Qin Shiming Moon Dominates the World

Chapter 1 I'm Obviously So Handsome




The ancient bells echoed in the valley with a melodious voice.

The turbulent current slowly moved eastward, nourishing a large river valley.

This is a magnificent era.

The seven heroes of the Warring States Period have fought for years, and the world has not been exhausted for hundreds of years. All people have learned their own way of survival in the turbulent waves.

This is also a very boring age.

At least, this is true for Zhao Shuang.

The arrow galloped, and a group of birds and beasts roared.

Zhao Shuang sat under the tree, propped his chin, and watched boredly as the strong and strong people in the distance ran over looking for prey with joy.

The spear stabbed, blood dripping, but the harvest was laughter.

For the princes and nobles, hunting is just a pleasure; but for the mountain people in the land of Yongchu, hunting is a necessary means to survive.

The valley is verdant and the forest is densely overgrown, and houses are built on a flat mountainous land along the Han River.

Along the Han River, the land of Yong Chu, because it is at the junction of the four countries of Qin, Han, Wei, and Chu, it has always been a battlefield for various countries.

Hanshui is a magical river.

For more than a century, Qin and Chu, the two powerful vassal states, have fought fiercely around Hanzhong, Yong, and Nanyang along the Han River.

Hegemony ebbs and flows, and Qin interacts with Chu.In the past hundred years, the people of Zhao Shuang's tribe were either from Qin or Chu.

It wasn't until more than 30 years ago that Qin State Wu'anjun Bai Qi broke through Yingdu and announced the final outcome of this battlefield.

Qin completely eliminated the threat of Chu and entered a strategic offensive from the battle between the two countries.

From then on, from west to Longxi, east to Jingdi, the vast area was owned by the Qin State, and Zhao Shuang became a Qin.

Time flies. When Zhao Shuang was young, he still heard the elders in the family talk about the invincible scene of following Wuanjun Baiqi all the way.

Generals like Wu Anjun are not only liked by the emperor, but also by ordinary soldiers.

Of course, the premise is not to stand opposite him.

Following such a general, there are rich, meat and women.

Originally, if this were the only thing, Zhao Shuang would have lived a boring life of martial arts, writing and writing, thinking about holding brother Zheng’s thigh or Bangge’s thigh in the future?

Zheng's thighs are thick, but they are difficult to approach.On the contrary, Bongo is much more accessible.

Zhao Shuang once had the plan to move his family to Peixian.

Until a few years ago, Zhao Shuang accidentally saved a swordsman.

This old man claimed to be the first-class swordsman in the snare, and wanted to withdraw from the snare, so he was hunted down.

Unlike the average snare killer, this man was not tired of the life of killing, but claimed to have realized a higher level and didn't want to be a slave to the sword anymore, so he abandoned the sword.

On that rainy day, Zhao Shuang saw with his own eyes how this man would slay dozens of swordsmen including the two first-class swordsmen who were chasing him with his bare hands.

Zhao Shuang rescued the dying master, he agreed to accept Zhao Shuang as his apprentice.

However, Zhao Shuang soon regretted it.

This old guy passed Zhao Shuang a set of swordsmanship. After practicing, Zhao Shuang gained 40 pounds in a year.

According to the old guy, this set of swordsmanship was made by accidentally obtaining fragments of ancient secret techniques when he was doing the task.

He hasn't practiced yet.

The reason why Zhao Shuang gains weight is because when practicing this swordsmanship, his true energy fills his limbs.When the body cannot accommodate the excess zhenqi, the capacity of the body will expand until it reaches a limit.

When his cultivation base rises, his sword energy is pure, his cultivation base will naturally rise, and his weight will also drop.

"Zhao Shuang, why are you here, the patriarch called you."

On the top of the cliff, clouds are misty.

Zhao Shuang shook his greasy body, climbed up with all the hardships, and couldn't help but slander in his heart.

These old guys always like to stand on such a high place and talk to people.

The patriarch of the Zhao family is an old guy with white beard and hair. It is said that he was born to King Qin Huiwen, who is quite old.

"Shuang'er, you are here."

In these years, whether it is the princes or the public officials in various places, the eldest son inheritance system is pursued.

