Rebirth capital madman

Chapter 985 Who is a high efficiency?

Although the UK media industry control is relatively relaxed, such as TV fields, wireless TV licenses, cable TV licenses, satellite TV licenses, but have a huge public finance for all British family payments. British Broadcasting, British Broadcasting, in business media, still occupying unique advantages, obvious to let the peers envy and hate, in turn around the cancellation of the TV license fee, limit the topics of entertainment program production, etc. Game.

During this period, Mei Tao's media kingdom naturally faced the squeezing of the British Broadcasting Company, which was controlled by the BBC, and the audience in Europe was close to nine million, which can be checked from business operations. It is not good to perform financial report data, and the annual advertising income is less than $ 20 million, compared to the satellite TV to invest large-scale commercial pre-design, it is greatly not enough.

For this situation, MGM's solution, including the use of more advanced satellite transmission technology, send signals directly to the audience to receive terminal, bypassing the satellite signal is weak, have to be peeled off from the medium disk from the medium disk, but more important The method is to expand the scale of the sky satellite TV company, that is, increase the number of channel channels, and form a TV network.

Unfortunately, in the last time British satellite TV card shooting, the five joint consortium of the powder in the ink, the British Satellite Broadcasting Company finally won, and the joint consortium of Mei Tao participated.

So, the sky TV station has to continue to lose, and the recent loss of fiscal year is 10 million pounds.

There is a saying, this loss number, Mei Dai can still have a good thing, but he has been more urgent in the TV media field, and it is not possible to invest in rice, the British TV investment has been so losing.

So, now the Gao Jazz is an idea, Mei Dao is so moved, can help the sky TV to expand the opportunity to expand the situation, definitely can't miss it, the essence of the use of interests is here.

Of course, it is undeniable that Thatcher is increasingly forming a consensus, that is, the BBC has existence necessary, but should limit its infinite expansion, and a big reason for Mei Tao did not feel any pressure. .

"What is the good entry point for Gao Jazz?" Mei Wei is full of expectation.

The chords should be carefully handed over to Mei Dai, which is two reports and adaptive photos. Long-term, numerous. The media investigation capabilities you have mastered is more powerful, and you can further pay accordingly. "

In fact, these things are completely "according to Tuo" for a hive, but he still suggests that Mero will wish to make a greater value, which is not related to the interest.

To know that decades in the "Old Script", the news group's eavesdropping scandal was smashed, and the Mei's beats were extremely wolf, and believed in the media kingdom of the media, there is a set of investigations, then you may wish Take this opportunity to express it.

Mei Wei's killing of tall jazz is very curious. It is very very curious. It can't wait to open it on the spot. Immediately, the look is exciting, because it is related to infringement and abuse, a surrounding place, for North Wales Gwwwannes County And the orphanage of Clodshire, another surrounded by celebrities, for the just red British Broadcasting company, Memory Saville.

Wait patiently, Mei Tuo browsing, how about this entry point?

Mei Wei admires, the high jazz means, this entry point, enough sensation, after all, civilized society has a conscience, but not involving the disputes, making the operability.

The chord laughs up, ensembles a wake, you are worried that the BBC is embarrassed because Jimmy Savil scandal is embarrassing, you can adjust to the news group, adjust the operation order, first expose the North Wales Orphanage The scandal, and then pull out Jimmy Savil's scandals.

In general, even if it is written by the parties, it often has its effect. After all, the scene is very important.

Mei Wei doesn't matter to sway, and the news group is nothing, only the media reported effect is preferred.

"Then I will wait for the news group to turn back to the cloud." When the mean, I didn't forget that I was like Mercai, it is best to move, and the Victor Rosierd Barus is through the UK. Broadcasting company's board of directors applies an influence to replace the British Broadcasting Company President of the Specific Program Content, Alas Milin, this kind of human condition to Mrs. Thatcher, you can see who is fast.

Mei Tao naturally understands the mysterious, and then deployed the movement is very fast, he does not suspect the authenticity of the material provided by the Gazz, but according to this, collect more themes, and study how it is specifically reported to the most Saved a lot of time and resources.

At the same time, I attach great importance to the Mei Dai inheritance, and I didn't call the old age of the university to be able to think about it, in order to accumulate experience.

Basic Lakland Mei Dai, which is naturally not as understood as most of the ordinary peers, and has a sufficient understanding of his father.

For example, Lakland Mei said, asked her father, we have a lot of benefits, although it can get enough benefits, but is not the suspicion of the jazz utilization?

Mei Tao smiled slightly, patiently explained, this is the required required.

The British Broadcasting Company is disgusting, and the Gazz is not retalian, and it is also the meaning of the Berg Meeting for a few months, and the newcomer from the Oriental is not good.

It is true that we are now in invisible as a tall jazz knife, but this person, waiting for the news group to enter Asia, and when more funds are required, it is necessary. When I sent you to Xiangjiang to open up business, Gao Jazz also remembered our human condition.

Lakland Mei said, it seems that this high jazz from Xiangjiang is very energy, otherwise, his father will not pay so much.

Mei said is indeed deployed with heart, and the result that triggered is that the scandal is exposed, shocking in the world, sensational world.

In particular, many signs have shown that the UK Broadcasting Executive's intertwined Jimmy Savil should be informed, but it is indifferent, it is difficult to blame, and suddenly let the British Broadcasting Company become one of the objects of the pen. The fourth place in the UK, the British independent TV network, etc.

In this case, the BBC has to apologize, people or dismissed, or to resign, and even began to shake the President of the British Broadcasting Company.

Have you had such a big thing, are you still a good thinking?

Alas Milan has long been aware that the new UK Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Ma Du Khaxi has changed his own meaning, but he has been hard, and Laozi is eaten by a professional ability. But now I can't live.

How can so big , how can I calm anger? Only the resignation!

When Madov Hexi submitted the news of Alas Mirn, the first time reported to the British premises, Mrs. Thatcher was in a sighfulness, and Als Dale Milin's glow, Victor Rosierd did not help.