Reader's Double Track Recovery Log

0#Epilogue for a novel


Let's get down to business.

I was possessed by the character in the novel.

I saw a large full-body mirror hanging on one side of the room. Something translucent appears on the head of a strange man reflected there.



[Explanation: 14 years old, human race. He is the second son of the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grand

It was a privilege given to me, a stool, to be oblique in this condition.

Iden Stroke, the name of the character in the novel I possessed.

What's important is that he's not the main character, nor his co-worker, nor the villain. In its original history, it was nothing but a minor role that would soon lose its life.

But that's not a problem.

I'm a favorite reader of the original novel.

Readers of the deceased, who memorize the development from the beginning to the end, the setting of the movie, the location and function of fraudulent items.


[Complete paid web novel 소설 Fantasy, Fusion]

Title: Lecafsicily Continental Chronicles

Number of serials:

The monitor shows a series of web novels. Just today, the epilogue was uploaded and completed with 1,000 episodes.

lekafsicily continental chronicle

abbreviated 'Ledaeyeon'

This is my favorite, ·· 정확히 정확히 좋아 좋아 좋아' novel.

You may have noticed that it was past tense, but not now.

Is your passion gone?

I'd rather be. The existence of this novel itself is disgusting to me now.

It's a web novel with 0 and 1 data, but if it was a paper book, I'd like to tear it to pieces with a knife right away and burn it, so I don't need to explain more.

On the one hand, it was also a pity.

"Lae Dae-yeon" is a novel that is certainly not worth the description of as a masterpiece. However, there was one advantage that could be put forward everywhere.

The worldview in the novel is so vast and meticulously organized that it makes no sense.

It's not a quantitative story. It was great that many of those settings were naturally incorporated throughout the worldview. As if to paint a real world.

In the beginning of the novel, the characters' charms are fully utilized and the double-track lines that can be used for future development are laid out step by step. Although it is a minor writing that mixes classic bass with current trends, it is all thanks to this fact that it secured a clear readership at the time of free serialization.

But it's all a long time ago.

This novel has lost all its special merits long ago. There are countless problems left now.

One by one, there is no end.

The conflict between the main characters, which has intensified since the middle part, has not been resolved at all.

It is hard to understand how many double-track lines have not been recovered.

The unpleasant Mary Sue character even exerts great influence on the front of the plot.

That's not to say that the ending teaches the reader any lesson.

If you get something from this mysterious epilogue, it goes beyond being emotional and just a psychopath.

You can tell by just looking through the comments that it's not just my idea.

Cheshawkyeow: Something's been cheap since about 15 books, and I knew this would happen. If this writer writes his next novel, he'll never see it.

└ Rornflvpvp: Your life is legendary when you see the end there.

체 Cheshaker Yeoreum: Then your life is legendary as you followed the epilogue with me.

Tru Blue: I've been following you for a long time, but it's a novel that disappoints me until the end.

Fluid: The ending statement, the feeling of being cut off in the middle of a big trouble in the bathroom.

NIKU: You always make a long list with announcements and reviews, but you don't use any of them in the actual show.

Kipkro: So what was the girl who came out in the beginning who was the Lady of the Sun? You said you had something to do with the main character or Ego Sod, but you just threw the rice cake so excitedly that you didn't mention the completion at all.

What the hell do you want from this web novel? Every time I get a double-track, I take notes, 99% of which can't be recovered.

Do you remember that year when the sun's martial arts?

(This comment is processing a report)

dlrjsnrkotjrgksek: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Park Woo-man: But it's not a good idea. Hahaha, only the daughter who set it up is going to end up with something that's a bad ending.


A curse came out of me.

The moment when I first discovered the novel three years ago is striking.

After clicking on the zero-view prologue, he read it as if his soul was being sucked into the latest episode 3. I thought it was going to be my life story, but I can't believe I ended up being ridiculed by everyone.

I felt something rising up from my heart.

IDEN: Writer. I've seen it since the first day of the free series, but I don't think it's a good ending. Some of the rice cakes that were sprinkled in the early and mid-term, and if you just pick out the ones you remember, you'll find out.

I start to write down what I have felt while watching the novel go down. This is a comment that I wrote while leaving my body to the early morning emotion. It was clear that when I woke up tomorrow, I would be embarrassed enough to kick the blanket and press the delete button right away. My fingers didn't stop even though I knew it through my head.

