Rebirth capital madman

Chapter 1000 how to attract attention, everyone know ...

The problem of Jiahua Bank did have a lot of bend around, except for the Jiahua Bank Loan to the Pan Electric Industry Group and Chen Qunchuan's total plan, Liu Song family also made a lot of bad things, suspected of fraud about 700 billion7,000 Wan Hong Kong dollar.

And these problems were determined by the outside world, including the Hong Kong Government, Liu Songquan, I have already ran to Singapore, Malaya, as for Liu Song and others were arrested in two places, to take care of the trial, abandon the sake, hidden in Xiangjiang The Bay, and the like of the extradition agreement, the drama is all afterwards, nor is it within the high string.

In fact, others are unclear, the stringers have their own hearts. If he really wants to pack Liu Song Song, it is really unfair to catch a quasi, but he is too lazy to pay attention.

Because this, there is not much necessary, Xiangjiang's capitalist environment, especially the well-impeded dress of the Yingmei ghosts, is not the most common people's thinking, just like you are deeply affected by real estate The commercial disk is striped, but people think that it is the world's freedom of competition, according to the way of thinking, not only can't fall well, but also provoke a variety of finger points such as doing things.

There is a phenomenon of Jiahua Bank, which is a common problem of most Hua fund banks in Xiangjiang, which in turn leads to gradually witnessing, and the layout of Xiangjiang Banking Industry is constantly narrowing. It is impossible to avoid evading. the trend of.

I don't want to be the chord of the sump commander, the question is that this, Jiahua Bank's explosion thunder involved more than 100 billion, or two or three billions, relative to this major situation, the problem, the problem can also become a breakthrough, Of course, it is necessary to plan to plan.

Jiahua Bank is not worthy of debt, and the hammer is surfaceized. It immediately triggered a squeezed, but Jiahua Bank has not made money to save the household, the crisis is obvious, with the past treatment plan, accompanied by Huifeng Bank, Xiangjiang Forex Fund Management Bureau hosted.

Huifeng Bank This is not superficial, but further transmits clear news to the International, the final lenders in Xiangjiang Banking are now the Xiangjiang Forex Fund, and the Huifeng Bank of this responsibility is less. Risk, when you have a global acquisition, you can don't use this card.

Xiangjiang Exchange Fund Management Bureau hosts Jiahua Bank, as well as a honest Kangfu Bank, there is still a lot of attention in terms of specific practices.

The Jazz, the Xiangjiang Exchange Fund Management Bureau publicly expressed impatient, and it was still in the past, the "Da Ri" overseas trust bank in the Xiangjiang Banking Crisis, has been hosted by the Xiangjiang Exchange Fund Administration, the Xiangjiang Forex Fund Administration also Without the supervision right of Xiangjiang Banking, it has to stop the butt, how to get it, the disposal of Jiahua Bank and the Chief Bank of Kangfu, must go out of the new road.

At this attitude, naturally trigger a variety of debates, with sympathy, there is a fun, there is a sung, and it is reflected ... Complex is difficult to summarize.

This game is a macroscopic process, while the macro is less than micro, and the perspective is turned to the people.

Qin Zhi's new promise, will tell Zhang Yipping as soon as possible to tell Zhang Yiping, these classmates who were killed by Jiahua Bank and Liu's family, will certainly not lose, as for the free time relative to tension, even jazz comes from talking It is often known that this code is known, supporting Qin Zhi's new is a "temperature", which is equivalent to leading the "sacred".

Zhang Yiping has contacted the classmates who have the same experience as they have the same place, waiting for the new arrival of Qin.

Several also is also a classmate, land, reply, and didn't think about drinking, and sighed to exchange the latest news. The more the more pessimism, see Qin Zhen New has not yet appeared, and it is more anxious.

Cai Huijuan comforted, the new promised, certainly not letting everyone pigeons, but she is really nervous, help can only squeeze the time.

