Profound Dragon Warlord

Chapter 1 Mysterious Dragon Continent



A violent purple thunderbolt pierced the night sky.

In a small house, in the dark house, the snow reflected by this lightning was bright.

It can be clearly seen that there is a blood-stained young man in white lying on the bed. As the lightning strikes, his eyes suddenly open!

"Do not!"

The teenager roared loudly, but was drowned by the sound of thunder and lightning!

The young man's eyes were full of fear and resentment, he suddenly sat up, got out of bed, pushed the door and ran out!

With the help of lightning, he could see the surrounding environment!

"Where is this? Where am I?"

The teenager was full of tears, and suddenly there was a sudden pain in his mind, and a huge message hit every nerve of him!


The boy was knocked to the ground by the sudden pain that suddenly hit him, and he rolled his head with his hands in his hands.

The severe pain distorted his face, his eyes were bloodshot, and white smoke rose from his body. Something seemed to be activated in his body, as if it was lit, red and red!


There was another thunder and lightning, the big raindrops hit like a scoop, and the rain poured on the boy, and it sounded like a red iron thrown into the water!

This phenomenon lasted for an hour, when the teenager exhausted and stopped rolling, the thunder stopped raining, a bright moon appeared in the sky, the moonlight was swaying on the earth, and it was white!

"Is this just crossing? No! Let me go back, I want to kill the group of bastards, I want to kill them ..."

The teenager climbed up in pain, stumbled out of the courtyard door, and it was a completely strange world that came into his eyes. He ran and ran ...

After a long time, he stopped by a pond and looked at the reflection in the water. He was stunned. The shadow in the water was clearly what he was when he was fifteen.

"Shen Longxuan, actually the same name as me, or the son of the patriarch!" Shen Longxuan calmed down and began to punch the huge memory in his mind.

"Xuanlong Continent, respecting martial arts, warriors can pull mountains and rivers, chase the clouds and chase the moon ..."

"It turns out that this unlucky egg was beaten to death just like myself ..."

Shen Longxuan slowly understood the world he is in now.

Thinking of his experience, he still thinks he is dreaming.

"Since the last life was lost in force, then I will swear with my remnant soul in this life, and I must stand at the pinnacle of martial arts and make those who bully me tremble!"


Shen Longxuan's thin body actually exploded with a strong momentum, which caused waves of waves on the pond.

A thin four-legged snake appeared behind him, and Shen Longxuan looked back at the phantom behind him, and felt a wry smile.

This four-legged snake is the soul of war he awakened, and the death of the previous one was also because of him.

Shen Longxuan was originally a scholar and lived as a second-ranked official in Huanyue Kingdom, but for some reason, he resigned from his official position this year and even wanted to practice martial arts.

Because you want to become a warrior, you need to awaken the War Soul. He is just fifteen years old this year. He has exceeded the age of the War Awakening War Soul, but because his father is the patriarch, he got this opportunity.

Who would have wanted to awaken such a thing!

"Shen Longxuan, even your soul of war tells us that you are a superfluous waste! From now on, the Shen family has only one genius, that is, I am Shen Liang!"

Shen Liang's voice echoed in his mind, and Shen Longxuan's body wound was left by his life.

This is what happened yesterday. Shen Longxuan saw it clearly when fusing the memories of his predecessor. Shen Liang also threatened to make him beat him every day!

Seeing the sky was about to dawn, Shen Longxuan put away the soul of war and slowly returned to his courtyard.

Back in the house, the thoughts were wide, but the ass hadn't waited for the heat to sit, and the courtyard door was opened.

It was Shen Jianlong, the elder of the Shen family, who looked at that contemptuous expression, which was very different from his previous performance as an official.

Closely followed by the cronies of the three elders, his eyes were too lazy to look at Shen Longxuan, and he held a paper family clan letter and said.

"Shen Longxuan, who resigned without permission, has brought huge losses and immeasurable consequences to the family. Since today, all treatments have been cancelled and no training resources will be provided. I would like to invite you."

Subsequently, the three elders ordered all the furnishings in Shen Longxuan's room to be taken away, leaving only a bed, a table, a chair, and some simple daily necessities.

Without looking at him, Shen Longxuan stood, holding his fists tightly, bitterly saying, "It's really real!"

The three elders and others just walked forward, and Shen Liang walked in with a big swing, Shen Longxuan frowned.

Sure enough, this guy opened his mouth and said, "Haha, Shen Longxuan, you haven't forgotten what I said. You also have today. When you were an official, how awful you were! I remember you offended many people before.

Well now, the official power is gone, the awakening is also a waste war spirit, you say you will be killed if you go out, I think it is very dangerous?"

Shen Longxuan studied at the age of six, moved up at the age of ten, and took the role of the second grade of the Yuan Dynasty at the age of twelve. As Shen Liang said, when he was young, he did not understand smoothness and integrity.

Recalling this, Shen Longxuan did not regret it at all, "Shen Liang, these are not your business, if you want to say these, you can go!"

"Huh, Shen Longxuan, you used to be an official, the family is not allowed to move you, now you are just a waste of the Huang Ti first-class war soul, I just knead as much as I want.

Remember, do n’t mess with me, stay away from my Linger sister, you are not worthy of her now, otherwise, I will make you regret coming to this world!"

Shen Longxuan was furious, and just about to speak back, Shen Liang came to the front with a flick, slapped it to the ground, his right foot stepped on his head, and said fiercely.

"Shen Longxuan, you are nothing but a waste of first-class spirits of war. They are not worthy of even giving me shoes, so I remind you that you must pick up your tail and be a man!"

Hahahaha ...

After Shen Liang finished speaking, he walked away!

Shen Longxuan got up from the ground, wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth, and stood up hard, as is the world of martial arts, with respect for his strength.

"I want to be stronger!"

He did n’t travel before and lived in a place called Earth, where he was an orphan, always being bullied like this, so he developed a cowardly character, so that his girlfriend was humiliated, he could not resist, In the end, both were killed.

He hates!

Hate all the bad guys in the world!

Probably because of this resentment, his soul crossed here.

Therefore, he vowed never to be bullied again, but just after he swore, he was stepped on by Shen Liang, and he almost accepted the reality cowardly, but when he thought of his desperate eyes before his death, he suddenly sobered !

"I don't want to be weak in this life, I want to be strong in this life!" He clenched his fists, letting his nails pierce his skin!