Tadak! Tatatak! Tak!

· ·이상이상. I don't know if the writer will read this comment, but I hope that the reader, including myself, had a little bit of expectations for this article.

It was a long sentence of 3,700 characters. In other words, he printed out an article equivalent to the amount of a web novel in 30 minutes.


My comments are uploaded to the server with the cursor sound. It was not long before other readers responded.

└ Hartree: Lekafsicily Continental Honorary Resident Idenjwa 등판

I haven't seen you for a while, so I thought I dropped out. I've had a hard time with all my passion for this stupid novel. It's not what I'm going to say, one of the 30-member death squad.

Some people saw me and pretended to know me.

I was a celebrity among readers of the Recafsicily Continental Chronicles. Since the minor but loyal comment section of the novel has countless analysis articles about the work, it is natural to boast a crazy presence in the fandom.

"Are you a favorite reader of a ruined novel?"

As I watched other users' reactions with a self-motivated smile, I stopped scrolling when I saw the familiar nickname.

Black Flame: It's a comment with a love for the work, but they won't see it anyway. NonameC is a writer who doesn't really communicate.

It's bitter but true.

The writer of the Recap Sicily Continental Chronicles, the pen name "NonameC," has never communicated with readers.

He has never talked about his personal opinions or responded to comments from readers.

I stopped writing comments about appreciation or analysis because I felt like I was talking to the wall.

Therefore, I couldn't help but doubt my eyes even when I saw the message posted the next moment.

ID NonameC has requested a one-on-one conversation. Would you like to enter the chat room? [YES / NO]

"··미미미미미미 Are you impersonating?"

It can't be.

Because it's impossible to make duplicate nicknames on the genre novel platform, Munstopia.

When I woke up, I had already pressed the 'YES' button.

[System Message: 'Iden' has entered the chat room.]

[NonameC: Nice to meet you.]

[NonameC : NonameC]

· ··다 It's real.

The author of Le Dae-yeon, who has never communicated with any reader, is now sending a message from beyond the screen!

I had so much to say to this person, but I can't think of anything as if my head was bleached.

After a long daze, I came to my senses and knocked on the keyboard.

[IDEN: Hello]

[IDEN: The... You're the writer of the Continental Chronicles, right?]

[NonameC: Yeah]

[NonameC: Thank you for your comments so far. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your affection for my writing.]

I got choked up.

It's hard to say why. This is because I felt two contrasting impressions at the same time.

"But I didn't put feedback on the wall until now."

"That's why the guy who read all the comments says that's how he develops?" It's angry.

I am deeply moved to meet the writer online, but I still have to say what I have to say.

[IDEN: Hey, why did you do that in the second half?]

[IDEN: No, to be honest, it's been weird since the middle of the year. The beginning was really good. Did you lose your affection for your writing because you kept writing?]

[NonameC: I have nothing to say about the lack of composition.]

[NonameC: Um... I'd rather not say yes, but I'd like to make a suggestion.]

[NonameC: Why don't you come forward and try to revise the Recap Sicily Continental Chronicles?] Chronicles?]


Fixing the contents of a novel that's already been a mess, not you, the writer, but me as a reader?

Stop chatting for a moment and think about the sudden suggestion.

I don't know the exact meaning of this, but I think it's a remake of Le Daeyeon. The NonameC will need the advice of a reader like me in the process.

[IDEN: Can I help you with the rewriting of the Recap-Sicily Continental Chronicles?]

[NonameC: Yes. But it's a bit hard work, so you might have a hard time. But if you don't mind...]

My heart is pounding.

The anger that had just flared up was nowhere to be found.

It's an honor as a reader to be able to participate in the remake of my favorite novel.

[IDEN: That doesn't matter. How can I help you?]

[NonameC: Ooh.]

[NonameC: Thank you. If you go over there, you'll get a rough idea of how to fix it.]

I was dumbfounded by the cut-off explanation. What do you mean "you"? Where is that?

The moment of such doubt.

The whole body was drained of strength. The sudden influx of fatigue makes the eyelids heavier than ever.

[NonameC: Thank you for accepting my offer, Mr. Iden. As expected, you were the same person as I expected. I will play the most important role in the remake, so please take good care of me.]

With the last message posted in the chat room, I fell into deep water.

an end

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