? ”

“What did you say?” Xiwei stamped her feet hard and the thick fat powder on her face split because of anger. "The bride can't turn back, let alone go back. Are you cursing the bride to go back? ”

That makes the sedan mute.

After listening to Wang Xi's words, Han Yunxiao even turned her white eyes in the sedan. She didn't know whether this plan was the princess of the Qin Wang Mansion, or His Royal Highness himself came up with it. It had to be said that it was amazing enough. Before entering the door, she was given a disembarkation horse. At the wrong time, if anything bad happens to the Qin Wang Mansion in the future, why not throw it over her head?

Han Yunxi's first life is a thunderbolt, dare to be a genius female poisoner, in this case, her character must be to get out of the sedan to say no marriage, when the street high profile dumps the groom officer.

But now she inherited the status of the Han family's ugly scrap girl. The embarrassing situation was not for her to do. Her mother had a jackal in her family and her mother-in-law was a tiger leopard. This marriage was still an order of the Emperor.

If she does not marry, it happens that some people in the Qin Wang Mansion will do as they please. She herself is guilty of treason and dies.

Although the situation is simply decisive, she has never been an impulsive person. This marriage is at least given by the Queen. The Emperor ordered her to see what Qin Wangfu can do with her?

She continues to be old and silent.