Zhao Shuang was only a concubine, but he was highly valued by the patriarch.

Zhaojia Village is a large village in the land of Yongchu, with its own armed forces, somewhat similar to mercenaries.

"Old Zhao! I said next time you have an appointment, can you find a flat place, look at my current situation, can you withstand your toss?"

Zhao Shuang complained, although their identities are very different, but the patriarch of the Zhao clan does not mind.

"This swordsmanship is what you want to practice. Now that it is like this, who is the blame?"

It turned out that when he was slim and handsome, several village flowers in the village circled him.In this way, even Cuihua in the village is unwilling to pay attention to him.

Zhao Shuang looked up at the sky forty-five degrees, lamenting in his heart.

No matter which world it is in, it is a society that looks at faces!

Patriarch Zhao is the fourth oldest, and few people know his real name.

Zhao Laosi was a little narrow, and smiled slightly.

"I have something to ask your opinion?"

"whats the matter?"

"Since the new king of Qin succeeded to the throne, Lu Buwei ruled outside, and Huayang and Zhao Ji fought inside. In Qin, the various forces fought against each other, and the position of the new king was unstable. At this juncture, all countries are Staring, wanting to bite off a piece of fat from Qin Guo."

In this era, soldiers are a big problem.

In particular, a force like Zhaojiacun, who is on the fringe of the countries, has not been exhausted by the forces of all parties, and the only ones who survived are monsters.

There are three thousand Jingchu brave talents in Zhaojia Village, and they are the kind with their own armored weapons.

These three thousand Jingchu brave talents have changed from generation to generation, and once followed Wu'an Hou Baiqi to conquer Yingdu.

Bai Qi once said that the bravery of these three thousand soldiers is not under the command of Xihe Shou.

Xihe guarded Wu Qi, once with fifty thousand Wei army, defeated Qin's 500,000 army in the battle of Yin and Jin Dynasty.

And the main force of the fifty thousand Wei army is the military pawn.

After this war, Qin was almost in danger of subjugation.

Such an army is naturally the target that all forces want to win.

"The three kingdoms of Han, Wei, and Chu have all come to lobby recently, wanting to win over our clan. Especially Chu, wanting to take advantage of this time to retake the South County."


Although Zhao Shuang didn't know why Zhao Laosi asked him about such things, he immediately shook his head.

Just kidding, this time you are working against Zheng Ge. In the future, you are determined to be a small book, will you have a good end?


"Although the Qin State is in danger, its foundation is not lost, it is sufficient to defend itself in retreat. Although the six nations are crowded, they all have ghosts. We rely on the terrain to be self-reliant, so why bother to get involved in the disputes of the princes? Times?"

"I understand what you mean!"

Zhao Laosi nodded and waved to make him retreat.

Soon after Zhao Shuang left, Zhao Laosi spoke slightly.

"Brother Guigu, how?"


An old man walked by, dressed in a long black and white dress and holding a bamboo slip in his hand.

The decline of the Six Nations, non-soldiers are disadvantaged, the war is not good, and the disadvantages lie in bribing Qin.To bribe Qin and lose strength, destroy the way.

Gui Guzi slowly recited the fragments of the bamboo slips, with joy and worry on his face.

"It's a pity!"

"What a pity?"

"It's just a few words, but I have the rhyme of the vertical and horizontal. It is a pity that I will take Nie first, and then Weizhuang. Otherwise, I want to take him and teach it."

Zhao Laosi smiled, his face still a little smug.

"Countries grow up and down, and soldiers don't know how many heroes have been produced. My Zhao family has finally produced a unicorn talent for a hundred years. Even if your brother wants it, I can't bear to give it."

"A good talent is not fertile, and it is hard to become a weapon. Such a good talent can only learn some art of war and tricks following you, Zhao Laosi."

"Brother Guigu mean?"

"The Confucian Xun Kuang once owed me a favor. I want him to come to my valley to teach me some poetry and essays to my two ineffective disciples."

Gui Guzi smiled, looking at Zhao Laosi, the other side also smiled slightly

"There are plane trees on the road, attracting phoenixes to dwell."