Zhang Yuping nodded, and the new arrival is late, maybe there is an updated internal message, bring it over.

At this time, a classmate of Dongzhao, pointed to the window: "You see, that is not a ** dragon, who contacts him, is he also, is Zheng Anqi pit?"

"I didn't contact him." Zhang Yiping shook his head, "** Dragon's circle special, I don't know what."

Outside the ** dragon, a front line brake, an emergency stopped motorcycle, then breathe the air, slightly and somewhat embarrassing, find Zhang Yiping and others.

After seeing ** Dragon, after the elimination of the helmet, he revealed that there was a big piece of red and a big piece, and even faintly brought some blood. Cai Huijuan, which belongs to the "Outside the Outside", and I asked if I was curious: "** Dragon, how is your face? Is there injured? "

** Dragon is not like the game, it can be used in the same mission, and he said in the left and right: "An accident, I heard that you are gathering here, I have come to see."

Zhang Yiping sighed, "Now there is a leisurely elegant to join the party, everyone is gathering together, waiting for some authority news, good discussion, what should I do, do you also pit?"

** Dragon is also sigh, now the bank's interest is so low, it is easy to get money, everyone is pondering how fast money, I have thrown it in the east, I can't invest much more than the boss.

I saw this time, ** Dragon still said to cover her face, and the students guess what happened, including the injury on the Dragon Face. This year, mix with the boss, it is not easy.

When people have fell, they are naturally simple. They don't say it, there is no need to get salt on the wound.

A classmate illustration asked, ** Dragon, you are also mixed, there are things we have, don't you find Zheng Anqi's spider silk?

** Dragon is annoyed, and the 38th, the grandmother's grandmother, I have already hid the big horse, and so on.

Didn't say a few words, Qin Xincheng finally appeared, and the lines hurried came in.

** Dragon nodded and greeted, new sister, you sit here.

Qin Zhi's new bitterness is inquiry, ** Dragon, are you lie as ?

** Dragon finally pays a bottom, and the number should be more than they add up.

Everyone can hear a breath, Zhang Yiping can't wait to ask, new, have you have any authoritative internal news?

Qin Zhi has nodded, do not wear everyone, Jiahua Bank has not charged debt, now hosted by Xiangjiang Forex Fund Management Bureau, as for Liu's family, I have already fled the Xiangjiang ...

Zhang Yiping asked, what is the meaning of hosting?

Qin Zhi's new answer, simply give an example, the money of Jiahua Bank depositor can get part of the compensation, not fully turned into black.

** Dragon's fire is pursuing, then our money?

Qin Xi shakes his head, your money is not deposit, bought a fund, can only bear the risk, let alone what is the relationship between Jiahua Bank and Liu's family, and it is unclear.

Zhang Yiping smiled bitterly, Xin Xin, you gave an idea, even if some losses can be recovered.

Qin Xin Xin Si, the most formal method, is to find a lawyer to fight the law, but do not say that time will be dragged for a long time, hope is not big, even the Xiangjiang Forex Fund Management Bureau is difficult to recover the Jiahua Bank's loan to Lagan, Malaysia's money.

In this way, everyone immediately fell into the dead.

Qin Xi's new helves once again opened again. Everyone is a classmate. I said that I will say that I only rely on the importance of the big character, it may have a point hope, and how to pay attention to it, everyone know ...

** Dragon takes a table, understand, I will prepare the banner, choose a place ...

Qin Xincheng looked at the new game, don't do it, if you don't pay attention to skills, you may be annoying the big character?

** Long Lian is so homingly, please ask, what should we pay attention to?

Qin Xi thought, then slowly said, I think everyone should highlight, that is, deeply affected by Xiangjiang Banking, the Jiahua Bank and Liu family can be so passion, it is the regulatory mechanism of the chaos. ......

** Dragon is similar to how to ask, new sister, you say anything, is it a Xiangjiang Forex Fund Administration?

Qin Zhi is amused ...