Quick Transmigration: Male Lead, You’re Overpowered?

Chapter 1: Major Haumen Is A Little Cold 1

When Azhao regained consciousness, he found himself in the car.

She carefully read the memories transmitted by the system.

Zhao's identity in this world is a private tutor invited by the male lead's stepmother.

Zhao bowed his head and looked at his hands painted with fresh red kodam and the tempting snow under his tight T-shirt.

Find a private tutor who looks hot and bright in the morning and evening for a 16-year-old teenager who is just the age of blood.

Are you sure this isn't about something?

The car quickly reached its destination - a very remote suburban villa area.

The person who brought Azhao here didn't seem to have meant to talk to her much. He took her straight to the door of a room on the second floor.

“Young master, your new teacher is here. ”

Zhao noticed that the housekeeper, dressed in a black tuxedo, combed his hair meticulously and wrote "antique courtesy" from head to toe, did a very rude thing - pushing the door open without the consent of the owner of the room.

“Miss Xu, Master is in there, please.” The butler swept Zhao's eyes and said with no expression.

Zhao walked into the room.

The door closed behind her gently, completely separating the inside from the outside.

Zhao's eyes swept and frowned.

An empty study, with the exception of a half-walled bookcase and a lonely table and a chair, could not find any extra setting.

The black-and-white decoration makes this space sombre and cold, and you won't find it half as popular.

The teenager sitting on the chair, as if he didn't feel anyone coming in at all, was still half-dropping his head, wondering if he was stunned or asleep.

Zhao gently walked to him.

“Hello, are you Xiao Yan? ”

Someone didn't take care of her at all.

Zhao sighed and twiced his index finger on the table.

This time the man finally reacted a little, and he swallowed slowly and raised his head.

Covering most of his forehead, Liu Hai is a pair of cold, black and white eyes.

A Zhao's eyes lit up: What a beautiful child!

Xiao Yan looked at the woman in front of her, dressed to expose vulgarity, hid her irony and nodded quietly.

His stepmother, Zhao Li, really spared no effort in trying to clog herself.

Zhao did not know what he was thinking and tried to show himself a gentle smile: “I am your new tutor, Xu Zhao, you can call me Teacher Xu. ”

Xiao Yan did not have a cavity.

Zhao knew the character of the male owner and did not care about his reaction. He only extended one hand: “I hope we will have a good time together in the future. ”

Xiao Yan's gaze stayed on that hand.

White, long, and soft skin.

Zhao Li, find a woman like that. What do you want?

He hid some answers in his heart.

He lifted his lip slightly, stretching out his hand as if it were a test. He gently put it on Azhao's hand.

A Zhao couldn't help but tremble: good ice.

The next second, she frowned and touched Xiao Yan's forehead with her other idle hand. Not surprisingly, it was cold again.

Feeling the invasion of strange breath, Xiao Yan's entire body tightened for a moment.

He didn't hesitate to pull his hand out and hit Zhao hard.

Zhao suddenly couldn't help but breathe out the pain prevention sound and looked at him with surprise.

Xiao Yan Cesar shuddered in his chair and looked at her with horror: “Don't, don't touch me...”

Azhao was a little overwhelmed: "I'm sorry, I didn't know you didn't like being close to other people. ”

She thought about it, or insisted, “But you're not feeling well. Are you feeling well? ”

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