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Chapter 2296 suspects her

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Chapter 2296 suspected that her Linenan has thrilled several killers, they have too much people, and Ling San's arm is wiped by bullets, white shirts, was red, he heard the gunshot Continuous, a few words in my heart.

"The young master, go here ..."

Several dark guards rushed over and protect him to a channel.

"You are careful, pay attention to safety, don't touch it.

Linenan recognizes people under his hand, he is anxious.

The few people can't take care of danger, just to cover up this single seedlings, safely leave.

Ling San has ran very far away. He turned back, no longer heard the gunshot, he hurriedly covered his arm and walked toward the taxi in the distance.

Just when he had to stop the taxi, a black motorcycle passed from him.

Liang Si Nan was vigilant to stare at the motorcycle. When the cycle is watching is a woman, the body is very hot, a long hair is high, a fox mask, the whole person looks hard, and the temperament is mad.


The woman made a ridicule, and the throttle of the throttle suddenly turned over to Linenan.

Linenan's thrilling avoided, but the speed of the other party is too fast, and his whole person falls on the side of the road.

The adjacent pedestrians have hide, and they are gangster, this is not enough, it will be out.

Linen Nan low curse, it seems that the other party is fighting for him to send him.

The black motorcycle suddenly turned the head and continued to catch up with him.

Linenan reached out, pulled out a short knife from the waist, and took a moment of the other party, he was quasi-Hu thrown into the tire, and the short knife was rubbed out of the spark.

The motorcycle wheel was hysterested, and the woman on the car was thrown half empty, but she didn't fall, but in contrast, her appearance was light, and the elegant turned over in half air, perfect.

Linenan looked at the other party like a wild cat, stepped on the step, step by step.

"Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?"

Qingsi Nan asked coldly.

Xiaxi Yao passed through the mask, looking at this man, he is really tenacious.

I was hurt, but I can escape here.

"How? Dumb?"

Linenan saw the other party who did not speak, just coldly, he made a ridicule.

Xiaxi Yao took the foot to his abdomen. Although Ling San was hurt, but the combat power was still amazing. He shouted, Xiaxi Yao's leg air, her fist and her fist toward the man's chest Smash.

It seems that the fangs, but the punch is very fierce.

Linenan's insurance avoided, but she still got her fist, and the strengthening of her steps later.

Xiaxi Yao continued to attack, she took a chain from the motorcycle, and she walked, the chain was grinded on the floor. It was visible, if they were smashed, there should be much pain.

"It is gently, so is so spicy, how do your family educates you?"

Linenan judged from her body, she should be very young, up to twenty.

Like this old girl, this should be educated in the university campus, but she did the killer.

Xiaxi Yao is clear, the voice is sinking: "Is there a relationship with you? The surname is, it will die.

Xiaxi Yao whipped, Linenan reached out and grabbed the chain of her, the palm of the palm of the palm was blind, and the hot pain, but Montan did not let go.

Blood falls from the iron chain, the heart of Xiaxi Yao, a shock.

"let go.

Xiaxi Yao did not expect him to pick it up by hand, thinking that he would hide, this dog man is really stupid.

Linenan Nansiang did not let go, but also hard, Xiaxi Yao did not expect him to counterattack, fragrant body tremble, he was a few steps from him, she didn't reach one meter. Distance.

"Let me see, what is your growing.

Linenan is going to take her mask.

Xiaxi Yao panicked out of the hand, the chain did not want, turning over a few meters away.

Linenan threw the iron chain to the ground, looked at her coldly: "There are a lot of people who want to kill me, but I will never die in the woman's hand.

"Do you discriminate against women?"

Xiaxi Yao pressed the sound.

"No, in my eyes, women are gentle and cute, should not participate in this bloody killing, your age, with my sister is not big, you still go back to accept education ..."

"Less less to tell me.

Xiaxi Yao angry took a short knife and threw it over him.

The knife tacked over the ear of Ling Si Nan, but did not hurt him, just rolled his short hair.

Xiaxi Yao left her hand, which made her very annoyed, she turned and went.

Linenan looked at her back, suddenly opened: "Your eyes, very like a person I know.

Xiaxi Yao is stiff, this man's eyes are really poisonous.

"If you know me, you have already went to hell.

Xia Xi Yao was intended to speak his throat.

Linenan tightened his brow. At this time, Xiao Hanxu rushed to his side, pushed the door to jump off: "My God, you hurt so heavy, go to the hospital."

Linenan took the injured arm, and he found that his big palm was not hurt.

"Don't go out again in the future, there are really many people want your life.

Xiao Han is really scared, before domestic, there have been killers, but they are thrilled, and there is no injury.

"There is a woman just now ... it seems to be a bit more familiar.

Linenan is still afraid of a scene just happening.

He is a familiar person, he is sensitive. He has been trained, which can remember the length of a person from a person's subtle.

Just now, the woman deliberately pressed the voice and was put into hoarse.

Why do she be changing? Is he recognized? "No, do you have a killer in our side?"

Xiao Han light earthquake.

"Xia Hualan two sisters, abroad, is it too coincident with us.

Linenan suddenly said.


Xiao Han was surprised, the expression is frightened: "You will not be doubting two sisters.

"This is not doubt, but just now, too much coincidence, let me have to think more.

Linenan said.

"What coincide?"

Xiao Han was awkward.

"I want to take Xiaxi Yao to see a doctor, she is stomach pain, not willing to go upstairs.

Linenan said.

"Just because she refused to see the doctor, you doubt her?"

"No, there is also the macro to kill my killer, the breath of her body ... very much like the taste of Xiaxi Yao.

Linenan is brighter.

"Oh, yes, forget you have a very sensitive nose, you can, how can you definitely be Xiaxi Yao?"

Xiao Han is still inadequate evidence.

"Well, there is one thing, let me have a doubt.

Linenan said, some is difficult to hear: "In fact, when the woman is periodic, I can smell the bloody taste."


Xiao Han big fell glasses.

"Just now Xiaxi Yao said that she came to, but I didn't smell, she lied to me.

Linenan also knows that this evidence is somewhat shameful, but this is also one of evidence.