Rebirth Enchanted Xiangjiang

Chapter 1 You are responsible to me

Hong Kong Broadcasting Channel.

A man who was drunk and swaying was walking from the street to the center of the street, while a woman who was also drunk and swaying more severely in the center of the street was walking into the street.

The two walked opposite each other, and walked face to face within a few steps.

Normally, they should pass by as soon as they avoid each other. Besides, this road is so wide, why can't two people go.

But people who are drunk are unreasonable, so they look for a path to the dark.

"Go away, don't get in the way" The woman was drunk and confused, and waved impatiently to drive away the man who blocked her way.

Drunk people don’t care about courtesy or ladies’ priority. They only listened to the man’s grumpy reply: "Fuck off, I’m upset, you don’t want to be uncomfortable, you can’t get too far away from thinking. far".

"What?" The man spoke fluent Mandarin, so the drunk woman didn't understand it for a while, subconsciously raised her head and slightly raised her face to look at the man who was about 1.78 meters tall.

The height of the woman is not low, about 1.65 meters, and wearing high heels, she is less than ten centimeters lower than the man.

"What I said..." The man looked up just at this time.

The eyes of the two met at this moment, and they stayed for a second or two.

Then a breeze blew.

"Wow" the two rolled in their stomachs at the same time, vomiting relative to each other.

The man threw up on the woman's face, and the woman threw up on the man's neck, in the collar.

A sour smell filled the air, and the two of them vomited dimly.

When he vomited until his stomach was empty, the man was a little awake, but the woman fell drunk to the ground with a grunt.

"Keep" the slightly more sober man murmured, shaking his T-shirt, ready to lift his foot to leave.

But as soon as he lifted his foot, the corner of her eyes swept across the woman who was spitting out her face, and she couldn't bear it.

"Hey, I just fell into this hapless field because of a very good heart, but I can't change it. How can I break it?" The man said eloquently and dragged the woman up from the ground, and then carried it with his back and a half hugged and started walking home. Go.

Back at home, on the second floor to the bathroom, the man took off his T-shirt and shorts first and wiped it clean...After the filth was vomited on her body, she wiped her face with a towel.

There was also vomit splashed on the woman's clothes, but after the man wiped the woman's face, he felt dizzy and unbearable. He threw down the towel and dragged the woman to the guest room next to his bedroom and pushed it onto the bed.

The woman fell on the bed, but her clothes caught the man's hand, and the man fell on the bed halfway on top of the woman without stopping.

The chin knocked on the woman's chest without death.

Looking at the woman's delicate face and feeling the softness on his chin, the man finally couldn't hold on and fainted. Before fainting, there was a sentence in his mind: Is this the legendary corpse picking?

Qiao Feng dreamed that he was fighting with a girl who couldn't see his eyebrows but felt very beautiful. The girl's clothes were gone, and then his little triangle was gone.

With the gun on the horse, the girl frowned and snorted, feeling quite real.

But that's not right. Normally, when you have this kind of dream, the moment you awake when the gun is mounted, why is the plot still going on now?

The waves come one after another, and the pleasure is unlimited, so that's cool.

This steamed bun is good and it feels so good, Qiao Feng stretched out his hand and squeezed it.

"Huh huh" rang out, penetrating the boundary between dream and reality.

I'm going, that's not right, Qiao Feng opened his eyes swiftly.

I saw a blue silk head resting on his arm, his face flushed, and his right hand was holding onto the towering place.

The woman also woke up at this time,



The woman screamed, followed by Qiao Feng, one sharp and the other loud, reflecting each other in the summer morning.

Sweeping the plum blossoms of blood on the bedsheet, Qiao Feng gave a thump in his heart, which was in great trouble.

"Ah, it's not good, it's murder" Qiao Feng shouted in Cantonese and jumped out of the bed, and rushed out of the room without Mao wearing it.

The sound of footsteps went away with chuckles, and the woman opened her mouth, dumbfounded.

what's the situation?What murdered?

Afterwards, the woman also saw the plum blossom, and the handsome face of the young boy who had just glimpsed in her mind came to mind, and she laughed out loud with a chuckle.


Just when the woman thought that Qiao Feng was young, ignorant, didn't understand men and women, and didn't know that the woman would bleed for the first time, there were footsteps outside the door.

Without being ashamed, Qiao Feng shook the tuft and ran back. Then, under the stunned gaze of the woman, he rushed to bed and leaned back on the bed with the woman. After that, he pulled a thin blanket from the ground to cover it.

"You..." the woman said a word in a shame.

Qiao Feng interrupted her like a machine gun: "What are you doing? I'm telling you that what you said last night is a one-night romance at best. If it is not good, it is sex after drinking. Don't think too much about it."


"What am I, let me tell you, don't want to take this to me, for the first time I am genuine, it's the young one, you are responsible to me, otherwise I will sue you qj, see if you, This is the evidence that we are now," Qiao Feng interrupted again confidently.

How shameless it is.

It seemed like someone didn't say it, she lost her body inexplicably, and was first sued by the wicked, and beaten up, the woman's lungs would explode.

The difference between Qiao Feng's before and after conversion is so great that it is completely like a personal change.

The boy in front of him is simply a big bastard, what a fool, what ignorance, what does not understand men and women, all fake, he was deceived by his green handsome face.

The woman woke up right. Just now Qiao Feng screamed for murder and ran out because after seeing the plum blossom, he subconsciously thought that it was the first time for someone else. He was responsible, and he didn't want to be responsible, so he pretended to be crazy and stupid. Out.

But after he ran out and calmed down for a while, he thought that if the woman sue himself qj, he would not be miserable.

See you, God, he was a kind helper, who knew that such things would happen.

Can't help others but put yourself into the classroom.

Besides, this is the first time for you, and it is also the first time for me. None of us suffer, so you can't let you sue me.

So Qiao Feng rushed back again, and a wicked person came first to file a complaint and preemptively occupied the moral high ground.

"I QJ you? Bastard, you make it clear, who is it?" The woman yelled.

"You QJ me!" Qiao Feng said decisively.

"Asshole, I'll kill you" womanly grabbing the pillow and slamming her face towards Qiao Feng's face was a gasp.

"Hey, hello, the gentleman uses his mouth but doesn't use his hands. If you hit me again, you will fight back." Qiao Feng blocked the left and the right, shouting constantly.

"I'm a woman, not a gentleman, but you, try to fight back if you don't want to be ashamed." The woman's mouth was also very sharp.

"Repay it, who is afraid of whom" Qiao Feng really fought back.

Scratching and scratching, the woman started to squeeze the panting and panting. After a while, she was defeated and earned.

When a man and a woman fight, either the scratching skin will burst and the blood will flow, or the scratching will be full of interest, learning from each other's strengths, and eventually ending up in tears on one side and bending over the other.

"Beauty, fight for a long time, still don't know what your name is"

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